Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II

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By , the Vulcans had a saying known to the Federation: " We're here to serve. Despite the enmity between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire, some Vulcans attempted to forge a more cordial relationship with their cousins, ultimately hoping to reunify the two cultures.

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Many of these efforts met with little success. History turned out much differently for the Vulcans of the mirror universe. When the Vulcans made first contact with Earth of this universe in , Zefram Cochrane shot the first Vulcan to publicly set foot on Terran soil, believing his vessel to be the vanguard of an intended invasion.

Eventually, the Vulcans were conquered by the Terran Empire. By the s , Vulcans were considered slaves to Humans and not treated as equals. A number of Vulcans and Vulcan ships rebelled against the Terran Empire, but by , their attempts seem to have been unsuccessful. By that time, however, it appeared that Vulcans, such as Spock , were treated with more respect and feared by some Terrans.

In the s , the Vulcans served as slaves to the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Using fans, several of them cooled the Intendant aboard Terok Nor. DS9 : " Crossover ". Some Vulcans, such as Tuvok , joined the Terran Rebellion. DS9 : " Through the Looking Glass ". In the alternate reality , the planet Vulcan was destroyed by a Romulan named Nero in Over six billion Vulcans were killed, with an estimated 10, survivors. After witnessing the atrocity, Spock noted in his log that the Vulcan species had become endangered.

Star Trek Spock's prime reality counterpart founded a colony for the survivors, which, by the following year, had been settled and named New Vulcan. Star Trek Into Darkness. Vulcans were generally similar to Humans in appearance, distinguished mainly by their pointed-ears and up-swept eyebrows. Their skin color was most commonly pale with a bronze or greenish tint, though some had brown skin.

Vulcan physiognomy could resemble Humans of European , Asian , or African descent. Vulcans had body hair similar to Humans, and some males could be very hirsute. Vulcan males were capable of growing facial hair but most chose to shave it. Vulcan teeth included anterior tricuspids. They might be protected from decay for decades by sealing them with a trifluorinate compound. ENT : " Dear Doctor ". In contrast to their external similarities, Vulcan internal anatomy differed radically from that of Humans. TOS : " Operation -- Annihilate! TNG : " Data's Day ". Vulcan blood was copper-based and was copper- or rust-colored when deoxygenated in the veins and green when oxygenated in the arteries although it is unclear if this transport mechanism was a hemocyanin as in Earth molluscs.

Bruises and dermal abrasions took on a greenish color. Vulcan body chemistry used little, if any, sodium chloride compared to that of Humans. Vulcans possessed a highly efficient respiratory system to extract the oxygen they needed from Vulcan's thin atmosphere.

They were most comfortable in high temperatures, which was natural given the hot, arid climate of their homeworld. A Vulcan of advanced age may become more sensitive to lower temperatures. The Vulcan digestive tract was highly adaptable. Although alien foods , notably Human food, would occasionally disagree with a Vulcan, given time, their body could adapt to the alien food. ENT : " Unexpected ". Vulcan hearing was very sensitive. Having evolved on a planet which was mostly desert, Vulcans developed ways of surviving in desert conditions.

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For example, they could survive for several days without water and had inner eyelids which protected their eyes. Vulcans had a superior metabolism to Humans. Caffeine and sapotoxins had little effect on them. ENT : " Breaking the Ice " They were also capable of surviving for long durations without food or sleep. Under stress, Vulcans could do without sleep for weeks. TOS : " The Paradise Syndrome " Tuvok once claimed that, as a Vulcan, he was capable of going without sleep for two weeks, VOY : " Muse " although, shortly after making this claim, he was observed to fall asleep in the command chair after having gone a little over ten days without sleep.

VOY : " Muse ". Vulcans were, on average, three times physically stronger than Humans, and had considerably faster reflexes. Vulcans were very sensitive to nitrous oxide gas , which rapidly rendered them unconscious. Vulcans typically had a lifespan of two hundred years or more. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Vulcan physiology was the brain. The Vulcan brain was described as " a puzzle, wrapped inside an enigma, housed inside a cranium. A Vulcan's brain was in direct control of most of the bodily functions, acting as a control unit for many organs.

Despite this, a Vulcan body from which the brain had been removed was capable of functioning and even walking around albeit in a zombie-like state with a portable life support system. TOS : " Spock's Brain ". Unlike most humanoid species, traumatic memories were not only psychologically disturbing to Vulcans, but had physical consequences as well. The Vulcan brain, in reordering neural pathways, could literally lobotomize itself. VOY : " Flashback ". Vulcans learned to gain conscious control of many of these functions, allowing them to regulate their bodies to a high degree by simple will power.

When injured, a Vulcan could go into a trance-like state, using this ability to concentrate all of his or her energy on repairing the injury. VOY : " Resistance ". This trance could be self-induced and gave the physical appearance of near-death. It was similar, in principle, to Vulcan neuro-pressure techniques which could be used to relax the mind and body. The substance trellium-D acted as a neurotoxin to Vulcans, destroying the neural pathways which controlled their emotions.

Treatment had to be provided quickly after exposure; otherwise, the damage was irreversible. ENT : " Impulse ". The most famous aspect of the Vulcan brain was the inherent telepathic abilities, such as the mind meld. Vulcans were natural touch-telepaths. Though considerable training was required to utilize this ability to the fullest this would be performing the fal-tor-pan , simpler contacts did not require any concentration, training, or even conscious knowledge of the act. VOY : " Blood Fever ". Vulcans called focal points in the bioelectric field of the brain qui'lari.

DS9 : " The Muse ". TNG : " Sarek ". Although Vulcans did not, typically, allow themselves to experience uncontrolled strong emotions, they could sense them in others. ENT : " Fallen Hero ". Besides the Trill, who achieved this through the zhian'tara ritual, Vulcans were the only other known humanoid race capable of performing a synaptic pattern displacement , or the transfer of one individual's consciousness into another.

Similar feats were also performed by the people of Sargon 's planet, Janice Lester , Dr. Ira Graves , Rao Vantika , and Tieran , though they used technology instead of psionic abilities to achieve it. Some Vulcans may have demonstrated an ability known as telekinesis.

Sole survivor: the woman who fell to earth

The psycho-suppression system responsible for the Vulcan suppression of emotions was located in the mesiofrontal cortex. VOY : " Meld ". Approximately every seven years, adult Vulcans had to endure pon farr , the Vulcan mating period. It was marked by intense emotions and primal urges known as plak tow , or "blood fever" that could kill the Vulcan if not satisfied.

Physiological symptoms included elevated dopamine levels and fever. For such an orderly society of quiet sobriety, the madness which accompanied the outbreak of pon farr was an unavoidable evil. Vulcans and Humans cannot reproduce without medical intervention, per T'Pol and Phlox.

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The child, whom they called Elizabeth , had many genetic flaws due to her creation and died. The government on Vulcan was a representative democracy. Individual political advancement was based on meritocratic principles. The Vulcans held a number of spiritual beliefs, though little is known about the details. Their religious system was polytheistic.

They also believed in the katra , the soul and consciousness of a person, which could be transferred psionically prior to death. Vulcans were generally non-violent, but logic dictated that combat was sometimes necessary. Vulcans could and did use weapons and practiced martial arts called tal-shaya and Suus Mahna. Most later Vulcans were vegetarians. Vulcans were also known for their high degree of honesty. They were extremely reluctant to tell a lie , and indeed it was said that "Vulcans could not lie.

Also, T'Pol's second foremother directly lied to another Vulcan, telling the commander of a rescue party that her crewmate had died in a shuttle crash, so that he could remain on Earth to "study" humanity. ENT : " Carbon Creek ". In of the alternate reality , Spock managed to deceive Khan Noonien Singh into transporting armed torpedoes aboard the USS Vengeance as Khan believed they still carried members of his crew. Khan wasn't aware that Spock had anticipated his betrayal and removed Khan's crew from the torpedoes with the intent to detonate them and cripple the Vengeance.

When Khan stated that he'd know if they weren't his, Spock assured him that "Vulcans do not lie " and that " the torpedoes were his". This demonstrated that Vulcans, while they still technically told the truth, didn't always necessarily tell the entire truth if it was to their advantage. On at least one occasion, Spock lied without any apparent logical reason and, in fact, for a reason apparently consisting of nothing more than humor , when he claimed to not have seen Kirk's last orders to himself and Doctor McCoy. TOS : " The Tholian Web " However, this may, in fact, have been a result of those orders themselves, as Kirk had, in the orders, instructed Spock to follow McCoy's lead on intuitive and emotional matters, and McCoy had just refused to admit to seeing the orders.

Tuvok revealed a most instructive insight into Vulcans' attitude toward lying when responding to Seven of Nine questioning him as to whether Vulcans were capable of lying; he replied, " We are capable of telling lies. However, I have never found it prudent or necessary to do so.

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Naturally, the development of a Vulcan's lifelong devotion towards logic began at a very early age. Vulcan parents utilized learning tools, such as pleenoks , to train their infants in primary logic. VOY : " Human Error " Vulcan children also began to learn how to detach themselves from their emotions as well.

These dances were reminiscent of the dances of Orion slave girls , just not as well coordinated. As parents, Vulcans never shielded their children from the truth. Doing so only hindered their ability to cope with inevitable difficulties. A Vulcan parent's attachment to their children could not be described as an emotion. They were part of the parent's identity and the parent was incomplete without them.

VOY : " Innocence ". Vulcans sometimes had mates chosen for them by their parents at the age of seven. The mates were joined in a ceremony that linked them telepathically in a manner that was "less than a marriage, more than a betrothal. If, for whatever reason, the female did not wish to go through with the marriage, then the ceremony of koon-ut-kal-if-fee "marriage or challenge" was invoked.

The male fought for the right to keep his mate against a challenger of her choosing. The female became the property of the male who won the contest, unless he chose to release her.

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The koon-ut-kal-if-fee was a fight to the death. TOS : " Amok Time ". As of , hearsay held that Vulcan men treated their women strangely. Contrary to stereotype, Vulcans did possess emotions. For instance, emotions like remorse, relief, joy, and embarrassment were all displayed by Spock when he thought Captain Kirk was dead. ENT : " Damage " Indeed, Vulcan emotions were far more intense, violent, and passionate than those of many other species, including even Humans.

It was this passionate, explosive emotionality that Vulcans blamed for the vicious cycle of wars which nearly devastated their planet. As such, they focused their mental energies on mastering them. The essence of their logical society was in arriving at the truth through logical process. Emotions were illogical, thus making them impure, and deterrent to truth.

Vulcans were born with the same emotions that afflicted their violent ancestors, but continual mental conditioning generally gave them the impassivity they sought. Though not all could arrive at the ultimate pure logical state, the exacting process of mental control gave Vulcans enough to conform to the ideals of Vulcan society. The ultimate level of logical thought was achieved through the attainment of kolinahr , which was said to purge them of all remaining emotions. Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Vulcans believed knowledge to be the best defense against unknown dangers, and pursued it with the intellect and logic that made them some of the finest scholars in the Federation.

Vulcans considered death to be the completion of a journey. Therefore, they did not fear it happening; however, the loss of one's katra was to be avoided if possible, since the katra lived on beyond the physical death. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock They also practiced euthanasia for the infirm and elderly, and saw nothing wrong with practicing ritual suicide when they reached a certain infirmity with age. VOY : " Death Wish " As they knew death was an inevitability, they believed that fear of death was ultimately illogical.

Star Trek Beyond. Who knows? Heads explode, bodies are shredded, and all of it looks gooey and gross. A collection of seemingly disparate horror stories at first, each of these short tales soon establish that they are indeed not only part of the same world, but part of the same story. Has always been done.

And the child weeps. Things continue to get worse from then on, as the series explores ghosts made of hair, hair obsessed ghosts, and just general creepy Japanese hair shit all around. On top of all that, people are haunted by visions of hairlessness, seeing themselves as bald in reflections out of the conrners of their eyes. About the faithful dog who tried to keep his family safe from increasingly strange occurrences? Well, this is that, but ten times more fucked up, and with a 7 year old instead of a dog. Essentially, Kazuo Umezo seems to have written the entire series in an attempt to inflict as much trauma on a small fictional child as his imagination could muster.

Of the series! Page one is the girl sleeping peacefully, and then this! Kazuki is taking out the trash when he sees a gangly girl in a ragged Lolita costume sitting by the garbage. She asks him if he has a sister, and he tells her he does. If he answers yes, the girl will try to become his sister, and eventually give him a twisted death.

Things only escalate from here: people are killed, corpses are defiled, and dogs are made into soup.

Voices in the Dark (闇の声; Yami No Koe)

And then things escalate some more. What makes these so effective is that there is never any explanation for anything happening. As the series continues, different kinds of magical girls arrive, each sewing their own unique brand of carnage. The less said about her the better. It honestly may be the most nihilistic apocalypse ever concocted.

Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II
Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II
Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II
Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II
Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II
Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II
Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II
Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II
Women with Backbone : Earth’s Memories Series, Book II

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