Joannas Surrender: A Tale of Blackmail & Revenge

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Play Helen For Me. Dangermouse 4. Chelly's Story. Mother of a Cheerleader Ch. Riter 4. Raping Helena. Seduction of Deputy Jane Ch. Kate: Hot Asian Tutor. Kate: Hot Asian Tutor Ch. Jean's Surprise. Lucky Mann 4. Little Mel. Eddie Takes Charge. Eddie Takes Charge Ch. What Happened During the Interview. MarzyDotes 4. His Party Favor. MarzyDotes 3. Forbidden Fruit. One Slip. Consequences - Eve.

Lisa's Black Submission. Learning a Trade. Shore Dreams. Finding Solace. WayneGibbous 4. Thy Neighbor's Wife. The Taking of Cassidy Lynn. MiliktheRed 4. The Taking of Cassidy Lynn Ch. Charlie's Children. Sandie's First Swing Pt. Not Such a Bad Job. Making the Watermelon Queen. Ashley Makes A Deal Ch. The New Parishioner. Caught You! Business Trip With Family Ch. Susie Loves Her Rewards. Birthday Dinner. Credit Crunch Sacrifice. Victor Sylvester. In Need of Help. Sarah's New Patient. Sarah's New Patient Ch. Baxter and Libby Ch. My First One Night Stand. Seducing the Daughter-In-Law.

Stefannie's Adventure Ch. Shannon's Spiral. Young Cheating Wife. Un4givon2 3. Backdoor Man. Embracing Chaos Ch. It Started with Pizza. Tales of Reluctance: Tale Hot for Teacher Ch. Lisa's Lust Ch. Niki Gets Naughty Ch. Taming Tami Ch. First Affair. Sail to Despair. Sail to Despair Ch. I Got Needs Ch. Angela's Service Ch. Kelly Takes a Turn Ch. Renovation Ch. Playing with Fiyre. Rhodes Doubles Down. Conference Call. Silent Auction. Svenn 3. Road Trip. Once With a Stranger.

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Alison's Fateful Afternoon. Big Gunz 3. Alison Wants To Be Bad. Blast From The Past. The Casting Couch Ch. Donna Carter Ch. Steff Ch. The Preacher's Wife Ch. Young Wife: Ruined Ch. CleoRa 3. The Neighbor's Daughter. Using Jill Ch. Moving to San Diego Pt. Enthalpy Ch. Experiment In Summertime Deception. Irishdragon 3. Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. An Elegant Woman. Tarnished Image. Hannah's Hot Tub. The Promotion. Kate's First Stray Ch. A Ride Home.

The Seduction of Janie. The Seduction of Janie Ch. Elizabeth's Roman Awakening Ch. A Bargain Ch. Liz's Open Home Ch. More Than an Office Affair. Neighbours Pt. Putting on the Ritz Ch. Alyssa's Adulterous Adventure. Cashell Cleans Up Ch. Beach Blanket Seduction. Son's Best Friend. Lawyer Debbie Does Dessert Ch. Mary Pattinson Pt. Crying Wolf. The Seduction of Amy. And That's the Rub. Dangerous Liason. Suzanne in the Church Kitchen. Suzanne and the Church Janitor. Suzanne and Old Tom.

Suzanne's Pool Party. Tom's Son. Linda Ch. Co-eds to Enjoy Ch. Good Will. Labor Day. An Affair Begins. Borrowing His Friend's Wife Pt. Her Son's Best Friend. His Wife is the Procurer Pt. The Big Bopper 3. Psychological Payback Pt. Tennis Lessons. The Tax Man Cometh Ch. Pleasing Andrea. Daughter in Law. Daughter in Law Ch. Sarah and David, Neighbors and Love. A Special Weekend. Come Dance with Me. Country In-Laws.

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Court Reporter. Fantasy Comes True. Help In Time Of Need. My Son's Best Friend. Nurse Kristina's Mistake Pt. Cyndy Decides to Stray. Victoria's Blackmail Ch. Sis-in-Law Pays the Price. Casualty of Chance Ch. The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking Ch. Key to a Party Pt. Marriage On The Rocks. Beth's Predicament Ch. BorrowedTime 4.

Early Modern Tragedy and the Cinema of Violence

A Cheating Husband's Revenge. A Cheating Husband's Revenge Ch. Nancy's Quest Ch. S extending the Curriculum. Rochelle Sells Another Sexy FIL. Blackmail Can Hurt You! Cara's Unerring Downfall. Her Reunion Was Stunning. Her Son's Friend. I was Locked In. Biking With Father. Four Play Ch.

Go Wolfpack! Popcorn Ch. Under the Mistletoe. The Good Girl. SimonO 4. A Marine's Homecumming Ch. Anal Affair Helps Lori's Marriage. Sexual Favors for the Company. Volunteer Work Had Fringe Benefits. A Private Party. Katie's Craving Pt. After So Long Ch. Infidelity Revisited Ch. Overcome With Lust. Her New Neighbor Ch. ThaDee 4. The Inheritance. The Loaner Wife Pt.

No Way Back? The Erica Miller Story. The Good Girl Ch. The Ballad of Emily Jeffers Ch. Spectator1 4. A Naughty Affair Ch. A Naughty Affair. Like No Other Pt. Emily's Delayed Flight. At 5pm Her Plane Leaves. That Jagged Little Shiver. Daddy's Request. Samuel's Mirror. My Reluctant Key Party Pt. DarcusKnight 4. Rosemary Ch. Crystal for My Birthday. Mills' Predicament. TheRealFlash 4. Megan's First. Theakston58 4. Produce Man's Big Meat Ch.

Younglover 4. Temptation Pt. G Confesses. Faithful Wife's Fall from Grace Ch. Penny's Promiscuity Ch. Dumee2 4. An Office Affair Ch. One Summer in New Orleans. Shelby Ch. Childhood Friends. Childhood Friends Ch. Otazel 4. The Pool Table. How to Ruin a Perfect Marriage. TeamEquipe 3. A Thousand Ways Good. JaeLewis69 3.

Zoey Trades Up Ch. TerryBee 4. Bully Ch. StoryTeller07 4. The Indecent Proposal Ch. Why are You Trying so Hard? Strangers on a Tram. Cockhole 4. Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. FunWhileItLasted 4. Jeremy's Dorm Dance. Learning with Lou. Brothers In her Arms. Pajama Choices. Awakening the Beast. TheInnerBeast 4. Massaged by a Nerd. BurroGirl18 4. Traveling for Business. MyWildWife 4. The Business Trip. Massaged by a Nerd Ch. Michelle's Adventure Ch. Whynotus11 4. Sexploits Ch.

Straying within the Family. The Temp Secretary. The Seduction of Keith. Who is Raphael Garza? A Date to Remember. A Work Party. A Work Party Ch. Precious Cargo. Substitute for Blindfolded Wife. Substitute for Blindfolded Wife Ch. Sweet Young Kaylie. DRobbie06 4. Panty Control. FantasyXY 4. Liz and Claire's Roadtrip. Pkrfan 4. An Affair Ends. The Innocent Youth Ch. Sara's Father in law. A New Outlook. Quid Pro Quo. Katy's Double Life Ch. Properly Trimmed.

GrayWolf 4. Taking His Money. Flory67 4. Comforting My Neighbor's Daughter. Ashley's Corruption. Don the Degenerate Doorman: Apt. The Escaped Prisoner Fantasy. GalaxyFantasy 4. A Wife Never Tells. And Sitting and More. Cinnyperez 4. Fifth Anniversary Honeymoon Cruise Ch. SteveLee 4. Wife Loses Control of the Situation. Front Page Exposure. Turning 40 Pt. The Museum Pt. EMP Attack. Writewinger 3. Best Friends. HardAlyx 4. Pam's Pain. Working for It. The Interview. The Office Wife. What Does Wendy Desire? Collateral Damage.

A Wife Never Tells Pt. Nymphomania Pt.

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Finding Himself Ch. PostScriptor 4. Dinner with Friends. Lisa, Beautiful Blond Wife, Mother. Jennifer's Mom. Johnt 4. How Much. Ashson 4. Entertaining Husband's Boss. Over Stimulated 4. An Unplanned Affair. SaintSindee 4. The Income Tax Seminar. JulieAnn42 3. Unadulterated Lust. Tangoracer 4. Drunk Teacher. My 20th High School Reunion Ch. Office Romances - Offsite Meeting. Sexhotty 4. Lust and Descent. ReFlexions 3. Helen Smith Pt. Matt and Lauren Pt. Family Re Union. ShaneLucas 4. House Hunting.

Fubai 4. A Whole New Perspective. The Lending Lover. SolarRay 4. Professor's Little Pet Ch. LolitadelMar 4. Breaking a Good Man. Hopelesslylust 3. BluePoppy 4. Passion in the Snow. Black Cab Ride Home. Our Path to Swapping Ch. Seattlebreeze 4. Home Owner's Association.

Masks That We Wear. AlexClayton 4. Diane's Infidelity. HerLittlePiggy 4. My Virtue or My Dream Home. Black Cab Driver Visits. Best Friends Pt. Slut Wife Pt. Heather Goes to the Movie Theatre. HeatherLane 4. The Stranger. Heather's Bus Journey. All about Andrea. Taking Shawna Stevens.

StickyKeyboard 4. The Night I Cheated. A Lustful Inspection Ch. The Concert Pt. Willing Mistake. BP 4. Susan was Learning. Scott's Flashback Fantasies Ch. Another Bathtime Fantasy Tim and Erin. A Naughty Cuckolding. Pretty Polly Nylons. Stripemoff 4. To Share or Not To Share. Beach Encounter. Gentlehands 3. Milking Melissa. Family Matters Monogamy - First Contact. OneBallBigger 3. The Christmas Party. Don't Try Calling the Office. DesireOne 4. School Money. Jay 4. Interesting Possibilities. Ann Douglas 4. Hidden Assets.

Erlikkhan 4. Living Life Vicariously. Some Debts are Better Paid than Forgiven. Yesarub 4. Doing The Laundry. For The Firm. CalliopeTheThird 3. Cheating Pt. Valery's Date. Carolyn Blushes. A Woman Walked into a Bar. BenLong 4. Drunken Friend's Wife. My CEO Pt. SkipForeplay 4. Good Intentions Ch. PureDeviant 4. Seduced and Blackmailed. Bunnyrunner 4. Seduced and Blackmailed Ch. Swimstar82 4. Reluctant Teen's First Time. Stressful Business. ShaneLucas 3. A Well-Timed Event Pt. Neighbor Ch. IgneousRocks 4. The Office Intern.

Once the Wick is Dipped. Heather's Bus Journey Ch. My Wife's Secret to Closing Sales. JSipes 3. Part Time Job. Farriers Can Ride Too. Bitch of a Sister-in-Law. Liclovely 4. Cruising Ch. PenPal 4. The Weekend Pt. Struggling to Survive Pt. Antique Store Maid. Tegan's Friend. Samantha's Secret Ch. KimF38 4. Words Matter. NewEndings 3. No Talking. SyleusSnow 4. Jill and the Bad Boy Ch.

The Photographer's Revenge. Unexpected Debt. Underwear Excitement. Wordspeller 4. Forbidden Ch. Bluepen 4. Upwardly Mobile Pt. KingBandor 4. Beth wants Her Coach. Eliza96 4. The Broken Gondola Fantasy. Shy Wife on Holiday Ch. Examination Techniques. A Storm of Submission. Fucked at My Son's Soccer Game.

ThatBoi21 4. High School All Over Again. Michael Herrick 4. Affairs Assistant Ch. After the Show, Back to Work. Phil The Ferret. CalliopeTheThird 4. Babysitter Birthday Surprise. Using Ashleigh. AllenWoody 4. Megan's Coercion. Infatuation with a Co-Workers Tits. Mature Sister in Law Pt. Wrinkledbutthole 4. Stars Align. A Simple Business Arrangement. Fred Pleasures Jessica. Diana's Late Arrival. Bisondkj 4. Companion: The Uber for Sex. The Pro Boner Doctor. Mylipstoyours 3. Gym Milf Affair. My Daughter in Law Pt. UncleWayne 4.

Passion in Paradise. PinkCherryCouple 4. Eva Seals the Business Deal. One Time Ch. Rigid1 4. Pretty Young Thing Pt. DreamsToReality 4. Assignment: Dangle a Carrot. Becky and Her Peeping Tom. After the Reunion Ch. My Husband's Boss Ch. Aguywithastory 4. Meeting Claire. Encounter with Maggie. Age Really is Just a Number Ch. Shy Housewife Ch. My Friend's Daughter. My Girlfriend's Neglected Mother. MaryAnderson 4. Conference Sex. Lionheart72 4.

The Lucky Lucky Man. Trudydoes 2. My Uncle Comes on Sundays Pt. Broken Fantasy. A Cougar is Born. Yogakay 4. High Finance and Economics Ch. Catching My Dream Girl. AverageBear 4. First Baptist Bible Fuck. Wulfwinter 4. The Malleable Girl.

Marriage Made In Blackmail

The Price. Cancun Vacation Rape. Being Katie's First. Without Her Consent or Knowledge Ch. Italian Voyeur 4. Tapsalteerie 4. Mrs Stone Ch. Tuddy12 4. The Sleeping Powder Symphony. La Papillon 4. The Exchange Student. Payback in the Bedroom Ch. The Doorbell Rang Ch. Taking Advantage of My Secretary. KylieShort 4. Bob Waters 4. Summer Vacation. The Perfect Captive. Rhianon 4. To Capture Melody. My Sweet Prisoner. Jumpinjetta 4. Just One Look. The Shy Girl. Bunny's Quiet Friend. The Good Girl. SlamDuncan 4. Jessica is So Shy. Shy Love, my Sister Emily. My Shy Young Friend. Giving My Little Sister a Massage.

Alone with my Friend Tess.

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John OConnor 4. Independent Study. Luscious Lactating Lady. CindysBob 4. Never Ending Summer Love. Alex the Cat 4. Margin Walker 4. The Reluctant Neighbour. Resistance is Futile. Exchange Student. Carpe Demi. Jaymal 4. Pay Your Way. The Taking and Making of Melanie. TheOrchid 4. A Bastard's Thankgiving.

Vacation Night with My Cousin. VaguelyErotic 4. Ballerina and the Beast Ch. Melting the Ice Princess. Four Days Day BlondNDesirable 4. Doctor Pretty. A Dark Desire. Purchase in Taipei. Taking His Dreamgirl. College Party Girl. McLovin60 3. Melissa's Capture Ch. Donald Miller 4. The Hunter.

Hotcappucino 4. Unexpected Alone Time. The Time Spine Complete. LordLoxley 4. She'll Never Know. Sold Ch. PhantomOfMoonlight 4. Owning Sofia. LucaPuca 4. Urban Legend. Gia, the Van and Ladies at Play. Helene Blackmailed. Curious Girls Ch. Restrained Pleasure Ch. Transforming Daughter-in-Law Pt.

Cadarn 4. Running the Risk. The Freek 4. Drunk Driving Ch. Gaby's Grades.

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JennyGently 4. Blackmailed Fiancee. Co-eds to Enjoy. Teachers Demand Respect. Timestopper Begins Ch. Drmaxc 4. My Auntie, Claire:. James D. Control, Enkindle. My Scholarship. My Sister The Slut Ch. Pokerman 4. Blackmail in the Pacific Ch. Stillathisrequest 4. Penelope's Naughty Daddy. While You Were Sleeping. Doing Bella. Kyle's Lucky Night. Sins of the Father.

KitsuneKira 4. Eva's Awakening. FluteMaster 4. Sweet Revenge. Midnight Hour x. Coed Aces Doctor's Exam. AngelBell 4. Enjoying Rachel. Vayene 4. More than Kissing Cousins? Sara's Biology Teacher. The Seduction of Bobby's Mom. The Seduction of Mandi. Dumpington 4. The Professor's Seduction Ch. Substitute Seduction. LustfulKitten 4. A Tale of Two Titties. Amyfriend 4. A Night of Drinking. Macallan Promises. PacoFear 4.

A Foreign Exchange at Christmas. Her Mother's Daughter. FMsure 4. Chicago via Katrina. Her Best Friend's Daughter. A Mother's Sacrifice. Bound For My Daddy. At the Feet of My Mother. A Daughter's Revenge. A Reasonable Deal Ch. Araceli's Deal. Educating Shannon. Rehnquist 4. Miss Spencer and Dr Watson. Diving Partners. Derby Ch. The Trip. A Prime Opportunity. Sheryl in the City. Cosmetics Convention Ch. Roofie Coladas. Cagonzon 4. Roofie Coladas Ch. Over Stimulated 4. Political Ambitions, Mom's Deal.

HeyAll 4. Night Owl Sister. MrIllusion 4. Family Affair: Backseat Sister. A Helping Brother Ch. Touching His Daughter. NotDoctorPhil 4. Sara's Car Trip. Bad Night for Brittany. With Interest Ch. Jazz E. Daddy's Blind Daughter. Zorroscamp 4. Don Grampa 4. Seducing Jen. Brother Deals with Sister. Sister's Roommate. Grillytilly 4. My Sister All Mine. SacredHarlot 4. There For The Taking. The Unintended Incident. PrevertedMe 4. Brotherly Love. Robski 4. Feeding Amy Ch. Feeding Little Brother. Callie's Milk. Out of Control. My Pregnant Mum. A Perfect Girl. Model Mom. Daddy's Little Tease Needs Money.

The Blackmailing of Fiona Ch. The Seduction of Ms. Brown Ch. Financial Seduction Ch. Old Barns. Val's Agreement. Big Darrell 4. A Beautiful Young Wife. Captured Mother. Her Son's Friend. Doing the Boss. Fucking My Drunk Sister. Dealing with Sister. MausAss 4. The Young Irish Maid. CAP 4. A Brief Encounter.

How to Succeed in Business. Leezy 4. Shroud21 4. After Dinner Treat. Cheerleader Sluts: Big Sister Bitch. Camera Capers. YummyTiger 4. Abduction of Steph Ch. The Reunion. PolyLvr 4. Business Trip Ch. SuitAndTie 4. The Elevator. Ashson 4. Payback: The Beginning. Comshaw 4. Ice Storm. Her Secret Admirer. MisfitToy 4. Uncle Ted's Revenge. My Wife's Snooty Sister. ThrobbinRobin 4. Scent of This Woman, Love and Lust. Daddy Please Don't Leave. My Daughter, My Lover. Papi's Girl. You Can Crash Here. My Son's Wife. Innocence Lost. Cyborg08 4. Claire Ch. Milkyway 4. Ransom Demand. Powerone 4. Julia is Trapped.

J 4. Julia's Raped Again. My Mom's Disgusting Boyfriend.

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Homeless Louise. Randy4Sure 4. The Confession of Alexa Connor. Retirement Party Dress. Closing Time. Milene 4. Lesbian Blackmailer. Jenny, My Stepsister:. Crumbling Boundaries. Crumbling Boundaries: The Deal. In Sara. The Big Bag. Randen 4. Mom Has Her Ups and Downs. Mikelh 4. Ezra's Island. Lori, the Cable Girl. RavenSSS 4. Pool Girls Ch. JosephWrites 4. Sunday School Punishment. A Cheater's Regret. Deanna's Story Ch. Lawyers Need Love Too. On A Mission Ch. Flood Damage. Melanie Gets Screwed.

Captive Ch. Jennifer's New Job. Triedtobegood 4. The Ride Home. My Little Cheerleader. Peeping Tom. Not Such a Bad Job. The Taking of Lena Ch. The Licker. The Secretary. Just Business. Sid Devonshire, Ju Dai, and lacross. Amazing Grace. In Sara's Pants. Letter to the Artist Ch. Truck Stop. The Prisoner Of Desire.

TwistedMisery 4. The Ache of Rapture. Taking Elaine: Day My Daughter's Friend. A Gentleman on a Train. A Good Girl. Stalking Amber. Bellie 4. Stalking Amber Ch. Making the Chef Pay Ch. The Day At The Mall. Joann Gets Caught. Radiojones 4. Joann Becomes My Bitch. Aaron's Lolita. Iron Pants. Rellik04 4. Layover Interlude. LadyDanali 4. Allowing My Dark Side to Surface. PhillipMelbourne 4. A Breath of Perversion. Driving Companion. BillAdams 4. My First Business Conference. Sailing with Samantha. Many Feathers 4. B is for Bastard. A Mother's Touch. Lust for my Mother. The Lessons Next Door.

Quixote 4. First Time with My Junior Roomie. Fingerprints on My Heart. ChloeTzang 4. A Very Good Night. JosephBarnosky 4. Grandma Lula. Home From College. TryAnything 4. Mandy Comes To Visit. Wicker 4. Making Out With Mom. Every Midnight to Dawn. Secret Summer with Melinda. My Sexy Family Ch. The Ice Cream Parlour. Eris02 4. Blackmailing Tamar Ch. Enjoying Marlene's Ass. Taking Tiffany. I Couldn't Lie Ch.

YoungHarpist 4. At the Concert Ch. BankerwithaW 4. IWillSubmit38 Pt. OhSoHot2takeU 4. Sara's Story Ch. In Love with an Angel. Ashley Goes To 'School'. Len Bee 4. Living with Jane. Sedation Gynecology. LoreLai 4. The Doll Collector Ch. Pool Day. Outrageous Bet. The Preacher's Wife. Light and Dark Ch. OliviaLaVue 4. It is Good to be the King. PariahSolo 4. Willy Gets His Dream. Feet Fatale. Chuck Nabs The Amazon Princess. Wifetheif 3.

Sara's Vanilla Soles Ch. Sexy Feet of my Cousin. Pay Me In Kind. Poaching a Kitsune. TehCorinthian 4. Keeping a Kitsune Ch. In Fairness. Mommy's Little HuCow Pt. ArtOfSilence 4. Stepsister Sleepsexing Surprise. Krosis 4. Bank Takeover. Mistress Maria 4. Special Delivery. Payment Rendered. Politari 4. Four Weddings and a Baby Shower.

Many psychiatrists see literature as valuable

Saving His Job. Winchester19 4. Karen Is Had. College Sanua. First Trip to Vegas Ch. Owning Elaine Pt. Teenage Runaway. LetoAtreides 4. A Cambridgeshire Summer Ch. In His Mother's Bed. Kelsey Loves the Kissing. Mister Durrant's Fuck Photos. Snowed In. A Summer with Gina. The Teacher's Assistant. Class Rules. The Politician's Wife. Accidental Lecher. Hatsuda 4. CNAs in Trouble. Bindingwi 4. Girl's Night In. EscribeDominus 4. Everyone, But Me.

YourGirlGracie 4. The Brothel. Sometimes, Things Just Happen Ch. Tia at the Bus Station.

Joannas Surrender: A Tale of Blackmail & Revenge Joannas Surrender: A Tale of Blackmail & Revenge
Joannas Surrender: A Tale of Blackmail & Revenge Joannas Surrender: A Tale of Blackmail & Revenge
Joannas Surrender: A Tale of Blackmail & Revenge Joannas Surrender: A Tale of Blackmail & Revenge
Joannas Surrender: A Tale of Blackmail & Revenge Joannas Surrender: A Tale of Blackmail & Revenge
Joannas Surrender: A Tale of Blackmail & Revenge Joannas Surrender: A Tale of Blackmail & Revenge

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