My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2)

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The Bible’s Top 10 Bad Women

Bible Bad Women. They knew they had to act — but they could not do so openly. The best they could do was to clap John into prison and leave him there, which they did. Unfortunately this did not solve the problem and the royal family, particularly Herodias who faced being divorced if John kept on ranting, looked for another solution. In his cups, or seeming to be, Antipas promised her anything that she asked for.

Antipas immediately granted it. John was beheaded and therefore silenced permanently , and the young princess calmly went on with her life — she married well, twice, and lived a long life. Herod is often shown as lusting after the pre-pubescent Salome, who desired John the Baptist. This may or may not have been true. It is more likely that the girl simply acted to protect her mother against the criticism of a man who was, to Salome, a crazed fanatic. Was Jezebel as wicked as they say? Though she was queen of Israel, she stayed loyal to the gods and goddesses of agriculture and weather — Baal, god of storms and water, and his divine wife Asherah, who was a fierce champion of the family.

At one stage her husband Ahab needed a plot of land. But the owner, a man called Naboth, would not sell. Jezebel was not accustomed to this sort of behaviour.

She saw it as gross insubordination. She decided to act. She arranged the judicial murder of Naboth, and the land was confiscated. It now belonged to the king. Jezebel, accustomed to the absolute power her father held in Sidon, did not doubt she was within her rights. Many people disagreed — especially the Yahwist priests, who saw their own power diminishing. Who pushed him will never be known. She died as a queen should die, magnificent and defiant, hurling insults at Jehu right to the end. Bad Bible Women. The usurper, Jehu, ran his iron-wheeled chariot back and forth over her dying body, then went into the palace for a celebratory dinner.

Afterwards he remembered that her body was still lying in the courtyard of the palace, and ordered that it be buried.

But the dogs had got to her first, and all that remained of this royal woman was her head and her hands. Read the original story at Jezebel: the Bible text. Everyone blames Eve!!! This creature had a nature that was essentially creative. It could imagine, invent, and change the world, as God did in the Genesis story.

See a Problem?

But the creature was alone, so God created a mate for it. Eve was even more creative and therefore God-like? She had been given the power of making decisions. If she did as the reptile suggested and ate the Apple or rather, the Pomegranate — there were no apples in the ancient Middle East she might gain new understanding and wisdom.

Stories of Cuckolding Gone Very, Very Wrong

Adam and Eve, painting by Tamara de Lempicka. Bad Bible Woman. Eve was an innocent. She had no previous experience of deceit, so she believed what she was told. It was a dangerous choice — the quest for knowledge should always be balanced by wisdom. Eve learnt this lesson the hard way. She took the apple to Adam, so that he might taste it too.

He ate it without thinking or arguing. Like Eve, he misused his ability to make decisions and did not consider the consequences. Before she was born, her grandfather King Herod the Great killed her grandmother, the lovely, tragic Mariamne, in a fit of jealous rage. Or that was the story. Her first husband, and the father of her daughter Salome , was her uncle Philip, also a son of Herod the Great.

It sounds complicated, but marriage to an uncle was normal practice among royal families in the eastern part of the Roman Empire. In all probability, it was a bit of both.

Newsletters are the new newsletters.

If a revolt broke out, Antipas and Herodias would be the losers, and they were well aware of the fact. So arrangements were made:. His death acted as a warning to any other would-be agitators. It was expedient. None of the royal family would have seen it as particularly important. Bust of the emperor Caligula made at about the time of his meeting with Herod Antipas and Herodias.

Herodias was incensed at the injustice of it all. Why should her own husband Antipas, who had served Rome loyally for many years, not receive the same honour? Then there are the rules. But you can only join in if you are invited," explains a staff member. The rules are different in the Orgy Room and Dark Room. Here, there are only two rules - you can say no to anal, and no to someone who is not wearing a condom," says the staff member.

If you feel uncomfortable, you can leave the room. By 8pm, patrons are mingling at the bar. A good night at Rome draws people - including judges, pilots and big-shot businessmen. Most patrons' friends, bosses and family don't know about this part of their lives. Not everyone is here for sex. There are the voyeurs, who will come just to watch.

At Rome, as with most other swingers' clubs, it's the women who make the moves: men are not allowed to initiate a hook-up. Members point out that women are safe here.

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Over and over husbands say they can leave their wives at the bar, knowing they won't be hit on or have their drinks spiked. Once in a while, the kinks get darker and blood is drawn. On BDSM night patrons arrive in black leather. Some sport bondage collars. The playlist is tailored to the mood: Nine Inch Nails' Closer plays as participants take part in the Iron Bum competition, in which buttocks are bared and beaten.

The participants are protected by safe words and can opt out at any time. Indemnity forms are signed. Those doing the spanking start off using their bare hands. From hands, it moves to paddles, and one by one participants fall out. By the time a cane is produced, two women are left standing. We watch as angry red welts swell, then turn black and eventually bleed. Women, they say, usually win. But it's not all about pain. Candice's fetish is part of her healing.

What is findom? A submissive man explains the fetish | The Independent

She's always had a thing for ropes and bondage, particularly the ancient Japanese art of kinbaku, but this changed when she and her husband were victims of a house robbery. Will she be able to dig them out of this gambling stupor her husband has dug them into? Will her seductive ways be enough to cause the big man himself to show understanding and give them back their fortune?

Will luck and love be on her side? And is she still just as persuasive in the sack?

Sometimes fantasies are best left to Pornhub.

Years ago, Medallion City lost its champion protector, Nova, after a furious battle. Since then, his protege, Andromeda, has taken his place. Until now…. The handsome detective, Jack Dent, takes a shining to Clara but has a grudge against Andromeda. After an evening of passion, will he still like her when he discovers who she really is? Then, a new villain terrorizes Medallion City. The more Andromeda corners him, the more she starts to see a new way to punish him for all of his destruction. It is also a way for her to embrace a side of herself that she has always pushed away.

A very dirty, sexy, dominating side.

My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2) My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2)
My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2) My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2)
My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2) My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2)
My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2) My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2)
My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2) My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2)
My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2) My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2)
My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2) My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2)
My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2) My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2)
My Cuckold Husband (A Rich Womans Life Book 2)

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