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It is great to know my story is counting for something out there. As ever with thanks Anthony.

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I will buy your poems soon.. Hi there and thanks again for your comment. I found myself typing emails to friends and family during my treatment and signing them Love for Now…It became a kind of article of faith to live by, an imperative to make the most of each day, whilst realising each one is so short… a kind of deliberate effort to live more in the moment. That is where I am coming from, in both Riddance and the memoir. Anthony — What an inspiring post!

Well done. I recently posted a piece about the use of poetry in modern music that you may enjoy. Hope to see you there. Thank you Tim for your kind words. I am a Van fan too.

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  6. The Healing Has Begun is never far away. Good wishes and hats off Anthony. I was handed a copy of your book by my mum the day before I came into hospital for salvage chemo for hodgkins. Wrapped beautifully in wrapping paper with pink words of love on it, I started reading straight away.

    Really enjoying the down to earth feel of the book esp loved the part , Later , about cancer being fair. I find it terribly embarassing when people say I am. I want to live therefore I sit in a purple comfy chair or lie in my bed and and pumped with poison. Sorry pressed button too early , lets blame chemo. So will. Dear Gabby Thanks so much for your very kind comment on Love for Now. I am sorry to hear you are not well, but pleased my book seems to have found you at the right moment.

    Love for Now

    It is not fair either, but then neither is being called brave. Wishing you all the very best, and with many thanks again, Anthony. Hi again Gabby Am working on the script of it now. Suggestions about casting always welcome, though this is not my main concern! As ever, Anthony. I love your blog and in appreciation have nominated you for The Liebster Award.

    Follow this link for more.

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    Dear Anthony, I have just ordered your book. It was called Ink in the blood ,and a devourer of literature like yourself is almost certain to have read it already! Like you, she has faced up to reality with courage, good humour and truly astonishing grace. Not easily accomplished, but most impressive.

    I wish you all that you wish yourself in your present predicament. Thanks for daring to be so lucid about the whole bloody business! I send you my warmest regards. Thank you for ordering Love for Now. I hope you, er, enjoy it. Which I accept. As ever with good wishes and thanks Anthony.

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    As ever with good wishes and thanks again Anthony Like Like. Best to you, Like Like. Hi diosa! I created this FREE 3 part video series to help you identify your love wounds, release your love blocks, and break old patterns which have you repeating the same cycles. Sign up now and get started on your journey toward loving yourself first. VIDEO 1. Learn tips on how to have healthy and powerful self talk, starting with identifying, exploring and healing YOUR love wounds.

    VIDEO 2. Learn the most powerful formula and tool that I have come across that is designed to help you stop reacting in compulsive and unhealthy ways today. VIDEO 3. You are going to list your deepest, fiercest love desires, and own them. Terri Cole is a Licensed Psychotherapist. You can learn more about her here. An inspiring audio from my late teacher and mentor, Psalm Isadora. Psalm was a yoga teacher, author, and speaker specializing in health and sexuality.

    Love for Now Love for Now
    Love for Now Love for Now
    Love for Now Love for Now
    Love for Now Love for Now
    Love for Now Love for Now
    Love for Now Love for Now
    Love for Now Love for Now

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