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Also, the book never allows you to meet Babycakes, whose identity remains mysterious. Joe Bob is described as a typical Laistrygonian giant except for a tattoo on his biceps that states 'J. His continued ranting throughout the fight also insinuates that he has some sort of pet named Babycakes, although what type of pet this may be is unknown, possibly a monstrous dog or a hellhound of some sort. Otherwise, Babycakes could be his girlfriend, though no more information is gathered towards either theory.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Hawke was a lawyer who became president of the Australian Council of Trade Unions and went on to become the longest-serving Labor Party leader.

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Reforms during his time in office transformed the country and many have survived to this day. Some analysts say his biggest achievement was recognizing that the Australian economy needed major restructuring and having the courage to confront these challenges head-on. Reforms and deregulation implemented by Hawke and his Treasurer Paul Keating are credited with modernizing the economy and unleashing a wave of growth.

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They also opened the door to foreign banks and removed controls on foreign exchange and Australian interest rates. Another significant achievement was getting unions to limit their wage demands and industrial disputes in return for benefits such as superannuation. In , the Hawke government launched Medicare, an affordable universal healthcare scheme that still exists.

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His political rival, John Howard, who took over as prime minister in , said earlier this year that he regarded Hawke as the best Labor prime minister that the country ever had. He was infamous for downing a yard of beer 1. Not afraid to show his emotions, he cried publicly several times, including in during a memorial service in Canberra after the brutal crackdown on students in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Tens of thousands of Chinese students or tourists in Australia at that time were allowed to stay.

Bob the Giant Bob the Giant
Bob the Giant Bob the Giant
Bob the Giant Bob the Giant
Bob the Giant Bob the Giant
Bob the Giant Bob the Giant
Bob the Giant Bob the Giant

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