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Have you been successful at working with independent sales reps? We want to hear your stories in the comments. For more help on optimizing your independent reps strategy, download our guide on "How to Maximize Your Investment in Independent Reps. Read more blog posts from. Some Tough Truths About Independent Sales Reps Independent sales reps generally work on a commission-only structure, which means hiring them is inexpensive——until they start closing deals.

Commission Structure: Key Questions to Consider Commissions are usually figured as a percentage of sales——the challenge before you is figuring out what that percentage should be. Some questions to ask include: How expensive are the products being sold? Higher priced items sometimes pay a lower commission, but it depends on the sales cycle and what is required of the rep——the more effort to sell the product, the higher the rate should be.

Do they provide leads that you close? Do they provide complete sales and service? If they are providing leads and you are doing the closing, that would typically mean a lower commission. How much support will these reps need to provide to customers? Who handles customer service and account management? Will reps need to provide training to buyers? Is this a one-time sale or will there be repeat business?

Commission Structure for Independent Sales Reps | Handshake

How often do you expect re-orders to come through? Crunching the Numbers There is not really any standard commission rate for independent sales reps, since commissions vary depending on what is required. Costs of doing business in urban areas are higher than rural areas — but rural areas require more travel to move from customer to customer. Factor this variability into your commission structure. What level are the target contacts?

Four Key Factors that Influence Sales Commissions

Selling to the C-level requires a more sophisticated, solution-oriented approach than selling to someone in the purchasing department; compensation should be higher to reflect this. Do they work from home, have a mobile office, or a company office? The less they have to offer your company, the less they should be paid.

How will the rep approach potential customers? On the phone or in-person? How will you compensate volume sales? Our commission is not percentage based, therefore sales reps will be in full charge of their earnings. Our factory is located in Asia. Our products are used in a wide range of applications in the United States. We are seeking sales representatives. Training Provided: No real training required.

The product is pretty easy to understand and we will gladly walk you through the sale process. We are looking for reps that have relationships with the industry of glass, plastic, pigment, ceramic, paint, and gold mining. We will pay very high commissions of all sales and renewals.

Qur product generate repeat business, you don't need take too much time to service the account. We only require sales reps to bring in leads, We can close the sale by ourselves. Email: Youtexusa gmail.

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Sales Opportunity This is a great opportunity to work with an established company with a new owner that has not utilized sales representatives before. The products have been proven through multi-year services clients. Targeted to keep oil out of storm drains. Easy to use, can be applied in minutes. Repetitive use products. Competitive commissions. We are seeking self-motivated, independent sales representatives to sell our Metrology Products and Services.

For over 29 years, Automated Precision Inc. API has used advanced metrology to develop customized solutions for some of the world's leading companies.

How to Choose Between Internal and Independent Sales Reps

API Services specializes in three-dimensional measurements and high-value metrology solutions. With over years of combined metrology experience, our measurement specialists are the authority on the latest three-dimensional measurement systems such as laser trackers, 3D laser scanning systems and other integrated systems. The machine tool calibration team is world-class, offering the latest machine compensation methods, including volumetric solutions. To solve customer problems, Automated Precision offers metrology products, dimensional inspection and services including consulting, calibration, machine tool error mapping, contract measurement, 3D CAD modeling and reverse engineering.

The continuous integration of the most advanced measurement technologies available today and superior customer support are the primary objectives of API. This is a great opportunity to work with a growing company that understands the value of truly supporting their independent representative network. Com Visit us at: www. Because of our versatility we can be a one stop source for all your machining, fabricating, grinding and welding requirements.

We provide in-house-control of complete machine shop operations which optimizes our manufacturing processes, reduces cost and provides quicker delivery.

Our overall mission is to provide our customers with convenience, efficiency, and the favorable pricing associated with using a single vendor. If you require full production runs, prototypes or smaller production runs we can help you. Contact Us Today!

This is an exceptional opportunity to work with a growing company that understands the value of truly supporting their independent rep network. Our Commissions are exceptional for this industry and we do provide exclusive protection. Technox is also ISO certified. Normandy Ave. Chicago, IL Phone: Schedule a Call. Call Now. Member Support: RepHunter Frequently Asked Questions. Warning: many features of our site require JavaScript.

Please enable Javascript in your browser and refresh the page. Click here for instructions. Click on the images and links in the ads to find out more about the Principal. View Member profile for the ad below. We are looking for Manufacturer Representatives for the U. What We Offer: Exceptional commission. Marketing materials.

Factory support. Leads in your territory. Rep Requirements: Aggressive approach to grow territory.

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Relevant market experience. Experience and ability to run with product. Eagerness to work with Bliss line. RepHunter Stephendale comcast. This is where you come in.

Independent Sales Representative Selling System Independent Sales Representative Selling System
Independent Sales Representative Selling System Independent Sales Representative Selling System
Independent Sales Representative Selling System Independent Sales Representative Selling System
Independent Sales Representative Selling System Independent Sales Representative Selling System
Independent Sales Representative Selling System Independent Sales Representative Selling System

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