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Software development is a socio-technological process of negotiation that requires mediation of different approaches. Research on the co-construction of society and technology and on the social shaping of technological artefacts and processes has highlighted social dimensions such as gender and diversity discourses that implicitly inform development practices.

Taking the convergence of science and technology seriously. Hofmann, R. Constructive technology assessment aims at anticipating societal impacts of technological innovations and suggests incorporating reflexivity and social learning into technology development. Social learning involves fostering the ability of diverse social actors to cultivate sociotechnical critical skills, thus allowing technological and social change to be governed with consideration for social values and diverging interests. Based on this demand, our paper presents a discourse-theoretical, interventionist approach to software design introducing deconstruction and un- learning as reflective practices to guide development processes.

The underlying deconstructivist methodology refers to practice-based concepts of situated learning. Identity in the Information Society Vol. Sotoudeh, M. GAIA, Bd. DuD — Datenschutz und Datensicherheit Jg. Frahm, J. Toxicology Letters Feb. The interaction of extremely low frequency ELF magnetic fields MF with cells can induce alterations in various cell physiological processes.

Here, we present evidence that exposure of mouse macrophages to 50Hz, 1. The levels of the NAD P H oxidase subunit gp91phox oscillated between increased and normal levels compared to controls. The stress proteins Hsp70 and Hsp exhibited increased levels at certain time points, but not generally.

This suggests that ELF MF interacts with other cellular constituents than these chemicals, although induced pathways at least partially converge. Schmidt, M. Systems and Synthetic Biology vol. As synthetic biology develops into a promising science and engineering field, we need to have clear ideas and priorities regarding its safety, security, ethical and public dialogue implications. Based on an extensive literature search, interviews with scientists, social scientists, a 4 week long public e-forum, and consultation with several stakeholders from science, industry and civil society organisations, we compiled a list of priority topics regarding societal issues of synthetic biology for the years ahead.

The points presented here are intended to encourage all stakeholders to engage in the prioritisation of these issues and to participate in a continuous dialogue, with the ultimate goal of providing a basis for a multi-stakeholder governance in synthetic biology. Here we show possible ways to solve the challenges to synthetic biology in the field of safety, security, ethics and the science-public interface. Torgersen, H. Drawing an analogy to past debates over biotechnology, some stakeholders fear that synthetic biology SB could raise public concerns. Accordingly, 'lessons from the past' should be applied to avoid controversies.

However, biotechnology in the s is not the only possible comparator. The potential to become contested has been attributed to a number of other novel technologies. Looking at nanotechnology for example, controversies have not materialised to the extent predicted. The article discusses factors relevant for controversies over technologies as well as differences to the situation when modern biotechnology began to proliferate.

Certain properties attributed to SB in the discussion so far indeed suggest a potential for controversies, but perceptions may follow those on other aspects of biotechnology subject to local contingencies. Finally, it is questioned whether ELSI research should see its task in applying lessons from the past to ease technology introduction.

Rather than being embedded in a linear model of technology development, social scientists take an interest in developments 'upstream' where technologies take shape. A Case-study on Austria. In: Dini, O. In: Macintosh, A. This paper assesses the status of eParticipation within the political system in Austria.

It takes a top-down perspective focusing on the role of public participation and public policies on eParticipation. The status of eParticipation in Austria as well as of social and political trends regarding civic participation and its electronic embedding are analysed. The results show a remarkable recent increase of eParticipation projects and initiatives. A major conclusion is that eParticipation is becoming a subject of public policies in Austria; however, the upswing of supportive initiatives for public participation and eParticipation goes together with ambivalent attitudes among politicians and administration.

Ardil, C. Mild, K. Cell Biology International Vol. Extremely low frequency ELF magnetic fields in cell culture incubators have been measured. There are numerous examples of biological effects found after exposure to MF at these levels, such as changes in gene expression, blocked cell differentiation, inhibition of the effect of tamoxifen, effects on chick embryo development, etc. We therefore recommend that people working with cell culture incubators check for the background magnetic field and take this into account in performing their experiments, since this could be an unrecognised factor of importance contributing to the variability in the results from work with cell cultures.

Towards a flexible model of participation. In: University of Technology Delft, Hrsg. Mager, Astrid Mediated Health. Sociotechnical practices of providing and using online health information. While most of the existing research about online health information focuses exclusively on either the provider or the user side of communication circuits, this article aims to integrate and discuss both sides and their mediated relation to one another. Drawing on actor-network theory, it conceptualizes the provision and use of online health information as sociotechnical. It questions concretely how website providers position their websites and information, how users browse through the web and assemble information, and interrogates the various concepts of online health information these different practices imply.

Further, it asks how search engines, and Google in particular, come to play such a dominant role in the way health-related web information is provided and used. The article concludes by evaluating the implications of the findings in regard to debates about the quality of online health information and the way in which web information is distributed and acquired on a broader scale.

Ornetzeder, M. In: Broussous, C. Reducing energy demand sustainably eceee ; Stockholm, S. European Journal of ePractice Nr. Science as Culture Vol. Genomics contributed to making modern biology a prolific multi-disciplinary field leading to new approaches such as systems biology. Reporting in the media reflects the high stakes involved in these changes, but such reporting often appears inconsistent as contradictory claims are made about new applications contrasting with uncertainties from new insights.

Such inconsistent claims might relate to different disciplines involved in the field. New approaches from engineering disciplines such as computer science have changed research practices and approaches towards the object; the meaning of genes having become context-dependent. Since disciplines must cooperate, tensions arise over methods, evidence criteria and the significance of hypotheses. The concept of epistemic cultures, developed to highlight differences between distant fields such as high-energy physics and molecular biology, can render insights into the 'cultures' related to practices and approaches within genomics.

Qualitative interviews with scientists shed light on how computer science and experimental molecular biology co-operate and which problems arise from epistemic differences as the criteria for relevant findings become subject to the disciplinary context.

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In addition, genomics-like approaches have entered other fields of biological research, whilst systems biology further challenges hypothesis-driven experimentation. This may lead to a new epistemic culture differing from the one previously described. These findings provide insights into how different accounts arise and shed light on general properties of prolific multi-disciplinary research fields. Inconsistencies in the way such fields appear from outside might be considered normal rather than the exception. Felt, U. Science Studies, Bd. This paper investigates how public discourses, as articulated in EU policy and Austrian media documents, take part in the creation and stabilisation of a new patient figure — the e-patient.

The documents we analysed act as one material form for enacting, performing and giving meaning to the changes occurring when a new technology enters established networks in the medical realm. Our analysis will show that the public discourses we studied deploy three rather different forms of discursive registers, each of which address and perform a specific relation between currently new information and communication technologies and citizen-patients.

The multiplicity we observed reveals crucial tensions and contradicting expectations expressed towards the future citizen-patient, showing the challenges for e-health in the making. Nentwich, M. In: Zimmermann, A. Systems and Synthetic Biology. Journal of Industrial Ecology, Bd. It is often assumed that nanotechnology NT holds the potential to provide a substantial contribution to the solution of various ecological problems, including high consumption of energy and materials and the generation of waste.

However, problems surrounding the use and release of hazardous substances remain largely unexplored. In terms of method, it was based on electronic searches of the literature, expert interviews, and an expert workshop. This article discusses the results of the project. It focuses on the methodological challenges and the principal problems resulting from a combination of the broad and ill-defined concept of NT and the specific concept of hazardous substances.

The hazardous substances addressed had to be reduced to a manageable number, and the term substitution was understood according to the characteristics of NT and the way in which the latter could reduce the use of hazardous substances. Although several applications of NT were identified that could lead to a considerable reduction in the use of hazardous substances, ambiguities in both the concept of NT and the concept of substitution in relation to NT prevent a comprehensive assessment of the potential of NT in respect to substitution.

Bechtold, U. In: Miesenberger, K. Ahlborn, A. In recent years, governance and public participation have developed into key notions within both policy discourse and academic analysis. While there is much discussion on developing new modes of governance and public participation, little empirical attention is paid to the public's perception of models, possibilities and limits of participation and governance. Building on focus group data collected in Austria within the framework of a European project, this paper explores lay people's visions and versions of government, governance and participation for two biomedical technologies: post-natal genetic testing and organ transplantation.

Building on this analysis, we show that people situate their assessments of public participation against the background of rather complex lay models of the governance and government of the respective technology. Because these models are very different for the two technologies, participation also had very different connotations, which were deeply intertwined with each socio-technical system. Building on these findings we argue for a more technology-sensitive approach to public participation. Winkler, R.

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In: Remenyi, D. Ecological Economics 65 , S. European Journal of Communication, Bd. Bogner, Alexander; Menz, Wolfgang Science crime. The Korean cloning scandal and the role of ethics. Today, Hwang Woo-Suk, the Korean stem cell researcher, stands for the most spectacular forging scandal in biomedicine, if not in the history of science. Within few weeks, his exposure as a stem cell forger has downsized the 'pride of Korea' into 'the Hwang case'. Interpretations of this fraudulent forgery vary considerably. We demonstrate that new insights may be gained when discussing the Hwang case against the background of the establishment of a specific framing called 'ethicising'.

This term implies that contemporary struggles over how to govern scientific and technological advances are framed as 'value conflicts' that are characterised by specific conflict patterns and modes of negotiation and can be differentiated from 'interest conflicts' and 'knowledge conflicts'. Der koreanische Klon-Skandal und die Bedeutung der Ethik.

Leviathan, Bd. Telecommunications Policy, Bd. Der Anaesthesist, Bd. Austria has made a great leap forward with e-government into the top group in Europe over the past three years. The paper examines how far the usage of services keeps pace and what kinds of impacts are observable. It finds that in Austria the take-up of services among enterprises has made enormous progress to one of the highest in the EU. Usage growth is strongest in advanced, transaction-related services, although there is still much potential to raise the usage among citizens in a socially balanced way.

Impacts are identified in quantitative as well as qualitative terms: they include cost savings, increased efficiency and accelerated processing times of case handlings exemplified among others by win-win situations in the finance and foreign trade sector , improved service and information quality, but also some adaptation problems and reorganization needs. This is a major issue in the theory of reflexive modernisation. Recently, new scientific insights within genetics have increasingly prompted the re-drawing of such boundaries. Taking the example of prenatal testing, with particular reference to late term abortion, I investigate the governing rationalities of experts' boundary politics.

It will be shown that boundary drawing is structured with reference to society's guiding principles and notions of normality. In those problematic cases where the medical frame is unable to deliver sufficient interpretative power, this reference to societal value orientations turns out to be functional for maintaining the experts' professional authority. In the case of prenatally diagnosable disabilities, for example, experts often do not know how to deal with such diagnoses. This ambiguity is for the most part understood as cognitive uncertainty amenable to more research, rather than in-terpreted as non-knowledge with reference to the level of social action which results from the interpretative failure of biomedical frames.

Thus, the interpretation of non-knowledge appears to become unambiguous, which undermines any pending politicisation of non-knowledge. The alignment with society's guiding principles turns out to be functional for maintaining the claim to be able to provide adequate and relevant information and terms for decision-making processes; in other words, for maintaining professional authority. On the basis of the observation that experts have to deal with uncertainty and non-knowledge, the article asks in conclusion whether this could point to the possible emergence of a reflexive type of expert.

Torgersen, Helge; Bogner, Alexander Austria's agri-biotechnology regulation: political consensus despite divergent concepts of precaution. The invocation of the Precautionary Principle, e. This was done without overtly shifting or challenging the boundary between science and politics, though their relative priority was reversed. The Austrian policy offers a pragmatic means to gain room for manoeuvre, rather than a coherent approach for a more reflexive way to deal with a controversial technology. Health Policy, Bd. Wild, Claudia Ethics of Resource Allocation: Instruments for rational decision-making in support of a sustainable health care.

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Nentwich, Michael Quality control in academic publishing: challenges in the age of cyberscience. This article discusses the future of quality control in an academic publication system that will be largely based on electronic publishing. Information and communication technologies both challenge traditional ways and open remedies for existent problems of present gate-keeping.

New forms of ex-ante and of ex-post quality control may partly replace and partly amend peer review, citation indices and quality filters based on the reputation of the publisher. Open peer review, online commenting, rating, access counts and use tracking are evaluated and put in perspective. Refuting the common argument that e-publishing leads to less quality, this paper puts forward scenarios of the future quality control system. Most likely, we shall see mixed systems, combining old and new elements, of different shapes in the different research fields.

Sotoudeh, Mahshid Links between sustainability and technology development. Nentwich, Michael Cyberscience. Modelling ICT-induced changes of the scholarly communication system. The use of information and communication technologies ICT is changing science and research. This paper focuses on the complex process of change of the scholarly communication system and how on we may explain the differences of ICT use among research fields. I submit a heuristic model of change that sets ICT initially as an independent variable and systematises a series of intervening variables.

It turns out that the ICT-induced development and hence the differences between research specialities cannot be explained by a small, parsimonious set of factors. The resulting picture is one of multiple causation with a strong emphasis on cultural aspects. This article deals with one of the most booming sectors in internet communication, namely mainstream internet pornography and its political framework within the policy of the European Union on illegal and harmful content on the internet.

Based on the framing approach the policy process resulting in the "Multi-annual Action plan for the safer use of the internet" is analyzed from a fundamental-rights and feminist perspective. The analysis focuses on the policy framing of the participating EU-actors with regard to gender-sensitive approaches and their feminist theoretical background.

The dominant policy frames of the actors are derived from different foci concerning the aim of the Action plan and the definition of illegal and harmful content in connection with the strategic positioning of the actors between a "possible limitation of fundamental rights" and an "emphasis on the right to defence against intervention". Journal of Cleaner Production Vol 13 8 , S. Empirical evidence of substantial risks to a successful implementation and operation of e-government calls for a forward-looking approach and possible ways of correcting a wide-spread neglect of long-term innovation risks.

The paper explores the scenario method as an established instrument for improving strategic decisions in a context of change, uncertainty and complex environments. Its application in a Europe-wide research project leads to three macro-scenarios with divergent implications for e-government prospects. The conclusions suggest particular requirements for developing more robust e-government strategies and encourage a wider use of scenario processes.

Risk Analysis 24 , S. EMBO reports 5, special issue , S. Genetic diagnosis and counselling have gone through a process of institutionalization and normalization, but ethical debates about the benefits and dangers of human genetics continue. This article adopts a sociology of science approach and asks how the professional authority of a science like human genetics, which is still a controversial field, is maintained.

Using qualitative expert interviews, the article first identifies boundary-work strategies which provide information about specific ways in which claims to scientific competence and validity are succesfully asserted. At a second level, the boundary-drawing discourse of human genetics makes it possible to reach conclusions about the structuring of professional orientations to action. Wild, C. Das Gesundheitswesen 66 , S. Just, N. Knowledge, Technology and Policy 17 2 , S. Zechmeister, I. Psychiatrische Praxis 4 31 , S.

Methode: Beschreibung von Finanzierungs- und Versorgungsstrukturen sowie diskursanalytische Untersuchung von Reformdokumenten und Interviews. Ergebnisse: Psychiatrische Versorgungsstrukturen sind Spiegelbild bestehender Finanzierungsformen. In: Das Gesundheitswesen 65 2 , S. Wiener Zeitschrift zur Geschichte der Neuzeit, Bd.

The article deals with the ideological implications of contemporary liberal bioethics. It draws on important works of different utilitarian philosophers. The author suggests that liberal bioethics, which include a discourse of marginalization, can be considered as a modernist form of racism provided that racism implies a specific structure of ideological discourse — and not only a practice of exclusion. Tichy, G. Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik 4 1 , S. Cas, J. Diese war zwar hinsichtlich der Senkung der Preise sehr erfolgreich, allerdings auf Kosten der langfristigen dynamischen Effizienz.

This paper discusses participatory methods as a tool with which to overcome some underlying barriers to the development of innovative environmental technologies. Participatory approaches with transparent and clearly defined goals, a well-organised process and the integration of relevant policy fields can contribute to successful communication between actors in the interest of the development of innovative environmental technologies.

Modern societies are vulnerable. We have known this long before the attacks of September 11, but they made it clear to everyone. The second lesson learned was that it is impossible to foresee such events. However, does more surveillance really lead to more security? If so, what will be the price we have to pay?

Apart from political actions, we already face even direct socio-economic implications as some anonymizer services were shut down. They empowered Internet users to protect their right of privacy, and they were the first targets of investigation and suspicion. Shutting down these services reduces the potential room of users to protect their privacy by using privacy enhancing technologies PETs. This is an indicator for a serious societal problem: democracy already has changed. In a second part this paper analyses the relationship between surveillance and security.

It is argued that, the international over-reactions will not lead to the intended effects. Rather, they will have long-term implications for the respective societies. Intensivmedizin und Notfallmedizin 40 5 , S. Jonas, S. ZaefQ 97 , S. Predictive genetic testing will be possible for several common diseases in the future and questions related to financial issues and quality standards will be raised.

Laboratory test methods, early detection methods and the benefit from prophylactic interventions were well directed analysed and social consequences were interpreted. A hereditary modified gene is responsible for the increased cancer risk.


In this families high tumour frequency, young age at diagnosis and multiple primary tumours are remarkable. Denaturing high performance liquid chromatography is a quick alternative method. The identification of the responsible gene defect in an affected family member is important. The individual risk estimation is based upon empirical evidences.

The test results have effects on the whole family. The so-called preventive medical check ups are early detection examinations. For colorectal cancer the evidence about early detection methods is better than for breast cancer. The question is if PM influences on mortality. The acceptance of PM depends on culture. Colectomy can be used as a prophylactic FAP and therapeutic method. After operations the cancer risk remains high and so early detection examinations are still necessary. For objective test result presentations information about sensitivity, specifity, positive predictive value, and number needed to screen resp.

There is a gap between predictive genetic diagnosis and the prediction, prevention, early detection and surgical interventions. These circumstances require a basic strategy. Since predictive genetic diagnosis is a very sensitive issue it is important to deal carefully with it in order to avoid inappropriate hopes. Thus, media, experts and politicians have to consider opportunities and limitations in their daily decision-making processes.

Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade Vol. Busse, R; Orvain, J. The chapter traces the entangled history of biotechnology debate and policy-making during the last quarter of a century, identifying four phases with a similar framing of the issue and the problems attached. Science Communications 24 2 , S. In contrast to shifts in other European countries in the late s, the Austrian position on agricultural biotechnology has remained constant over the past decade. Taking Austria as an example, this article considers some frequent explanations for the transatlantic divide in agricultural biotechnology that emphasize the link between public opinion and policy.

Such explanations stress nongovernmental organizations and media campaigns triggering technophobia among an uninformed public, governments giving in to public pressure and abandoning sound science, and protectionism in agricultural policy that prevents free trade. While not entirely to be dismissed, there also are arguments against a cause-effect relationship between public pressure and policy. Differences in the perceived roles of agriculture seem more important, however. Transplantationsmedizin 2 , S. In immune competent persons CMV infections are usually asymptomatic but in immune compromised patients there can be fatal consequences.

CMV infections are linked to graft dysfunction and graft loss. Ganciclovir with regard to clinical effectiveness and cost efficiency. This assessment is based on a systematic review and a meta analysis. Additionally basic knowledge on CMV infection, frequency of transplantations and cost issues are analysed. There is also no evidence for additional effects of IG in antiviral therapy. This allows for a combined CMV management consisting of risk adapted prophylactic treatment in high risk groups and the start of preemptive therapy.

For risk evaluation the most important citeria are: CMV antibody constellation between donor and recipient, the type of immune suppressive therapy and the transplanted organ itself. Despite lower toxicity of IG this added value is only marginal because of the many times higher price and the similar, inclining lower clinical effectiveness in comparison to virustatica e.

From the clinical and economical point of view systematic decisions in the CMV management are necessary: analysis of the actual situation, compilation of working papers for concrete internal standards founded on evidence based guidelines with documentation, including patients in well designed, multicentric studies and considering the establishment of a CMV co-ordinator. ZaefQ 96 , S. Childbirth: A comprehensive perspective. Approaches to Health Technology Assessment. The World Health Organisation worked out evidence based interventions especially for low risk women worldwide. The trained midwife is the most appropriate and cost effective caregiver in normal pregnancy and birth.

Obstetrics in the area of conflict of technology, economy and law can turn a normal physiological event into a medical procedure. It leads to unnecessary interventions and to a concentration of a large numbers of labouring women in technically well equipped units with the concomitant costs. The technological advance run to the desire for perfectionism. The differences of payment of normal vaginal delivery and sectio are contradictory. Our handling of pregnant and birthing women shows their social value in the society. Health Technology Assessment adds to decision making by pointing out and analysing different aspects.

In the sociological tradition the relation between scientific expertise and policy has been described in terms of domination and determination. The theory of reflexive modernization, in contrast, focuses on the pluralism and multiparadigmatism of science, as it is caused by different interpretations of new risks. In a critical assessment of this approach we argue that it systematically underestimates the pacifying effects of institutionalized dissent in current society.

The decision-making of the Deutsche Bundestag on the moral acceptance of stem cell research can serve as an example for the new role of expertise in political decision. The institutionalized dissent — for example in the form of National Ethics Councils — may be understood as a symbolic production of the political capacity to act which changes the political rationality while reproducing the traditional proceedings of decision-making. Health Policy Vol. Soziale Welt, Bd. Das Gesundheitswesen 63 , S. Die Diskussion um Rationierung vs. Konkrete Evaluationenen haben dabei zumeist medizinischen Interventionen in der Grauzone zwischen Rationierung, d.

Die Implementierung der Ergebnisse des Assessments in die klinische Praxis kann als "explizite Rationierung nach Wirksamkeitskriterien" bezeichnet werden. Practice of foresight is rather diverse also among small countries, but approaches tend to be more selective in scope, tailored to more specific goals, and putting greater emphasis on demand aspects than in bigger countries.

The objectives and approach of this novel element in Technology Foresight are described and exemplary results are presented. Another innovative element which had been developed in the latest German Delphi study, a so-called mega-trends section in Technology Foresight, is outlined and used to examine the general attitudinal profile of the expert base. Empirica 27 4 , S. Science Studies 14 2 , S. This paper argues that the system of formal scholarly publication is entering its third phase of evolution. This phase has not yet taken full shape, but be characterised by a strong de-commodified core with only niches for commercial publishers — in contrast to phase II which was the age of increasing commodification.

The main reasons for this development are economic, functional and ideational. The current economic crisis of academic publishing is driving academia to alternative models. From a functional perspective, the advent of E-publishing makes it possible that academia will take over most of what is currently done by the commercial publishers.

Finally, the last decade has seen an increasing awareness of the research community that its products should not be treated as a commodity, but should instead be freely available to the whole community. Politea 4 , S. Over recent years, agricultural biotechnology policy in member countries as well as at the EU level had a difficult time. Problems arose from different interpretations of the issue at stake, from food scandals and from public mobilisation pointing at legitimacy deficits. In a repair attempt, the precautionary principle was adopted as a key policy concept. At the same time, the range of permissible arguments was extended and more and different stakeholders were allowed to have their say.

Plurilingual Education: Policies — practices — language development Plurilingualism and Multiliteracies. Plurilingual Education: Policies - Practices - language development Manual of Language Acquisition The Pragmatics of Discourse Coherence: Theories and applications.

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African Literacies: Ideologies, Scripts, Education Multilingualism and Mobility in Europe: Policies and Practices Des plurilinguismes en dialogue: rencontres luxembourgeoises Manuel des langues romanes Lernen und Lehren in multilingualen Kontexten. Working Memory the Connected Intelligence Get ready for academic mobility! How to participate in an international conference.

A tutorial on Intercultural Communication for the Medical Profession Ron Crocombe: E toa! Pacific writings to celebrate his life and work. Intercultural German Studies. Anmerkungen zu einer komplexen Beziehung. Arbeitspapiere der Culinary Linguistics: The chef's special Multilingualism, Discourse and Ethnography The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics Les dispositifs modestes du souci.

Mehrsprachigkeit aus deutscher Perspektive Les politiques linguistiques implicites et explicites en domaine francophone The Collection of Articles Mehrsprachigkeit und Spracherwerb in Theorie und Praxis Routledge Encyclopedia of Language Teaching and Learning Linguistic Landscapes, Multilingualism and Social Change Orthographie- und Schrifterwerb bei mehrsprachigen Kindern. Cambridge Handbook of Intelligence Etudes en l'honneur de Dominique Portante Trilingual Primary Education in Europe - Some developments with regard to the provisions of trilingual primary education in minority language communities of the European Union Handbook of Language and Ethnic Identity Klinkhardt Lexikon Erziehungswissenschaften Handbook of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism The Routledge Handbook of Discourse Analysis Sprachlehrforschung: Theorie und Empirie.

Deutsch als Fremd- und Zweitsprache. Ein internationales Handbuch. Multilingualism from Below Qualitative Bildungsforschung im Elementar- und Primarbereich. Researching literacy in a foreign language among primary school learners. In press. Bracketing in student writing: its uses and abuses Deroey, Katrien Scientific Conference , July How can we support lecturers in English-medium instruction? Deroey, Katrien Scientific Conference , April Panel discussion: academic writing across languages: multilingual and contrastive approaches in higher education Deroey, Katrien in Huemer, Birgit; Lejot, Eve; Deroey, Katrien Eds.

Teaching and learning in an internationalized context: challenges and strategies Deroey, Katrien Presentation , April The discourse structure of literature review paragraphs: a multilingual study Deroey, Katrien ; Huemer, Birgit ; Lejot, Eve in Schreibwissenschaft The development of German and French morphosyntactic spelling skills in multilingual pupils Bilici, Natalia Doctoral thesis Learning around Iconic Buildings.

Maps of experience in the making. Budach, Gabriele in Nichols, Sue Ed. Developing oral language skills in language-minority children Cordeiro Tomas, Rute Carina Doctoral thesis Designing personalized, interactive materials for presentation skills Deroey, Katrien Scientific Conference , June The representativeness of lecture listening coursebooks: language, lectures, research-informedness Deroey, Katrien in Journal of English for Academic Purposes , Ehrhart, Sabine Presentation , November A multiplurilingual space for language education.

How can teacher education respond to the linguistic and cultural diversity in a given place? Plurilingual Identitites. On the way to an integrative view on language education? Wo mache ich einen Absatz? Huemer, Birgit Presentation , June The effect of training morphosyntactic markers in German and in French on multilingual fifth-graders' spelling. Doing interdisciplinary research with an impact: the power of case studies de Saint-Georges, Ingrid Presentation , December Learning in the wild: explorations in non-telic education de Saint-Georges, Ingrid Presentation , October Confronting corpora with coursebooks: the case of lecture listening Deroey, Katrien Scientific Conference , November How representative are EAP listening books of real lectures?

Deroey, Katrien in Kemp, Jenny Ed. Markers of lesser importance in lecture discourse Deroey, Katrien Scientific Conference , November Ehrhart, Sabine Scientific Conference , November Pu; T. Linner; T. Visser; O. Andersen; H. Ehrari; J. Jessen; M. Yasuoka; R. Larsen; H. Langberg; T. Linner; J. Kabouteh; R. Krewer; G. Bakel; Y. People, Houses, and the Forces of Nature after the Earthquake in — 4. Kunstchronik Vol. Der offene Pavillon. Deutsches Architekturmuseum Eigenschaft oder Zuschreibung?

Zur kritischen Rekonstruktion der Kulturlandschaft. Journal of Landscape Architecture 12 2 , , 6—17 more… Hu, R. Owusu; C. Zwaluw; C. Valk; Y. Kabouteh; D. Kozak; C. Perrin; J. Jessen; A. Rusu; S. Forstner; A. Schwarze; M. Randriambelonoro; T. Kozak; D.

Jankowski; M. Hu; H. LaSie, , S. Hatje Cantz , , S. In: Draussen — Landschaftsarchitektur auf globalem Terrain. Hatje Cantz, , S. Buildings 7 no. Buildings 7 1 , , 25 more… Kepa Iturralde, Thomas Linner, Thomas Bock: First monitoring and analysis of the manufacturing and installation process of timber based 2D modules for accomplishing a future robotic building envelope upgrading. In: Koldewey-Gesellschaft Ed. Tegernseer Tal , , S. Bauwelt 9. In: David Andreu Bach Ed. Loft, more… Ludwig, Ferdinand: Pratum in Caelo. Wie wohnen? Milchvieh Mastschwein Legehenne.

Cities online first , more… M. Randriambelonro, Y. Chen, O. Yuruten, P. Pu: Opportunities and challenges for self-monitoring technologies for healthy aging: An in-situ study. Dissertation, more… Mekawy, M. Yousef; Lang, Werner; Auer, Thomas: Assessment of the impact of window screens on indoor thermal comfort and energy efficiency in a naturally ventilated courtyard house.

Kultur Konfetti - Was ist Hybridität?

Volm Ed. Dissertation, more… Polewski, Przemyslaw P. Dissertation, more… Prieto, Alejandro; Klein, Tillmann; Knaack, Ulrich; Auer, Thomas: Main perceived barriers for the development of building service integrated facades: Results from an exploratory expert survey. Journal of Building Engineering 13 , , more… Prieto, Alejandro; Knaack, Ulrich; Auer, Thomas; Klein, Tillmann: Solar coolfacades: Framework for the integration of solar cooling technologies in the building envelope. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 71 , , more… Purtik, Henrike Maria: Essays on user integration in the sustainability innovation process.

Energieeffiziente Hochschule — Campus Information Modelling. In: TUM Jahrbuch. TUM, , pp. In: Humanizing Digital Reality. In: Department of Architecture Ed. Dissertation, more… T. Linner, G. Solcanu, C. Lingegard, T. Istamto, G. Proctor, Y. Lu, J. Steebakkers: Business model innovation for value and technology based preventive health care.

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  • Midnight Fugue (Dalziel & Pascoe, Book 22);
  • Nymphomaniac Vampire (Erotic Horror Series) *Adult Content*;
  • Certainty Undermined – Life-worlds and Knowledge in Transition.
  • REconciling sCience, Innovation and Precaution through the Engagement of Stakeholders.

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Kulturpoetik des Interieurs und der Luxusdinge

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Identität im Zeitalter kultureller Pluralität und Hybridität (German Edition) Identität im Zeitalter kultureller Pluralität und Hybridität (German Edition)
Identität im Zeitalter kultureller Pluralität und Hybridität (German Edition) Identität im Zeitalter kultureller Pluralität und Hybridität (German Edition)
Identität im Zeitalter kultureller Pluralität und Hybridität (German Edition) Identität im Zeitalter kultureller Pluralität und Hybridität (German Edition)
Identität im Zeitalter kultureller Pluralität und Hybridität (German Edition) Identität im Zeitalter kultureller Pluralität und Hybridität (German Edition)
Identität im Zeitalter kultureller Pluralität und Hybridität (German Edition) Identität im Zeitalter kultureller Pluralität und Hybridität (German Edition)
Identität im Zeitalter kultureller Pluralität und Hybridität (German Edition) Identität im Zeitalter kultureller Pluralität und Hybridität (German Edition)

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