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Why do families choose to homeschool?

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Volunteer Hall of Fame. Inclusivity Statement. HSC Marketplace. Advertise with HSC. General Information About Homeschooling. What is homeschooling? Who homeschools? Homeschoolers are a microcosm of the larger society. We live in large cities and small towns, on remote homesteads and in suburbia. We are families both large and small, with two parents and with one, households with two incomes, with one full-time income or with several part-time incomes.

We are religious and agnostic and atheist, conservative and liberal and libertarian and progressive. We are your neighbors. How many homeschoolers are there?

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Estimates of the number of homeschoolers nationally are no more solid. Department of Education, estimates that there are at least , homeschooled students in the U. Across Australia , there are around 20, homeschooled students and the numbers are growing.

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Around 1, students were being homeschooled in Queensland in By , this had increased to 3, students. This means there are around the same number of homeschooled students in Queensland as the population of Brisbane State High School. The numbers are rising in other states too.

In New South Wales an estimated 4, students were enrolled in homeschool in compared to around 3, in Around 5, children were being homeschooled in Victoria in , compared to 3, children in These numbers may not tell the whole story as they only represent families who have registered to homeschool their child. There are many reasons parents choose to educate their children at home.

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For some families it will be because of religious beliefs. Geography or financial reasons might stop these families from accessing a suitable private school.

Homeschooling international status and statistics

Other families might be ideologically opposed to mainstream schooling and see it as an unnecessary or inappropriate intrusion into family life. These are families for whom school was a first choice, but it did not work. These families would traditionally have moved their children around between schools but are now homeschooling instead. Read more: School is not always a safe place for students with disability — this has to change. The rise in homeschooling also appears to have links to worldwide changes in education. Many parents see schools as failing their children including for cultural reasons, and believe homeschooling is a suitable alternative.

Some families feel schools are not meeting their primary objectives of education and healthy socialisation for their children. The reporting requirements differ across states and territories. For others, such as Queensland , the parent writes the report and sends it to the department. The reports must show progress in key areas.

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Some parents may like the idea of home education but feel they want a more school-like experience. They may choose to enrol their children in distance education.

How many Australian children are being homeschooled?

One other contributor to the increase, Dickinson said, is the Gardiner Scholarship, which helps to pay for therapies and other educational services for students with severe special needs who stay at home for their education. Step Up For Students, which publishes this blog, helps administer the program. Duval also had the highest percentage in the state, at 7. Home education declined for the second year in a row in Brevard County, at 3,, a drop of from the previous year. Nationally, the U.

Homeschooling by the Numbers Homeschooling by the Numbers
Homeschooling by the Numbers Homeschooling by the Numbers
Homeschooling by the Numbers Homeschooling by the Numbers
Homeschooling by the Numbers Homeschooling by the Numbers
Homeschooling by the Numbers Homeschooling by the Numbers

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