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S2 E22 May 22, Final Goodbye. S2 E18 Apr 17, 45 More Minutes. S2 E18 Apr 17, That's Pacada. What's New. Seal Team is a military drama that follows the professional and personal lives of the most elite unit of Navy SEALs as they train, plan, and execute the most dangerous, high-stakes missions our country can ask of them. Jason Hayes is the respected, intense leader of the Tier One team whose home life has suffered as a result of his extensive warrior's existence.

His team includes his trusted confidant, Ray Perry, the longest-tenured operator with whom Jason shares an ingrained shorthand; Sonny Quinn, an exceptional, loyal soldier with a checkered past who still combats self-destructive tendencies; and Clay Spenser, a young, multilingual, second-generation SEAL with insatiable drive and dedication. Vital to the team's success are troop commander Lt.

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CBS Television Distribution. HDTV i. Christopher Chulack. The team is tasked with capturing a high level ISIS leader.

On a mission to destroy chemical weapons, Jason and the team find innocent civilians in need of rescue just as enemy forces close in on them; the team debates whether to tell Ray that his wife has gone into labor. The team must rescue researchers being held hostage on a ship in the South China Sea ; Clay's low ranking jeopardizes his future as a SEAL; Jason investigates a woman connected to his dead teammate's phone. Jason and the SEAL Team refuse to abort their mission to capture a dangerous war criminal after it goes sideways. Also, Clay's controversial father, Ash Spenser C.

Thomas Howell , comes to town on his book tour. The mystery about the woman has a new revelation. Jason and the SEAL team must navigate the contentious evacuation of an embassy in South Sudan when the country becomes increasingly unstable. Meanwhile, Clay and Stella take their relationship to the next level. Melanie Mayron. Corinne Marrinan. Also, Clay faces the final harrowing exercise impeding his Tier One candidacy. Jason and the SEAL Team have mixed feelings when they are tasked with overseeing the exchange of an American soldier who was captured after deserting for Gitmo detainees.

Michael Watkins. Jason and the SEAL team must rescue a Russian scientist and his wife and bring them across the Chinese border into Afghanistan as Chinese troops and Russian Special Forces close in intent on stopping them. Also, Clay endures his first day with Team Bravo. Tensions are high when Jason and the SEAL Team enter a Yemeni house to locate a cell phone linked to a terrorist network and interrogate the family while the daughter lies in critical condition after being accidentally shot.

Jason and the SEAL team are sent to intercept the sale of nuclear waste intended for the manufacture of a dirty bomb , but the mission goes sideways when, instead, they find that the "waste" is actually nuclear weapons with unstable warheads that must make the treacherous journey back to base. Also, Ray suffers a shoulder injury and Jason and Alana are shocked by their kids' reactions when the topic of their reunion is broached.

While on a mission to retrieve a downed USAF drone in the middle of the last Daesh -controlled zone in Iraq, the team disobeys orders so they can save Clay, who is trapped beneath a room full of armed terrorists. Also, Clay and Stella struggle with his imminent deployment, Jason and Alana keep footing around a reconciliation, and Lisa navigates her brand-new relationship with Danny Cooper. After Team Echo is killed in an ambush, Team Bravo's deployment is moved up and they must depart in 18 hours.

Alana decides she and Jason should divorce since she can't share him with the team anymore, while Clay and Stella decide to forget his rushed marriage proposal and continue like before. Bravo Team goes into a mission in a hostile neighborhood of Jalalabad to capture Tariq's lover Assim, and narrowly escape an ambush. Afterwards, they are sent to capture the builder of the bomb that killed Team Echo but are forced to shoot him.

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Mandy finds out Tariq was blackmailed into betraying Echo for his relationship with Assim, who gives them a lead about a man in a red Mercedes , that a journalist on base identifies as an Afghan Police Province Commander, Salim Hakan. Meanwhile, Jason struggles with Alana's decision to ask for divorce. After discovering Team Echo was killed because they burned a heroin farm, Team Bravo pays a visit to the farm and find more than 10 million dollars hidden underground.

According to the farmer, some men take money out of it regularly. They capture a year-old boy, who claims he just heard about the money, and wanted some for his family. They follow him, and discover he's really a girl, Dorri, that works as messenger for the Taliban to be able to care of her younger brother. She helps them set up a trap, but their objective is killed as a traitor.

Mandy identifies the men as Al-Quaeda mercenaries, and wonder who's the farm owner. Dorri offers to keep helping them in exchange for tickets to the USA. Meanwhile, Jason meets Amy, a private security specialist working on the base.

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  • Orden und Ehrenzeichen der Deutschen Wehrmacht 1933 - 1945 (German Edition).

Team Bravo captures a chemist that tells them the farm owner is Ghani, one of the biggest drug traffickers in the world. Mandy uses reporter Paul Mulwray's contacts to get the mission back on track in exchange for an interview with Jason. They get their objective though Sonny is wounded during the mission.

During the celebration, Mandy reveals that Ghani sold the farm after the burning, which makes Jason seek out Amy for comfort.

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They learn that the burned farm was bought by KSR holdings, owned by Hakan's first wife, Permaz Hakan, who's been missing for years. They locate her father, who tells them that she ran to Masari, a human trafficker , to flee Hakan. They decide to go after Masari to hide the fact they want Permaz. They attack Masari's compound, killing Masari and freeing the women and children. Hakan's mole on the Afghan team tries to run away with Permaz, but he's killed.

Mandy convinces Permaz to talk to her, but it's not enough to green light the mission. Jason learns from reporter Paul Mulray that the economic interest in Afghanistan is on mining. Mandy reunites with Salim to get him to talk, making it clear they know he's playing both sides.

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Hakan threatens her, but she has Bravo Team backing her up. Jason and the SEAL Team are tasked with protecting a delegation of congressmen and Department of Defense officials who come to Jalalabad for a publicity tour even though a credible threat has been made against them. During their protection detail, the SEALs learn that Hakan was the intended target for assassination, and successfully kill the sniper responsible for the shooting.

The Seal The Seal
The Seal The Seal
The Seal The Seal
The Seal The Seal
The Seal The Seal
The Seal The Seal

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