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This has its pros and cons. The pros are that the planet is in dire need of reconnection to the source. This becomes evident by simply looking at the way the people, animals and the planet is being treated in the name of economic growth.

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One of the large downfalls, however, is the lack of grounded experiential encounters. Meaning, many people can bend in all the different Yoga poses, name the Chakras and preach the scriptures, but lack direct understanding outside of the theory. One example of this comes in the form of organized religion. Many are chasing a Kundalini awakening, Ayahuasca ceremonies or to have their Third Eye opened, not understanding how catastrophic this experience can be if you are not prepared.

There are many perspectives on light and dark and the relationship between the 2. I can only give my own understanding, which is that we are beings of light. The darkness comes from the density of our bodies and the material existence.

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Every time we have a traumatic experience, we store dense energy which materializes into darkness. Regardless of beliefs, we are here in this moment as human beings, so it only makes sense to play by the rules of this existence. This means we have to integrate the pure light of the heavens and the darkness of material living. To deal with the darkness comes through the processing of the encounters we have had and releasing the darkness we have stored, this is not always an easy process and when we awaken certain energies within us this process can become accelerated.

A good way to conceptualize this is to think of when we become physically sick.

Alton ready to return to normal after flooding

However, sometimes you cannot expel the bug and the sickness robs you of all your nutrients completely depleting you. This is what an awakening can bring, an invitation to view your sickness, but if you have not completed a certain level of maintenance before you become aware of this, it can lead you into a hole that can be hard to climb out of.

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Dependant on age and the level of conditioning we have we may have built up a very complex avatar for who we think we are when this is stripped away momentarily it can be hard to comprehend. This is what is known as ego death and is generally a very pleasant experience.

However, you have to think about what it is you are returning to after this experience. Once you feel oneness it can be hard to return to selling home insurance in an office. Often there is a lot of contemplation that needs to take place and it can become easy to stop caring about material obligations such as bills and other commitments.

Return To Normal Return To Normal
Return To Normal Return To Normal
Return To Normal Return To Normal
Return To Normal Return To Normal
Return To Normal Return To Normal
Return To Normal Return To Normal
Return To Normal Return To Normal

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