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An excellent film showing the manufacture of bottles from batch Martin-Hattemberg, Jean-Marie. TP Cover title. French and English. Perfume bottles 20th century Catalogs. Perfume bottles 19th century Prices. Perfume bottles 20th century Perfume bottles. Poison bottles. Learn what seasoned collectors look for and what they value in this easy-to-follow Includes price list. January 11, and February 22, Includes bitter bottles , black glass, miniature Auction CorningDB January 11, Glass drinking vessels. Glass jars. Enameled glass. B6 Cover-title: Modern bottle collectors catalog: Bottle club directory: photos and prices Wiltshire Antique Bottle Collectors Club.

Description based on issue 17 Feb. Wiltshire Antique Bottle Sellari, Carlo. B6 Title change on cover of v. Stacks CorningDB Bottles B6S46 Books Includes liquor bottles ; blown B6 Laid in: erratum. A lavishly-illustrated history of bottles and bottle -manufacturing in Europe Information on bottle factories: kilns, machinery, tools, techniques, facsimiles Digger Odell's official Antique bottle B6 A companion volume to Bottle collecting in New England. Bottles Cage Stacks All Rights Reserved. Skip to main content. Corning Museum of Glass. Take Classes. Hot Glass Demos. What's Happening Today.

Become a Member. The Shops Shops Events. Shop Now. Apache Solr Search Header. Filter by full text: Full Text. Filter by has image: Has Image. Current search 17, results. Refine Creation Date. Chait Gallery. Eldred Co. Selman Ltd. Skinner, Inc. Stanley 21 Burch, Guy. Subject Bottles Bottles Catalogs.

YKM Lamps. Pictorial works. YKM Paperweights Catalogs. YKM 98 Muller. Current search Applied Filters. Enter terms. Retain current filters. Load previous. Digger Odell's official Antique bottle and glass collector magazine price guide. Author Odell, John, Format Books. Snuff Bottle Society newsletter. Format Periodicals. Jones North; photography by Duane A. Author North, Jacquelyne Y. Author Flanagan, Jane.

Publisher Paducah, Ky. Author Mitchell, Jim. Publisher Brandon, FL : J. Mitchell, c Author Jensen, Al. Publisher Mountain View, Calif. Collectors guide to poison bottles, vol. Author Durflinger, Roger L. Publisher Washington C. Digger Odell's bitters bottle price guide. Digger Odell's bitters bottle price guide Library. Author Odell, John, , author. Author Blaxland, Wendy. Snuff bottle collector. Publisher Hongkong, Snuff Bottle Society.

Soda and mineral water bottles, by J. Author Jones, J. John Lemuel , Publisher Greer, S. Newson and Jean V. Author Newson, Ralph W.

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Publisher Panorama City, Calif. Author Goodell, Donald. Publisher Rutland, Vt. Avon's glass figural bottles. Publisher Mesa, Ariz. The handbook of American bottles. Author Hanson, Gary C. Publisher Atlanta, Ga. Hanson, Author Bethman, David. Publisher S. Author Linden, Robert A. Cooper, K. George Masters Thesis, University of Southern Denmark. This thesis is an excellent discourse on a large array of largely English, though some French and other Continental bottles found on this English warship wreck which sank on Christmas Eve off the coast of Denmark.

Covill, William E. Ink bottles and Inkwells. William S. Sullwold, Publishing, Tauton, MA. This book is certainly the best book on the subject that there is, though long out of print and relatively expensive to acquire though examples are around in some quantity. It pictures a couple thousand ink bottles of all types, and although light on historical information compared to the plethora of images, it does contain a lot of useful information. Creswick, Alice M. The Fruit Jar Works Vol. Extremely detailed work on fruit jars including history, great illustrations by her husband Howard, glassmaking information and more including good information on the dates of manufacture.

Unfortunately, both printings are out-of-print again and somewhat expensive to acquire. Although this book is very specialized fruit jars, as the title stated , it is a great identification guide — an attempt to catalog every fruit jar made during the period. This book could have been devised with archaeologists in mind it was not because of the way it is formatted. Almost every jar is illustrated, including the lids, bases, and reverse sides where embossing is present.

This is ideal for anyone dealing with fragmentary glass — as well as complete jars. Not only does Creswick include major variations, she showed even minor discrepancies. For example, she showed illustrations of 21 variations in basal markings on one variety of Mason jar. In addition, she provided descriptions that included the identification of the manufacturer when known and the date range of production. She often identified manufacturers and date ranges not found in other sources. She began her book with a brief history of canning and followed the identification section the main body of the book with an extensive appendix on patents and copyrights.

A second appendix although she did not use the term was a page list of fruit jar manufacturers that included many entries not found in any other sources I have reviewed. She finished with a brief history of jar makers from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in and historical sketches of several jar makers. My only complaint about the work is that it is out of print and quite expensive. The two-volume set is generally priced from ca. I have been unable to obtain a review copy of Volume II fruit jars after , but I suspect it contains the same high-quality information.

Undated but ca. A small booklet that provides information on the subject implied by title — the crown cap. Culhane, Phil and Scott Wallace. Transfer Printed Ginger Beers of Canada. The Cumberland Glass Mfg. Another interesting early 20 th century catalog reprinted some time in recent years and which has some similarities to the Illinois Glass Catalogs of the same era including sharing some of the same illustrations. Antique Bottles. A simple, but limited, listing of bottles with photos with no historical information about the illustrated items.

Davis, Pearce. The Development of the American Glass Industry. Russell and Russell, New York. Reprinted also in DeGrafft, John. American Sarsaparilla Bottles. Deiss, Ronald W. MS Thesis. This is also an excellent overview of the subject matter described by the title and highly recommended if one can find a copy.

It is one of the works that inspired the author of this website to create it. Devner, Kay. Backwards Through a Bottle. Privately published, Tucson, AZ. This book does include some interesting historical information on a variety of different, mostly common, bottles with some emphasis on Arizona bottles where author lived. Patent Medicine Picture. Data sources include newspaper advertisements, magazines, trade cards, and supply house catalogs.

At the Sign of the Mortar. Dobson, Neil C. Lange Winckler. The Shipwreck of the SS Republic Experimental Deep-Sea Archaeology. Part 2: Cargo. This report is probably the best documented and recorded commercial salvage operations that has significance to the goals of this website. Over 8, intact glass and stoneware were recovered providing a snapshot of the styles and manufacturing techniques used for bottles made in Downard, William L.

Greenwood Press, Westport, CN. Very interesting and informative book on the subjects noted in the title. Highly recommended for students of brewing or distilling history. Drumm, Stella M. Dumbrell, Roger. Understanding Antique Wine Bottles. Full of illustrations, photos, and dating timelines for the various styles which includes shafts and globes, onions, mallets, cylindrical wine bottles, various three-mold types, and more.

There are also nearly pages on known seals - including illustrations. Durflinger, Roger L. Poison Bottles Collectors Guide. Maverick Publishing, Bend, OR. Eastin, June. Bottles West Vol. Press-tige Printed Products, Inc. Eatwell, John M. It was compiled… from city directories and is basically an extended table listing all drug stores in the city and their years of operation. The table also indicates which drug stores had embossed bottles. Included in this chapter are also a number of photographs of drug stores, and drawings of drug store bottles.

The latter lack a scale but appear to be actual size, most of them include drawings of the base. Clint III. Pikes Peak Gold. The book also contains a condensed history of Zebulon M. Elliot, Rex R. Hawaiian Bottles of Long Ago.

The Jefferson Bottles

Hawaiian Service, Inc. The smaller, though still high quality precursor to the next listed book. The revised edition has everything it appears that the earlier book has plus much more. Elliott, Rex R. Hawaiian Service Inc. Excellent book on the bottles of Hawaii that also includes a lot of information about bottle making, bottles styles. Has value to bottle researchers far beyond just the coverage of that states bottles.

Good clear black and white photographs of more than different bottles, includes soda water, seltzer, liquor, beer, and medicine bottles, with lots of useful information about the companies that produced them. Fadley, Don. Hair Raising Stories. Excellent book on bottles related to hair — both medicinal and cosmetic. Fairmount Glass Works. Bottles - Illustrated Catalogue. Fairmount Glass Works, Inc. Undated late s or early s. General Catalogue. Indianapolis, IN. Though undated, the array of bottles offered in this catalog reflect the standard styles and types of the noted era.

Farnsworth, Kenneth B. This very recently published and very scholarly work by two archaeologists with LOTS of help by many collectors and archaeologists is easily the best regional work ever completed on historic bottles. It concentrates on the area noted in the title - Illinois - between and - a significant period of American bottle making. The quality of the full color images, excellent illustrations, descriptive manufacturing details, historic information, and even the girth over pages and 8.

In the pages of this book, we describe and illustrate nearly 1, different Illinois embossed-bottle varieties produced before, during, and after the Civil War for close to Illinois merchants operating in over small towns and cities across the state, with populations ranging from just a few hundred souls to more than , people. Several small towns are represented by only a single embossed-bottle style used by one enterprising merchant.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Chicago bottler John A. The authors have worked with historical archivists Eva Mounce and Curtis Mann to research the bottlers and bottled products included in our book—and 14 additional historical-research contributors have added their local and regional expertise and knowledge to help make the volume a reality. For example, the most extensive of these studies—which focuses only on embossed Illinois soda bottles dating from to the s—lists just six embossed sodas dating to the — period only three of which were recognized by the authors as dating to pre—Civil War times.

For the — period, previous publications document only 43 blob-top soda styles statewide. Our current study provides comprehensive historical and stylistic information on such bottles. Previous volumes list just 17 stamped stoneware bottles from Illinois, several of which were not identified as the product of Illinois bottlers at the time his publications appeared.

Our current study provides historical and stylistic information on 37 such bottles. Because of the scale and scope of the present volume and the limited utility of previously published sources, our focus has been to provide detailed information on bottle styles and their embossed lettering and bottle contents, in addition to the histories of Illinois bottlers who used these particular types of glass and stoneware containers. The product manufacture and use information provided within these pages, combined with information from the archaeological sites where complete and fragmentary examples of the bottles were discarded, will no doubt be of use for overview studies of consumer behavior and patterns of product movement.

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But our immediate study focus has been to provide archaeologists and historians from Illinois and surrounding areas with clear and comprehensive information on — bottle styles, product contents, product functions both real and imagined , and merchant histories, to aid in reconstructing the age of archaeological site occupations and in interpreting site functions and occupant activities. Faubel, Arthur L. Cork and the American Cork Industry. Ink Bottles - Years of Bottles and Companies.

Private published by authors. Certainly the best book on American primarily ink bottles and their history published to date. Soft back, measures approx. Many pictures, drawings, and great history of companies.

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Very good regional book. Information about acquiring this book and the second volume below is available via Hutchbook. Same comments as above. Felton, David L. California Archaeological Reports No. Contains some useful information on 19 th century bottles from a known dated historic site. Like the above report, this one contains some useful information on 19 th century bottles from a known dated historic site; including Chinese bottles and pottery in this report.

The Past in Glass. Both Ferraro books have some useful bottle dating and general bottle related information. Fewless, Dennis G. Soft Drink Bottlers of the United States. Book on an array of soda bottlers in the noted states, with a high emphasis on the 20th century and machine-made soda bottles. Field, Anne E. On the Trail of Stoddard Glass. William L. Bauhan, Publisher, Dublin, New Hampshire. This is an informative and well done book on the four glass factories in the Stoddard, NH area which produced a lot of relatively distinctive bottles during the 19 th century.

Fike, Richard E. Handbook for the Bottleologist. Ogden, UT. Continuation of the work from his first book, this one includes lots of reproduced advertisements and line drawings of lots of bottles. Of some utility to the goals of this website. Continuation of the second Fike book above. Gibbs M. Smith, Inc. Also printed in Foster Fisher, George William. Privately Published. A small 70 p. Fisher, George Wm. Large and extensively researched book on the bottles noted in the title. Information about acquiring this book is available via Hutchbook.

Flaccus Glass Co. Flint Glass, Green and Amber Bottles. Fletcher, Edward. Bottle Collecting. London: Blandford Press. Illustrated but other details unknown. Fletcher, Johnnie. Kansas Bottles - to Oklahoma Bottles - to This and the other Fletcher books above Kansas and below are examples of some of the excellent, well researched, regional books available for a few areas.

Both include good illustrations by the hundreds and very useful historical information on many or most of the companies represented by the listed bottles. Information about acquiring this book and possibly the two Fletcher books above is available via Hutchbook. Foster, Daniel G. Bottle identification and dating sections are on pages through which are a compilation of past works in this order: Fike , Rock , and the Univ.

Fountain, John C. Dictionary of Spirits and Whiskey Bottles. Fowler, Ronald R. Soda — The Oregon Bottlers. Good history and information on Oregon soda manufacturing companies. Follow-up to his book with increased historical information and better illustrations. Excellent and only source of information on Washington State soda bottles with great history and illustrations. Fowler, Ron. This book is a facsimile reproduction of a Blumenthal Bros.

It contains a wealth of information on many related subjects. Collecting Soda Pop Bottles. This book, along with all Ron's books listed here, are highly recommended to archaeologists and collectors alike for there excellent information and research. All of Ron Fowlers books excluding the Oregon book are still available from the author. Undated; early s. Illustrated Catalogue and Price-List. Publisher unknown. This is a full service bottle catalog which has a wide variety of bottle types typical of the era.

However, if users wish to publish or reproduce this catalog in any way, they must contact the CMOG at rights cmog. Retail Druggist Diary and Want Book Fascinating catalog from a major late 19 th century wholesale druggist, patent medicine, and bulk herb producer and distributor. Has illustrations of hundreds of bottled products which can assist with the dating and particularly, the typing, of historic bottles. Also includes information on hundreds of domestic and imported herbs — their medicinal properties and uses, etc.

Freeman, Dr. Medicine Show Man. Century House, Watkins Glen, N. Grand Old American Bottles. This book is packed with information, though the organization makes it often difficult to use or to make full sense of — at least to the website author. Note: The Illinois Glass Company bottle catalog was also reprinted by Century House in as a small supplement pamphlet to this book. Friedrich, Warren B. Early Glassworks of California. According to the author this book is "A comprehensive look at nineteenth century glass making primarily bottles in California, from the first glassworks to operate in to the demise of the largest glassworks in , including rare photographs of the glasswork's display of their wares.

Gardner, Charles B. Edmund Edwards. Gerth, Ellen C. Interesting, well illustrated book on some of the bottles recovered from an October American shipwreck. Giarde, Jeffery L. Enterprises, Redlands, CA. Excellent reference on the dating of milk bottles using makers marks and other features. Giarde's work compliments Toulouse's book and is an excellent source of dating and glassmaker information for many other types of bottles beyond just milk bottles. Originally published in , it was printed again in Book still available from L. Enterprises Leigh Giarde - author's wife at P. Box , Redlands, CA.

Giarde specialized in milk bottles and addressed marks used on them. He followed the style used by Toulouse, cataloging the marks alphabetically. Along with dates and historical information, he also discussed specific points about milk bottle manufacture that was not pertinent to other containers produced by the same company. He provided an especially comprehensive look at milk bottles produced by the Owens-Illinois Glass Co.

In a second section, Giarde addressed other marks e. This is an excellent reference for anyone seeking information on milk bottles and their marks. Graci, David. Soda and Beer Bottle Closures A very good source of information, period illustrations, and pictures of an array of beer and soda closures. Greenspan, Robert E. Medicine: Perspectives in History and Art.

Ponteverde Press, Alexandria, VA. This is a monumental both physically and in content work on the history of medicine, lavishly illustrated with beautiful color plates throughout. Griffenhagen, George and James Harvey Young. Old English Patent Medicine in America. Excellent, nicely illustrated history of medicines — and their containers — which were imported into North America from Colonial days until the 20 th century. Griffenhagen, George and Mary Bogard. This book may be acquired from used book services on the internet without too much trouble.

Griffenhagen, George. American Pharmaceutical Association, Washington, D. Gusfield, Joseph R. Fascinating study of the roots of the Temperance movement which eventually led to National Prohibition between and New York Bottle catalog issued by this company in and, like all bottle catalogs, an excellent source of information on late 19 th century bottle types. Hamilton, W. Illustrated Catalog and Prices Current. Official Western List of W. Pittsburg, PA. February 1 st Bottle catalog issued by the Hamilton Company in the noted year presumably for the Western American market. Like all of these period catalogs it is an excellent source of information.

Harmer Rooke Numismatists. The Samuel J. Greer Collection of Pontiled Medicine Bottles. Harmer Rooke Numismatists, Ltd. Though an auction catalog, it is an excellent source of information and pictures of over pontiled American medicine bottles from the first half of the 19 th century. Hartman, Don. Rosenmiller Publishing, York, Pennsylvania.

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Information from an internet listing. Haunton, Thomas C. Jerseyana, Wilmington, MA. This is a very well researched and illustrated most in color book on the Clevenger Brothers Clayton, NJ who produced bottles and other glassware using old hand or mouth-blown methods from about until closure in August A very interesting book and useful reference for ascertaining Clevenger reproductions from earlier originals - both bottles and other glassware.

Copies of this book may be available by contacting the author at: tchaunton comcast. Hawkins, Jay W. This is an exceptionally well researched, well illustrated, and comprehensive book on the glass makers of the noted region which was one of the major production areas for bottles in the U. Hawley, Greg. Book about the salvaging of this steamboat that sank in the Missouri River in It contained an assortment of era bottle though not as many as the SS Bertrand or Republic.

Heckler, Norman C. American Bottles in the Charles B. Gardner Collection at Unreserved Public Auction. Robert W. Skinner, Inc. Though an auction catalog, this describes and pictures bottles from one of the best collections that ever existed — specializing in bitters and historical or figured flasks. Another auction catalog that covers one of the best collections of historical or figured flasks ever assembled.

Heetderks, Dr. Dewey R. Herskovitz, Robert M. Fort Bowie Material Culture. Contains some very useful information on historic bottles from the era of the forts occupation based on the thousands of glass items excavated at the fort. Also contains a good section on ceramics as well as many other items found at this famous fort. Many of his attributions, however, came from Toulouse.

The Hocking Glass Company. Undated ca. The Hocking Glass Co. A period catalog that has jars, milk bottles, packers, and assorted glassware but few bottles per se. Hoenig, Russ. Nicely done history with illustrations about this long lived glass maker which operated under several ownerships. Holabird, Fred and Jack Haddock. The Nevada Bottle Book. Books like this help establish the background of specific information that allows for the dating of similar bottles elsewhere for which no dating references exist.

Holabird, Fred N. This two volume set is a significant update to the Nevada book noted above by one of the original authors. Holcombe, Henry W. Patent Medicine Tax Stamps. Quarterman Publications, Inc. Good historical information on proprietary medicine companies that used private die medicine stamps. Holiner, Richard. Collecting Barber Bottles. Nicely done book on the subject of barber bottles which were some of the most colorful of all mouth-blown some machine-made bottles. Includes an historical overview of the subject and exceptional full color pictures of many different examples.

Horner, Roy C. Tempo and the Glass Folks of South Jersey. Thought a bit disorganized, this softbound book contains some great information on New Jersey glass making, including a plethora of black and white photos and illustrations, including some great glasshouse pictures. Hotchkiss, John F. Bottle Collecting Manual with Prices. Hotchkiss House, Rochester, N. Essentially a listing of bottles with highly out-of-date prices with little in the way of historical information on the listed items. Howe, John. Antique Whiskey Bottles.

Privately published, San Jose, CA. Huggins, Phillip K. Sandlapper Press Co. Still in print Hughey, Karen. As the title indicates this book is an obsolete price guide to nursing bottles, though it does have a few interesting advertisements reproduced that could be of some interest. Hume, Ivor Noel. A Guide to Artifacts of Colonial America. Hunter, Frederick W. Stiegel Glass. Dover Publications, Inc. A well illustrated and updated with additional information from Helen McKearin work that was originally published in Illinois Glass Co.

Copy of an original used for this website. The reprint is a quality reproduction of the original catalog showing the hundreds of different bottle styles and designs in production at that time, which would primarily be mouth-blown some semi-automatic production of wide-mouth items though nearing the end of that era. Note: The IGCo. Original used for this website and to our knowledge this catalog has never been reprinted. Like the catalog this one shows the hundreds of different bottle styles and designs in production at that time and is primarily mouth-blown items.

Original used for this website and this one has also never been reprinted to our knowledge. Like the earlier one above, this catalog shows the hundreds of different bottle styles and designs in production at that time which is right at near the end of the mouth-blown bottle production and just before the I. Original used for this website. The IGCo. An original was used for this website and no modern reprints are known.

It also does not list the Bridgeton, NJ plant which was acquired on April 13th, This is another undated IGCo. Black and white catalog reprint including tooth powders, cold creams, smelling salts, shelf ware, candy jars, fire extinguishers and more from the Illinois Glass Co. Innes, Lowell. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, MA. Excellent book on the plethora of Pittsburgh area glass houses and makers.

James, Daniel J. The Evolution of the Glass Container Industry. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. James, D. Drug, Perfume and Chemical Bottles Signal Mountain, TN. Edited reprint of the Whitall-Tatum Co. Jensen, Al and Margaret. Peninsula Press, Inc. Nice images and some historical information on the subject of Owl Drug Company bottles. Jeter, Paul and Harvey S. Book covers bottles from Columbia, South Carolina including medicines, sodas, pottery jugs, etc.

Includes history, dating, variations, etc. Jones, J. Soda and Mineral Water Bottles. Palmetto Enterprises, Greer, S. An interesting book. Jones, May. The Bottle Trail , Vol. Chalfant Press, Bishop, CA. Though somewhat haphazard in organization, this series of booklets contain a wealth of excellent information on a host of different bottles and related subjects, especially glass makers and their marks.

Jones was a friend of Dr. Julian Toulouse and they collaborated on makers mark research. May Jones is one of the true pioneers of bottle research. Despite her isolation in the small town of Nara Vista, New Mexico, she built a network of bottle collectors that extended throughout the United States and included such noteworthy researchers as Grace Kendrick, author of The Antique Bottle Collector, itself a pioneer work in the field often cited by archaeologists and collectors and Julian Harrison Toulouse, reviewed later in this bibliography.

She wrote a total of nine lengthy newsletters between September and February Because she was unlettered, rural, and wrote in a rambling, colloquial style, many dismiss her work. They are foolish. Jones collected information from her vast network of collectors, wrote numerous letters to glass houses, breweries, food packagers, and others connected with glass containers. She was an inveterate reader and shared her knowledge freely. At this point, she made no attempt to be comprehensive but illustrated a number of marks along with her comments about them including a letter from a Mr.

Caroll of Anheuser Busch giving his opinions about marks that may have appeared on bottles used by that company. Volume 5. She included very few dates at that point but satisfied herself by attempting to match marks with factories. In this volume, she was also the first to illustrate the Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Volume 6. In Volume 6, Jones began to make a serious contribution. She produced two tables, one of older marks mostly from beer bottles , the other of more recent logos. The newer table identified 85 marks with appropriate companies, although she added very few dates.

The older table, however, included illustrations, company identification, and frequent dates for 38 marks along with several variations. Many of the dates were remarkably close to those used by Toulouse and ones we have subsequently discovered. Volume 9. In some cases, the information was quite impressive for the time. It included information I have still not found in any other source. She produced, for example, a large volume of information on the Missouri Glass Co. Toulouse completely ignored this information when compiling his data for the M.

After Volume 9, however, Jones faded into obscurity. Jones, Olive R. Cylindrical English Wine and Beer Bottles, Also produced in a French version. This book is an excellent source of information on the dating and classifying of early English liquor and beer bottles; the best the author has found on the subject.

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In addition, the book contains one of the best discussions on the timeframe that pontil rods gave way to snap or snap case tools. Ann Smith. Glass of the British Military ca. Another very interesting and useful book that covers bottles and other glassware used in Canada and the U. As the title implies, the slant of the book is towards items used by the British Military during several wartime periods.

Jones, Olive and Catherine Sullivan. Studies in Archaeology, Architecture, and History. Although Canadian in origin, this work is highly applicable to bottles produced in the U. The Glass Industry in South Boston. This is another recent high quality, well illustrated exceptional color photographs , scholarly and well researched book.

Although covering a relatively narrow geographical area, South Boston was of outsized importance in the realm of glassmaking in the 19th century. Besides the historical information for the various glass companies in the area, it includes some good general information on mouth-blown bottle production as well as other types of glassware including plate glass. Kearns-Gorsuch Bottle Company.

The Kearns-Gorsuch Bottle Co. Kendrick, Grace. The Antique Bottle Collector. Several editions and many printings. Though small, this is one of the most often quoted bottle books. Edwards Brothers, Inc. The Mouth-Blown Bottle. Excellent coverage of bottle blowing methods and processes well illustrated with pictures from a Mexican glass blowing factory of the era. Ketchum, William C. A Treasury of American Bottles. Bobbs-Merrill, New York.

Hinckley Antique bottle show - 18th May 1986

King, Thomas B. Glass in Canada. Kingsley, Sean A. The Undertow Press, London, England. Of interest to users of this website is the chapter on the recovery and analysis of period bottles from the wreck although the entire book is a fascinating read. A search of the internet for the book using the title name will take one to the websites like Amazon that sell the book. Klamkin, Marian. Knapp, Matt. Privately published, Frederick, MD. This work may certainly be of interest to archaeologists possible fragment identification and collectors alike.

Knittle, Rhea Mansfield. Early American Glass. Appleton-Century, New York. The marks she addressed were almost all from the 19th century. On pages , she noted 46 marks arranged in alphabetical order in three columns that listed the marks, the manufacturing company, and the city of location. Knittle made no attempt to date the marks, and, like most of these early works, she made no attempt to cite her sources. Knox Glass Associates, Inc. These type catalogs are useful for general dating and style trends and for determining the names that glass makers used for different bottle styles.

Basically just a price guide with little historical information on the listed items. Kroll, Wayne L. Badger Breweries: Past and Present. Privately published, Jefferson, WI. Well researched and extensive history of Wisconsin breweries and their bottles, including the embossing pattern, base marks, photos of the breweries, and much more.

Although narrow in scope just Wisconsin pre-Prohibition beer bottles , this is a great regional historical work though long out of print. Kulasiewicz, Frank. Includes a nice series of photos showing free-blowing. Kyte, David L. Early Utah Soda Bottles. Very nicely done book and the only work on the subject. Lacour, Pierre. Apparently originally published in , there were several later editions. A fascinating work that gives great insight into the formulas of many alcoholic and non-alcoholic bottled products popular in the mid th century.

Lamb Glass Company. The Milk Bottle. This is catalog of many different style of milk bottles produced by the company. The Early Houston Sodas. Leahy, Midge and Phil Leahy. Levine, D. Undated approx. The Owl Drug Co. Handbook Volume 1. Leybourne, Douglass M. Primarily an illustrated listing and value guide of all known fruit jars with some information on morphology, a glossary, and estimated manufacturing dates. Essentially this is the price guide to Creswick as it is based on the same numbering system with the same excellent Howard Creswick illustrations Libbey Glass Company.

Libbey Premium Catalog. This is a catalog of assorted glassware including items using the relatively new first in or ACL Applied Color Labeling process. This catalog has an October price list in the back which is 3-ring punch holed indicating that the catalog itself could be a year or two earlier with the prices updated? Lief, Alfred. A Close-up of Closures: History and Progress. Lindsey, Bessie M. American Historical Glass.

Charles E. Tuttle Co. This book contains some interesting history on a large variety of non-bottle glassware but does includes scores of bottles including figured flasks, figural bottles, and other miscellaneous bottle with some type of historical or political connections. It also usefully includes the background behind an assortment of early to midth century "fantasy" type bottles that resemble and imitated often loosely 19th century items but were made much later.

Lockhart, Bill and Wanda Olszewski. An analysis of bottle found during the excavation for a new coliseum in El Paso. Has some interesting bottle dating and glass maker information on the bottles which date from the early s. Lockhart, Bill. Privately published "web-book. Though specific to the soda bottles of El Paso, it has nationwide application in that many of the bottlers in 20 th century El Paso were franchises spread throughout the country e.

Pepper, 7-Up, Coca-Cola and the type bottles used in most areas closely parallels the usage in Texas. This well illustrated book includes information on the subject noted in the title but also has copious amounts of information on the makers markings most often found on late 19th to early 20th century beer bottles. The book also includes two additional sections on an analysis of what mold numbers on beer bottles may or may not mean and an interesting overview specifically about the Biedermann-Rufley Brewery located near Fort Stanton.

This softbound book is available for sale via www. Though regional in intent, this work contains a substantial amount of information of much broader interest and utility including some general information on the dating of milk bottles. This copyrighted work is available for sale as a softbound book via www. Though regional in intent, as with all his books, this one also contains information with broader relevance on the manufacture and dating of soda bottles. This book is THE book on the subject noted by the title - the more than a century of brewing history in El Paso.

Lockhart, Bill and Zang Wood. The Remarkable T. Great historical work on soda bottlers - and their bottles - in SW New Mexico during the late s into the early s. Bill Lockhart University of New Mexico - Alamogordo and a member of our Bottle Research Group has recently published this book on the history of El Paso prescription aka "druggist", pharmacy" or drug store bottles. Though regional in intent, as with all his books, this one also contains information with broader relevance on the manufacture, dating and typology of druggist bottles.

This well illustrated work highlights the recent reanalysis of hundreds of bottles and bottle fragments systematically excavated in from a large privy at Fort Riley, KS. The reanalysis resulted in the identification of several previously unattributed makers markings as well as provided a significant amount of information to affirm and refine many of the concepts and dating guidelines found on this site.

Lockhart, Bill and Michael R. Privately e-published by Bill Lockhart. They are useful for the dating of milk bottles, especially in hand with the glass makers markings. Lohmann, Watson M. This is a reprint of a Whitney Glass Works bottle catalog with additional historical notes and photos from the period. A very useful little book about that glass company and bottles styles right before the Owens machine was licensed.

Love, Ed. Albacor, Colorado Springs, CO. Lucas County Bottle Co. Catalog of OnIzed Glass Containers. Catalog of the array of bottles produced by the Owens-Illinois Glass Company and being offered by what appears to be a distributor. Lyman, George D. The Saga of the Comstock Lode.

Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine, September 2012 issue, digital edition Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine, September 2012 issue, digital edition
Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine, September 2012 issue, digital edition Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine, September 2012 issue, digital edition
Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine, September 2012 issue, digital edition Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine, September 2012 issue, digital edition
Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine, September 2012 issue, digital edition Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine, September 2012 issue, digital edition
Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine, September 2012 issue, digital edition Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine, September 2012 issue, digital edition
Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine, September 2012 issue, digital edition Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine, September 2012 issue, digital edition
Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine, September 2012 issue, digital edition Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine, September 2012 issue, digital edition

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