Whats Stopping You? A Road Map to Following Your Dreams

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What do you look like? What are you wearing? How do you feel? You can even try writing out your ideal day, start to finish, starting with what time you wake up. This can give you even more clues about the life you want. Create a long-term vision. Consider how your goal fits into a long-term vision for your life. This should help you to further refine your ambitions. For example, how do you want to live in the future? What kind of work do you want to do? How do you want to spend your time? Take all of these things into account.

There are a lot of different kinds of colleges, for example. What kind is best suited for you? A big university?


A community college? A private, liberal arts school? Weigh advantages and disadvantages. Teaching at a private school in a college town would make you feel more comfortable and at home. Maybe you discovered that your ideal day starts with you waking up at 10am. What sort of lifestyle would allow you to do that? Does that fit with your plan to become a teacher?

Could you potentially hold all your lectures in the afternoon? Break the vision into stages. A long-term goal can seem impossibly far away or hard to reach, especially if it requires years of work. Many people give up simply because it takes too long or seems too difficult. You need a plan. For starters, break up the task into parts. This will let you focus on each part one at a time, giving you more manageable goals to work towards.

What other stages will there be? How long will the whole process take? Find out. Create plans for each stage. You will need a plan for each and every smaller stage in your long-term goal. Some will come later. The important thing is that you are organized, know what has to be done, and see how your daily or weekly tasks fit into the larger picture. Break it into smaller parts and plan! Practice self-discipline. One of the key traits of ambitious people is that they are able to stay focused on goals.

This requires self-discipline. Develop habits that further your goals. Wake up earlier, for instance, or, for the budding professor, read literature in your spare time. At the same time, nix habits that are undermining you. If you are constantly distracted by the internet, turn off your wi-fi when you need to work. Make the time. If urgent tasks are keeping you from your plan, make time to devote to your goals.

Wake up earlier and spend an extra hour on it every day. Use your spare time on weekends or in the evenings. Review your goals periodically. While on the road to your long-term goals, you should periodically review where things stand. Sometimes, we find that our wants and desires change over time.

Follow the Adventure!

It might be time to rethink your goal. Sometimes goals need a complete reboot. You may have to reassess what you want in life. Go back to your long-term vision and ask whether anything has changed. Reconsider your ambitions. At other times, our goals might only need minor tweaks. Great advice! Every one of your 19 points resonate with me. It is never to late to start living your own life. Granted it is not as easy while supporting a family, but I am determined to make it happen. I have now learned that failure is nothing that should be feared. Live without regret! There should be no fear of trying something and failing, instead, I would fear more doing nothing and losing all the opportunities life might present.

Whatever you want in life, give your all and do your best to get it! I have been a struggling people pleaser all my life quietly suffering in the background. I am just now starting to come out of a long-term depression and putting myself first. It is such a liberating feeling that I never knew existed. It is my life and time for me to start living it as I choose to. I get overwhelmed and scared at times but I just pull through it because I know the best is yet to come.

Thank you so much for your moving and inspirational words. These are the words I needed to travel abroad this summer. No more contemplating im signing up now!! Hi Allison! We should not let that happen as we need to be ourselves and we need to feel like accomplished individuals. And the way to do it is by taking care of ourselves and by pursuing our decides, goals, and dreams, among other things.

Cheers to fulfilling your dreams and I hope you get to travel abroad this summer and many other summers too!! Pretty interesting and inspirational… I will recommend it to everyone who is skeptic to kick-start their travel…. Thanks Rahul! We need to stop being conformist and push and work for what we really want in life.

My dream is to be a famous music producer one day. Never give up along the way! Pursue your passion! While I do have a different opinion about the lottery, I like that you show a lot of passion and perseverance in winning it. My recommendation would be to also show the same perseverance and passion to other concurrent dreams you have so you can achieve the same goal through different methods.

In case one basket breaks, you wont lose all your eggs. Who knows, you could win the jackpot soon, or maybe you could feel as fulfilled or more through your other goals and dreams. The no of comments tells it all. Majority of people end up doing things in life what others tell them to do. But it is that self realization which comes later in life when you know in your heart that this was not what i always wanted to do and now as the time has past i cannot do anything about it.

And Best of luck Buddy for your adventure, i know it will be a thrilling and life changing experience for you. Thank you so much for quoting Steve Jobs! Thank you for your best wishes on my travels and adventures and I do wish you the best in life too! This trip is definitely a life changing experience. Very inspiring stuff! Love it. I was thinking about writing it on following your dreams and these would be very helpful!

Great ispiration Norbert! Good luck on your amazing overland trip! I look forward to see it start next year! Rock it on! This is beast! My dream scare me to death! On the other hand, think positive and give it your all.

Today when I was on my way to class I saw this flyer hanging up and it said auditions on it. They are holding auditions for a play at my college and I have always wanted to be an actor. Go to auditions and castings. Get yourself into the acting environment and expose yourself to it. Good luck on your acting career and I wish you the best! I so want to become a singer, but i know my parents wouldnt let r support that desicion. What you need to do is educate them not only on what you really want to do, singing, but also show them that you are passionate about it and that you are willing to work hard to accomplish it.

Take them slowly by the hand, that way they will slowly understand it better. I wish you the best! I too want to go around the world, well at least to India if not everywhere but following your dreams is not always that easy. Nevertheless,i got inspired. Its just that its hard to break free of certain ways of life. Hi Robert! Keep working to achieve your dreams, no matter how hard they might seem to be! What a fantastic post. The first was spot on. Life is too short NOT to follow your dreams. Keep on following your dreams and making them a reality!

My dream was and still is playing guitar with my own band, since I was a teen. But you know …. Thanks, Paulo! If I had gone with the Nay sayers I would not have experienced all the wonderful things that I have done in the last two decades. Hi Antonio — Thanks for your comments and for sharing your dream with us. That is the positive thinking that will keep you moving forward. It is understandable why parents might go against unconventional paths, but it will be your job to educate them slowly on what it really means for you to be a singer, and most importantly, prove to them that you can handle it by working hard on it and delivering results.

My husband has sent me on a continual coaster ride over the past decade-boats, horses, college degrees that dont pan out and are useless. Now he is talking coal business. My children and myself have lost our home, our car, schools my children loved. We currently live in a hotel. He tells me now that he is going to change and work, all to find out that he is now going after coal business. It never stops! Crazy stupid dreamers like you put others through hell. You want to be someone? Try caring-try being there for someone. This life is not all about you. If you spent half the time you think of yourself on someone else you and everyone else would be better off.

It is normal for people to fall when they try something new, but the important thing is to learn from that experience and apply it towards the next venture. Now, that being said, you said that you lost pretty much everything. My wife stopped me from fulfilling my dreams. I wanted to become a Doctor and was in Medical School. We lived too far away. I started working and tried to return many times. Thanks for looking out for me. If becoming a Doctor is still your dream, why not sacrifice a long commute to fulfill it? I know how it feels getting a negative feedback from the people you love the most, but sometimes proving them wrong in a proper way is a way to let them know that you are serious about it and that you can work hard to achieve what you really want.

Jim, I agree with Norbert. I once heard a saying probably in a romantic comedy and it goes something like this … if you lose sight of your dreams, you die. Perhaps you, or your selfish wife, needs a new outlook in life and leave behind the negativity. Go for a new, better, challenging and more fulfilling life Jim! Jim, like Wacky Adventurer said, change is good. Facing challenges proactively is also good since they can teach you a lot about life and yourself.

Do leave behind the negativity and face forward believing in yourself. My dream is be a genealogist. The way ordinary lives come to life…it just enraptures me. I want to share stories like this and connect people with their family. Hi Ashia — I agree with you that you should keep working hard to chase that dream you have.

Best of luck with your dreams!! I love traveling the world its awesome and as a result its generated new ideas and more dreams thats what i got from it personally. Its changed my life. The last 3 years have been shit but ive been studying to make upfor it the last 4. The world is an amazing place, disrespect it at your own peril. Adventure begins from the day we are born!

Embrace it ,Feel it, and live it! Thanks for your quotes! I do agree with them! I wish you the best with your upcoming studies and your sailing trip around the world! Thank you for this. Hi Mikayla — I know how you must feel by not having the support from your parents, but I say that if playing the piano is something you truly truly love, you should keep practicing. Master it and impress everyone with your skills. Still, to make a living out of it might take some time, so do keep developing your live in many other ways, like studying for a career and becoming a professional.

OMG, this is very inspiring. Good luck to you and hope for the best! Great post Norbert and totally true. You know the truth? People want you to be as conventional as they are and are jealous of your balls to follow your dreams. Frank bbqboy. Frank, thanks and I totally agree. Anyone who asks me about quitting and traveling, I tell them that it is possible, but they have to plan and work for it.

You need a plan and you need to know how to put it in action. What can I do to gain it back? If you lost your hope, the first thing you must do to gain it back is believe in yourself, believe you have the will and power to do what you want, and work hard to achieve it! Everyone seems to be carefully controlling me so I will fail and no success before I start,, I told them what I am doing and they dont believe in me doing it. I have many passions and I am pursuing them all, and they dont support this, they believe one person has one purpose.

I have been waiting until now to be able to achieve all of my dreams and I never enjoyed my childhood. And I am in chronic pain all my adult life and suffering since childhood and did anyone give half a fuck?? Of course they fucking didnt give half a fuck.

Also, it is always good to surround yourself with people who have a positive attitude towards what you want to do and accomplish, whether in person or online. Try looking online for a Facebook group or forum of people who have your same passions. Talk to them, get some feedback, and who knows, they can even be a bigger inspiration and support for you! Ala, thank you for your comment and sorry for my late reply. I have to say you live in a very beautiful country, one of my favorites! Sometimes, it is necessary to make some sacrifices in order to prepare ourselves better for what we really want.

What if studying abroad will get you closer to the possibility of becoming a professional football player? As much as I encourage people to follow their dreams, I also encourage them to study and get a proper education. Knowledge is power, and knowledge can take you a long way. This is just me, but think is studying and playing football at the same time is doable for you. It might be a sacrifice, but it might pay well in the long term. This was very inspiring to read. I have a ton of interests but wildlife photography is my main one.

Id love to just travel and spend endless hours observing animals. What should I get my bachelors in? Its also something that my parents dont really like. They struggled all their lives and really ant me to work in the medical field. Vanessa, thanks for your words.

Like you recommended, start a wildlife photography blog and see where that takes you. Take your time to improve your skills and become a professional, even under your own terms. Start selling your images online and get to know the industry. Who knows, you could do great things if this is something you truly crave doing. I have always had the dream of traveling, but I also met a girl that I like a lot you can say she is my dream girl.

I have little money but I am also doing what ever I can to make money for hopefully the day I ask her to marry me. My problem is my entire family is against me very long story for both reasons, and my boss is treating to fire me if I take a day off to figure things out. Please help as soon as possible. Update: I did end up getting fired for that reason. I am trying to save as much money as I can, and I will hopefully go to China first and go on from there unless there are other recommendations. I think I will work for a few months at every location I visit, to keep up with money.

I hope that will workout well, but I will find out when I leave unless of course there are any recommendations. Your post is very inspirational. I loved the positivity that has been input towards everybody including myself. I yearn so much to experience what life is ahead out of my comfort zone. I do not know how to say to my parents anymore to let me go than just to oack my bags and go. I completely understand your situation. I believe you should slowly educate your parents on your goal and dream of traveling and let them know how this is something you want to do in order to reach X,Y,Z goal in your life.

Maybe, you can take baby steps too by traveling solo to nearby places for a short time. Other than being an inspirational post I think your choice of words are so fluffy and uplifting. My love ones believe success is measure by a big bank account along with a prestige positions such as: Doctor, teacher, and lawyer.

How do I tell my love ones that sometime I need love and acceptance more than advice? Yes, a lot of people see success that way. On how to tell your loved ones about your dreams, make sure you tap on the feeling. Tell them exactly how you feel and how you think this experience might change your life. Make sure you help them understand that YOU arew responsible of the decisions you make in your life, but it is YOUR responsibility to direct your life to where you want to go.

It iwll not be easy, so you need to see this also as a slow educational process with your loved ones and take them step by step by showing them through small actions that you are capable of doing this. Let it be ours to be the great inspiration to our children. Try reading about it on line everywhere, but I think the best thing you have to do is decide will you regret coming to north korea if anything bad happened and think what was I thinking? Or will you regret not going more? For me as I wrote in my comment below my parents are afraid that I might get raped and I honestly would regret not going after my dream than I would regret getting raped, but it needs search on safety precautions the question is how do we start searching info like this?

I feel like taking on following my dream as a electronic music producer and dj as young as I can. You deserve more than a salute, sir. James from Nigriea. I am currently battling two competing priorities and everyone keeps telling me to pick one but its so hard because both of them to me needs to be accomplished. I love this post and I agree with you in every word. Hi Dear — I am the person who always follow my dreams. I am very much inspired after reading your article. It is giving me energy to follow my dreams. Great post man!

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Whats Stopping You? A Road Map to Following Your Dreams Whats Stopping You? A Road Map to Following Your Dreams
Whats Stopping You? A Road Map to Following Your Dreams Whats Stopping You? A Road Map to Following Your Dreams
Whats Stopping You? A Road Map to Following Your Dreams Whats Stopping You? A Road Map to Following Your Dreams
Whats Stopping You? A Road Map to Following Your Dreams Whats Stopping You? A Road Map to Following Your Dreams
Whats Stopping You? A Road Map to Following Your Dreams Whats Stopping You? A Road Map to Following Your Dreams

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