Amigurumi crochet pattern Mr.frog

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Rnd 1: Work 6 sc in mr [6] Rnd 2: inc x6 [12] Rnd 12sc 3 rounds —Make 2, fasten off and reserve— The 3rd eye we do not have to fasten off because we will join the other two eyes and continue crocheting. Rnd 36sc 6 rounds -If we are going to use safety eyes we have to put them now. Rnd 5sc, 1inc x6 [42] At the end of the round, continue crocheting sc until you reach the side of the frog so the changes back will be less noticeable to be camouflaged under the arm.

Rnd 42sc 4 rounds Rnd 5sc, 1inv dec x6 [36] Rnd 36sc 4 rounds Rnd 4sc, 1inv dec x6 [30] Rnd 30sc Rnd 3sc, 1inv dec x 6 [24] Rnd 2sc, 1inv dec x6 [18] Stuff.

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Rnd 1sc, 1inv dec x6 [12] Rnd 6 inv dec [6] Fasten off. ARMS x2 : Start with pistachio green yarn Rnd 1: Work 6 sc in mr [6] Rnd 2: 1inc x6 [12] Rnd 3: 5sc, 1inc x2 [14] Rnd 14sc 3 rounds Rnd 6: 5sc, 1inv dec x2 [12] Rnd 12sc 3 rounds Rnd 9: 4sc, 1inv dec x2 [10] Rnd 10sc Rnd 3sc, 1inv dec x2 [8] Stuff the arm rest does not bear stuffing. Rnd 8sc 5 rounds Change color We start with the same striped pattern of the body, starting and ending in dark green yarn. Rnd 8sc 6 rounds Rnd 7sc, 1pr Fasten off and leave a long yarn tail for sewing. FINGERS x2 : With pistachio green yarn Rnd 1: 4ch Rnd 2: Rotate and make 3 sl st starting with the 2nd ch Rnd 3: 4 ch Rnd 4: 3 sl st Rnd 5: 4 ch Rnd 6: 3 sl st Fasten off and leave a long yarn tail for sewing I have left one thread at the beginning and another at the end, and I sew the 2 to the arm so that it is firmer.

FOOTS x2 : With in pistachio green yarn Work 8ch we crocheting all around Rnd 1: Crocheting around starting at 2nd st marking this as the start of rounds [14] Rnd 2: 1sc, 1PC x3, 8sc [14] Rnd 14 sc 9 rounds Rnd 1sc, 1inv dec x4, 1sc [8] Rnd 4 inv dec, 1pr Fasten off. Push the wires through the body where you want the legs to be. Bend the end back and then wrap a bit of tape around the wire to make sure it won't poke through the fabric.

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Hold up the other leg and bend the wire so it's the right length. Push it inside the second leg and sew the leg to the body. Do the same with the front legs.

Free Amigurumi Frog Pattern: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

Do not stuff the toes. Log in. Cart 0. Menu Cart 0. You will need about 20 g or 40 m 50 yd of yarn. Polyester fiberfill, wool, wadding etc. Yarn needle, scissors, stitch marker. Wire and strong tape or "pipe cleaner", wire cutters or pliers. Thanks - your stuff is great! Hey, thx for the pattern.

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I tried and put it in my blog. Thank you :. Thank you for this model. I'll put it on my blog as soon as possible if you want to see! Again thank you for sharing this. Thank you for a wonderful pattern! I know more people who want to have a go at crocheting another cousin to your frog, but have trouble reading an English pattern - so I translated it into Swedish!

I hope that is okay with you - I do refer them to the original pattern on your site! Post a Comment. Tuesday, February 28, Mr. Frog Pattern! I finally got around to writing down the pattern for Mr. I hope that it's understandable and I hope it's correct! Frog so I was staring at him and trying to count stitches the whole time whilst typing the pattern.

Have fun with it. Try different yarns!

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Change the hook size! Do bells for his feet! Googly eyes instead of buttons!

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I don't know. Go for it! And then be sure to let me know how it goes. Loose guidelines for how I made Mr. I don't know, like that. I gladly share my "knowledge" and hope you respect me for it, but I hate being taken advantage of. Froggy… Hook 3. In second chain from hook make 6 sc.

Weave in end.

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Sew on mouth with red yarn. Eyes: Foundation: Ch 2. Row 1: sc 2 in each sc 12 Row work even Fasten off. Attach to head. Body: Foundation: Ch 2. In second chain from hook make 6sc. Leave long end for attaching body to head.

Crochet Amigurumi Doll (dressed as frog) - Part 1

I used two different sizes of wooden beads. Small rounds for the hands and larger square for the feet. Chain to the length that you want! I think I did 11 for the arms and 13 for the legs. Turn and sc in each ch 10 for arms 12 for legs push a bead up flush to your work Turn slip stitch in each sc.

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  • Fasten off. I left a long end and weaved it in all the way up the arm and used it to attach it to the body. Details: White felt cut out in rounds my felt was cheap.

    Amigurumi crochet pattern Mr.frog Amigurumi crochet pattern Mr.frog
    Amigurumi crochet pattern Mr.frog Amigurumi crochet pattern Mr.frog
    Amigurumi crochet pattern Mr.frog Amigurumi crochet pattern Mr.frog
    Amigurumi crochet pattern Mr.frog Amigurumi crochet pattern Mr.frog
    Amigurumi crochet pattern Mr.frog Amigurumi crochet pattern Mr.frog
    Amigurumi crochet pattern Mr.frog Amigurumi crochet pattern Mr.frog

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