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Sitzung dokumentation vom Streitfall Computerspiele: Com- Berlin: world. Deutscher Kulturrat. Although very popular and well known among adolescents, scientific research and even game studies do not yet know much about this special gaming culture. Thus, the aim of this chapter is to provide a possible theoretical framing for the phenomenon of e-sport, which might then serve as a basis for further theoretical work and empirical research on this topic.

Besides a detailed introduction to the current state of electronic sport, this chapter will discuss whether the concepts of subculture and scene have any explanatory value for this new research field. Advances in computer entertainment technology. Dezember ; Proceedings. Cham: Springer International Publishing. The 59 full papers presented were selected from a total of submissions.

ACE is by nature a multi- disciplinary conference, therefore attracting people across a wide spectrum of interests and disci- plines including computer science, design, arts, sociology, anthropology, psychology, and marketing. The main goal is to stimulate discussion in the development of new and compelling entertainment computing and interactive art concepts and applications. In: Sport management review, 21 1 , S. The authors suggest that debates surround the degree to which eSport represents formal sport, and disagreements likely stem from conceptualizations of sport and context.

Such a position is consistent with the broad view of sport adopted by Sport Management Review, the perspective that eSport represents a form of sportification, and the association among eSport and various outcomes, including physical and psychological health, social well-being, sport consumption outcomes, and di- versity and inclusion. Finally, the authors conclude that eSport scholarship can advance through the study of its governance, marketing, and management as well as by theorizing about eSport. Funk, Daniel C. In: Sport management review 21, 1 , S. Abstract Consumer demand for eSport and the growth of organized video game competitions has generated considerable attention from the sport, event, and entertainment industries.

As eSport continues to evolve, practitioners face managerial challenges that are similar to those in traditional sport, particularly in areas of governance and diversity. Sport manage- ment academics should embrace the potential of eSport in order to examine this evolution and pro- vide guidance to industry through education and research. Hallmann, Kirstin; Giel, Thomas Abstract eSports is growing around the globe, with more and more individuals are engaged as players or spec- tators. In this paper, the authors reflect on whether eSports can be considered as sport based on evalu- ating five characteristics of sport and assessing them for eSports.

Currently, eSports are not a sport but there is the potential that eSports will become a sport. Different opportunities how marketers and managers can attend to eSports are outlined. Heere, Bob Sportification means to either: a view, organize, or regulate a non-sport activity in such a way that it resembles a sport and allows a fair, pleasurable, and safe environment for individuals to compete and cooperate, and compare their performances to each other, and future and past performances; or b add a sport component to an existing activity in order to make it more attractive to its audiences.

As the sport industry itself is embracing e-sports as a sport, scholars should embrace e-sports as a manifestation of sportification and examine their negative and positive effect on our industry. Cham: Springer International Publishing, S. The notion of physicality and embodiment are central to the need for clarity in understanding of what eSports are and whether they are sport or some other activity.

By examining existing definitions of eSport and irlSport we can identify the similarities and differences between these activities. Meth- odologically the paper uses the philosophical process of critical thinking and analysis to examine the various approaches taken to defining both eSport and irlSports. Our aim is to highlight the inherent problem of the definition of eSports and irlSports and the privileging of the term sport as it currently applies only to irlSports. We find that eSports are sports and that the definition of sport should be expanded to include sub-categories of irlSports and eSports.

Pizzo, Anthony D. In: Sport marketing quarterly vorab online , S. Understanding the extent to which eS- port operates similarly to traditional sport is vital to developing marketing strategies for the eSport industry and informing academic research on eSport. Prior research has examined eSports in iso- lation from traditional sports, overlooking direct comparisons to understand the degree to which eSport spectators are motivated similarly to traditional sport spectators. The current study measures widely-used sport consumption motives to examine their influence on eSport spectatorship and game attendance frequency.

Significant differences between contexts include vicarious achievement, excitement, physical attractiveness, and family bonding. Multiple re- gression analysis results show that spectators across contexts have distinct sets of motives influenc- ing game attendance. The current study demonstrates that traditional sport and eSports are similarly consumed, suggesting that sport industry professionals can manage and market eSport events simi- larly to traditional sport events. Ist eSport in Deutschland als Sport anzusehen?

Untersuchung des eSports als Medien- sport. Bachelorarbeit Ohne Referat. Brock, Tom In: Games and culture: a journal of interactive media, 12 4 , S. In both cases, play is treated as work and has problematic psychological and sociological implications as a result. Desgleichen werden wis- senschaftliche Abhandlungen, die sich unmittelbar der Fragestellung des Gutachtens widmen, direkt zitiert. Jenny, Seth E. Douglas; Keiper, Margaret C. In: Quest 69 1 , S.

Regardless of the term used, eSports is now becoming more accepted as a sport and gamers are being identified as athletes within society today. Thus, the intertwining of eSports and university athletics brings into question whether eSports should be considered sport by broader society. This article provides a brief history of eSports, a further developed definition of eSports, and a comparison of eSports to traditional philo- sophical and sociological definitions of sport.

The purpose of this article is to provoke thought on the academically accepted definitions of sport and debate whether eSports should be considered a sport. Attention will be given to the following components of sport: play, organization, competition, skill, physicality, broad following, and institutionalization. Professionelle Teams aus aller Welt trainieren auf dieses Event hin, um Des Weiteren soll das Sport- und Freizeitverhalten von Jugendlichen und jungen Erwachsen betrach- tet werden, denn die Zahl der sich bewegenden und sporttreibenden Jugendlichen sinkt stetig.

Weitere themendienliche Konklusionen sollen durch die Online-Studie ge- schlossen werden. Markovits, Andrei S. In: Sport in society: cultures, commerce, media, politics, 20 , S. Counter Strike in der eSports-Debatte. Virtuelles Ballern als sportlicher Wettkampf? Rosell Llorens, Mariona The broadcast of cer- tain eSport events have become worldwide mass events.

Conceiving eSport gaming as an actual sports practice is not yet common, but it is current issue that deserves careful attention. This article stands on the idea that eSport gaming could be considered a sport and it examines some reasons on that re- gard. First of all, the piece will elucidate what the practice of gaming involves and if there are reasons to consider the claim that it can be an actual sports practice. Secondly, it will address the distinctive features that eSport gaming as a sport may have. Thirdly, it wants to explore and explain an example of an eSport worldwide success which is the case of League of Legends.

And finally, it will introduce and briefly discuss some sports issues this new sports practice would encounter in the near future and which might derive into policy matters. Quelle: SportDiscus. Schaeperkoetter, Claire C. In: Journal of Intercollegiate Sport, 10 1 , S. The domain has become so mainstream that colleges and universities are rapidly beginning to launch eSports programs within their athlet- ics departments. In this study, the authors interviewed 33 student-athletes receiving scholarships for participating in eSports at one institution.

Schmid, Jenny An earthless world: the contemporary Enframing of sport in digital games. The latter is highlighted as, currently, an example par excellence of what Martin Hei- degger referred to as Enframing Ge-Stell : the essence of modern technology that discloses being only in its availability for consumption. This concept is clarified and compared with a phenomeno- logical comprehension of art and play. Building upon these notions, the physical sport and its digital emulation are compared and contrasted, illustrating how key criteria for play and artwork are met or nullified.

Finally, we come to a diagnosis of the sport digital game in its current form, suggesting how it may meet these criteria through acknowledgement and appreciation of its technological basis. Holt, Jason Virtual domains for sports and games. Cybersport in par- ticular suggests that sport might be transposed into digital arenas, and videogames in general provide apparently striking counterexamples to the orthodox Suitsian theory of games, seeming to lack strict- ly prelusory goals and perhaps even also constitutive rules.

I argue as follows: 1 if any cybersports count as genuine sports, it will be those most closely resembling uncontroversial core instances of sport, those that essentially involve gross motor skill. Perhaps such sports and games are so ultimately only in a derivative sense, where the non-actual domains merelyrepresentgame-independent states of affairs. Still, the more virtual environments come to be seen as normal, the more such distinctions will appear arbitrary.

If the world is already a text, it may soon become a digitized one. Si el mundo es ya un texto, puede ser que pronto se convierta en uno de tipo digital. Aufgrund der rasanten Entwicklung des E-Sports stellen die Verf.

Jonasson, Kalle Broadband and circuits: the place of public gaming in the history of sport. E-sport is construed as an entity in this corpus, by seeking out historical counterparts that display similar forms of play and organisation. Thus, ancient Roman games are identified as an early instance of what could be called public gaming, i. The varying content of sport in its course through time is discussed foremost in relation to how the human and nonhuman elements have been organised. It is concluded that the way Roman games have been understood in relation to Hellenic Athletics has its counterpart in how e-sport is understood in rela- tion to sport.

Public gaming as an instance in the history of sport, when contrasted to Greek athletics and Modern sport, appear as a deviant and violent practice. This view is problematised by a discussion of virtue in sport as being possible to elicit from it for both practitioners and spectators. Furthermore, public gaming appears as a bastard in the history of sport since it blurs the demarcation between human and nonhuman elements more often than its hallowed counterparts. To place e-sport as an entity in the history, present and future of sport testifies to that the phase sport is in now is character- ised by hybridity, and that sport stands at a crossroads.

Zwei neue philosophische Darstellungen bzgl. What kind of an activity is a virtual game? A postmodern approach in relation to concept of phantasm by Deleuze and the philosophy of Huizinga. Almost everyone has the means to access virtual worlds in most places in the world. Virtual games are new worlds for the players waiting to be discov- ered.

Video games in this new world are considered to be sports activities by some people, while some oppose to this conception. In this regard, philosophical approaches set out and the current state of whether video games are considered as sports activities is presented. In addition to this classificatory issue an ethical one concerning the level of addiction for the players who immerse into the virtual worlds is also discussed, since the level of immersion is sometimes so high that some people die while playing video games on the computer.

It is argued that the fantasy aspect of video games is more dominant their being the products of imagination. The issue of whether video games can be considered as sports activities or not is still vague. Nevertheless, video games tournaments—which are called e-sports—are more com- mon now and the growing number of spectators of e-sports provides for greater recognition for video games. These conditions may contribute to the acceptance of video games as sports activities in the future. Es wird dargelegt, dass der Aspekt der Fantasie bei Videospielen dominanter ist, da sie das Produkt von Vorstellungskraft sind.

Skubida, Dominika Can some computer games be a sport? In: International journal of gaming and computer-mediated simulations, 8 4 , S. Its objective is to investigate knowledge and attitudes towards eSports, as well as their rec- ognition as legitimate sports. The first part of the paper consists of the definition and differentiation between eSport and eSports. The second part provides an analysis of various definitions of sport and comparison of main qualities of eSport and sport.

The third part includes identification of the most problematic features of eSports in public opinion and their analysis. Sport and play in a digital world.

Warum Jesus kein Burnout hatte

Sport oder Spiel? Im Haushalt wird die Arbeit durch Maschinen erleichtert und auch die Freizeitgestaltung wird durch Fernseher und Computer extrem beeinflusst. Dieser mo- derne Lebensstil bringt auch Krankheiten, sogenannte Zivilisationskrankheiten, mit sich. All participants had no prior climbing experience.

Kobritz, Jordan Zuerst wird im ersten Teil eine theoretische Grundlage geschaffen. Weiters werden erste Kategorien vorgestellt, anhand derer sich auch die Social Games besser fassbar machen lassen. Hierbei wird zwischen Action, Adventure und Strategie unterschieden.

More than a waste of time? Juni Lengerich: Pabst Science Publ, S. Specifically, we tested whether one group of soccer players who received an additional soc- cer- specific training with the game EA FIFA 14 showed additional benefits concerning motivation, self-efficacy, and soccer-specific tactical skills compared to a group that received a placebo video game training. Both groups received exactly the same on-field soccer training for one week.

The results indi- cate that there were no carry-over effects from playing EA FIFA 14 on any of the dependent variables. Future research should focus on a systematical adaptation of the digital games to the demands of the real- world behavior. Schulz, Oliver Wiemeyer, Josef Digitale Spiele im Fokus der Sportwissenschaft. Zwischen Verteufelung und Heilsbotschaften. Schorndorf: Hofmann, S. In diesem Beitrag sollen die von Wolf Miethling diskutier- ten Thesen zum Anlass genommen werden zu reflektieren, wie sich die von ihm damals diskutierten Argumente im Licht der zwischenzeitlichen Entwicklungen darstellen.

Virtuelle Kulturen des Agon. Konstanz: UVK Verl. Compagna, Diego; Derpmann, Stefan Hg. Soziologische Perspektiven auf digitale Spiele. Trotz der wachsenden medialen und wissenschaftlichen Aufmerksamkeit fin- det sich keine genuin soziologische Diskussion. Digitales Spiel und realweltliche Vorlage.

Adaption und Transfer am Beispiel der Sportart Basketball. Im vorliegenden Beitrag geht Verf. Dabei bezieht Verf. Ein drittes Modell des professionellen Sports?. In: Markus Breuer Hg. In einem Zwischen- fazit werden zentrale Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede der beiden Profisportmodelle zusammen- gefasst. Darauf aufbauend wird die derzeitige Struktur des E-Sports in Deutschland analysiert Rolle der Vereine, der aktiven Spieler, des Veranstalters, des Verbandes und der Medien und mit den klas- sischen Modellen des Profisports abgeglichen.

Hebbel-Seeger, Andreas In: International journal of sports marketing and sponsorship, 13 2 , S. However, it is not a process that has developed in a linear fashion. On the contrary, it has been formed from diverse, parallel and to some extent opposing processes. In this paper, the relationship between real sport and its digital adaptation in computer games, virtual environments and augmented reality will be analysed using concrete examples.

Internationale Sportevents im Umbruch? Buns, Matthew; Thomas, Katherine T. In part this challenge exists because fewer experts are available to train pre-service teachers and coaches. More specifically, does the video game distinguish between those who have played basketball and those who have not? If so, what parts of the video game do that? Fifty volunteers were recruited through flyers at a university in a Midwest community.

Measurements included; questionnaire to identify participant basketball playing experience and videogame expo- sure; basketball knowledge test including tactical content, the AAHPERD Basketball Skill Test as an assessment of basketball shooting, passing, dribbling, and defensive skills, and three Basketball Video Gameplay sessions using a Nintendo Wii.

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The videogame was able to distinguish expert from novice basketball players on a number of performance outcomes including; total wins, average point differential, points, rebounds, steals, fouls, field goals, and free throws. Having more knowledge and skill in real world basketball translated to videogame performance, suggesting basketball videogames require similar tactical decisions of play- ers as does real world basketball.

Nintendo Wii basketball may be a viable learning tool for teachers or children with limited knowledge of basketball. Sport in digitalen Welten. Replacing real life or augmenting it? Houlihan, Barrie; Green, Mick Hg. London: Routledge. The Routledge Handbook of Sports Develop- ment map the wide-ranging territory of sports development as an activity and as a policy field, and to offer a definitive survey of current academic knowledge and professional practice.

Spanning the whole spectrum of activity in sports development, from youth sport and mass participation to the de- velopment of elite athletes, the book identifies and defines the core functions of sports development, exploring the interface between sports development and cognate fields such as education, coach- ing, community welfare and policy. The book presents important new studies of sports development around the world, illustrating the breadth of practice within and between countries, and examines the most important issues facing practitioners within sports development today, from child protec- tion to partnership working.

The book guides to policy, practice and research in sports development. It is reading for students, researchers and professionals with an interest in this important and rapidly evolving field. Lee, Donghun; Schoenstedt, Linda J. Multiple regression results indicated that competition and skill had a statistically sig- nificant impact on the time spent on eSports games while peer pressure had marginal significance.

Related to the overall findings, developing tailored messages that drives consumption behaviors of target audiences to specific eSports games will provide a better chance for marketers to fulfill their strategic goals of increased purchasing and larger market shares. Understanding that the interest in competition and skill are critical to eSports gamers may influence marketers to focus on creating games and opportunities for gamers to compete against each other and give tangible rewards to the winner.

The use of peer pressure may be another motivational factor for playing. Consequently, those marketing dollars could be spent more on the interactive nature of game design. The subsequent analysis on cross-validation check suggests that the results of the regression analysis could be gener- alized. Contains 1 figure and 5 tables. Quelle: FIS Bildung. Sterbenz, Benjamin Medien, Entwickler, aber auch Forscher verwenden trotzdem gerne Begriffe wie Rollenspiel, Ego- Shooter oder Simulation — was darunter exakt zu verstehen ist und warum ein Spiel einem bestimm- ten Genre zuzuordnen ist, bleibt aber oft unklar.

Es wird auf die historische Entwicklung von Computerspielen eingegangen, da sich zeitgleich zum Erscheinen von wegweisenden Werken entsprechende Genre-Bezeichnungen etabliert haben. Es werden alle relevanten Klassifikationsmodelle beschrieben. Computerspiele im Spannungsfeld von Sport und digitaler Jugendkultur.

Pearce 3 ff. Geister f. Breuer, Markus Jonasson, Kalle; Thiborg, Jesper In: Sport in society: cultures, commerce, media, politics, 13 2 , S. As a matter of fact, the two practices are considered to be opposi- tional. Sports are often regarded as a virtue, whereas computer gaming is looked upon as a vice. The reasoning will also forecast the future of com- petitive computer gaming. We answer the question by presenting three possible futuristic scenarios.

Might it even be that we are standing on the threshold of a new phase in the evolution of sports? Zum vergeblichen Versuch der Abgrenzung des traditionellen Sports von seinem elek- tronischen Nachwuchs. Paderborn: Fink Mediologie, 19 , S. Mediensport: Strategien der Grenzziehung. Paderborn: Fink. Sport und Medien. Werron, Tobias: Der Weltsport und seine Medien. Hartley, John: Abstimmen oder Schwimmen?

Re- Kontextualisierungen des Sports in Film und Fernsehen: 3. Zur Entgrenzung des Sports im Spielfilm. Vogan, Travis Thad: Football-Highlights. Zur Politik der zusammenfassenden Sportberichterstattung. Axster, Felix: Die Welt sammeln. Strategisches Potenzial der Sportsemantik um Sechstagerennen und Radsportmedien um Na- tionale Grenzziehung im Mediensport: 7.

Behinderung im Mediensport. Ladewig, Rebekka: The rabbit hole is deeper than you think! Zur medialen Inszenierung von Parkour. Wagner, Michael G. In: Hamid R. Arabnia, Johnnes Arreymbi, Victor A. Solo et al. Las Vegas Nev. So far very little effort has been made to study eSports in particular with respect to its potentials to positively influence research developments in other areas.

This paper therefore tries to lay a foundation for a proper academic treatment of eSports. It presents a short over- view on the history of eSports, provides a definition that is suitable for academic studies on eSports related issues and discusses first approaches to this topic that might lead to results that are applicable to problems in seemingly unrelated fields such as strategic decision making or management training. Digitale Spiele. In: Sportwissenschaft Heidelberg , 39 2 , S. In view of their considerable prevalence, it is surprising that sports science still only addresses specific aspects of digital games.

Based on a definition and differentiation of digital games, this contribution demonstrates that digital games pose numerous important questions, which can and should be considered by sports science. In many ways, digital games can serve as a research topic in sports science or be applied as an instrument for data collection and intervention for study and teaching purposes. Aufwachsen in virtuellen Medienwelten. Dieser Wandel des gesellschaftli- chen Leitmediums ist ein in der Mediengeschichte bisher beispielloser Vorgang. Er beinhaltet Chan- cen aber auch Gefahren. Videospiel und Sportpraxis — K ein Widerspruch.

Am Beispiel der Sportart Segeln habe ich untersucht, ob nicht auch ein Transfer in umgekehrter Richtung denkbar ist - von der Nutzung von Videospielen zur sportlichen Praxis. Umgekehrt aber gilt auch, dass immer mehr Jugendliche diese neue Art von Sport nutzen. Sport im Jahr E-Sport!

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  • The following research focuses the best description of the new digital competitions with computer and video games. The question is, what kind of media use is this competition — or more precisely: is e-sport really sport? The result is a new, well founded definition of e-sport focused on serious sport. After this study one thing is clear: e-sport is a modern and new kind of sport that will be in as normal as today football or tennis. Gegenwart und Zukunft der Computer- und Videospielindustrie in Deutschland. Dornach: Entertainment-Media. Diese fehlte bislang ebenso wie eine Darstellung des Zugangs zu dieser hochdynamischen und modernen Branche.

    Doch was bedeutet E-Sport eigentlich? Solche Clans sind im Allgemeinen hierarchisch organisiert. Ein Spiel zwischen zwei ver- schiedenen Clans bezeichnet man als Clan War. Die Spieler der Topclans in diesen Ligen werden in der Szene als Progamer bezeichnet, um ihre Professionalisierung hervorzuheben. Zahlreiche andere Spieler folgten diesen Vorbildern. Wie weit sind wir in Europa und speziell in Deutschland?

    Diesen Themen soll diese Arbeit gewidmet sein. Kinder, Freizeit und Computer. In: Spektrum Freizeit 1 , S. Alltagskultur von Kindern ge- worden. Die Computer- und Videospielindustrie in Deutschland. Leipzig: Vistas Verl. Lu, Zhouxiang In: The international journal of the history of sport, 33 18 , S. In the early years, gaming enthusiasts in China organized competitions on a voluntary basis. From the late s, profit-driven gaming companies began to organize and sponsor video game competitions across the country.

    While gaming companies, live-streaming services, and online gaming platforms are making millions of dollars in profits, the booming e-sports culture has facilitated the growth of the online gaming market and contributed to the formation of a vast cohort of online gaming addicts in China. Parents, educationists, and doctors have expressed growing concern over the social and health costs of the e-sports industry. Februar stattfand. Mazari, Ibrahim E-Sport: Perspektiven aus Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft. Game studies. Zu Wort kommen Experten aus unterschiedlichsten Bereichen der Wirtschaft wie auch der Wissenschaft, von denen ein jeder seinen eigenen Ansatz in die Diskussion einbringt.

    Wie kann der elektronische Sport in der Unternehmenskommunikation eingesetzt werden? Taylor, T. Raising the stakes. Cambridge Mass. A new development in the world of digital gaming, however, is the emergence of professional computer game play, complete with star players, team owners, tournaments, sponsorships, and spectators. In Raising the Stakes, T. Taylor explores the emerging scene of professional computer gaming and the accompanying efforts to make a sport out of this form of play. In the course of her explorations, Taylor travels to tourna- ments, including the World Cyber Games Grand Finals which considers itself the computer gam- ing equivalent of the Olympics , and interviews participants from players to broadcasters.

    Taylor connects professional computer gaming to broader issues: our notions of play, work, and sport; the nature of spectatorship; the influence of money on sports. And she examines the ongoing struggle over the gendered construction of play through the lens of male-dominated pro-gaming. Ultimately, the evolution of professional computer gaming illuminates the contemporary struggle to convert playful passions into serious play. Trendsport E-Sport? Eine Analyse von E-Sport in Deutschland.

    Virtueller Wettbewerb. Im Gegen- satz dazu ist E-Sport in Korea gesellschaftlich akzeptiert. Um diesen Unterschied verstehen zu lernen, ist es notwendig, der geschichtlichen Entwicklung des E-Sport in den letzten zehn Jahren nachzuge- hen. Training im E-Sport. E-sport; Training. Dasberg, Patrick Hilvoorde, Ivo v. Embodiment and fundamental motor skills in eSports. In this paper, we argue that eSports do require the learning and performance of motor skills and that embodiment within a virtual environment may be consid- ered playful or even athletic. The type of skills that might be tested can even be considered funda- mental movement skills.

    Under appropriate educational supervision, with knowledge of the game, eSports can be utilized for the development of specific elements of digital literacy. Although motor skills are a defining characteristic of eSports, we do not argue that eSports should be integrated within PE. These arguments have not so much to do with the status of physicality present or not , but with differences in type of interactions and possibilities for body contact.

    The visibility of movement be- havior, of interactions and rule violations are intrinsically related to the social and pedagogical val- ues of movement education. The direct and visible interaction between learners can be considered important pedagogical tools in PE, when the context of movement education is being understood as broader than just learning sport skills.

    In die- sem Beitrag stellen wir dar, dass eSports doch das Erlernen von bzw. Kari, Tuomas; Karhulahti, Veli-Matti Do e-athletes move? The study is based on a sample of elite e- athletes. According to the responses, e-athletes train approximately 5. Approximately 1. More than half Accordingly, the study indicates that elite e-ath- letes are active athletes as well, those of age 18 and older exercising physically more than three times the daily minute activity recommendation given by World Health Organization.

    Swierczek, Daniel Eine Analyse anhand von Herzfrequenzdaten unter Wettkampfbedingungen. Schell, Timon Elias Stress im eSport. Eine Analyse des Cortisolspiegels von eSportlern. In: Journal of motor learning and development, 2 3 , S. The movements observed during AVG play that possibly accounted for the energy expenditure, were not of a quality that could be classified as FMS.

    This research demon- strates that children playing these two games have the opportunity to repeatedly perform mostly two FMS, namely jumping and dodging. The goal of the AVGs, however, could be achieved with general- ized movements that did not always meet the criteria to be classified as a FMS. Transfereffekte digitaler Spiele. Ein systematischer Review aus bewegungs- und trainingswissen- schaftlicher sowie physiologischer Perspektive. Playstation, Wii Fit etc. In unterschiedlichen Settings z. Virtuelles Spiel und realer Sport. Hamburg: Feldhaus, Ed. Dissertation In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird untersucht, unter welchen Bedingungen die Auseinandersetzung mit einem digitalen bewegungssensitiven Tischtennisspiel, sowohl einen Einfluss auf die Geschwindig- keit als auch auf die Richtigkeit antizipativer Entscheidungen im Tischtennis hat.

    Neben dieser ersten Fragestellung, die sich auf die sensomotorische bzw. Aus der Einleitung. Kuhn und John J. Forster Hg. Hershey Penn. Five topics were selected for discussion: doping, modeling and simulation, perva- sive computing, robotics and sport technology. A total of 17 presentations dealt with selected projects and issues in the abovementioned fields. This project is found to be particular relevant for the field of computer science in sport, since biomechanical and physiological knowledge is required to model, track and understand human motion during computer game play.

    Modelling, tracking and understanding of human motion based on video sequences, ac- celerometer measures or other sensors is a field of research of increasing importance, with appli- cations in sports sciences, medicine, biomechanics, animation avatars , surveillance, and computer games. Progress in human motion analysis depends on research in computer graphics, computer vi- sion, biomechanics and physiology.

    Though these fields of research are often treated separately, hu- man motion analysis requires an interaction of computer graphics with computer vision, which also benefits from an understanding of biomechanical and physiological constraints. The study requires know-ledge of both sport science and computer science therefore it is an opportunity for the field of computer science in sport to bridge the gap between both disciplines.

    The primary goal would be to translate between specialists from computer science and sport science contributing to the subject of human motion analysis from different perspectives. E-Sport — Die Zukunft der Sportunterhaltung ist digital.


    Zur wirtschaftlichen und rechtlichen Entwicklung des E-Sports in Deutschland. Douglas; Tutka, Patrick M. The popularity of video games and the desire to spectate online and in-person gaming has amplified as Internet-based gaming has improved. While eSports-specific venues are increasingly being built, many venues that host eSports competitions were constructed primarily for other professional sports or entertainment. These entertainment facilities must attract popular finan- cially beneficial events in order to survive.

    This paper briefly describes the development of eSports as well as discusses the current trends in eSports spectator consumption. Open systems theory is utilized to capture and explain the draw of hosting eSports events and how facilities must adapt to their changing environment. Karhulahti, Veli-Matti In: Physical culture and sport: studies and research, 74 1 , S. In accordance with the above, the article concludes with a reframed look at the history of esport and suggests commercial analog gaming especially Magic: The Gathering as its point of origin.

    Parshakov, Petr; Zavertiaeva, Marina Competitive computer gaming eSports is becoming increasingly popular, and the number of gamers and amount of prize money is growing. Country population is not statistically significant in the outcome model. This finding may indicate that eSports talents are not uniformly distributed across the world population.

    Virtual International Authority File

    Surprisingly, post-Soviet and planned or post-planned economies are more likely to participate in eSports. What is eSports and why do people watch it? In: Internet research 2 , S. The reliability and validity of the instrument both met the commonly accepted guidelines. The model was assessed first by examining its measurement model and then the structural model. Findings The results indicate that escapism, acquiring knowledge about the games being played, novelty and eSports athlete aggressiveness were found to positively predict eSport spectating frequency.

    Today, hundreds of millions of people spectate eSports. The present investigation presents a large study on gratification-related determinants of why people spectate eS- ports on the internet. Moreover, the study proposes a definition for eSports and further discusses how eSports can be seen as a form of sports. Der eSport als Plattform. This thesis analyzes the overall market for electronic sports by considering the media-economic the- ory of multi-sided markets.

    The special features of such multi-sided markets are explained in order to show how the development of electronic sports can be influenced by this. The main focus will be on the sponsorship of eSports in order to be able to draw conclusions about the future of eSports in comparison to professional football.

    Finding out whether and why eSport can be used as a sponsoring tool for companies and how it can be profitable for them is one mayor goal of this thesis. Furthermore, it will show how the eSport Mark will grow in the coming years. Marburg: Tectum-Verl.

    agfjuaz.tk Ebooks and Manuals

    During this growth, a special gaming segment and community formed surrounding the direct competitive aspect of games: eSports. The core of eSports is similar to traditional types of sport. Players train to become better, clubs are established, tournaments are organized and fans enjoy watching their game being played on the highest level of performance. With viewers and prize money in the millions, eSports have grown into an economically significant media sport ecosystem and a marketing landscape that started to at- tract non-endemic companies as advertisers and sponsors.

    This book analyzes the components of the eSports ecosystem as well as their interactions with each other. Das E-Sport Handbuch. Dabei ist der E-Sport keine Ausnahme. Um den ersten Schritt in genau diesem Bereich zu erleichtern, soll das E-Sport Handbuch als Anhaltspunkt dienen, um den Markt und seine Fans besser zu verstehen, aber auch um Methoden aufzuzeigen, wie ein gelungener Beitrag funktionieren kann.

    Brands and teams on social networks are under a constant battle for fans, likes and interactions. E- Sport is no exception. The entry as a brand into the market is more and more difficult with increasing competition and already established organizations. In order to facilitate the first step into this sector, the E-Sport Manual is intended as a guide for a better understanding of the market and its fans, but also to show how a successful social media post can be achieved. Practical examples should provide a better understanding and give visual examples. Mega-events of the future.

    In: Richard S. Gruneau und John Horne Hg. Spezifischer demonstrieren Verf. Auch Korea und speziell die Spiele in Seoul konnten davon profitieren. Gleichwohl schlagen Verf. In den Augen der Verf. Weiterhin befindet sich nach Meinung der Verf. Gruneau, Richard S. Routledge research in sport, culture and society, This book provides a critical examination of the ambition for spectacle that has emerged across the East and Global South. The chapters explore the theoretical and conceptual issues associated with mega-events and new forms of globalization, from the critical political economy of mega-events in a changing world order to the contested social and economic legacies of mega-events and the widespread opposition that increas- ingly accompanies these events.

    The book also explores questions of urban development and govern- ance, the role of new communications technologies in global economic expansion, the high security State, and the growing global influence of international non-governmental organizations. This book offers a rich collection of original theoretical contributions and global case studies from leading in- ternational scholars from the social sciences and humanities. It offers a interdisciplinary perspective that synthesizes cutting edge research on mega-events and urban spectacles while simultaneously contributing to a broader understanding of the dynamics of global capitalism and international po- litical power in the early twenty first century.

    Das Sammelwerk befasst sich mit dem Thema Megaevents und setzt sich kritisch mit allen Aspekten der Vorbereitung eines solchen auseinander. Entwicklung, Trends und Strukturen im elektronischen Sport. Parshakov, Petr; Coates, Dennis Team vs. Graue Literatur. We incorporate team production with the theory of rank order elimination tournaments since in our analysis, competitors in an elimination tournament are groups rather than individuals.

    In this setting, the issue of proper incentives becomes more complicated than in the normal tournament model. Our findings demonstrate that the prize structure is convex in rank order which means that the contestants in eSports tournaments are risk averse. The results for the team games are more con- sistent with the tournament theory than the results for individual games. From the practical point of view, we provide decision-makers in both sports and business with the insights about the compensa- tion design with respect to importance of the competition and its type.

    Success in eSports: does country matter? Unlike traditional sports, eSports does not depend on the physical abilities of participants and participation costs are low. Our goal is to test whether country differences exist in eSports. Our data set consists of the top gamer prizes awarded in eSports tournaments for the period of — We use a regression analysis to test the joint hypothesis of country effects significance. Despite the unique features of eSports, we find evidence of country effects similar to traditional sports.

    Our results show that country effects for top tournaments are stronger. Gutachter ; Pfaff, Dietmar Gutachter Die Zukunftschancen des eSports. Hat eSports Potential sich als Zuschauersport in Deutschland zu etablieren? Bei diesen Turnieren werden auf nationaler, sowie internationaler Ebene die besten Teams in unterschiedlichen Spielen und Disziplinen ermittelt, indem sie vor Ort im direkten Wettstreit ge- geneinander antreten.

    Die Dialektik der historischen Aufklärung gegen die AfD

    Sport im Film: zur wissenschaftlichen Entdeckung eines verkannten Genres. Der Sportfilm thematisiert histo- rische Ereignisse, gesellschaftliche Entwicklungen wie auch individuelle und kollektive Anti- Hel- den. Framing Games. Dabei ist ein anhaltender Trend von der Ein- zel- zur Mehrspielernutzung zu beobachten.

    Images tagged with #Verbindung on instagram

    Computer- und Videospiele werden inzwischen von der Mehrheit ihrer Nutzer gemeinsam mit anderen genutzt, entweder miteinander oder gegenein- ander. Im Rahmen dieser Arbeit soll daher beispielhaft der Frage nachgegangen werden, wie erfolgreiche PR-Kommunikation in Bezug auf E-Sport-Themen gelingen kann und welche Herausforderungen dabei zu meistern sind. Dies soll im Rah- men dieser Arbeit anhand eines Leitfadeninterviews mit den verantwortlichen PR-Akteuren sowie einer Vergleichsanalyse des schriftlichen PR-Materials und der Printberichterstattung systematisch untersucht und dargestellt werden.

    However, there is currently no survey-based research which has examined the relationship between gambling and the attitudes and behaviours of fantasy players. The current study surveyed fan- tasy participants and separated respondents into groups based on whether or not they play fantasy baseball for money. Results indicate that those who play for money are increasingly motivated by the social benefits associated with participation and are not motivated by the opportunity to win money.

    This finding runs counter to research on traditional forms of gambling, which often reports strong anti-social tendencies associated with increased gambling along with a strong motivation for finan- cial gain. Further, from the league and team perspective, those who play fantasy baseball for money actually exhibited higher levels of team-related consumption.

    Dwyer, Brendan In: Sport marketing quarterly 1 , S. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed, as are suggestions for future research. Mai bis 1. Juni Chancen und Risiken der crossmedialen Verwertung von Sport am Beispiel unterschiedlicher Sportveranstaltungen beleuchtet und hier in einem Berichtband zusam- mengefasst. Pedersen, Paul M. Routledge handbooks. Including contributions from leading sport media and communications scholars and professionals from around the world, the book examines emerging new and social media, tradi- tional print, broadcast and screen media, sociological themes in communication in sport, and man- agement issues, at every level, from the interpersonal to communication within and between sport organisations and global institutions.

    Taking stock of current research, new ideas and key issues, this book is an essential reference for any advanced student, researcher or practitioner with an interest in sport communication, sport business, sport management, sport marketing, communication theory, journalism, or media studies. Vor diesem Hintergrund wird deutlich, dass sowohl Mannschafts-Sportspiele als auch die Olympischen Spiele bzw. Sowohl der Wettbewerb von Sportspielen selbst als auch seine Organisation und Umsetzungen werden von Autoren behandelt.

    Dabei wird die Rolle ganz verschiedener Gruppen untersucht, darunter die der Spielein- dustrie, die der Event-Manager und nicht zuletzt die der Spieler selbst. Pfeiffer, Alexander; Wochenalt, Andreas Neckenmarkt: Novum Eco. Im Mittelpunkt steht die Hypothese, dass eSport als Sport wahrge- nommen wird, wenn das eSport-Event dem Muster der medialen Inszenierung klassischer Sportver- anstaltungen entspricht und dabei die sportliche Leistung inhaltlich zu identifizieren ist. Fantasy Sport consumer segmentation.

    In: Sport marketing quarterly, 19 4 , S. Among these means of sport fan consumption is fantasy sport participation. Thus, the aim of this study was to investigate the differing modes of sport consumption exhibited by fantasy sport participants. Employing an or- thogonal research design, the study uncovered four distinct consumption modes, each with differing patterns of behavior. Discussed are the theoretical results with regard to player attachment and psy- chological commitment to team as well as practical implications for sport marketers looking to utilize fantasy sport participation as an enhanced marketing communication tool.

    Der 6. Kaiser, Sebasti- an: Besondere Herausforderungen an das Kommunikationsmanagement im professionellen Mann- schaftssport. Poupaux, Sandrine; Breuer, Christoph: Does higher sport supply lead to higher sport demand? A city level analysis — Preliminary results. Schaaf, Daniela: Multitestimonials im Sport.

    Wicker, Pamela: Sportausgaben von Ver- einssportlern - ein Sportartenvergleich mit Managementimplikationen. Kretschmann, Rolf How sport management games train prospective sport managers, development of competencies by playing digital sports games?! In: Maja Pivec Hg. Oktober Reading: Academic Conferences, S. Kuhn, Kerri-Ann L. The world of games is not only exciting due to the magnificent growth of the industry however, but due to a host of other factors.

    This chapter explores electronic games, providing an anal- ysis of the industry, key motivators for game play, the game medium and academic research concern- ing the effects of play. It also reviews the emerging relationship games share with sport, recognizing that they can replicate sports, facilitate sports articipation and be played as a sport. These are complex relationships that have not yet been comprehensively studied.

    The current chapter serves to draw academic attention to the area and presents ideas for future research. Reading: Academic Conferences. Roy, Donald P. This chapter proposes a conceptual framework for marketers to utilize in their examinations of influences on the consumption of fantasy sports by post- modern sports fans. It leads to the proposition that fantasy sports consumption is impacted by the interplay of psychological characteristics internal to consumers, social interactions, and external influences controlled by fantasy sports marketers.

    Septem- ber Sliwka, Frank Mehr als ein Onlinespiel. Der Onlinewettkampf im eSport um Titel und Werbetreibende. Quelle: EconBiz. Sie betrachten den Sport als eine Wachstumsbranche der deutschen Wirtschaft, in der die Organisa- tion und das Management der Mitglieder und Kunden immer komplexer wird.

    Bezold, Thomas: Naming- rights als Finanzierungs und Marketinginstrument. Dietl, Helmut M. Keiner, Richard: Social Marketing im Sport. Schierl, Thomas: Sport und Marke. Von Twitch zu YouTube Gaming. E-sport; Spielforschung; Videospiel. In diesem Beitrag werden Kernaussagen und thematische Tendenzen der deutschen Sportberichterstattung aufge- zeigt. Playing in-between. Sie beinhalten sich selbst, durchdringen einander, nehmen Be- zug zueinander und vermischen sich.

    Mediale Berichterstattung im professionellen eSport am Beispiel von Dota 2. Im zweiten Fragebogen waren weder der Video-Clip noch die Zusatzinformationen vorhanden. The following bachelor thesis centers around media related news coverage about esports, using the example of Dota 2. Esports, the professional multiplayer competition via Pc or console, has become a worldwide phenomenon over the last couple of years. Initially, this thesis will provide for you the ba- sic information regarding esports, sports, Dota 2 and the History of videogames. Subsequently the ap- plied research method will be presented to you: two questionnaires and integrated experiment with the target of surveying the attitude of the subjects regarding esports.

    Participants of the first question- naire where shown a video clip of a Dota 2 tournament, provided with a lot of bonus information and several targeted questions. The second questionnaire however had neither the video clip nor the bo- nus information. The goal of the forms was to research whether the opinion of rather indifferent sub- jects could change if provided by a lot of bonus information. To achieve said goal, the results of both surveys where then compared to determine to which extent they differed from another.

    Ultimately, the disparities where negligible regardless of which questionnaire was answered. We are accelerating the global evolution of sports and supporting it worldwide. Companies and consumers benefit from our solutions and services. For careers with passion. To serve the sporting goods and related industries, the labelling requirements for products and their packaging are defined in the following categories:.

    About Us. About ISPO. More About Us. Partners Contact. Exhibitor Directory. Event program. Directions, Accomodation, Visas. The Concept. For trade visitors. Tickets Opening hours Plans of grounds and halls Download whitepaper App. For Retailer. Advantages for retailer. For exhibitors. All pages at a glance. For Journalists. OutDays for consumers. Event Schedule. Directions, Accommodation, Visas. For Trade Visitors. For Exhibitors. For Visitors.

    Warum Jesus kein Burnout hatte: Von innen heraus stark sein (German Edition) Warum Jesus kein Burnout hatte: Von innen heraus stark sein (German Edition)
    Warum Jesus kein Burnout hatte: Von innen heraus stark sein (German Edition) Warum Jesus kein Burnout hatte: Von innen heraus stark sein (German Edition)
    Warum Jesus kein Burnout hatte: Von innen heraus stark sein (German Edition) Warum Jesus kein Burnout hatte: Von innen heraus stark sein (German Edition)
    Warum Jesus kein Burnout hatte: Von innen heraus stark sein (German Edition) Warum Jesus kein Burnout hatte: Von innen heraus stark sein (German Edition)
    Warum Jesus kein Burnout hatte: Von innen heraus stark sein (German Edition) Warum Jesus kein Burnout hatte: Von innen heraus stark sein (German Edition)

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