How to Have a Smarter Baby in 25 Days: A Day-by-Day Blueprint to Making Sure Your Baby Grows Up Smart

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However, as I said, I did not like math, loved science, as long as it did not use math, so I took physics but hated it. Love all of the earth sciences. Was a straight A student by my senior year. Have always had a high sex drive, however I have always been faithful even when my partners drive waned. I am not religious, ok I am an atheist. So in some ways I fall into the categories you expound, in some I definitely do not.

I do not identify with any party, but you would definitely not catch me claiming to be a republican! I write angry blogs, am on novel number two, mostly just because it is fun. I am a heterochromic and an apparent moron in all categories — I wish I had the time to dissect the propaganda, but thanks for the follow anyway. I never thought about geniuses spending a lot of money on sex toys until I read this post, and this idea made me laugh. I guess I truly am a genius. University quiz implies that atheists are more intelligent than Christians!

Now THAT shows the ultimate lack of intelligence. A quiz is a measure of knowledge in a particular area or areas, not intelligence! Now that is what I call dumb! But for most the others I can relate. But I have never consider it myself genius. Hi, blog is v v deep. Thank you. However, some points, like 12 or 13, seem a bit more like stereotypes or generalisations rather than actual scientific signs of genius. If you could provide actual proofs for those points, the article would be perfect. Great write up. This somehow made me feel better about myself. Which makes me feel somewhat worse about myself.

Appreciate it. Thanks for liking Breaking Up. I once wrote a lot of country music lyrics, so they pop back up from time to time. I thought I was a genius till I read to the end. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking an article. I hope you will find my blog useful in many ways. I am not a genius, but I tell people I am geniotic! Thanks for liking my poem Sorry. I wrote it in response to a fool who thinks playing pranks and teasing people for days at a time is funny. If liberals are more intelligent, why do they not seem as bright over all?

I guess it could be perception. I have met some very smart liberals, granted, but usually they are the exception, not the rule. There are a lot of stupid Atheists as well. You have to be fairly intelligent to grasp the concept of a higher power. Besides, many geniuses received recognition a great deal later in life or after death. Point 3 is true however. But the feelings are somewhat mutual. Interesting post. I like working with challenging material and enjoy intellectual debates.

I love learning. I have to listen to all of these idiots no, really in Math class. That class is just so low with all the common core stuff personally, I like the idea of common core, but in my school they are executing it so badly. Am I an idiot, an average person, an above average person, or a genius? Anyway, please advise. Also I think I might have good logic, always the top math and science student at school, when I play games, I tend to have strategies like how I got my friends frustrated by always winning in a card game.

If my friends are around me, I always make them laugh. Interesting post, but it does seem contradictory in a few places. Not sure what to take from it other than just entertainment. Loved this entry. Having sex less often does not mean it is less valued or enjoyed less eh? I can click several of these traits off but my husband is the smartest man I have ever known. The bit about geniuses not sleeping with just anyone is total rubbish!!! Leonardo was VERY gay. Tesla thought sex would interfere with his genius.

Who was the other one …? I think I might be a genius. Though, in most games I play, I tend to use logical reasoning to figure out how to get better at it. I take information from people and form my own opinion. My logical reasoning skill is primitive, which is why I do better in math than in science. I do believe in God and I have brown eyes. Also, I do lie quite often — a 13 year old.

Example: I tap 30 times on the counter. I fit in to all categories except 9, 17, and I am bit happy about that. I guess I realized it was more that it was extremely easy rather than what I enjoyed.

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Some are true such as less social type, sleep late due to strong passions. Talking about well known universities students, you can say all of them are geniuses. If schools produces geniuses, then everyone can be geniuses.

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And yes, they tend to go against the actual way. It is not that more clever people WILL sleep less, if a man sleeps too little every day, he will be in his coffin before he could be recognize as a genius. Skinny doesnt means smart because can be dumb. Very, very interesting. And, thanks for checking out my blog post on Fabulous French dining — and liking it! Interestingly enough, take the smallest number assigned to the first value in numerical order from smallest to largest values for numbers divisible by and you get the following values for each number.

Notice how the top and bottom values match for a difference of 8. Then you have the middle 3 values that all match with a value of 13 for a difference…so out of the 9 values, the middle three are the same and the top three match up with or line up with the bottom three values in reverse order of smallest to greatest number to 3rd smallest to third greatest.

Coolahoops, eh? Divisible numbers of and binary code patterns…David read my mind and beat me to posting something about converting the values to binary code for a circle… Very snazzy though; gotta love fellow geek ideas. Then, going from largest to smallest value, I went in reverse with N as the first value, N as the second value, 10N as the third value, and N as the fourth value. This could be done in three different ways either going smallest to largest to correlate with the three additive light values for physics light primary colors, and going in reverse from largest to smallest are the 3 reverse ways for the subtractive physics light primary colors.

Here are the binary code values for the 24 numbers with markings to note different sets of 4 numbers for 6 sets to correlate with the 6 colors used for physics light. The first and last set are: 1,2,4,8 and ,,90, Notice how they start with the first and last two values for divisible numbers of , skip one value and with the third value being 4th number up and down the sequence of 24 numbers, skip 2 values with the last of the four values being the 8th number going up and down the sequence of divisible numbers of The pattern for this set would be the first value being either third smallest or third largest number, skip 2 values with the second value being 6th from the top or bottom value,skip three values with the third value being the 10th from top or bottom, skip three values with the final value being 14th from the top or bottom of the sequence.

All four values are evenly spaced with three values inbetween each of the four numbers with the first value being 5th from the top of bottom of the sequence of 24 values divisible by Wonder what it is like to be a true genius. Thanks for stopping by. This seemed like a well-written article, so I advise that you maybe revise some of it. Extremely fascinating indeed but I too would kind of like to see proof. If; however, this is all reliable, then I score a definite 11 points out of Reblogged this on athenenoelle and commented: I agree with most of this.

I agree with everything here except the eye color theory. I have known many high IQ people with brown eyes. Also, this article is fraught with typos. I second this notion. Otherwise, as Abdullah demonstrates, this looks like something ripped off of Buzzfeed. Same reply goes to you. You need to study more about Geniuses throughout the world or history. You need to get your facts straight. BTW, I am neither white nor do I have blue eyes, which is obviously what you seem to think.

Means on average blue eyed individuals are more intelligent than brown eyed ones or the percentage of intelligence for blue eyed people is greater. In fact, the statistics are taken on average for everything; e. Do you get it now? Please do some research before criticizing the work of scientists who have way more knowledge,experience,intellect and means to prove something right or wrong. Abdullah is just mad because religious brown eyed people of this world are the ones who strap bombs to their chests and blow themselves up in the name of a God that is essentially the same God as their enemies… Not too intelligent, eh?

I am not sure why you talk about men with strapped bombs in the chest? I cant believe you said it ….. The last years hardly offer prove that the blue eyed are smarter on average. That is perhaps the lie that the author of such research want to believe in. For instance one can select a very biased population for concluding that blue eyed people are smarter on average. The Hufftington post survey of the 10 smartest over there: Polgar, Woods, Tao, Kosner, Hirata, Vos Savant, Kasparov, 6 out of 10 not blue eyed… The biased sample of the smartest living not looking very supportive to this racist theory.

Lets go back in history, the Northern Blue eyed, Europe. What has achieved? Lets see: Aqueducts? No, Silk or Cotton? A coliseum? The Pyramids? The Great Wall? Dam it! Bathroom sauna? The Mayan or Aztec callendars? Huge stone temples and buildings over all Nortern blue eyed Europe? Jesus Christ! No, again.

Small wooden ships. Well maybe because Hollywood says so… I agree, I am lost. Is Hollywood loyal to history? Well if you agree with me. Northern European populations adopted later than Mexico or Peru the civilization. They did not got empires because their primitive political structure. In America there were not horses for traveling huge distances and conquering everywhere quite few iron ores Peru Inca had gold, Mexico Mayan and Aztec silver, not so much iron or copper.

But they also developed empires and huge architectural marbles, precise callendars. Chinese had powder, the compass, the crossbow, etc. Nothern Europeans iron swords, axes, hulls, but the techniques to build make were stollen to the Romans. And Romans, Greeks were not really blue eyed. That came with the slaves and the later invations of the greedy Northern European barbarians. And one more thing. They are made… I wonder if for instance dry, like desert environments are not even harsher than the snowy Northern Europe.

The cold environment was solved with stove and hut. Based on that theory of evolution, Native American should be equally intelligent to blue eyed guys. But they have small numbers and few genetic diversity and different interests or occupations to make a fair match. But also other even northernmost populations like Inuit, and Greenlanders most be even smarter that blue eyed people, because the cold and Natural selections. Lets ask Terence Tao if he has Inuit heritage.

The harsh environment to make man a smart man works awfully. Yes, they might need long legs for walking snow, blue eyes for better sight in the longer winter nights. But that is rather, subising subsiding the need of inventive genius. Of course, they were strong otherwise they could not live on pillage, robbing and slaving their non blue eyed neighborhood.

But intellectually superior… not even in average… I belive that by pure statistics there are more asian with high IQ in China, and India. At least it seems that the universities in the Anglo-Saxon America are increasingly selecting bright students from those non blue eyed countries than from the rest of the while blue eyed population.

It is simply nonsense white supremacy pseudo theorists the idea of that smarter people has blue eyes. English is my second language, but I can write better than most native blue eyed. I am far away the supposed racist-biased-mean. Those figures surely make me smarter than most blue eyed guys over there. And my ancestors did not required, cold, snow, hasrh, long winters to bless me with their, genes; rather they came from dryer places.

My sister is and my brother , none has blue eyes. I am the oldest and with well breastfeeding the pediatrician also her former teacher told my mother that I was not a calf, neither she was cow.

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But, I utterly thank the confusion. I am a former Asperger, I had adapted, but for instance, I needed to learn what was being in love from several books and authors, the remaining lack of social skills are compensated with abstraction capabilities and by being gifted in mathematics. I am discriminated because I am atheist and oddly smarter. What a hell… being smarter brings many trouble sometimes unexpectedly, other times unavoidably, because I am quite sicere and direct; that produces me more enemies, really I do not care, but I know that I am impatient with too slow people, the specie, sort or kind found outside the academy, I can rarely stay in the same role more than a couple of years.

Ghazal you need to consider the countries where you get proper education and have the of freedom choosing your path is normally western countries and countries of other races like in asia, africa south america are not in the same level so people dont get to use all of their brain capacity, in fact there is not the platform for them, now the reason of them being second world or third world can be anything, super powers dominating lands to concur their resources and whatever … so these are reasons that lead to those statistical results … however China and Japan and Korea dominate the technology world …….

I was just watching a documentary about Park Yeon-mi a North Korean girl who fled her country as a teenager and she says till this day she cant easily get rid of wrong belief that was fed to her as a child that Kim Jong Un could read her mind. I am being sensitive about the integrity of information and I am sure its not for nothing….. I said that statement about blue eyed people in irony to show u how you post sounds like. Abdullah, I would not try and classify people by eye color, skin color, or how tall they are.

I believe everyone is an earthling, and leave it at that. I do not know you, so have no idea of your heritage, you might be Irish who had a momma enthralled with the sound of the name you own for all I know. I do know, and this is just an example, that in our past Iran, then part of the Persian Empire, had the most advanced science, math, and yes, the most progressive government on the planet. I will bet not a blue eye in the bunch! We are a product of our parents, even more than our IQ, which in some instances is unfortunate.

But no one should classify anyone based on physical attributes, or where they originated on the planet. Sounds too much like a planet wide Jim Crow south to me! Again, I apologize to you for any comments made assuming actions by you based on eye color or any other damn thing. We just need to realize what we teach our children will design the world they get to live in, IQ not withstanding! Well, Ghazal, genius or not I have found your blog most interesting! I am going to enjoy reading your posts backwards is that also a sign?

IQ and education are not linked. You can live in an extremely poor country and have the misfortune of not being educated and still have a very high IQ. It will just be expressed differently. This is an almost true statement. IQ is actually a combination of intelligence and knowledge.

IQ is like your score that says how effectively you can learn something, but IQ is a variant number that is dependent on both intelligence and knowledge. Intelligence is a finite ability of your brain to process information, this will never change and it has to do with the quality of the connections made in your brain, not the contents or quantity of those connections. IQ is derived from the effectiveness of the combination of these two things.. So knowledge is a factor of IQ but not of intelligence. To put it more simply… you can be ignorant and not stupid.

Which is to say that you can be very smart and simply lack knowledge, making you appear stupid. How interesting. I ask both as a polycurious woman and as someone who takes an article more seriously if there are links to the referenced studies in the piece itself. Even Cracked. Remember that part about being arrogant?

But bad news lefties, research also says you tend to forget things easily. I wonder how that factors in. Genius is a form of madness. Every genius has the tendency to deviate from the norm. Reblogged this on arahgravitasi. I got the first 4 then fell off a ways down, picking up again to the end.

Hmmm, this is a mixed bag for me. About item 21, what about the voices IN my head? Do they count also? People of extraordinary attainments seem to be our source for geniuses. I wonder what percentage of geniuses have accomplished extraordinary attainments? Interesting question! You will be surprised to see that those people who attained something and we call them geniuses for that are really geniuses and have most of these signs e. Now, your other question is a bit tricky. I hope you get my point, thank you for visiting Sparkonit! Reblogged this on The Crazy Lady Speaks. This made me smile…I guess I do not buy it, but these are sweet things….

This is fascinating stuff Ghazal. My eldest son fits a fair bit of the above not all and is a MENSA member although he never mentions it! So you can see why I found this so interesting, thank you! Well, you are very lucky to have such intelligent children, I hope you encourage them to contribute to improvement of society and people in any possible way, because they can. Thank you for sharing! Well thank you very much, I appreciate it!

They are all great kids I have to admit and they do their bit! Reblogged this on Jo Robinson and commented: Love this! However, having said that, I am not sure that I agree with some of what is written here. Reblogged this on RomeoMilea. The link between genius and mental illness is just that they both think differently to most of us, so again, different can be many things, and there are many social, cultural and gender differences.

There seem to be more geniuses in wealthy families because they allow them to be. Well, you are right and you are not. First not all geniuses are apparently different than ordinary people ,they just blend in and act like everybody else and no the only difference is not about being different, every man and woman in history who did something great was a genius, whether or not they had all these properties.

Yes, madness and genius are linked cause that makes those people think differently than rest. Interesting read. I have most of these qualities. Join me. We we build the cult to end all cults. He has only a few of these tendencies, though —thank goodness!! I have some of these but not all. Some of these qualities I feel are generializations or could be biased but an interesting read nonetheless. Well, most of these are estimated on average like on average blue eyed people have more IQ, on average they have high libido, etc..

Reblogged this on Confound. Dubious — Number 3 could easily account for 1 and 2 and you made no mention of whether they had a preference for brown shoes or black shoes. I found the facts in this article very interesting! I have very light blue eyes, I hope I am not trusted less because of this.

I also like number I always argue with husband to take risks, even if he or no one else thinks they will work out! Male vs. Wow, Ghazal, this is a very interesting post! I wish you could give some examples of those geniuses who do drugs 4. Someone so obsessed with becoming a genius might try this out and see if some hallucinations could do the trick. Thanks, Melissa and you heard right. But dont try becoming an addict in order to be a genius,that could go terribly wrong. Nice post! Number 18 makes a lot of since from a health perspective. The more constipated fat a person becomes, the more mucus and toxins affect the brain.

Agreed, it was interesting. I hate to question studies, but I worked in a school for gifted and talented children K-8 and have followed some of them into college via Facebook. Many are quite gregarious, have a great sense of humor, and enjoy a lot of social interaction. Again these were on average stats, indicating that there do exist those that do not have social problems. Also it might be worth noting that you are not them and cannot attest to their mental state during or regarding social situations. Many of them may simply be intelligent enough to form special ways of socializing that make it easier for them, while at the same time it is still not an abundantly enjoyable task.

I find talking to most people incredibly dull as they insist on talking about the most boring monotonous subjects and often repeat themselves without realizing it and most people are in-capable of debating a subject without turning it into a hostile argument in which personal feelings are brought in. There is also, I feel, a massive problem with human communication in general that makes any conversation difficult. Everyone has a different perspective and from that perspective comes different definitions or interpretations of things. Completely agree with you.

I kinda feel the same way. According to intelligence quotient tests Im listed as highly above average meaning between and So I guess there might be a reason in what you said above. Reblogged this on what?? One thing is for sure. Whatever preconceived notions I had on the matter were certainly altered when I started blogging. Yes, Carl. There are lot of intelligent people around, but unfortunately, there number is not even half of that of average people.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Great summary, and an interesting list — it reminds me of the key detective in popular culture — Sherlock Holmes. He shows a large number of these traits. Haha, Yeah he does, but so do many people in real life, like if you read biographies of some great scientists, writers and artists of the past, you will find these signs in them, too. Sorry but some people are just morons and should be informed as such. It seems that may be the case with people calling everyone else in the world idiots. Most of this is accurate except for the liberal one.

Both conservatives and democrats have a lot of manipulated studies that say one side has higher iqs than the other. The author must be liberal, and chose a study with their viewpoint. Education in no way insures a high intelligence quotient. I present into evidence, George W. Bush as a shinning example to back this up.

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First if you learn something about the science of that period you will find yourself in the blossom of eugenics lapse of science. Science fails when you depart from prejudice or feeble pretensions of truth. Eugenics was becoming mainstream, but Hitler made extreme applications that made those biased studies unacceptable by the scientific communities after The study itself, likely biased, extremely small sample sizes.

Based on the sample size the mean was not statistically significant. They made and Not good. That is fi the test had for both populations the 15 points standard deviation of the modern tests. Again this is , not really modern and trustworthy. Furthermore, please read until the last page of the same paper, it has three. There is the opposite conclusion but with 10 IQ points of brown eyed vs blue eyed. Do you prefer that last study? Upon my 1st and only quick read, of the above, I had so many arguments against their conclusions not realizing or reading when these conclusions were made it sprang more leaks than an poorly constructed condom, to the Nth degree!

JUST a couple of my observations, not based so much on my gifted IQ but rather, my idea of truth and 56 years of observing life. Secondly, what comes to mind when you think of the most valuable physical possession one could own? Hell no! You become obsessed with finding more. I ask all, regardless of IQ, which is more valuable, a blue diamond or a son; a pink diamond or a daughter? It goes without needing a survey that Does any parent consider their child or children anything less than priceless?

How quickly would Queen Elisabeth take a [diamond] sledge hammer to that shiny rock if it meant preserving the life of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren? My husband and I, until our mid 20s, were set on having none; we were the last of our peers to start a family. Just saying. And conspiracy theories are not a plausible argument before a judge, right? Again, how many witnesses, to the same event, does it take to hold up in court??? Case closed, Jesus did defeat the bonds of death. Though I did not see my conversation heading to this topic when I began typing; while I find myself here, at this point, why not truly contemplate and accept His free gift of salvation which IS the only thing more precious than our children in the realm of eternity.

Finally, did you hear that the Arabic term for virgins ya know, that heavenly bonus those radicals who twist the Islamic Faith are counting on? And as my year-old daughter flatly stated,. Out of the mouths of babes! Skip to content Close Search for: Search. Close Menu. I have all, accept 16 and 17, so, thanks to you for determine that, I am genius. Hardly Happy days all! What political spin?

This post needs to be proofread… otherwise, interesting information. I know we are all aware of the irony of using this medium to decry it, Sideshow Bob said that. Very cathartic. I have a tested IQ of I read novels. I read anything and everything. Atlanta Buckhead offers twelve-dollar sandwiches, Parents lunching their children on Saturday: Straight from Beemer to deli to Emory to evening Wedding to Benz to kids at lunch on Peachtree. One point at five points: There is no chemistry to teach the zen you have.

What do YOU think? LOL And if you read around most people that claim to have IQ over are always called a liar and trolled. Love it! Now we understand why Einstein was a genius, he was a musician! Holy crap! I identify with most of these. I almost agree with all.. Pingback: Are You A Genius? Jump On Conclusions. Thank you for liking The Slamwhackit Bird.

What fun it was to write! Pingback: Solve This Einstein's Riddle. Brent Kincaid. Interesting — I read this out to my husband and he found it most amusing. Nice Post. I possess most of the traits mentioned…:. I appreciate it! Thanks for stopping by my site, too. Almost all of the talk about me. Hope to work on that. Content being who I am. Has your ADHD affect you in anyway? Socially, academically.

To what torque specs were you torquing the valve rocker arm lock nuts hahaha. Will try the IQ test later today. First I have to understand the sample question. Love the information although I must now consider myself an eejit. Thanks for liking my simple blog. A genuis? Still though, great article. Brent Kincaid, WordMusic. Thanks for the great list, and thanks for liking my blog piece. Always a pleasure to visit your blog and read the interesting information you post. Thank you for liking my poetry on WordMusic. Happy Holidays, Brent Kincaid.

I think i have about 7 traits in this document. Thank you for reading my work, I appreciate your time and attention. Thinking outside the cube. Hello and Thanks for liking a post ,Me? I forgot to turn on my light bulb this morning:. I believe people whit blue eyes are stupid and have slower brains,,,, see how that sounds? No that is not why I am mad ….. Enjoyed your article. Pingback: My Thanks to you Two on a Rant. Pingback: are you a genius? I read this in different colors and heard each word as sound!!

I always believed I was a genius — because my mother told me so! I fall into a few of these categories but I am a fool…:P Thanks for posting this. Pingback: Are you a genius? Girl in a Basement. Pingback: Are You Genius? Math Online Tom Circle. Anyway,thanks for the comment. Pingback: Thank you Awesome Bloggers — here is an award for you Perspectives on life, universe and everything. Love this post! Great stuff here. Pingback: For Class monkeypuzzletree You are lucky your son is a genius.

Thanks for the comment. Haha, they might prefer black ones as they can go with all the dresses. Yes, taking risks is what great people do. Thanks for the comment! Rachel, what type of risks do you argue with your husband? You are a genius dude… what an awesome blog!! Thanks, but I am not a dude, the admin of this site Sparkonit is. Well that was one of the more interesting reads this year!

To begin, it is undeniably a labyrinth. There are literally miles of maze-like corridors and twisting hallways, some of which have dead ends—forcing the traveler to turn around and back-up. There are also some centrally located passages and stairways that serve as shortcuts allowing a virtual leap from one side of the House to the other. The House abounds in oddities and anomalous features. There are rooms within rooms. There is a staircase that leads nowhere, abruptly halting at the ceiling. In another place, there is a door which opens into a solid wall.

There are tiny doors leading into large spaces, and large doors that lead into very small spaces. In another part of the House, a second story door opens outward to a sheer drop to the ground below. Moreover, upside-down pillars can be found all about the House. Many visitors to the Winchester mansion have justifiably compared its strange design to the work of the late Dutch artist M. Door to nowhere. Stairs to nowhere. Skylight embedded in the floor. The Front of the Winchester Mansion.

Adding further to the mysterious features, the prime numbers 7, 11, and 13 are repeatedly displayed in various ways throughout the House—the number 13 being most prominent. These numbers consistently show up in the number of windows in many of the rooms, or the number of stairs in the staircases, or the number of rails in the railings, or the number of panels in the floors and walls, or the number of lights in a chandelier, etc. Unquestionably, these three prime numbers were extremely important to Sarah and to Francis Bacon.

Well ahead of her time, Mrs. Winchester employed many high tech inventions of her day. She is believed to have been the first builder to use of wool insulation. The House was lit with carbide gas lights that were supplied by its own gas manufacturing plant. Panels of electric buttons were used to operate the lights by means of electro-mechanical strikers that caused a spark to ignite the various lamps. Sarah was also among the first to make use of a shower—and elevators, two driven by hydraulics, and a third by electricity.

News of Mrs. In accordance with her twelve page 13 part will signed by her 13 times , Sarah had her entire estate divided up in generous portions to be distributed among a number of charities and those people who had faithfully spent years in her service. Roy Lieb, Mrs. Although no mention has ever surfaced as to any specific guidelines or special instructions by which Mr. Lieb would select a buyer for the property, one gets the distinct impression that Sarah wanted the House to stand intact and perpetually preserved… and so it does.

Winchester sought the advice of the then famous Boston medium Adam Coons. Coons further instructed Sarah that the angry spirits demanded that she move to California and build them a house. To further appease the angry spirits, Mrs. For some inexplicable reason, however, Mrs. Furthermore, Sarah infused the numbers 7 and 11 into the architecture because they are lucky numbers.

And the number 13? Winchester used to ward off the evil spooks. She also slept in a different room every night as an extra measure to throw the spirits off her trail. Their source is usually television. Winchester in a positive light. These are good people who mean well—but this is hardly the legacy Sarah wanted to leave to posterity. It then becomes a matter of separating fact from fiction—beginning with the elimination process.

There is no record or evidence that Mrs.

How to Have a Smart Baby? Feed Your Baby's Brain During Pregnancy!

Winchester ever met the man. Nor is there any evidence to support the idea that she was a spiritualist or had any inclination to believe in communication with the deceased. Her closest companion and nurse of many years, Henrietta Severs, firmly denied that Mrs. Winchester had any spiritualist leanings. Furthermore, why would odd features built into a house confuse evil spirits? And finally, if Mrs. Winchester truly believed she was cursed by the Winchester fortune, why would she exacerbate the matter by continuing to own vast shares of stock in the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, then, later acquire still greater controlling shares that she maintained and profited from for the rest of her life?

Unquestionably, for many people, the folklore is entertaining—but it is a complete fabrication. Sarah made certain her legacy was well within reach and capable of being understood. Furthermore, she began crafting her puzzle long before the construction of the House. As noted earlier, young Sarah Pardee was raised in an educational environment in which she had direct exposure to the influence of Masonic, Rosicrucian, and Baconian concepts. The ancient mystery schools emphasized the tradition of the initiate. The novice student, called the initiate or candidate, was required to undergo a series of tests in order to prove that he was ready and worthy to advance to successively higher levels of learning.

These levels are called Degrees.

How Frightened Should We Be of A.I.?

In ancient times, the initiate was subjected to a test called the labyrinth. The labyrinth was usually an underground or enclosed maze-like structure consisting of dark, winding stairs and passageways. The purpose of the test was to force the initiate to develop and hone his powers of intuition and insight. The greatest test for the initiate lies in his ability to understand and identify Mrs. But most importantly, as we shall see, Sarah adopted the numeric, cryptographic techniques of Francis Bacon, incorporating them into her architecture along with specific Baconian symbols. As we have seen, Bacon infused coded cipher messages in all of his works, including the Shakespearean plays and sonnets, and his translated work known as the King James Bible.

Such tables matched the twenty four letters of the Elizabethan-Jacobean Alphabet with specific numbers. Later, when the English Alphabet expanded to twenty six letters, the Pythagorean 1 through 9 Table became the paradigm used by modern numerologists. The Pythagorean 1 — 9 Table. Using the Pythagorean Table is a simple matter of matching the letters in a name or word with their corresponding numbers, then adding the numbers together until you have one, simplified number.

So, her middle name, Lockwood adds up to 25, which then simplifies to 7. For personal and mathematical reasons, he elected to have that number represent his last name rather than the number 6. Likewise, the name Bacon, in accordance with the Kaye Cipher Table, adds up to the number As we have seen, this became the second code number he used to represent his last name.

In fact, the plot grows thicker when we note that the names Sarah Pardee and Francis Bacon both correspond in the Pythagorean Cipher with the number When Sarah first met William Wirt Winchester, she would have found his numbers to be nothing short of miraculous. First, his name adds up in the Pythagorean Cipher to the number just like Bacon in the Kaye Cipher. As earlier noted, the number is extremely important to Kabbalists, Rosicrucians and Freemasons.

Furthermore, the initials W. Many married couples like to say their union is the product of some kind of ineffable destiny. Notwithstanding their mutual love, their union was destined by numbers. Sarah Pardee Winchester, age unknown. Courtesy of the History Museums of San Jose. William Wirt Winchester, age unknown. Moreover, the name Annie Pardee corresponds with the number 56 in the Pythagorean Cipher. In a different way, each of the names William 34 Winchester 52 and Annie 25 Winchester 52 when simplified, equate to the number However, the name Annie Winchester simplified or not still corresponds with the number 77 Pythagorean Cipher.

And just to insure we would understand that the connection between the number 52 and the name Winchester are not accidental Sarah deliberately placed coded inscriptions on the three tombstones of the Winchester family plot. These are not coincidences—and we know what these and other numbers meant to Sarah. As already noted, Sarah was weaving her tapestry of numbers long before she began the construction of her house. Her connection with Francis Bacon is undeniable. As we shall further see, Sarah had every reason to identify with Bacon, philosophically, artistically and spiritually.

The architect theme shows up in virtually everything he produced. It is his foundation for what would later become Speculative Freemasonry, and, as we have seen, it is ubiquitous throughout his Shakespearean work. The architecture as art legacy was first passed down by the Roman architect and philosopher Marcus Vitruvius Pollio. It was Vitruvius who first expounded the virtue of the mathematical value of Phi the Divine Proportion, Golden Ratio, etc. He held that architecture was the noblest and most perfect of all the art forms.

This rational system of numbers is known as the Fibonacci sequence. As we have seen, he was the mastermind who single-handedly sired the English Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment that would follow. Moreover, it was Bacon who gave the Rosicrucian movement its name and articulated its purpose. Moreover, Bacon applied the theme of concealment to everything he touched—including his own life the same was equally true of Sarah Winchester.

Francis Bacon and Sarah Winchester both understood that the only way to reveal all that nature conceals is through the transcendental science of numbers. Therefore, following her loss of Annie and William, Sarah began to write not with words as Bacon had , but truer to the Vitruvian tradition she chose speak to us in the pure language of numbers and architecture over a backdrop of concealment. In order to discover its underlying meaning, one must follow the path of the initiate. To that end Sarah carefully crafted Masonic and Rosicrucian features into the structure of her labyrinthine House.

Her concept of initiation closely parallels the Masonic and Rosicrucian method of subjecting the initiate to a series of progressive steps or Degrees in which he is forced to develop his powers of intuition and insight. At the outset of each Masonic Degree the initiate Candidate expresses his wish to receive Light. This is symbolically important as the east represents the source of Light Knowledge and Wisdom. Winchester regarded everyone who stepped onto her property as a prospective initiate.

Each gate is decorated with the Sun symbol with 16 radiants. This symbol was used by Bacon in many of his engravings. The significance of the 16 radiants is multi-layered. It marked both the death of his front man Will Shaksper, and the birth of his new, secret society of Speculative Freemasonry—and this was the year in which Bacon wrote and published his third and final Rosicrucian Manifesto The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. For all Masonic initiates Candidates , these are the first features they will pass through when entering the Lodge room.

View of the House from the front gate. Instead of allowing admittance in the front of her House, Mrs. Winchester required people to enter from the rear, through one entrance strategically located near the northwest corner. Her reason for this has to do with the fact that all Masonic initiates must enter the Lodge room through its northwest corner. It has 44 tiny steps. Each step is just under 2 inches in height. Thus, the effect is more like walking up a ramp than climbing a set of stairs. Additionally, the staircase has 7 turns.

The Ballroom. The Shakespearean Windows. Courtesy of the Winchester Mystery House. The two stained glass windows incorporate designs that were used by Francis Bacon—including his familiar winding banner. With the exception of the inscriptions written on the banners, the windows are exact mirror images of each other.

Knowing the occidental mind reads from left to right, Sarah wants the initiate to start with the left window. As we shall see, Sarah provided numerous coded messages to confirm her connection with Bacon. The inscription on the banner in the right window reads:. The expanded text from which these words appear reads:. Again, we should not be surprised that Sarah introduces us to her puzzle by demonstrating her view of her relationship to Bacon.

This is precisely the effect Sarah wanted the inscriptions to have on us. Sarah knew that most people would simply shrug their shoulders and walk away. We are actually dealing with a choice between two options: one, either Mrs. Winchester was crazy, or two, she is cleverly guiding us toward an understanding of the methodology she employs for the sole purpose of solving her puzzle.

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For those who would choose the first option, go ahead and walk away—many other people have already preceded you! However, once you conclude that Sarah was sane, and you opt to go with door number two, you are compelled to see that there is a rational purpose behind all of these seemingly insane features built into the structure of the House. Moreover, you must then conclude that these Shakespearean Windows function as the introductory step of Mrs.

However, the revelations and insights to be gained through the initiatic process must be earned. Like all of the other anomalous features we find in the House, Sarah wanted the display of apparent irregularity in the Shakespearean Windows to utterly shock our sensibilities. These windows were meant for other people! Sarah has left instructions. She wants us to know and understand certain things.

She has gone to great pains to leave a trail of clues that will lead us to the truth. All we have to do is pay close attention and follow those clues. Notice that, in choosing to use these two particular lines, she is accomplishing several things on different and deeper levels. First, Sarah wants us to achieve a better understanding of her by comparing her with Cressida and Richard II. The deeper truth about Cressida is that she does whatever she must in order to survive—and Sarah, in her own way, saw herself as a survivor.

Clearly, Mrs. As with all things in the House, there is more, here, than meets the eye. We remember that the number 45, with regard to the Pythagorean Cipher, corresponds to the name Shakespeare. Additionally, the number 55 Pythagorean Cipher matches the name Hiram Abiff. Furthermore, with regard to the two Shakespearean inscriptions, Sarah has deliberately omitted the first word in each 8 word line so as to leave only 7 words in each line. Unquestionably, she is talking to us in a numbered code.

Like Bacon, Sarah uses encryption code to guide us to higher levels of insight. But then, where are we to find such a book? And Tables? Where is the Encryption Table? Because we are already familiar with Numerological Tables, we know that in displaying the numbers 1 through 9, Sarah is alluding to the Pythagorean Table. However, she has ingeniously raised the bar by including 13 sub panels with each of the 9 main panels.

But, she has done something unexpected. In showing us 9 sets of the number 13, she has forced us to multiply. In fact, she has already done it for us. Moreover, we have the numbers 11 and 7 standing side-by-side. Thus, Sarah induces us to multiply 11 x 7. Going back to the windows we now have the answer to our original question. In one simple lesson, Sarah has skillfully introduced the initiate to the rudiments of her number system.

Moreover, she has employed a brilliant device in the Shakespearean Windows to drive home the connection between Shakespeare, Hiram Abiff, Francis Bacon and herself. In fact, the various symbols are distinctly Baconian. And, we recall that her Glass mirror reflects the light of knowledge and wisdom. A close scrutiny of the bottom portion of the Shakespearean Windows reveals the crooked staff entangled in a serpent-like creature. Sarah has intentionally shaded each ball so as to give it a three dimensional effect. We can clearly see that this is a ball-like feature, and not a circle.

This symbol should be partially recognizable to the Master Freemason, but something is missing. However these stops are shaped like small arrowheads pointing to the partitions above. Sarah is exhorting us to rearrange the order of the partitions. Using photographs of the two Shakespearean Windows, we cut them into thirds, resulting in facsimiles of the six window panes.

We then move them around like pieces of a jig-saw puzzle. When they are properly realigned, a stunning, new pattern emerges. This became the basis for a hieroglyphical pun in the form of a cane flanked by two balls representing Tubal-Cain. Throughout the centuries, the Tubal-Cain symbol has employed either a cane shaped like a backward number 7, or a cane with a simple crooked handle. Naturally, Sarah is making use the latter form. Historically, the Tubal-Cain symbol has generated controversy because of its phallic connotation.

It is highly probable that Mrs. Another significant symbol associated with the Master Mason that materializes with the proper realignment of the six panes of the Shakespearean Windows is the Hourglass. Properly aligned Center Window Panes showing the Hourglass.

There are other places in the House where the initiate will learn more lessons. For example, on the second floor, near the front of the House, there is a gallery of beveled, stained glass windows featuring the fleur-de-lis design associated with both the Prince of Wales and the House of Tudor. Moreover, Sarah has added a novel twist to her Tubal-Cain devise by joining two of them in such a way as to form the number 3.

Thus, she has one Tubal-Cain number 3 displayed in the right border of the windows, and a second reversed number 3 shown in the left borders—rendering the number 33 with the fleur- de-lis pattern occupying the middle portion of each window. It is a virtual shrine to Bacon. Not far from the Bacon-fleur-de-lis windows, Sarah exhibits the most ornate stained glass window in the entire House.

It is prominently displayed at the top of a 13 step staircase. To make matters more interesting, Sarah has the window facing north with no perceivable source of light. An important part of the puzzle goes back to Rosicrucian beginnings in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians saw the path to heaven as a 12 step staircase with a magnificent door at the top. The gate to heaven would truly be the most splendid of all. Although the 12 steps were sufficient to bring one up to the heavenly door, they were insufficient to deliver one into heaven.

The riddle lay with the worthy ascendant realizing that there is an invisible 13th step that could only be crossed once the door had been opened for him by a divine source from within. To the ancient Egyptian mind, this is where heaven is located. But Sarah has introduced another clever design in the form of winding ribbons located in the upper center that take the shape of the letters W at the top and S just beneath. Notice how they mirror each other.

Notice that the letter W is equivalent to the number 5 Pythagorean Cipher , and the letter S is equivalent is the number 1—hence, In accordance with the Pythagorean Cipher, we recall that the number 51 corresponds to both the names Francis Bacon and Sarah Pardee. Moreover, with regard to the name William Shakespeare, there are 7 letters in William, and 11 letters in Shakespeare—hence, —hence, 72, Sarah 20 Winchester The Winchester Tiffany Window.

The ceiling is a perfectly square grid consisting of 49 7 squared individual squares reminiscent of a mathematical table devised by John Dee. When Sarah looked up at this grid, she saw an array of significant numbers. First, she saw the number 13, i. Next, she observed 7 horizontal squares, 7 vertical squares and 7 diagonal squares, rendering the number And, by simply multiplying x 13, she produced the number , or In the middle of the lawn we see a magnificent crescent shaped hedge, accentuated with brilliant, yellow chrysanthemums.

Front Cover of the Crescent. It is the lunar number because there are always 13 full moons in a year. For this reason, the Mayans and the Chinese had 13 month calendars. To this day, the 13 month calendar is more accurate than the Gregorian. According to Celtic tradition the Triquetra represents the three lunar goddesses who, in turn, represent the three phases of the moon. Knights Templar Cross with Triquetra Symbols. Here, she is affirming her Theosophical point of view.

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Such a notion, as any practicing Rosicrucian knows, is utterly absurd. All Rosicrucians have a room or space like this situated as closely as possible in the center of their homes. This serves the practical purpose of being far from the distraction of outside noise. The room measures 11 ft. The dimensions are not accidental. Sarah uses the 11, 11, 11 cube for several reasons.

Second, 11 x 11 x 11 renders the Ramanujan palindromic number Notice the Masonic metaphor of the number 33 enclosed within the number 11, as it is flanked by the twin, Masonic pillars, i. Also, 13 and 31 possess the unique quality of generating reverse palindromic twins when they are squared, i. The simplest mathematical expression of cubical symmetry is , which Sarah hoped we would discover by simply multiplying the number 11 x x Each peg held a different colored robe, consistent with the Rosicrucian practice of wearing a different colored robe for each lunar month.

To the untrained eye, the beam has the appearance of just another piece of wood. But this facsimile of the 24 inch gauge is made to scale, spanning a length of approximately 16 ft. Moreover, the darkly stained beam has 46 lightly colored vertical rule lines which divide the gauge into 47 evenly spaced segments. The number 46 i. Moreover, when we place the numbers side-by-side, i. In another part of the House, the initiate comes to a landing connecting two staircases, each leading to different second story rooms.

The staircase to the left has 7 stairs while the one on the right has 11 stairs. Naturally, the right path is the correct one. If a man were to traverse these stairs from the second floor, left to right, he would be traveling from west to east. In all Masonic lodges, one is always regarded to be traveling from west toward the source of light in the east.

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The obvious answer is 4. But in higher dimensional mathematics, the number 4 can translate or rotate into multiple variations of itself, i. As we shall see, there is a unique relationship between the numbers 7, 11, and I knew that Sarah had concealed the number 13 in the middle, between the Shakespearean Windows, in a higher dimensional way. And, sure enough, there it was… where no one would normally think to look for it!

It was perfect! It was exactly as Sarah had planned it. No one had understood the underlying dynamics of the universe better than Francis Bacon who viewed nature as a model of the universe based on a set of fundamental rules and laws immanent from the outset in its ratio, order, structure, measure and corresponding symmetries. Since she clearly regarded her House as a living puzzle and a work of architectural art, we are compelled to examine the environment that influenced her views and her work.

As we shall see, the anomalous features throughout Mrs. German mathematician Georg Bernhard Reimann realized that the forces of nature might be nothing more than a manifestation of the geometry of space. He reasoned that forces might be best explained in terms of warps in a higher dimension.

How to Have a Smarter Baby in 25 Days: A Day-by-Day Blueprint to Making Sure Your Baby Grows Up Smart How to Have a Smarter Baby in 25 Days: A Day-by-Day Blueprint to Making Sure Your Baby Grows Up Smart
How to Have a Smarter Baby in 25 Days: A Day-by-Day Blueprint to Making Sure Your Baby Grows Up Smart How to Have a Smarter Baby in 25 Days: A Day-by-Day Blueprint to Making Sure Your Baby Grows Up Smart
How to Have a Smarter Baby in 25 Days: A Day-by-Day Blueprint to Making Sure Your Baby Grows Up Smart How to Have a Smarter Baby in 25 Days: A Day-by-Day Blueprint to Making Sure Your Baby Grows Up Smart
How to Have a Smarter Baby in 25 Days: A Day-by-Day Blueprint to Making Sure Your Baby Grows Up Smart How to Have a Smarter Baby in 25 Days: A Day-by-Day Blueprint to Making Sure Your Baby Grows Up Smart
How to Have a Smarter Baby in 25 Days: A Day-by-Day Blueprint to Making Sure Your Baby Grows Up Smart How to Have a Smarter Baby in 25 Days: A Day-by-Day Blueprint to Making Sure Your Baby Grows Up Smart

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