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A Citizen’s Guide To Healthcare Rights

I was quite impressed with the message of this essay, and Dr. Verghese and I sent a few messages back and forth about it on Twitter:. Eric thanks! Far from it!

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Shared core values! So pleased u like this. There is some backstory here. Verghese and I met several years ago when he came to Scripps Health for a conference. We were on a panel together, pitted against each other, with him standing up for human touch and I for technology. We discussed a technology called hand-held echocardiography, also known as pocket ultrasound, which was new at the time. While Dr.

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Verghese is one of the masters of teaching the bedside exam, he duly acknowledged the technological edge this tool provided beyond the stethoscope, allowing physicians to see the heart via ultrasound. He had already adopted this tool for his physical exam and for teaching students and physician trainees. That surprised me since most physicians then—and still today—have been reluctant to use the pocket ultrasound in place of the year old stethoscope, the icon of medicine. We discussed how the technology of hand-held ultrasound can actually make the office visit more intimate.

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Many consider that an impossible paradox. But instead of the patient having no ability to know what the doctor is hearing, there are video loops to share and discuss. In a formal echocardiogram, the findings are not discussed with the patient at the time of the scan, but are typically only obtainable days later when the study has been officially read by the cardiologist. The patient never gets to see his or her ultrasound images.

In my own practice, I do a smartphone electrocardiogram rhythm strip for each patient I see in clinic and review the results in real time.

Human Touch - Human Touch And Health - Importance Of Physical Contact

Whenever possible, I email the results to patients right away so that they will have their data to review and for future reference. These are just a couple of examples of how technology can promote connectivity with patients. Since our initial encounter in , Dr.

Stressing the human touch in health care | Yale School of Medicine

Verghese and I have become friends. Medicine is also an art—the missing half. Treat the patient, not the disease.

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Always offer a hand and a smile. In fact, medical studies prove that compassion has a positive impact on health and patient satisfaction, so why are we forgetting the power of human touch and compassion in medicine? In our modern lives, technology reigns, but I urge you not to forget the healing power of compassion and human touch.

Luke is a native of Denver.

How good are you at this tech stuff?

Share this:. Related Posts. Bio Latest Posts. Avani discovered in the past four years of medical school that she is more than just a future physician. She has found passions in other areas of medicine such as policy, advocacy, and healthcare administration.

Medicine With a Human Touch Medicine With a Human Touch
Medicine With a Human Touch Medicine With a Human Touch
Medicine With a Human Touch Medicine With a Human Touch
Medicine With a Human Touch Medicine With a Human Touch
Medicine With a Human Touch Medicine With a Human Touch

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