Rebuilding the Left

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On one level, this is an exercise in memory, and against forgetting. Among several questions we will consider are:. Samia Zennadi is a left ecofeminist from Algeria, and an archaeologist by training. She is a former member of the organizing committee of the International Festival of Literature and Youth Book to She is a publisher and author of a book on the art of carpeting in Algeria.

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Zonayed Saki came into politics through the democracy movement that overthrew a decade-long military regime in Bangladesh. He then joined leading left student organization Bangladesh Chhatra Federation, becoming its President in The Federation campaigned against sexual harassment on campus, the commercialization of public education, and environmental destruction— all of which became part of his future electoral platform.

Marisa Wilson. The State of Democracy in Latin America. Jonathan R.

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Helio Jaguaribe. Ramon Grosfoguel. Latin America and Contemporary Modernity. Politics and Policy in Democratic Spain. Paul Heywood.

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Intellectuals and the State in Twentieth-Century Mexico. Roderic Ai Camp.

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Globalization on the Ground. Christopher Chase-Dunn. Feather in the Storm. Emily Wu. Cultural Policy. Toby Miller. Local Democracy in Modern Mexico. Arturo Flores. Anything Your Little Heart Desires. Patricia Bosworth. Populism in Europe and the Americas. Cas Mudde. Red Barcelona. Angel Smith. System of Economical Contradictions; or, the Philosophy of Misery. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. Integrating Southern Europe.

Otto Holman. The Importance of Mutual Aid.

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Peter Kropotkin. The Challenge of Rural Democratisation.


Jonathan Fox. The Man Who Stayed Behind. Sidney Rittenberg. The Politics of Contemporary Spain. Sebastian Balfour. I turned to my friend in panic. Over the course of the day, Luna had a total of seven strokes. Her biggest stroke was in hospital. My whole left side was gone. It was soul destroying. There were so many elements of my stroke that made me believe I was no longer Luna. Ten months on, Luna is focused on finishing her Media Studies degree.

She talks at our events to raise awareness, especially of stroke in young people, and help others to rebuild their lives after stroke. Luna features in our Rebuilding Lives campaign.

Rebuilding the Left Rebuilding the Left
Rebuilding the Left Rebuilding the Left
Rebuilding the Left Rebuilding the Left
Rebuilding the Left Rebuilding the Left
Rebuilding the Left Rebuilding the Left
Rebuilding the Left Rebuilding the Left
Rebuilding the Left Rebuilding the Left

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