Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship

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Training spiritually fit believers in Christ

Mysterious cement of the soul! And solder of society! I owe thee much. The picture as a whole seems to be a straightforward celebration of friendship, love, and sympathy, even if there are reasons to suspect that Blake thought of them all as mere shadows of a greater love.

Female love, female beauty, and the textile arts especially weaving are sometimes represented in Blake as potentially delusive, blinding, or binding, and are associated with the seductive charms and limitations of the natural world as opposed to the sublime glories of the spiritual realm. Since spinning and its correlatives are the postlapsarian business of Eve and her daughters, spinning in Blake sometimes seems a fallen activity, productive and even satisfying but not in itself redemptive. Nevertheless, I find little that could be seen as sinister in this design, which suggests that the difference between corporeal and spiritual friendship is one of degree rather than of kind.

Even the spiral arrangement of the cooperating women echoes the circular or helical movement of spinning itself, and implies a special connection between pleasant sociability and spinning. The smaller female floating above Love and her friend Sympathy and looking upward through the accumulating skein may indicate the importance of vision in transcending the sociable spiral of friendship.


See Heppner ; he suggests that the girl is looking up to indicate the source of the skein. The road swerves right and disappears into a river? Card already have! Here it is!

How to Make Friendship Bracelets With Names, Letters, and Numbers

Wonderful pictures of your beautiful creation! It's outstanding and surely this should be out there in the world wide news. What a great way to start the new year. Posted by Sfander on 12 Jan, Posted by Darcey1 on 12 Jan, Fantastic project! Good luck with the doll now! Posted by mumblebee on 12 Jan, This is awsome. I love it. Posted by meidans on 12 Jan, I have a cats calender for ,each month has a card at the bottom to send.

I'm going to collect these and send one of them every month in Because I also blog about postcrossing every week, I will also include this in my weblog about postcrossing. Posted by scoozie73 on 12 Jan, In , I'm going to continue my postal project of sending the postcards representing all federal subjects of the Russian Federation!

The Russian Federation currently consists of 85 federal subjects, including 2 disputed. At the moment, I've sent postcards of 58 subjects: Mountains, sand dunes, prehistoric petroglyphs, a cosmodrome, Buddhist temples, mosques, Christian churches, and so on, and so on. Also, I would LOVE to send postcards with ethnicities who live in Russia, but it's much harder: It seems that there are very few postcards of people in traditional costumes who are not ethnically Russian.

I've sent postcards with only 7 non-Russian ethnicities of the Russian Federation. What a great idea!!!

Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship by Leslie Moise

Fantastic project Posted by rosenbusch on 12 Jan, Posted by beesknees on 12 Jan, Impressive talent. Sourced the yarn and turned it into something both beautiful and functional. Posted by Elitehusky on 12 Jan, I have a project, it already started for a while, it concerns mail-artist all around the world. Next year in a small country called Taiwan, I will organize an exhibition of art painting, photos, collages, mail art, etc The topic is " a perfect world" any format is accepted but, being not the owner of a truck, I beg you, not too big.

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  • Knit Together in Friendship.

A4 max As soon as I will start to recieve some masterpieces, I will scan them or take photos and post them on this page with your name, any message you want to appear and if you want, your address so people can contact you. Posted by Cirilo on 12 Jan, How cool!

What a great project and fantastic photos. Posted by Knerq on 12 Jan, The same sort of photos with a black background would probably also look sharp.

See a Problem?

Well done and thanks for sharing! Posted by kugusch on 12 Jan, You are beautiful and talented!

Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship

Thank you for sharing your talents with the world. Posted by triplightly on 12 Jan, What an amazing project and scarf to have! Love love love it! Posted by WendyG on 12 Jan, Posted by prstenorepi on 12 Jan, So I guess my yarn arrived? Posted by islander61 on 12 Jan, Posted by Tanushri on 13 Jan, What a beautiful woman and a beautiful scarf!!! Posted by heidegurke on 13 Jan, Posted by Annedread on 13 Jan, I'll give her a big thumbs up.

Posted by vkribe on 13 Jan, Beautiful, and such a clever project! Posted by jmr on 13 Jan, What a color full product, I love it! Thank you sharing with us. Posted by Flippie on 13 Jan, Marina this is fantastic! You have brightened everyone's day who has seen this. How sad that one person made a negative comment. Everyone else really appreciates your wonderful project.

Thank you! Posted by Glorip on 13 Jan, This is amazing! Posted by Anarox on 14 Jan, A Fabulous Idea! Thank you for sharing with all of us. Posted by ewfinn60 on 14 Jan, It looks Amazing. I wish peace to all the Countries on Earth. God Bless. Posted by limeblowpop on 14 Jan, Beautiful project! Posted by Robisa on 14 Jan, Amazing IDEA! Posted by OneMoment on 14 Jan, This is really a marvellous project! And what skills to make it so nice all together! Posted by pucky on 14 Jan, Looked at your profile and again you are having wonderful ideas!

Hope I will get your address and send you something! Posted by Hotaru on 14 Jan, What a fabulous end to a wonderful project. I love the photos too. Posted by jennylee60 on 14 Jan, Posted by crazytriangle on 14 Jan, It is absolutely beautiful!! Mary L. Posted by maryl on 15 Jan, So very lovely. Both you and the photos are stunning! The scarf is really something, vibrant and beautiful.

What a unique treasure you have created. Thank you for sharing the photos and your experience with your project. Posted by AlaskaChristine on 15 Jan, Posted by altadc on 15 Jan, I crochet scarves for loved ones and the homeless. But this was such a beautiful idea!!! Hooray for you and all who helped!!!! Posted by rejoices on 15 Jan, That's so cool! Very creative!

Posted by z-leticia on 15 Jan, I really enjoyed this story and continue to be inspired by the wonderful creative projects and points of view from all over the world. Posted by sacdalton on 16 Jan, A gorgeous, pretty, astounding, and an availing work of art, very impressive!

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  5. Posted by dougmv on 16 Jan, Fantastic project with beautiful results I doubt I would have that much patience:. I absolutely love this beautiful scarf. It's a reminder that each of us from different parts of the world can get together to form a force for good! Love it!! Posted by Leslyn on 16 Jan, Happy to see the project finished, I sent yarn from France and I'm proud to have added a bit to the project. Well done!! Posted by Vainesyl on 16 Jan, Posted by marina on 16 Jan, Great idea! Marina, you're done! And I'm proud that this was invented by a Russian girl! Such a beautiful scarf and a wonderful idea!

    Posted by aerobear on 16 Jan, Inspiring project. Great job! Posted by Ann34 on 16 Jan, I'm jealous of your international scarf. May it lead an adventurous life for many many years to come. Nice photos too! Posted by Sheshells on 16 Jan, OMG, so pretty, can someone please plan more meet ups, so I can meet more postcrossers? Posted by SunshineCece on 17 Jan, What a lovely and creative idea. Makes the world a much smaller place.

    Posted by marjap17 on 17 Jan, Wow, this is absolutely super cool! Posted by Magaretha on 17 Jan, What an amazing idea - and the scarf is beautiful! Posted by AmbleandEnjoy on 17 Jan, How extraordinary!!! I love it!

    Remember Spool Knitting?

    Posted by cherrytree on 18 Jan, This is an amazing project and idea! Dear Marina, Many and many congratulations for your super idea and work. I scarcely can imagine what was going in your mind while you were making your project. Please allow me to call it a project. It is an inspiring light for all those who are fond of hand made stuff like I do. All the best to you and go and go on. Posted by franciscojclima on 18 Jan, What an amazing project, Marina.

    Thank you for sharing your finished work. Posted by borntoorganize on 19 Jan,

    Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship
    Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship
    Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship
    Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship
    Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship
    Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship Love is the Thread: A Knitting Friendship

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