Murder Mystery Mayhem 2 (The Social Workshop) (Party Games)

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Everyone had went to a lot of effort with their costumes. No-one guessed who the murder was although there were a lot of accusations flying around. Kelly sent in this feedback about their Who Killed Santa? There were several people that got into their roles and wore great costumes to enhance their part.

In the end everyone had a great time, and the skeptics are still talking about what a great time they had. We even had one person guess the killer! He played the part of Bert McGill, motorcycle shop owner. Keep in mind that Weldon has to be one of the most conservative of all our our staff, so we were all quite shocked to see him in his costume.

It was great. This was perfect!

Murder Mystery Dinner - Sykesville, Maryland

There were way too many to attach but I wanted to pass along our sincere thanks. We hope you come up with more ideas for future events! What an absolute riot!!! We had so much fun. Wow, that did the trick! Not only did people dress in character, some had props, accents,…many added flair and personality to their character. So glad we chose to play this game at our Christmas party. We would do it again. Everyone was involved, there was much laughter and jokes throughout the evening!

The Love Letter

Their "movies" were a hoot! This is the 3rd year in a row that we have used your games as sort of an ice breaker for the kids to get to know one another. As usual, it was a great success. I had 2 grandsons who played Spellbound with us, one 13 and one 9 years old.

Teambuilding Games: Murder Mystery Party Games Ideas

The 9-year-old played Jason Bennett, and he did a pretty good job from what I could tell. He started out playing with my husband. They went over the part together at the begining of the game and then my grandson just took off and didn't seem to need any more help, while husband sat and watched!

We have generally tried to incoroporate the younger grandkids by letting them play the character with a parent alongside, so they play together.

They usually come dressed somewhat alike in costumes. Some kids are more interested than others. Some pairs play the whole thing together and consult with each other; some follow their parent around, and some parents follow their kid. The younger ones usually start the game and then drift off to play with other cousins and toys in the room: Doing it this way seems to work for both parent and child. The game doesn't suffer, as there is at least the parent to play if the child needs help or drops out. You might also like to take a look at Kids Party Cabin , an excellent site for all aspects of organizing a fun party for everyone!

And for a game for younger kids, you should try our friends at Kids' Mystery Parties , who have a good range of fun mystery games designed for ages 5— If you've run one of our games for your kids, we'd love to hear about it! You can tell us via this form. We used Way out West , the kids' version, for my daughter's 13th birthday party. It was a grand success. The boys and girls all got into their parts, came dressed up and really enjoyed themselves.

Some of the kids worked really hard on their goals, and others just spent the whole time in "shoot outs" and recovering from being unconscious! Having something to do and a role to play made it easy for lots of interactions - which is important for the socially awkward age of I just wish you had more games adapted for the kids!

As a parent giving the party, it was nice to not have to worry about sending home the kids with age-inappropriate story lines although we will be giving another murder mystery party for our adult friends and we look forward to an evening of mayhem and murder! Kids approach and play these games in a different way to adults, and it's worth considering this when you're hosting games for them. Some of the things we take for granted when running games for adults no longer apply. Here are some guidelines that we've found valuable when hosting games for kids ourselves, which you might like to consider.

You know your kids better than we do, of course, and some of this may not be necessary for them — and some will be more true of year-olds than it is of year-olds, for example.

Murder at the Juice Joint

I always had them for my teenaged daughter and her friends and they were a big hit. They are the co-owners of an elaborate estate of prime land near the city limits and Abe Downing, the number one harness race horse for the past three years. This is the Social Event of the year! Attendance is by invite only. The guests here are VIP, Elite! No stewards allowed; among the elite everything is considered fair play.

Networking with good taste! Perfect your handicapping! Join the stakes; come prepared to place your wager on the colors of your choice…. Art-themed Mystery Alexander Phimister would like to graciously thank all his family, friends, and acquaintances who have assisted in his recent achievement of the Carnegie Award for the Arts.

This is a prestigious international award presented to a renowned artist who has made an extraordinary impact in the world of art. In celebration of this great achievement you are cordially invited to attend a reception at da Galleria in honor of Alexander Phimister. As a tribute to this special occasion Mr.

Phimister will be revealing, for the very first time, a miniature bronze that is rumored to be his best piece of work yet! A Bite of Twilight Twilight-inspired Vampire Mystery Alison, a fashionable vampire, is hostessing the soiree of the year and it will be to-die-for! It is rumored she will have a rare piece of jewelry on display.

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You are very excited to have received one of her exclusive invites! Several of the guests are guaranteed to cause quite the stir. With Vampires, Werewolves, and mere Mortals in attendance, this party is destined to go until dusk.

Scooby Doo Mystery Mayhem with Rob Huebel - Guest Grumps

While your kind may embrace the darkness, beware of the…Bite of Twilight! We are excited to welcome the founder of the Red Hat Ladies, Suzy Cooper, her best friend and first red hat recipient, Glinda Murphy, and the famous poet who inspired the development of the Red Hat Ladies, Ginny Josef. Revenge of the Refs! Roller Derby Theme After enduring abuse from cocky skaters and their devoted fans, the League Referees decided to take control of the situation and form a group of rule abiding allies in order to wreak revenge.

They joined forces with the League support staff; Scorekeepers, penalty trackers, and everyone who believed in following the proper procedures, no matter what the circumstances are. In the past the refs had been seeking their revenge off the track; driving slowly in front of skaters and helping the fans cross the street, at the crosswalk, of course! The abuse keeps coming so they have finally decided to prove their case and take the revenge to the track!

Book Party.

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The House Red. Dying for a CLUE. Inspired by the board game Was it the Inspector in the Kitchen with the Revolver? Chocolate Lovers Die-lite. The Scandals at the Speakeasy! The Holmes Manor Mystery. Help Detective Holmes Detective Ella Holmes is requesting your assistance in solving a crime, of the worst kind!

Big Hair Band Homicide. The Victim at the Victory Show. Offed at the Races. Mayhem at Mardi Gras. A magical and mysterious adventure! Wild West Showdown. Sanctuary Secrets. A haunted church mystery After the tragic and mysterious murder in St. Perfect for a fundraiser or Halloween!

Murder Mystery Mayhem 2 (The Social Workshop) (Party Games) Murder Mystery Mayhem 2 (The Social Workshop) (Party Games)
Murder Mystery Mayhem 2 (The Social Workshop) (Party Games) Murder Mystery Mayhem 2 (The Social Workshop) (Party Games)
Murder Mystery Mayhem 2 (The Social Workshop) (Party Games) Murder Mystery Mayhem 2 (The Social Workshop) (Party Games)
Murder Mystery Mayhem 2 (The Social Workshop) (Party Games) Murder Mystery Mayhem 2 (The Social Workshop) (Party Games)
Murder Mystery Mayhem 2 (The Social Workshop) (Party Games) Murder Mystery Mayhem 2 (The Social Workshop) (Party Games)
Murder Mystery Mayhem 2 (The Social Workshop) (Party Games) Murder Mystery Mayhem 2 (The Social Workshop) (Party Games)
Murder Mystery Mayhem 2 (The Social Workshop) (Party Games) Murder Mystery Mayhem 2 (The Social Workshop) (Party Games)

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