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Not that there have been any lately, or many overall - casual sex is complicated when you have to plan everything in advance like I do. You should come! You know, summer? Enjoying the weekend? Heard of those things? Get up. Put some clothes on. Get your ass down here.


I want to see you. And I want you to have FUN! The summery one with the fluttery sort of skirt? Also, easy access if someone wants to get under the skirt! As if.

I grit my teeth. If I can find something to wear. But she has already hung up by the time I shout out her name. Going naked under a dress might be something Annie could do and would do, actually but I will have my underwear on, thank you very much. I can hear the music half a street away: sultry jazz, a deep smoky voiced-singer crooning along, the rat-tat-tat beat of a snare drum behind it. All right , I think to myself, so coming out might have been a little bit of a good idea.

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I can feel the heat of the paved sidewalks under the soles of my shoes — the remains of another scorching August day. It feels good, makes me relax and loosen up. It looks good. I run my fingers through my hair, and grin, thinking of it.

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Who knows, maybe I will meet someone sexy tonight? It could happen. You buy me a drink for dragging your lame ass out of your apartment and providing you with an awesome Saturday night? But yeah, bottoms up. She lifts the glass to her lips and takes it in one swig. Annie has jokingly flirted with me many times — more in the manner of trying to make me blush or crack a smile. You going to drink it or do I need to do that one too?

Bad idea. The liquor hits the back of my throat and I instantly seize up into a cough, like fire all the way down into my lungs. I shrug, and follow her lead, moving through the sweaty, bumping crowd of dancers. When they say these things, I make brief eye contact with Annie. So I talk about you a lot I guess. Overly attentive? Was there something super obvious all this time that I missed? And, like, every day since. Still, I have no idea what to say. Or what seducing me would even involve.

Or what we would actually do if she got me into her bed. Am I getting worked up thinking about… what… having sex… with Annie? Finally, I muster up the nerve to spit something out. Annie laughs, throwing her head back.

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When she does, I notice how her tank top stretches over her breasts. Her breasts? Why am I noticing her breasts? They are sporty, compact but full. Her nipples are straining against her bra, hard enough to be able to see the outline through the layers of fabric.

Casey and Leaya in Strip Poker by Sex Art

I suddenly want to touch them, just put my hands on the outside of her shirt and feel the bump of her nipples through the soft cotton. Like a million times. You just never realised. You know they say that sexuality is like a scale? Everyone is on the scale somewhere. I guess maybe you are on of those people who is really truly way up high on the hyper-heterosexual end. Have you ever even had a fantasy about a woman?

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I shrug. These ladies give their all to this sultry a cappella number. This vividly tactile exploration of gagging is enough to get your own mouth vicariously watering. Written and Performed by: Preview Synopsis: In this work of her imagination, Daisy is surprised by an unexpected bedroom visit in the early hours — yet also intrigued.

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Girl Girl (Lesbian erotica) Girl Girl (Lesbian erotica)
Girl Girl (Lesbian erotica) Girl Girl (Lesbian erotica)
Girl Girl (Lesbian erotica) Girl Girl (Lesbian erotica)
Girl Girl (Lesbian erotica) Girl Girl (Lesbian erotica)
Girl Girl (Lesbian erotica) Girl Girl (Lesbian erotica)
Girl Girl (Lesbian erotica) Girl Girl (Lesbian erotica)

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