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Falcon Shrine - Level 1

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Can't free Rusty by TZ. Doggy's adventure future forest trying to rescue rusty by TZ. Diggy's 6th Birthday Adventure by TZ. DA 11 TZ. DA 9 TZ. Top Contributors mia21 12 Posts. OlivierLasne 1 Posts. PamDickhaus 1 Posts. New Funeral Home.

Diary of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Explorer - Cubic castles quests, in the Pyramid of Horus

Appears after completing The Final Piece. Temple of Anubis. Town Catacombs. Monument of Anubis. Riddle Vault of Anubis. Appears after The Curse of Anubis. Small Cave. Old Clay Pit. Hidden Shrine. Stone Tomb. Docks Warehouse. Apepi's Tomb. Appears after Home Furnishing. Talk to Isis after comleting Slithering Scales.

Luxor Town. Snake Burrows. Talk to Isis After completing Lost Beauty. Temple of Isis. Charnel House. Temple of Eternal Beauty. Underground River.

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Foundry available in Camp. Offering Shrine. Needed for second part of Mysterious old Man. Ancient Labyrinth. Appears after A-maze-ing Hunt. Falcon Shrine. Arachnid Lair. Underground Shooting Range. Luxor Spa. Ancient Canteen. Horus Monastery. Forgotten Treasury. Underground Gardens. Bat Cave. Haunted Hall. Excavation Camp. Narrow Corridors. Temple of Horus. Old Shipyard. Swamp Hole. Riddle Vault of Horus.

Appears after The Lost Eye. Sobek's Monastery. Fruit Farm. Crocodile Palace. Crocodile Nest. Stony Landslide.

Weavers Chamber. Camp Foundry. Shabby Storehouse. Watchmen Guild. Coal Cavern.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: How to find every Stone Circle location for Bayek’s Promise quest

Mushroom Pit. Caved-In Pond. Lizard Den. Secret Tunnels. Ancient Shrine. Temple of Sobek. Haven of Sobek. Sharptooth Sewers.

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Fishermen Hideout. Sanctuary of Bastet. Rat Hole. Tin Cave. Stone-Pillar Shrine.

Egypt (Quests) - Diggy's Adventure Wiki

Abandoned Camp. Feline Lair. Spelunker Cave. Angler's Warehouse. Small Stone Pit. Hidden Sanctum. Pet Cemetery. Buried Zoo. Ruined House. Feline Treasury. Temple of Bastet. Bastet's Maze. Bubastis Temple. Empty Tomb. Fortified Mine.

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Palace of Justice. Oasis of Knowledge. Papyrus Grove. Sanctum of Learning. Forgotten Library. Collapsed School. Nefertem's Apothecary. Foggy Swamp. Cavern of Healing.

The Horus Quest The Horus Quest
The Horus Quest The Horus Quest
The Horus Quest The Horus Quest
The Horus Quest The Horus Quest
The Horus Quest The Horus Quest
The Horus Quest The Horus Quest
The Horus Quest The Horus Quest
The Horus Quest The Horus Quest
The Horus Quest

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