Nothing Is Easy

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For years the Chinese government has tried to prevent the city from reaching its capacity by setting a quota on residential permits, but the increasing demand for skilled workers made it increasingly difficult.


The attempts to attract rural migrants to non-central cities resulted in ghost cities. In complete juxtaposition to Beijing where rent is skyrocketing, there are around 30 million vacant apartments in the outskirts with no sign of buyers. In order to discourage rural migration to already congested cities, officials deny social benefits to children of migrants and prevent their enrollment in local public schools. Aside from the social price paid for its reforms, environmental issues are also highly debated.

Air quality and water safety were my main concerns before coming here, and even though the smog is not as apocalyptic as portrayed by foreign media, I cannot say it is an ideal situation.

Nothing Is Easy

Industrial coal-fired power plants, extensive car use, endless construction, and overall lack of law enforcement caused air pollution to reach levels that are more than 10 times those considered safe by Western organizations. The short-term solutions—such as shutting off factories during days with heavy pollution—are far from sustainable, but there are signs of slight improvement in the recent two to three years. China is supposed to peak its carbon emissions by , but with the recent slowdown in its economy, many things might change as it re-adjusts its targets for the few years.

As for my targets for this semester, I hope to learn as much as possible and reveal the stories behind the dry statistic. Sign In. This is a 1 page sample. You'll receive all 2 pages after purchase. Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in the original published key. The Killers. You're My Best Friend. Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Unchained Melody. The Righteous Brothers.

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Nothing is Easy

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Nothing Is Easy Nothing Is Easy
Nothing Is Easy Nothing Is Easy
Nothing Is Easy Nothing Is Easy
Nothing Is Easy Nothing Is Easy
Nothing Is Easy Nothing Is Easy
Nothing Is Easy Nothing Is Easy
Nothing Is Easy Nothing Is Easy
Nothing Is Easy Nothing Is Easy
Nothing Is Easy

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