The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two

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At 21 I left university, jumped into my Jeep Wrangler, and drove from my native California to live an adventure in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

And then we interviewed Mariam!

Since then, I've explored 35 countries on 4 continents, residing in 7 of them, Kuala Lumpur is currently my home. I upload reviews of Southeast Asia's top luxury hotels, restaurants, lounges, and travel experiences Since Jul Channel youtube. Do you want to make a difference globally and lead a happy and fullfilled life regardless of the country you live in? Then this is the place for you! My number one aim and passion is to help people to tap into their fullest potential and become global leaders. Since Apr Channel youtube. About Youtuber Hi Everyone! Thanks for dropping by. My channel is about exploring The Philippines from an expatriate's point of view.

FDE TV Season 2 Episode 1 - Expatriate Management

As time goes on I'll make videos on Filipino history, and culture. I'm in the Philippines at an important time because a lot of the old ways of doing things are being lost. I want to preserve the traditional ways, even if it's only in a video. Since Aug Channel youtube. Mexico City About Youtuber I want to be the old lady everyone comes to for a good story.

What to do in Coyoacán | Eternal Expat

These videos are my way of preserving those stories, of sharing them with you, and hopefully, of inspiring you to create your own stories whether that's through travel or some other method. Each video will take you around the world through personal vlogs, food guides, travel guides and any tips and tricks I pick up along the way.

Let's travel the world together. Since May Channel youtube. It is designed for expats currently living in Mexico and aspiring expats who are planning to move to this beautiful country. We bring you a broad range of timely, truthful and trustworthy information and resources to help you lead a happy and successful life as an expat in Mexico. About Youtuber My Expat Diary is my little space where I share thoughts and experiences of my travel ventures.

About Youtuber This channel is to explore the tropical and natural vibrant beauty of the Philippine Islands along with their cheerful, smiling, outgoing inhabitants and it's warm, friendly culture and lifestyles. Since Mar Channel youtube. Views Count- 49, About Youtuber 10 years of expat life! Since Dec Channel youtube. Views Count- 51, They hilariously navigate their new life in the small fishing villages of Chelem and Chuburna on the Gulf Coast of the Yucatan peninsula.

Views Count- 32, About Youtuber A new independent weekly and update news channel that discusses the topics and issues that are important to you!!!! Views Count- 24, About Youtuber I started this channel to let my friends and family know that I'm still kickin' here in the Philippines.

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I never imagined myself leaving the USA and living in a third world country but my wife is finishing her nursing degree here so I'm here for the duration and making the best of it! Who knows, I may just want to stay Since Jun Channel youtube. Views Count- 57, About Youtuber Hey there! I'm Kari, an American living in Germany, raising kids and trying to keep my head on straight.

I post videos about expat life and raising kids abroad including how we are raising our children to be bilingual. Since Oct Channel youtube. About Youtuber Expat. Our ambition is to help all those who live or wish to live outside their borders: everyone can participate! YouTube channel of Expat. Our ambition is to help all those who live or wish to live abroad! We utilize digital media to showcase the lives of Americans living abroad, with a focus on the young Americans in their 30s and under.

Founded initially as a blog in January , YAE is proud to be the default voice, platform, and entertainment hub for the young Americans who want to showcase their lives abroad. Views Count- 55, Follow us on our journey as American expats living in Amsterdam. We travel all around Europe to see how much we can discover while working full-time. The number one, Manama, has successfully defended a spot on the podium, though the two newcomers Taipei and Singapore have relegated it to third place in Both cities receive ratings similar to their results in ; however, they have been pushed down by four newcomers as well as a few other cities with improved ratings.

Not only do Asian cities rank first Taipei and second Singapore in , but they also make up half of the global top 10 , with Ho Chi Minh City 4th , Bangkok 5th , and Kuala Lumpur 6th following not far behind. Apart from Riyadh and Jeddah coming in last and second-to-last place, the bottom 10 are dominated by European cities. Most of these European cities do not do particularly well in the Getting Settled Index, either, with Stuttgart placing last of all 72 cities. The lone exception here is Dublin, which ranks 20th. Check out the Expat Insider ! Check out the Expat Insider Business Edition!

Join now Log in Email. Password Forgot password? Keep me logged in. Log in. Login with Facebook. Log in Join now. The Expat Insider City Ranking gives insights into expat life in these and many more cities around the globe. Rome joins two Saudi Arabian cities in the bottom 3.

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Asian cities make up half of the top 10, while European metropolises dominate the bottom Join InterNations The community for expats worldwide. Download Download full report. Want to compare with other years' results? Interested in the expat perspective on global talent mobility? Expats in the UK.

Expats in China. Expats in Singapore. Expats in France. Expats in Germany. Expats in Spain. Expats in Italy. Yes, I finished my high school years in Karachi, Pakistan, where I attended a British curriculum school. I decided to go back to the United States to attend college. I left home with a blue suitcase and a one way ticket to Boston. Oh this is always a difficult question to answer, after living in nine countries and four continents!

Each country has shaped me as to who I am today.

Expat Blogs

I guess my favorite experience would be a close tie between Denmark and Singapore. I loved our expat experience in Copenhagen. I truly appreciated being able to find work in my field of finance, the Danish appreciation of a work-life balance and picking up simple Danish habits that help to lead a balanced lifestyle and feel good about myself.

My love for interior design, especially Danish design was sparked in Copenhagen. I find I am happiest while roaming the quaint, cobbled streets of Copenhagen, on my way to get a Danish pastry! Singapore is a close second favorite. I absolutely loved living in the multicultural, multiracial, multilingual melting pot that is Singapore! The food there is the best I've ever eaten, nothing compares to Singapore's hawker food found on the streets. I also became a mom in Singapore as I gave birth to our daughter there and found motherhood on this tiny island nation, an overall great experience.

Yes, we recently moved our family of four from Dubai to Accra, Ghana. My husband works in shipping, and when a job opportunity arose to work in their West Africa headquarters, we said yes. Ghana has been our most challenging expat experience to date. We had a very rough transition, where lots of things went wrong and our 40 foot container was massively delayed, processed with the incorrect paperwork and then completely broke down by the side of a dirt road, in the middle of nowhere. It was quite the start to our African adventure!

Since the initial hump, we've settled in quite well. I love the gorgeous beaches, the friendly and welcoming locals and the colorful fabrics and beautiful handmade products such as baskets. Ghanaian culture is fascinating and there is so much to learn about bead-making, chocolate production and the colorful festivals. Living in Accra, comes with many challenges though; there is immense poverty, gender inequality, lack of public bathrooms and daily challenges involve going to three stores to look for parsely or mozarella, so simple tasks take much longer to accomplish here.

As an expat in Ghana, your attitude is key. If you let all the little things bother you, you'll miss out on the good things you can enjoy here. The hardest part about being an expat is settling into a new country, making your house a home and making a lovely group of friends, and then having to say goodbye to all of it and start again, in a new country.

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  • This process tears me up each time, as I get very attached to people and places. I also find dealing with the constant uncertainty that expat life brings are we staying?

    Drink at the Oldest Cantina in Baja California

    Are we leaving? Where are we moving to? Will this be the move that breaks my children? Expat life forces you to live in the present as it is impossible to do any long term planning. I still struggle with this a lot. I had indulged in some freelance writing in Singapore and made a full-time career switch from an economist to an expat writer. I wanted to write a blog from an expats perspective that was different to the other expat blogs out there.

    Our two kids born in Singapore and Dubai, are growing up with four home languages German, Urdu, Italian and English , while learning Mandarin, Arabic and French as we move from one location to the next. With this mix of cultures, languages, nationalities, identities and homes, I wanted to write about what the modern expat family looks like!

    The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two
    The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two
    The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two
    The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two
    The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two
    The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two
    The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two
    The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two The Eternal Expatriate, Part Two

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