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The infant gurgled with elation. It was times like this that Zachary remembered why he had come here. During the night, Pahtia hobbled through the rainforest using his staff to steady his step. In his other hand, he held a burning torch to light the way. Thunder pounded in the distance, causing the old shaman to quicken his step. He made his way across the quiet village where everyone was safely tucked inside their huts, sound asleep. He held onto the doorframe, poking his staff through the gate, nudging his daughter.

Conchita opened her eyes and saw a silhouetted figure standing outside the hut. She wondered if she was dreaming. She drowsily got up, quietly opening the gate, stepping outside, careful not to disturb her loved ones. Conchita trailed behind her father, passing the outskirts of the village, continuing down a barely visible path.

She glanced behind herself, feeling an overwhelming urge to return to her children and husband. The farther she went, the stronger the urge became. She came to a standstill, asserting herself. Not tonight. I will come tomorrow. But it must be tonight. Against her better judgment, Conchita followed him. The flames in the fire pit burned brightly, welcoming them home. Pahtia went to his workbench, reverently picking up a leather medicine pouch. He returned to sit beside his daughter. Learned all I had to teach. Shaman to shaman.

Jose Andres, "Vegetables Unleashed"

Conchita lowered her head to accept the gift. It was a great honor to be declared a shaman.

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She looked down at the amulet that rested against her chest, picking it up, holding it between her fingers, still not believing the shiny stone her father had worn since she was a child was now hers. All that I have is now yours. He held it up between his bony fingers. Hold out your hand. Keep it safe. I was brave and used only a spear. Very dangerous. Very strong energy. It knows the secrets of the rainforest. Next, he extracted a human tooth, staring at it as if he was remembering how he acquired it so many years ago, then, without an explanation, he returned it to the pouch.

And in this vision, I saw blood-red skies and a snake slither out of its hole, standing like a man with a gold crown on its head. I heard the moaning of men, women and children in pain, lying on the ground. Too many to count. The snake took joy in their sorrow, eating them. I know you are strong. Let us journey together one more time. I need to ask Maka for guidance. However, he was more riled up about this one than usual.


All she wanted to do was return home and sleep with her family, but the downpour made her hesitant to leave. Let me get the herb. Conchita noticed for the first time how much her father had aged. His frame was frail, and his hair was almost entirely gray. She looked away before he returned. Pahtia sat beside his daughter once more. He said a prayer while bringing the herb close to his face, honoring it before dropping the sacred leaves into the fire.

Smoke burst out of the flames, billowing all around them. The pair closed their eyes, breathing deeply, letting the smoke fill their lungs. A moment later, from out of the storm, an ethereal black jaguar padded through the doorway, entering the smoke-filled hut. The ghostly feline stood there swishing her tail, her golden eyes reflecting the flames.

The totem animal contained the archetypal powers of strength and courage—attributes that would help Pahtia face the dangers encroaching upon him and his tribe. I need to speak to Maka. Will you please take us to her? The big cat carried the pair out of the hut, entering the mystical realm of the jungle. Rain dripped from the shadowy leaves as they moved through the trees. Conchita held tightly onto her father.

Pahtia, on the other hand, was enjoying the ride as if it might be his last, listening to the jungle sounds and taking in the sights. He breathed deeply, smelling the humus aroma the rain brought to the surface. In front of them was a roaring waterfall. The cascading water reflected the moonlight as it fell into an ebony lake. Pahtia dismounted, then ambled through the dense ferns. A ball of light appeared from out of the starry sky, hovering above the lake. It expanded into the form of a beautiful woman, who wore white-fringed animal skins decorated with colorful feathers and beads.

Her black hair hung down to her knees. It is good to see you again. Pahtia bowed his head out of respect. Thank you for answering my call. We need your help. I believe the end is near. Only change. Why do you falter now? I came for help. Remember, for the caterpillar to become a butterfly is a difficult process—one that requires a tremendous amount of trust before the metamorphosis completes itself.

But never does the butterfly mourn the loss of its former self, although, for the caterpillar, the transformation feels like death. To take away the impending change would hinder your spiritual growth. This I cannot do. Maka stopped speaking. Her body glowed brighter and brighter until she was lost in the brilliance, splintering into a thousand sparkling lights, dissipating into the night.

Read Chapter 2. Heartfelt and deeply moving, the book is like an epiphanous dream probing the mysteries of birth, life, and death. It is one of those gems of spiritual literature that becomes a permanent fixture in our lives. Dreams of Heaven takes you on a fantastical journey with Jesus, who leads the way through an alternate interpretation of his ancient teachings and applies them to one of our worst nightmares—being separate from the ones we love.

You will be drawn to read every page. Publication Date: August 5, Herrera has created an amazing work — one that should be in the hands of every human on Earth who cares about this planet. Stewart A. Shaman Stone Soup takes you on the journey of an atheist who discovers Native American spirituality and becomes a healer for friends, family and clients. Shaman Elizabeth Herrera is a shamanic healer, activist and author of life-changing books.

Her stories encourage people to stretch outside their comfort zones and reexamine their own beliefs. She inherited her rebellious spirit from her father who was raised by his grandfather — a full-blooded Apache who smuggled sugar and flour from Mexico into Texas, exchanged gunfire with Texas Rangers and crossed paths with Pancho Villa. Elizabeth was raised in a Christian home, but lost her faith in her early twenties. For over a decade, she searched for something to fill the void, eventually discovering Native American spirituality shamanism. Through this spiritual practice, she unexpectedly became a catalyst for healing and miracles.

These events led her back to a belief in a higher power. Always drawn to the spiritual side of life, Elizabeth began her shamanic path in Michigan where she learned to shamanic journey with Stephanie Tighe a certified Sandra Ingerman instructor. Elizabeth continued her studies through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies for shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, and death and dying psychopomp , but her major source of learning has been from her spirit guides, who offer limitless guidance and lessons on living a more spiritual life. To keep abreast of her latest books, please visit her website at ShamanElizabethHerrera.

Like this: Like Loading Without us, they have no power. Genre: Fiction, Spirituality Click to read Excerpt. Amazon Jungle The day the world changed forever seemed like an ordinary day in the heart of the Amazon jungle. Then the reptile submerged. The tribesmen knew the caiman would attack from below. The men groaned. That spirit tricked us. Zachary winced. Pahtia smiled. Lightning crackled, flashing through the trees. You are scaring me. Outside, the storm unleashed its heavy rains.

They moved through a blanket of fog, and the rain stopped. The totem animal strolled out of the trees. Overall, everything worked out perfectly. The story itself was just okay. I thought the narration made it sound better than it actually was, if that makes any sense. However, the end really came together in an explosive way, and now I can't wait to see how the third novel wraps this all up. I mean, everything seems beyond saving at this point, including the International Space Station.

When everything, even stuff in space, is messed up, how can the world come back from that? I guess I'll have to read the last book and see. View all 3 comments. I liked this second entry in "The Strain" series! Second, I've been very busy at work with a lot of mundane paperwork that doesn't require too much brain 3.

The End Times

At first this seemed like one colossal boner - reading a book upon which the series I just finished watching is based. BUT, there were enough differences some major! And no fangs are necessary; they have disgusting, eel-like appendages that shoot out, dispensing vile, infectious worms into the victims they are feeding from.

I also love the urban setting for this series. The At first this seemed like one colossal boner - reading a book upon which the series I just finished watching is based. The cramped tenements, streets bordered on two sides by tall buildings and dark, scary subways only add to the creepiness.

AND most of all - and pretty unusual in a book of this type - the characters are interesting AND intelligent. Now, my dilemma is whether or not to go ahead and read the last book in the series, or share the surprises with the rest of the family when the series returns next year. Apr 12, Evelina AvalinahsBooks rated it it was ok Shelves: books-of , problematic , biblioteka , dystopia , dark , fiction , horror.

This series was very problematic, in my opinion. Please read the full review for the series here on my blog. Part two starts going downhill. It gives way too much power to the baddies too quickly to keep your interest in the series. You're reading about the resistance, when you already know they're definitely not going to win.

Where's the fun in that? Book two uses the underground passages of the speakeasies which I thought was cool, and it also uses cultural and historical element like the hobo This series was very problematic, in my opinion. Book two uses the underground passages of the speakeasies which I thought was cool, and it also uses cultural and historical element like the hobo symbols underground and whatnot. It grows Setrakian's character somewhat, with the backstory, and that was well done too. I also liked how they used the biohazard symbol and all the lore behind that to make it work.

With these little details making it fun, there's really nothing else driving it. Now you know what I would have liked to see? That would have been cool. But instead, the traditionalists get wiped out after like several tens of pages and all the resistence with all the cool vampire warriors just gets cancelled.

Colossal waste of potential, in my opinion. It's the surprising lack of any real female characters??? The Fall suffers from an incredibly, incredibly strong case of Strictly Male Writing. There are no women whatsoever who get more than a few lines. More than that, there are barely just a few secondary character women. They all either serve a purpose of being there to be turned, to be a mother, or to be the vehicle for The Male Conversation for the audience. It's been a long, long while since I've read a book like that, and I believe it was hard scifi written in the 60s, which this is not, so you should be able to see what a sorry example of the phenomenon this is.

And if you're going to say the researcher, Eff's partner, Nora? You know, I should have counted the sentences she uttered in the books. Wouldn't have made more than a hundred. She does get her own segment in book 3, but for me, it was much too late and much too little. This was BY FAR the worst part of the entire otherwise good series — something that could have been easily edited.

This is ridiculous. It's hard to even imagine two guys who live in a world where you can write a book with literally no functional women characters in the 21st century. What world do you live in, people?? There's another thing. I just noticed this around the middle of book three, actually, but It's not just the women. ALL at least somewhat diverse characters are plainly erased in this series. It took me a while to notice cause I actually do live in a historically all-white country post-soviet , but hello — Mr del Toro and Mr Hogan, did you not write this book about the US?

Do you own any sort of magical racist glasses that blot out any person of color..?? I am absolutely shocked to realize that three books in, I could not detect even a passer-by that is black. About the only non-white person was a Latino. ONE person. We've got ONE woman. And ONE Latino. In three books. I'm always first to blame myself for 'not noticing', but in this case — if I've got to THINK to remember if there were any..?

Probably means there are problems here. Still, feel free to tell me I missed something here. I was super fast-reading books 2 and 3 cause they were boring the hell out of me. I cannot believe the kind of world these authors live in. You've got to be kidding me. View 2 comments. Feb 25, Paul rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction , horror. Actual rating: 2. In my review of The Strain, the first book in this series, I said that it started off well but quickly degenerated into an illogical mess.

The Fall is the second book in what is planned to be a trilogy, and it starts in the illogical mess phase. Where does it go from there? Into an extended setup for volume number three. Reading The Fall, I felt like the only reason for this book's existence is to keep interest alive for the eventual release of the third book.

The backgr Actual rating: 2. The background situation is horrific, and intrinsically interesting But del Toro and Hogan keep most of that in the background, focusing instead on three or four unlikely characters who are clearly destined to save humanity. By keeping the overwhelming disaster in the background, they mute the story's main thrill, and instead of reading a truly scary vampire thriller, I felt like I was reading an airport bookshop thriller.

Why three stars? Because Goodreads won't let me give it a 2. Worth reading, but not worth buying.

See a Problem?

Borrow it from the library instead. May 20, Lou rated it really liked it. This second book is chilling, the virus is here now and the threat looms. The fate of mankind lies in hand of those who have a certain book and the Hunters, you have mortals, hunters and ancients in the fierce battle against the Masters own plan set out. The story is action packed and really this book leaves you with loads to look forward to the third installment of The Strain trilogy.

I have a feeling the third book has been set up to have all the ingredients of a humdinger of battle for mankin This second book is chilling, the virus is here now and the threat looms. I have a feeling the third book has been set up to have all the ingredients of a humdinger of battle for mankind. View 1 comment. Just wow. I wanted to give this 5-stars, as the ending is powerful. But I only gave The Strain 4-stars, and this isn't better overall.

The ending of this book is much better, but The Strain is better from cover to cover, despite its own weak ending. Definitely looking forward to The Night Eternal. I could see the series getting a 5-star out of me though the individual books are getting 4. More than the sum of its parts, and all that.

But that will depend on how the authors wrap up the trilo Wow. But that will depend on how the authors wrap up the trilogy. Stay tuned Oct 04, Heidi rated it it was ok. I'm not even sure why I read this, since the first book The Strain was mediocre at best. I guess I'm just a sucker heh for anything that combines vampires with apocalytpic plagues my two favorite things! In a nutshell, an ancient parasite resurfaces and takes the world by storm, turning people into vampires of a sort , while a ragtag group of good guys forms a resistance and tries to save the world.

In this book, the planet's infrastructure begins to collapse as the parasite takes hold. What bugs me is the half-assed writing. Del Toro via Chuck Hogan obviously undertook this project with the film adaptations in mind, and there's nothing more annoying than a book that is not written for reading. It's like this is the first draft and initial marketing push for the movie sensation to come. I hate that. What I do like is the vampire-as-parasite thing.

It's been done before Scott Westerfeld pulls this off brilliantly in Peeps , but it's still a breath of fresh air to encounter vamps who are repulsive, destructive and animalistic as opposed to sparkly, seductive boyfriend material. The creatures here have 6-foot-long suction cup stinger thingies that come flying out their mouths, and their bodies are filled with white pus.

These movies are so not going to be for the tween set. I'll probably read the third and last book, because that's what I do, but overall I am disappointed in this series. I wasn't a del Toro fan to begin with Pan's Labyrinth , in my opinion, is all style and no substance , but I did have high hopes for this project. Vampires can't cross water Aptly named as civilisation is screwed. A famous philosopher once said that during a symposium you know! The second book has improved, there's a lot more for the reader to get their teeth into. A lot more background fluff is introduced into the characters past, such as Eph and Abraham Setrakian is explored further.

The o "New York has gone bye-bye and the rest of the world, apart from Britain. The old Polish professors tale reveals to us how he stubbornly pursued The Master as you might of guessed, this guy is the leader of the vampire herd is fairly interesting. I've jump on ahead as per usual. Eph is trying to protect the group, especially his son Zack and Nora. As well as keeping Setrakian alive. Fet who was a rat exterminator previously always a good trade to have if you want to be the best vampire hunter - transferable skills you see!

They don't mention that at rat catching school I'm sure becomes close to Setrakian and really turns into his bodyguard.

Alternate History

While this is going on, Gus finds himself ensnared into a deal with The Ancients the first vampires. There really isn't any unique ideas or characters that make The Strain series stand out, for me anyway. It's all operating under a previously used archetypal template.

Which is surprising given the authors creative talent Del Toro's anyway. I've gone into this in my review of the first book The Strain. One real problem for me from the beginning was that everyone feared and were terrified of these vampires, all apart from the main characters. Lucky that really. There is at times, too much explanation by the authors and not actually a lot of doing. What I mean is that standing around talking about a problem, not offering alternatives and doing absolutely fuck all, well, makes for dull reading.

It's like a old car, sometimes it starts fine, other's not. The pace of the novel fluctuates and is all over the place, this was also apparent in the first book. There's a few new characters. The Silver Angel being the first. A broken down Mexican ex-wrestler turns into a vampire killing machine. The ending actually had me rooting for him to Not strictly a new character, Kelly, Eph's ex-wife now vampiric bitch is chasing Zack her son. There is still a bond between family members it appears which pushes Kelly on to hunt her son, attempting to turn him. During this, Eph is struggling with Zack and trying to keep that from happening.

I apologise for the short review folks, I'm just not enthused with this one. It is improved slightly, but overall is a fairly flat read due to the amount of similarity to other works of fiction and films. Aug 06, Sud rated it really liked it Shelves: horror. Book Two of the Strain is a lot of fun to read. It is, in my opinion, better than the first book. The Vampire Outbreak has turned into a plague in New York.

Book Two continues the story of our intrepid heroes and their struggle against this modern day vampire plague. Book Two delves more deeply into this vampire lore and I really enjoyed Chuck Hogan fleshing out the bare bones background of the first book. Now it starts to make sense why the Master's thinking might have become warped, and his vis Book Two of the Strain is a lot of fun to read. Now it starts to make sense why the Master's thinking might have become warped, and his vision of the future inspired, by the sheer surfeit from a vampire's way of thinking of food supply.

The Book also helps explain the multiple reasons Dr. Setrakian has for hating the Master and his brood in particular. The confluence of events that starts in Treblinka in and ends up on the streets of New York "currently" give a deep meaning to Setrakian-Sardu the Master's human name conflict.

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  • Swing, Swing Together (Sergeant Cribb Book 7).
  • Sonata No. 2 for Flute, Viola and Harp;
  • Pig-a-Poo Moves to the Zoo.

I like the new twist on vampires. Del Torro and Hogan have created a vampire that is not attractive. The process of turning ,the underlying bloodworm, and the final vampire itself is the antithesis of the sexy, metrosexual, Calvin-Kelin models who tend to slink around in glitter laced ,designer, slim-line clothes seducing all and sundry with their smoking, lusty looks,magnificently undeniable charisma and sheer physical attraction.

Witness True Blood or Twilight. These vampires look disdainfully at that sterotype and declare "Fuck that shit. They are filthy, foul, feces spewing not making this up , undead bloodworm-human host hybrid. Yes they are killed instantly by sunlight and silver. Garlic, religion and the rest of the typical responses won't work. They also bleed a white plasma that is loaded with bloodworms and can infect you if they get into your bloodstream. No known cure save death. The comparison to a virus is apt. I tend to root for the bad guys. I actually appreciate them, for the most part.

These creatures? This is a style of vampires few would find attractive. I think that is why the humans who do serve the Master tend to strike a more visceral dislike from the reader. It is one thing to make a deal with a well-dressed, wealthy, Brad Pitt True Blood vampire. I get it. I would do that. In a heartbeat. These things? I'll pass. That makes these vampires some of the most disgusting I've seen. Even the ones from "30 Days of Night" had some measure of class compared to this version.

Though, to be fair, I am speaking of the Master's Brood. I won't give any spoilers. SO I'll avoid the plot. That is the point for reading this, isn't it? Was it fun? The story is exciting. It is certainly dark and grim. Humanity is not winning this battle. There are quite a few surprises in this volume since the shows seems to have deviated in terms of plot for me in terms of character deaths. So overall- I highly recommend this fun, fast paced vampire outbreak.

This book was an improvement over the first book and I certainly look forwards to reading Book 3. If you like vampires or would enjoy a science themed "outbreak" story-check out the Strain. IT is easy to read and flows well except for the painful "emotional" scenes which Hogan excels at butchering making for a quick read. Sep 06, Twobusy rated it did not like it. Here's something that almost never happens to me: I gave up on this book. Because, quite simply, it is one of the worst-written novels I've ever encountered, regardless of genre.

I could try to explain in painful detail just how awful it is, telling you about the amateurish plotting, the paper-thin characters, the abject lack of subtlety and grace and elegance in Here's something that almost never happens to me: I gave up on this book. I could try to explain in painful detail just how awful it is, telling you about the amateurish plotting, the paper-thin characters, the abject lack of subtlety and grace and elegance in the writing But when something this insidious enters your personal life, all superior thinking goes out the window.

This book sucks, and I'm deeply embarrassed for you both. View all 5 comments. Mar 14, Kevin Bessey rated it did not like it. If you're thinking of reading "The Fall" then you probably already know about "The Strain" For example, the line "my sword sings of silver" has to be one of the worst battle cries ever penned, and of course it bleeds it's way into the sequel no pun intended. Other lines such as "silver blinged killer" and "he understood the man's pain. He understood the pain of this world" just seem cliche and over dramatic.

There are some scenes and other portions of dialogue that are just plain eye-rolling at times. All too weird and all too lame. If they wanted a biological theme, they should've stuck with it before they introduced a basket of non-scientific elements. Choose one, or the other The dichotomy made the story a hard sell and fully buy in to. What I mean by that is: a. Was this trilogy to be a "re-invention" or a "re-telling" of the vampire mythos?

It seems as if it was trying to be both and needed to stick with one or the other. Otherwise it is confusing and disheartening. Was the "Van-Helsing" as everyone has aptly identified of the novels Setrakian supposed to be this tough "Van-Helsing" character or this crumbling, dying man? C'mon - the guy is in his eighties with crippled hands and fingers that gets mentioned multiple times with a bad heart condition and he is supposed to be running around and cutting up vampires Was Gus a hard-core gang-banger or loner, street trash? In the first book it seemed like Gus was a lonely street rat and in the second he's a gang leader?

Either I missed something, or someone changed their mind as to how Gus should've been written and what his role in the "fellowship" should've been. Is it Doomsday or Business-As-Usual? If two months have passed since the initial infection and half of Manhattan has burned to the ground along with thousands of people missing across the globe, I'm not sure one's day-to-day routine would still be in place.

At this point in the saga, it seems that half of the time everything is in chaos and other times like nothing is going on. Which makes it really hard to believe when they show up for the book auction that apparently hasn't taken place in years in the midst of world-wide chaos. Like most people mentioned in the review of "The Strain", there is much reason to believe that this trilogy could've been reduced to a single novel.

For example, "Phade - the vampyric vandalist" served no point to the overall plot - up to and including the side story of the cop who has been in search of Phade. If there are any LOST fans reading this, it reminds me of the episode of the couple who were after the diamonds. A single episode that served no plot development or purpose to the general story. Just a B-side that made it's way into the final cut. This touches on my other problem with the writing - character development and purpose. I had a huge problem with the "feelers. At one point, Nora strikes a flare with these guys and I'm guessing they are the feelers, otherwise I take this comment back and they all jump back But not UV light?

Just terrible. The other character I had a problem with was Phade as mentioned before and also the elderly, retired Mexican wrestler Angel. Similar to my point on Setrakian, it's hard to imagine an old man motioning through some of the scenes that he was written in to. For those that have read the book and if you're still reading and plan on reading it will find out , did you think it was odd for two instances where Gus blew up the pawn shop and the helicopter. It's like they guy pulls the trigger first and asks questions later.

Classical Studies: Historical Fiction

If he thought they were in the pawn shop, why would he play McGuyver and blow up the pawn shop. And with the helicopter leaving the nuclear power plant why would he just assume who the helicopter was for and grab a rocket launcher handy to blow it up. I know at this point, it has become more rambling than review, but most of it was just to vent a little. If I had to sum my review up in one line it would be: "The Fall" was clunky and poorly developed. Shelves: vine-book. Disclosure : Review based on book I received from Amazon Vine in exchange for an honest review. I've read this book twice.

Meanwhile, Eldritch Palmer continues to plot and plan, entirely focu Disclosure : Review based on book I received from Amazon Vine in exchange for an honest review. Meanwhile, Eldritch Palmer continues to plot and plan, entirely focused on keeping himself alive forever. The Master continues its plan to take over the world. And the other Ancients send out their hunters to try to stop him. We learn more about the structure of vampire society, and about the Ancients, and meet the mysterious Mr. Many times a middle book in a trilogy loses momentum as it fills in the plot, but not The Fall.

It continues to speed forward, simultaneously further developing both plot and characters. There were a couple plot points that changed — most confusingly, in The Strain , Abraham Setrakian says his wife, Miriam, has been dead for less than 20 years, but in this book he tells the story of her death somewhere in the vicinity of 40 years previously. Nonetheless, the series continues to enthrall me and should be well-received by lovers of horror, apocalyptic situations and vampires. Book 3, The Night Eternal , has just been released, and I will post a review soon. Stay tuned!

I am really enjoying this series! Very good second book in a series. Low to mid 3 stars. This continuation of the story from The Strain definitely provided more insight into a lot of different aspects of the story, and, if one extrapolates a bit, explains some things that were left unexplained in the first book. There was a lot of action, and a lot of gore and a lot of tension, and a whole lot of things-not-going-well-for-humanity-in-general, but all that being said, I didn't like this one quite as much as the last one.

I felt like some things were very Things mainly pertaining to Z. I like the kid, but by the end of this book, I kind of feel like he's a big ol' plot device. I feel like he's there to move certain pieces of the story into place, and pull at our heartstrings at the same time. Since when did he have asthma? But in this book, because it would make him more vulnerable, he did.

The knife he carries explains a certain quirky naming convention in the books as well. It just kind of felt convenient, rather than realistic or true to the character. And then this book, seemingly because I said in my review of the last one how I liked that this was a scientific and plausible virulent event, is now heading in the other direction I guess I'll have to see what the next book holds, to see where this goes, but right now, I'm disappointed in this causality shift.

But then, I liked it I like the big-picture views we get from Eph's journal entries, and I liked the concept of the Ancients, and their role in this book. It didn't annoy me well, other than the slight annoyance due to the stuff listed above , and I had no desire to throw it at the wall not like I would, my Nook is my Precious! I just feel like Horror October Nov 27, Rade rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed. I really wanted to enjoy this more than I did.

I tried like crazy to care about the people in the book, to care about their families, their friends, and hope for the best. Unfortunately, I felt the writing was a bit on a half-assed side. The entire book read like it was a mediocre half price bin thriller. I was never completely engrossed into the story. In fact, some pages I can say that I skipped. Mostly the pep talk Eph gave his son Zach which is nice but it did not move the story forward one I really wanted to enjoy this more than I did. Mostly the pep talk Eph gave his son Zach which is nice but it did not move the story forward one bit, giving me a reason to just skip it.

I actually did enjoy the background story of Setrakian, but the whole heart in the jar background story was cliche as shit. As soon as it started, I knew exactly where it will go.


Lots of cliches in this one but at least the vampires are ruthless, not the kind who have lived on the planet for hundred years and yet have not found a better way to spend their time than to go to high school and win the heart of a lifeless teenager girl. That's right, I hate Twilight with the passion.

Anyway, how an old guy with lot of health problems, a rat exterminator, and two CDC people will stop a vampire apocalypse is a mystery to my ass. I guess I will have to read the next and final book in this trilogy. Decent amount of action, lots of instances of vampire slicing, and a crapload of times when the author keeps saying that the leavings of vampires smell like ammonia and every time one was killed you can bet your ass the author mentioned the worms leaving the body.

Don't have to keep repeating it. It better be bloody.

Storm Unleashed (Pawns of Heaven Book 2) Storm Unleashed (Pawns of Heaven Book 2)
Storm Unleashed (Pawns of Heaven Book 2) Storm Unleashed (Pawns of Heaven Book 2)
Storm Unleashed (Pawns of Heaven Book 2) Storm Unleashed (Pawns of Heaven Book 2)
Storm Unleashed (Pawns of Heaven Book 2) Storm Unleashed (Pawns of Heaven Book 2)
Storm Unleashed (Pawns of Heaven Book 2) Storm Unleashed (Pawns of Heaven Book 2)
Storm Unleashed (Pawns of Heaven Book 2) Storm Unleashed (Pawns of Heaven Book 2)
Storm Unleashed (Pawns of Heaven Book 2) Storm Unleashed (Pawns of Heaven Book 2)

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