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In this series, the North Star makes landfall. This series was filmed in Peniscola , simulating the long-awaited island they were looking for. The series is also filmed in Elche , in Palmeraie, to simulate the forest around the cabin on the island. On February 2, , Antena 3 reported that the programme will finally end on February 21, , after three seasons. In the third season, the search for land continues, and now more than ever, Bubble finds Manolito, who has returned to the North Star, and after examining its trajectory, he discovers that the ship always goes to the same place.

After a few days there, Gamboa discovers that the city is under his feet. Ainhoa tells her father that Ulysses has disappeared a couple of days ago and the crew has found a man who happens to be Cho Sung, a Korean from the Russian ship. Shortly after the North Star finds a blip on the radar, which the crew eventually discovers to be a hotel that has remained above the water after the cataclysm.

Almost four months pass, and they discover in the building that Ulysses was there, and they meet Max, the leader of the survivors that live in the building, which turns out to be a hotel in Singapore. Max gives the land coordinates to the captain, and then later promises to return, but in exchange for these coordinates he asked the captain that Ainhoa stay in the hotel.

Ulysses changes his opinion of Max, although he works for the Alexandria Project, and he stays because Ulysses dated a slept with Dulce before boarding the ship and never disclosed the information to anyone. Richard and Julia decide to marry and Vilma begins to befriend Cho Sung. Soon after Bubbles finds out that Salome is his sister after reading a dedication he had written to her in a book that he wrote. Ventura, an old man, goes aboard as a stowaway with his grandson "Mouse" on the North star. After days at sea, the North Star finally spots land.

A few remain on the ship, which sails back to the hotel for the other survivors as promised, but just before returning, Ulysses requests assistance through the radio and a shot is heard at the end of his message. The first night on the island, Max goes to inspect the area during the rain when they hear noises outside the tents which eventually disappear, and the next day they discover that the animal that made the noises was a cow.

On board the North Star, they reach the building in search of Ulysses and the others but they don't find anyone there. The captain decides to return to the island to reunite with the crew, hoping that the French ship, the one from the Alexandria Project, has arrived before them and will guide them to land.

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On the island, Ainhoa, Piti, Cho and Vilma search for Max, but instead of finding him they find two masked men armed with guns, which they shoot. They return and put a camera on the cow so they can see what is on the island and they find a cabin. The cabin doesn't look abandoned, so Ainhoa and Piti enter and alarms go off, and a short while later they find Max knocking on the door. Piti goes to warn the rest but it is too late, and he encounters the crew from the French ship taking the North Star crew hostage, and impersonates Gamboa to save them.

Bubble and Ramiro find the red folder that the Alexandria Project were looking for. Gamboa takes it from them and contacts the Alexandria Project and informs them of his findings. Once ashore, Ricardo and the others meet with the crew on the island and both groups find out everything that has happened. A shootout with the crew from the French ship occurs and Valeria gets shot. Ricardo comes out and burns the red folder in front of everyone, outside the cabin. Piti is discovered to be a fraud, and they force Piti to walk with a mask on on a path to the cabin to shoot him, but he manages to escape being shot by his own crew by placing a piece of gum to his forehead which causes De la Cuadra to remember that he put a piece of gum to Piti's forehead as punishment for being a clown on the boat.

The French crew shoot Piti, but do not kill him. Cho, Palomares and Ramiro find a box dropped by a passing plane. They later encounter Ulysses who joins them in helping their other crew members who are being attacked by the French crew. Palomares and Ramiro go to Piti in the middle of the crossfire by protecting themselves with a bathtub. Ulysses and Max know it is important to save Valeria but on the way they are followed by the crew from the French ship. Ulysses stays to fight them and Max goes to the ship. Max sneaks aboard the boat. Bubbles reconnects with Marimar, is obligated to impersonate Roberto, by Gamboa, to save the crew because they have destroyed the red folder.

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We are informed around 9am each morning of its status. A full day complete tour around the island. Seven-hour tour from Sorrento to Capri Avoid the hassle of the ferry! Boat tour around the island visiting Faraglioni, the Blue Grotto and relaxing with Prosecco wine on board! A romantic boat tour of the island at sunset with aperitif on board. Boat tour of the island with champagne and snacks waiting for the sunset.

Exploring the bay of Nerano and lunch on the restaurant with sea view. Night transfer on boat from Capri to Nerano: enjoy a dinner in an old fishing village.

Max the Boat (The Max Series Book 2) Max the Boat (The Max Series Book 2)
Max the Boat (The Max Series Book 2) Max the Boat (The Max Series Book 2)
Max the Boat (The Max Series Book 2) Max the Boat (The Max Series Book 2)
Max the Boat (The Max Series Book 2) Max the Boat (The Max Series Book 2)
Max the Boat (The Max Series Book 2) Max the Boat (The Max Series Book 2)

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