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The objective of the present study is to know the importance of buccal health for adolescents of different social strata, identifying the importance of dental aesthetics, and the care that these students take in relation to their buccal health. The methodological process adopted in this investigation is of qualitative nature, using as technique of collection of data the semi-structured interview.

We know the importance of buccal health in several contexts of their lives, as in their personal appearance, sexuality, employment, and general health. This investigation allows us to know the motivations of adolescents to preserve their buccal health, and we believe to be so valid to develop health promotionh through health education. Conocimos la importancia de la salud bucal en varios contextos de sus vidas, como en la apariencia personal, en la sexualidad, en el empleo y en la salud en general.

O que uma cultura admite como mutilado, desfigurado, pode ser belo para outra. Utilizamos o recurso da entrevista semi-estruturada e, para registrar as falas, utilizamos um gravador. Vita et Pax. Foram entrevistados 4 alunos em cada escola, sendo sempre dois meninos e duas meninas. Muitas vezes, deixam de consumir a merenda fornecida pela escola, que acreditamos ser bem mais balanceada que os alimentos que eles relataram consumir. A2: Os dentes feio Os adolescentes geralmente gostam de trabalhar. A4: Ah Mas, infelizmente, ainda existe um pouco da imagem negativa do dentista.

Appearance and aesthetics in oral health. Community Dent. The country is one of our priority markets and will continue to be. We adapted our offer during the past few years, and now that we are seeing that the demand is growing again, we are increasing our offer as well. We want to actively contribute with the recovery of the demand.

Of course, we also have an analytical analysis of the economic situation and we understand it is still on the early stages of improving, so it is important to keep a close look into the future developments. Both Amsterdam and Paris can serve as the new gateway to Europe and beyond, from where our customers will be able to choose destinations in countries, with over 2, connecting options.

SETH: So far, we are lucky and happy to see that the bookings are coming in well in line with our expectations. On the other hand, we can always do better, therefore we are always approaching the market with competitive fares and our expectations remain high. It also shows the ambition we have in the.

We will keep a close look on how these routes will perform, and once we are operating, and sales continue to be promising we will of course consider at a further expansion, in which case we aim to offer a daily flight between the North East and Europe. Four years ago, it was only. The partnership developed rapidly and in a smart way. We are excited and convinced the next phase of the partnership will create even more benefits for our customers, where we always target to offer a seamless experience between the carriers.

What is the perspective of the partnership between Bradutch and KLM in your point of view? SETH: First of all, congratulations on this expansion. Great news! As a leading European airline group, we are happy to continue to build and expand the traffic between Brazil and Europe. Bradutch shows that this potential is there and that our hubs in Europe can.

I am convinced that together we can further grow the importance of Brazil in Europe, and what better than offering a direct product into the main gateways allowing companies and leisure passengers to benefit from the strength of Amsterdam and Paris into continental Europe. Europastry Benelux is a subsidiary of the Spanish family business Europastry. Since it has been devoted to producing high quality bread and frozen pastries. The company is especially proud of its latest production center in Oldenzaal, the Netherlands, which will attend to all its Northern European markets.

In the company initially opened its Benelux sales office in the Dutch city of Spijkenisse to serve the Northern European markets. With its distinctive, high-quality products, the company soon gained an important position in the Dutch retail market. There was also a growing interest for Europastry products in the crafts and out-of-home segments.

To meet increasing demand in the Netherlands, the start of business in Belgium and the growing number of contracts in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, Europastry decided to increase its production capacity for Northern Europe. Since May , the brand-new production location in Oldenzaal has been fully operational. The impressive building with its interior to match, complies in all respects with the most modern standards of technology and sustainability. Oldenzaal has currently one line in full production. The plant. A few years ago, Europastry ventured on its path to internationalization.

From a business that grew with export, it is developing into a true multinational. The opening of Oldenzaal allows the Spanish company to enter new markets with more capacity, and operate more stably and competitively than before. Oldenzaal can grow to become an important production location for Europastry International. Establishing your business in the Netherlands You are seeking Business Opportunities in the Netherlands We help you realize them.

In the previous edition, I wrote about Logistics Centers in The Netherlands and why the country is one of the top business destinations in the world. In this article, I will explore how to establish your business in The Netherlands, considering that this is a subject in which I have received many questions about it. First of all, I would like to remind you that The Netherlands has solidly established itself as a prime base for European or regional headquarters of international companies. The physical location at the very heart of Europe, with unparalleled access to the rest of the world via the Ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, makes the country a truly world-class destination and an attractive location for employees.

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The Netherlands has the leading position in the international ranking of pension plan management and financial logistics, developing substantial knowledge on climate and financial sustainability;. As stated above, there are enough reasons to establish your business in The Netherlands; but how to do this? What are the local requirements? To accurately answer this question,.

Dutch regulations encourage inward investment and start-ups, ease transition, stimulate commerce, and show no bias against firms having a home base outside of The Netherlands. On the contrary, the Dutch are proactively sensitive to the special needs of foreign firms and expatriate workers. Setting up a business in The Netherlands is quite straightforward. Under Dutch law, a foreign individual or company may operate in The Netherlands through an incorporated or unincorporated entity or a branch i.

All individuals engaged in commercial business and all legal entities have to register their businesses with the Trade Registry Handelsregister at the local Chamber of Commerce Kamer van Koophandel. After that, it is necessary to choose the legal classification of the entity. Among the various legal forms of classifying a company in the country, the most common are B.

Both, the BV and the NV, are legal entities and have capital stock divided into shares. The laws regulating the BV are largely based upon rules governing the NV. Mainly, the difference between the two is related to the shares. The shares of a BV are not freely transferable, which makes this type of company generally preferred as the vehicle for privatelyheld companies.

Generally, the shares in an NV are freely transferable. In addition, as cooperative, there is no minimum capital requirements which for the.

The cooperative form is increasingly used for holding and financing companies, primarily because of its favourable tax treatment and corporate flexibility. As mentioned earlier, establishing a branch in the country is also possible. A branch is a business operation that is carried on in the Netherlands by a foreign entity directly, without setting up a separate Dutch entity.

A branch is easier and less expensive to use than a Dutch entity. However, since a branch has no legal personality, the foreign entity operating the branch is fully liable for all of its obligations. Ending this article, I highlight the number of facilities offer comprehensive startup services, such as office space, conference rooms, and multilingual administrative and secretarial services in the country. Generally, flexible arrangements can be made to suit individual needs.

Good business! The State has been observing a recent growth in the number of domestic visitors, especially after having had its beauties portrayed in a famous Brazilian soap opera, in addition to other international productions. Now, one of the goals of the State is to present all its beauty abroad. Following an invitation by the Brazilian Ambassador to the Netherlands, Regina Maria Cordeiro Dunlop, a delegation from Tocantins traveled to the Netherlands to participate in the largest tourism fair in the world, the Vakantiebeurs, held from January 9 to 14 in the city of Utrecht.

The edition had more than , visitors during its six days and presented destinations, between regions, cities and countries.

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Participation in this fair makes us quite sure to invest in. Aimed at a professional public of the tourism sector, BTL received about 40 thousand visitors during its five days. Tocantins has a privileged position in the Brazilian territory, being located in the geodesic center of the country, that is, in the central point between.

Such location makes the State present a huge diversity of landscapes, which include the Cerrado, the Amazon Forest and also a region with wet land characteristics. The natural beauty of the Tocantins region makes the State a great destination for tourism, and the work that has been carried out with the objective of promoting local tourism has had an effect: according to the Superintendent of Tourism of the State of Tocantins, James Possapp, the annual growth of tourist flow in the State has shown a great performance in recent years, and it also presents a growth trend.

The Government of Tocantins has sought to present other beautiful local regions, which still do not receive such a high number of visitors, to tourists. The Mountain Ranges and Lake region is home to the State capital, Palmas, a modern planned city founded in , being thus the most recent capital of a State in Brazil. Like the name of the region says, tourism on the site is divided between Serra do Lajeado Lageado Mountain Range , which has several waterfalls, streams, caves and archaeological sites, and a lake where visitors can practice water sports. The site features several kilometers of water tracks during the wet season, which can be covered with a kayak, bringing the visitor closer to the rich nature of the region, where they can find a huge diversity of species of fish and birds.

Another place where we can find Amazon and Cerrado landscapes is in the region of Bico do Papagaio, which is located in a transition area between these two biomes. Located in the northernmost part of the State, the region is between the two main rivers that bathe Tocantins, Araguaia river and Tocantins river. The location of the State in the Brazilian territory not only brings advantages to the tourism sector, but also gives Tocantins a strategic position in the logistic area, allowing the wealth generated in the State to be easily transported to other States and countries.

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Agriculture was on the agenda during the trip to the Netherlands and was discussed at the meeting between the governor and Rabobank, a Dutch bank that has programs aimed at increasing productivity in the sector, already applied in some regions of Brazil. In a decade in which other regions of the country are gaining more and more space, the high growth of tourism along with a strong agricultural sector makes Tocantins one of the most promising Brazilian states.

Imagine… that we can produce more food without overtaxing the earth. That we revive agricultural land and waste fewer resources. Imagine… that no one has to leave their home to flee famine. And that there are fewer conflicts. Now imagine… that it is a bank working towards this vision. A bank founded by and for farmers, that understands you can achieve more together, and knows all about food and how to grow it.

Imagine… that we help kick-start the smartest innovations by our customers and partners on a global scale. And jointly address the biggest food issues on six continents.

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Imagine… that we can solve the world food problem together. And you can count on us. Her story, however, does not start in agriculture, and neither was her transition into agroindustry operation an easy one. Taking over the business during that time was not an option, though, but a necessity, since. The transition of routines and activities needed to happen, and it did. Though slowly and gradually, it is still an ongoing process. The producer did not have time to professionally prepare herself to the activities of the farm, something that made her learn everything that involved business management of a large rural property with her every-day experiences.

Therefore, I contracted a manager; we built our first professional team and made the adjustments each year. Today, I have counselors for several diverse activities that we developed, partnerships with corporations as well as hired interns from various locations of Brazil by opening up our experience at FSB for research work at Embrapa Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation and several universities.

The FSB is a farm that has its gates open, literally! Embrapa made all the difference in this process, since it helped with its technology and support, while we went all in with the risks and the work for the establishment of the system. Some other partnerships, the climate and the market also helped, and miracle happened! Sustainability is taken seriously at FSB and Marize explains that, adopting sustainable techniques in her business made all the difference in the results she has accomplished year after year.

What touches upon the environment, specifically, apart from preserving it we are remaking the native biomes in various manners: by means of the extensive and integrated use of property;. Beyond that, we contribute to a larger environment preservation by means of adequate handling and usage of water, the protection of water springs, the direct plantation, the rotation of annual crops, the control of the compaction soil and its erosion, preservation and the re-composition of native forest, as well as flora and fauna.

At the moment, we are also studying the implementation of solar energy system in the property. With regards to the economical aspect, we have a diversity of products that allows us to produce during the 12 months of the year, with two consecutivegrain crops soybean and first-crop corn, second-crop maize, sunflower, sorghum and millet, consorted with the grass , two crops of oxen of pasture and of confinement , also woods and grapes.

During this year integration, an expressive evolution in the production of the principal products occurred: soybean, corn and animal protein. Regarding the social aspect, we are collaborating on putting men on the ground, thus producing more employment and rent, ensuring work throughout the year. Our board of collaborators evolved in quantity and quality.

All are real examples of multifunctional collaborators, envisioning production systems, being continuously trained in agricultural machinery and technologies and cutting-edge inputs. Even without the experience when taking over FSB, the agroindustry is reason for conquers and proudness. This wonderful example of good practices allows Rabobank to be even more proud of rural producers that are making the difference for the Brazilian agroindustry and serving as reference to the rest of the world.

Porto Central will be responsible for building the basic port infrastructure, such as a 25 meters draft access channel, breakwater, quays, internal access routes, utilities, and port clients will have a 2. Government to attract export-oriented industries. Porto Central is a private port and will follow the same business model as the Port of Rotterdam, offering an attractive business environment, a simple, non-bureaucratized solution and a competitive logistics, in order to contribute to meeting the most optimistic demands of cargo handling growth in the region and creating an efficient alternative to the existing state ports.

Those who seek a suitable place to install a new business, such as a port terminal, an industry or a service provider unit, should know the advantages of Porto Central. With its privileged geographical position, the Euregio has a strong focus on European trade and distribution.

Situated next to the campus of the renown innovative University of Twente, the Enschede office has excellent road and rail connections to Amsterdam airport as well as to the economic heart of Germany. A vast majority of the larger cities of as well Germany as Holland are within a two-hour drive. His practice is divided in two parts. He is one of less than a hundred lawyers, admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.

That rather academical part of his practice is focused on. But the larger part is predominantly focused on transactions and commerce. English; I am familiar with habits and expectations from both sides; I like to be a guide and to introduce Brazilians to Europe, and Dutchmen to Brazil. In fact, he is like you are. He also wants to be trusted, he also thinks he is fair, he also wants to make profit, he also dislikes big risks.

And he also feels good, when he is respected. Second, I am lawyer. I used to be a university professor in the law of international sale of goods. Chris Harmsen. Business has to be based on the concepts we share together. When we look better we see that there is a lot more we have in common, than what divides us. And Brazilians and Europeans have much to win, if they can merge their potentials. Good business starts with getting to know each other better.

By that means, we get an idea of the trustworthiness of the other party and about his expectations. The role I play is different from that of many colleagues. First: I cherish my transcultural skills.

10 atitudes que te tornam mais feliz - Pe. Chrystian Shankar

I am fluent in Dutch, Portuguese and. And last but not least: I am a teamplayer and I like to build bridges. With these skills I am in the first place a negotiator that looks to find a wellaccepted solid basis for cooperation. However, non-EU citizens often require a residence and work permit to be allowed to work in the EU legally. Besides, most residence permits are valid in one EU Member State only. In this article I will deal with the permits required by entrepreneurs and their employees to stay and work in the EU.

As a preliminary remark, I would like to say that as a Dutch lawyer I can only advise on European and Dutch migration law and on entry of foreign nationals to the Netherlands. The same goes for migration lawyers in other EU Member States. Thus the international network of Primerus Lawyers is ideally suited to advise Brazilian and other non-European companies that intend to expand across the continent.

To do so, they are free to work in the Netherlands. They have lawful residence on the basis of the treaties concerned. Those who want to stay for more than three months must register their domicile with the municipal personal records database. After five. In principle, they will also have to obtain a Provisional Residence Permit MVV; Machtiging Voorlopig Verblijf in their country of origin before they are allowed to enter the Netherlands. The MVV must be utilized within six months after the date of issue.

The Dutch Migration Authority IND will assess the application for the requested specific purpose of stay and verify the documents. If the application is rejected, the foreigner can lodge an objection in writing, appeal to the District Court and further appeal to the Administrative Law Division of the Council of State. There are different requirements for each purpose.

If foreigners wish to reside in the Netherlands for work, they must produce an employment contract. These documents usually need to be authenticated or legalized. The means of legalization and acceptance of legalized documents varies from country to country. In that case an MVV is not required for the second application.

Employers who employ migrants without a work permit risk a fine of EUR 24, for every migrant for each violation. Whether or not a such residence permits will be granted depends on income levels and agreements between the IND and the employers. These employers assume responsibility that their foreign workers meet the applicable specific requirements.

Employers do not require a work permit for highly skilled migrants or EU blue card holders. In order to qualify for this permit, a highly skilled migrant should earn a minimum gross monthly income of EUR 4, or EUR 3, if they under 30 years old. Migrants qualify for an EU blue card if they earn at least EUR 5, per month, regardless of age, and they have completed a higher education program of at least 3 years. The employer, in turn, has to prove that. Foreign managers, key personnel at higher professional level, who have an employment contract with an undertaking established outside the EU and who will temporarily be transferred to one or more branches of this undertaking within one or more Member States in the EU, can obtain a residence permit for intra-corporate transferees.

The application is to be submitted in the Member State where the transferee will work and stay most of the time, but it will entitle him to work for branches in other Member States and stay there as well. The main drawback is that this permit expires after a maximum of 3 years and cannot be extended. The foreigner should have the qualifications and licenses that are required for his or her profession in the Netherlands. The foreigners have to prove by means of a business plan and financial data.

Thanks to bilateral treaties it is a lot easier for American and Japanese citizens to obtain a residence permit on a self-employed basis in the Netherlands, provided that they do business between their country of origin and the Netherlands or develop and lead the general business of an American or Japanese company in the Netherlands. The business of these American and Japanese nationals is not required to serve an essential Dutch economic interest. Even migrants in possession of a Dutch EU Blue Card that want to live and work in other EU countries are obliged to apply for a residence permit and sometimes a work permit if they move to these countries.

Brazilian and other non-European companies that want to expand their business across Europe and bring their own personnel can contact Russell Advocaten. Through our network of Primerus migration Lawyers, we can advise the entrepreneur on the specific requirements for obtaining a work or residence permit in The Netherlands and any other EU Member State.

He is an experienced lawyer who serves as outside corporate counsel to Brazilian and other foreign and domestic businesses. He deals with all aspects pertaining to international business immigration, real estate and rent. Where legal issues are not an issue. Russell Advocaten is a full-service law firm for leading enterprises. We take care of a broad range of fields: corporate law, business formation and reorganization, real estate and lease law, labour and employment law and commercial litigation.

You can contact us on all your legal issues. The configuration of the current global scenario, impacted by the effects of a rapid globalization process, demands that economic agents make efforts to move out of a state of isolation and seek to expand their business in order to gain a competitive edge. In some cases, especially when it involves small and medium-sized enterprises, improving competitiveness is often a matter of survival in an increasingly competitive market. One of the effects of globalization that can be easily observed is the increased interaction between companies.

Such requirement, however, is often too large of a barrier to being overtaken by a small or medium-sized enterprise, primarily because of the resource constraints they have compared to a larger company. It is also common for many of these companies to be unaware, for example, of the legal procedures required during the internationalization process, since they involve foreign laws and regulations.

Companies usually go through three. The first phase, shown in the figure below, represents the entry of a company into a previously unknown foreign market. The second phase shows a substantial improvement in the performance indicators of the company, reflecting the gain of knowledge that it acquires throughout its operation abroad, something that can be achieved in different ways. The stagnation shown from the third stage may be due to the high increase in the complexity of the. Seminars, trade missions, workshops, matchmaking, business roundtables.

In addition to the lectures, which will feature presentations made by Dutch entrepreneurs invited by Bradutch, PINEB will also have seminars,. The document gathers official data and information on announced foreign direct investments, with the recent investment relationship between the country and the European Union. The analysis of investments made between and evidence that Brazil and the European Union have a long business relationship, with robust bilateral investments in sectors such as mining, agribusiness, and value-added goods and services.

For the president of Apex-Brasil, Roberto Jaguaribe, European investment in Brazil is highly significant, which is an indicator of the wealthy relationship between the country and Europe as a whole. Beyond demonstrating the extent of economic integration between the two regions, the study offers inputs for public policy formulators seeking to foster the relations between Brazil and the European Union, aimed at promoting the economic development of both through innovation, environmental sustainability, and job generation.

The publication also seeks to help investors with information that is useful for their investment strategies. The negotiations began almost 20 years ago, but have gone through lengthy inactive periods. Since , however, negotiators meet almost on a monthly basis, and are making significant progress. At present, it is very clear that both Parties are determined to soon achieve a balanced and comprehensive agreement If one looks at any major free trade negotiation, at any rate, the final contours of tariffs and rules of origin — which are largely intertwined — are drawn towards the end, when decision-makers can have a clearer view of all aspects of the.

We have never been so close.

Revista Estimuladamente Ano I |Edição 04 | DEZEMBRO by Estimuladamente - Issuu

Most of the normative text has been concluded, and a just a handful of issues are outstanding — which does not mean, of course, that those are easy issues, much to the contrary. For the EU, market access for certain agricultural products remains a very sensitive issue, even within limited.

Mercosur is convinced that both Parties have much to gain from reaching an agreement, and this is the reason why the South American bloc has engaged, for the first time, in negotiations of geographical indications, which is an issue of utmost importance to the EU. It is also worth mentioning that, with the conclusion of the agreement, EU Member States will have a significant gain in the competitiveness of its products in the Mercosur market.

For Mercosur, it is another opportunity to reaffirm the importance it grants to trade negotiations, at all levels, always under the premise of balanced and fair outcomes. Brazil regards the Mercosur-EU Association Agreement as an important sign to the world, at a time of growing unilateralist and protectionist pressures, which threaten to undermine the multilateral economic system, of which Brazil has always been a resolute defender and promoter. Mercosur and the European Commission are in a position where it is necessary to approximate positions in a balanced and pragmatic manner.

IRO is an association that has been in existence for almost five decades. The association base their activity on three important topics for the oil and gas industry: promotion of imports and exports, innovation and technology, and human capital and education. Acting in these areas, the association represents the interests of more than Dutch companies in the sector. The sector in which the institution operates is of great interest to Brazil and was also an important part of the topic discussed at the last Brazil Network Day - renewable energies - held in Rotterdam, which was attended by Brazilian companies and.

States interested in knowing the great contributions that the Netherlands has to offer in this area. The new partnership thus proves extremely relevant as it is a great opportunity to strengthen ties between the two countries in the oil and gas sector. The Netherlands ranks top 5 in the world with regard to expertise and experience on upstream gas activities and technology. Our research. IRO of course likes working with partners that provide access to foreign markets, based on mutual benefits. Decommissioning is also an area in which the Dutch supply chain has a lot to offer. All around the world countries are in transition working to ensure that their energy supplies come from cleaner, more sustainable sources.

So are the Netherlands. During this transition, we discovered the enormous potential of offshore wind energy. The Dutch offshore wind supply chain has become one of the top developed sectors worldwide. We can share this with other countries who want to pursue the energy transition. Lots of IRO members have been involved in Brazilian offshore energy projects.

This partnership will definitely add to our mutual interests. The occasion marked the 14th participation of Bradutch in the BND. The Chamber was present in all editions of the event. The event, which gathered guests at the Rotterdam City Hall, consisted of two plenary sessions. We were among the first to act on it, especially in biodiesel.

And with that, we hope they can be interested in working with investments in RS. The other lectures. One of the effects of global warming is the rise of the sea level, and for the Netherlands any centimeter has a very large impact on their economy, as they are a country that has to deal with flood problems. The next edition of Brazil Network Day, which will be held in partnership with the Amsterdam City Hall, will take place in the second semester, with a yet undefined date.

Brazil is undoubtedly the largest coffee producing nation in the world and one of the largest consumers as well. In , the country produced a staggering 2,,, kg of coffee beans. The Brazilian coffee market is very mature in both production and consumption. Thus, ground coffee — in the commodity version, in large volumes — continues to grow, but at a very slow pace.

For this reason, the search for more premium coffee specialties has been constant, with the objective of bringing greater added value within the market. With the growth of the search for specialty coffees in Europe, Bradutch has dedicated several activities to this sector. Our mission is to identify Brazilian producers of specialty coffees to help them enter the Dutch market as a gateway to the rest of Europe. But many people do not know what is so special about these products, and have difficulty understanding the characteristics of different types of coffee.

The first step is to understand what they are. In Brazil, the two main cultivated coffees are arabica and conilon, also known as robust. These names refer to different types of plants, which produce fruits with their own characteristics. The coffee powder is produced with the seed of the fruit,. Traditional coffee can be produced with both species, most of which are conilon grains, which are cheaper in value and result in a more bitter taste, besides being considered of inferior quality in the taste and aroma.

When people taste the special coffee, the main difference is felt in the aroma and the taste. The gourmet variant is a more aromatic and full-bodied coffee, with less caffeine than the traditional one. Being produced with grains of the arabic type is not enough for coffee to be considered gourmet.

Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition) Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition)
Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition) Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition)
Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition) Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition)
Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition) Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition)
Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition) Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition)
Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition) Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition)
Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition) Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition)
Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition) Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition)
Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition) Conselhos que nem sempre recebemos: VOCÊ PODE SER FELIZ (Portuguese Edition)

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