Génération CV (Documents) (French Edition)

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Back in , I played Starcraft II competitively. At the time, the game did not offer any statistics on our long term performances. As I wanted to improve as a player, I decided to come up with my own statistics tool in order to know which areas of my game I needed to work on in order to climb the game's ranks.

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At the end of every Starcraft II game, an option allowed for automated generation of a. MPQ file containing the replay of the game. The MPQ format is sadly proprietary, but other curious developers had managed to extract data from.

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MPQ files in the past. Using their knowledge, I created my own C script which allowed me to extract game data from Starcraft II replays.

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Now that I had a tool to transform replays into statistics, I needed to turn that raw data into something useful. Below are a few screenshots of the interface I used on my local network. I maintained Starcraft Dix until , when a native statistics tool was finally introduced into Starcraft II. The early s on the internet were characterized by the browser game fad.

Right at the peak of this fad, a game named Super Robot Wars Online captured the attention of a few hundred players, until it died when its developer ran out of free time to maintain the game. Being one of those players myself, I decided to create a similarly themed browser game in order to give a new game to disappointed players who wanted to keep playing something that felt like Super Robot Wars Online.

During its whole existence, the game remained free to play. In the NRM Online, each user played as the pilot of a combat robot, and had to use a complex strategy system to win fights against other players. During its 4 years of existence, I continuously introduced new concepts into the game. These constant changes ended up frustrating the player base and caused the slow death of the game, but also allowed me to learn a lot of useful lessions in game design, and instilled the passion of being a developer into me.

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Include dates, diplomas, and institution names. Skills: A brief list of skills can be an asset to your CV. Skill lists are great ways to showcase your capabilities in a quick, digestible way. Volunteer experience: This section should be brief should you choose to have one, but inclusion can show that you are well-rounded and hard working.

When writing your CV for positions in France, it is important to customize the content to best suit French work culture. The expectations are different from American resumes - for example, age and a picture are expected. If possible, having a French local look over your resume is a great way to get some feedback on your France CV.

Génération CV (Documents) (French Edition) Génération CV (Documents) (French Edition)
Génération CV (Documents) (French Edition) Génération CV (Documents) (French Edition)
Génération CV (Documents) (French Edition) Génération CV (Documents) (French Edition)
Génération CV (Documents) (French Edition) Génération CV (Documents) (French Edition)
Génération CV (Documents) (French Edition) Génération CV (Documents) (French Edition)
Génération CV (Documents) (French Edition) Génération CV (Documents) (French Edition)
Génération CV (Documents) (French Edition) Génération CV (Documents) (French Edition)

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