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Here the birthmark comes to symbolize her life. In what way can this last meaning be said to be a foreshadowing? What meaning does Aylmer finally assign to the birthmark? It suggests that Aylmer had a choice in deciding upon the meaning of the birthmark. According to the narrator, what is the origin of this meaning? If Aylmer hopes to connect with a higher level of spirituality through his marriage to Georgiana, then the birthmark, by holding Georgiana back from the highest level, also inhibits his spiritual growth.

That it stands as an obstacle to his own spiritual aspirations helps to explain his eagerness to remove it. Aylmer as Scientist: Paragraph 22 When did Aylmer make his greatest discoveries? What effect did those discoveries have on his career? How does the work we see Aylmer doing as an old man in the story reflect the work he did when young? This latter interest, which he held even as young man, suggests the extent to which Aylmer has long desired to refine, purify, and, in effect, spiritualize, the base elements of nature. In the story he has redirected this purifying impulse away from rocks, minerals, and water to flesh, blood, and bone.

Review of Paul Monette's "Becoming a Man: Half a Life's Story"

What field of study confronts Aylmer with his greatest professional setback? The study of the human body. Through it he discovers the limits of his ability to understand nature. Paragraph 51 She sees it as a failure. What language indicates that Aylmer shared this judgment? What is the difference between the way other scientists see Aylmer and the way he sees himself? Yet he sees himself as a failure. There is a gap between his public image and private sense of himself.

Georgiana, as she read, reverenced Aylmer and loved him more profoundly than ever, but with a less entire dependence on his judgment than heretofore. Paragraph 55 In sentences 1 and 2 Aylmer tells us what this experiment means to him. What does it represent? It represents his ultimate triumph, the one that will make him genuinely worthy of worship, thereby closing the gap between his public image of success and his private sense of failure.

Aylmer has spent a career trying to understand and control nature, yet he judges that career a failure. He came to understand the limits of science when, studying the human body, he realized how thoroughly nature defends its secrets from even the most learned inquiry. Accessed August 18, I have not yet utilized the lesson but I have reviewed the contents and I am most impressed with two specific points. First, the close reading of the text is thorough and thoughtful.

Second, the background information provided and the focal point of the study being on a particular character is a great lens to view the story. I truly enjoyed the lesson on "The Birthmark". The annotated story was great and wonderful idea to use with students helpful use of vocabulary in margins for students. The teacher and student guide are great. The resources are quite useful and the themes and understanding of the piece is excellent.

Heidegger's Experiment" with "The Birthmark. National Humanities Center 7 T. Alexander Drive, P. Phone: Fax: nationalhumanitiescenter. Text Type Literary fiction; short story. Advanced Placement English Language and Composition Reading fiction Analyzing and interpreting samples of purposeful writing Writing for a variety of purposes. Background Review Questions When was the story published? When was it set?

What kind of scientist is Aylmer? What is the focus of this reading of the story? Close Reading Questions Activity: Vocabulary Learn definitions by exploring how words are used in context. What opposition does Hawthorne establish in sentence 3? An opposition between the love of science and the love of woman. What themes has the narrator introduced in this opening paragraph? How does Aylmer refer to the birthmark in this exchange? How does Georgiana interpret the birthmark in paragraph 4? Does she see it in a positive or negative light?

She calls it a charm, a term with positive connotations. How does Aylmer refer to the birthmark in paragraph 5? How does his attitude toward it change as he addresses Georgiana? At first he seems not sure how to interpret it. Thus far we have reached three important interpretative conclusions. We established that Aylmer is a spiritual striver; he seeks greater refinement and spirituality in his life. We established that he sees Georgiana as his link to this more spiritual existence.

We have established that he sees the birthmark as a defect that stands between her and the higher spirituality of perfection. Activity: Writing about Aylmer as a Scientist Outline a brief paper. Practice structuring an argument, identifying textual evidence, and articulating connections between elements of an argument. Submit your review. America in Class. Average rating:. All rights reserved.

Check this box to confirm you are human. Discuss the importance of setting goals. Think of a goal you want to achieve as a family. What can you do to reach your goal?

Family Home Evening Charts and Ideas

Russell Ballard January Liahona and Friend. Pass out crayons and paper and let each family member write one thing for which he or she is thankful in a corner of the paper. Then encourage everyone to try to draw what they named with a blindfold on. Remove the blindfolds to see how everybody did.

Flip the paper over and draw the picture again, this time without the blindfold. Have each family member draw two or three pictures of what makes his or her heart happy. Take turns showing and explaining your pictures. Happiness through Smiles Smiling helps us feel happy. It helps others feel happy too.

Smiling is one of the easiest ways we can serve others.

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Have each person in your family draw a smiling face on a piece of paper. Put the face near the mirror you look in most often. There are many ways to smile. Look in the mirror and try smiling with only your eyes, then try smiling with your lips closed. Smile with your teeth showing, and then with your mouth open. Keep the picture by the mirror all week as a reminder to smile.

Happy Hearts Club Cut out special cards and check off the boxes around the border as you serve each other. Complete the activity as a family. What things can you do better to make your home a happy place? Draw your house and map out areas where you do things to invite the Spirit. Have you ever followed a prompting from the Holy Ghost before you knew the reasons? What were the consequences?

Decide, like Derek, to quickly obey whenever such promptings come. Afterward, make apple grins or apple fries. The Church often sends humanitarian aid to communities hit by disasters. To see how your family can serve, go to ChurchofJesusChrist. Grant — understood the importance of good music. Have each family member choose a favorite hymn to sing and, if possible, take turns practicing leading the music see the back of the hymnbook to learn the beat patterns.

Follow the instructions to make a crown for each family member. Talk about what it means to be a child of God. Read together the proclamation on the family for ideas. Then set a goal as a family to work on one thing that will help you reach this ideal. Then read Ether and talk about how you and your family members can improve a talent or strengthen a weakness. Discuss the Internet safety tips with your parents or family.

We can welcome the Savior into our lives by following His example. Have each family member write down ways they have tried to be like Jesus or things they will do to become more like Him. Jesus Christ, Our Bridge Builder November Friend Ask family members to think about how they would feel if they needed to get across a river but had no bridge to cross. Talk about the importance of the bridges Christ has prepared to allow us to return to Heavenly Father.

Includes a short lesson. Elder Robert D. Hales gives some ideas December Friend. Journals Why is it important to keep a personal journal? Have each member of your family decorate his or her own journal jar and fill it with ideas of things to write about. Try to write about one idea from your journal jar every day for a week. Why does the Christmas season seem to make people feel so happy?

Why does this message bring the greatest joy of all? Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy The Sabbath is a day to rest from doing worldly things and instead do heavenly things. Read or tell the story in Matthew What kinds of things did Jesus Christ do on the Sabbath? Plan at least two activities that you can do next Sunday. Talk about the choice Ethan made to keep the Sabbath day holy. As a family, create a list of activities that are appropriate to do on Sunday.

Labels After reading President Thomas S. Remind family members that the way Heavenly Father sees us is more important than how the world sees us. What stories in the scriptures remind you of something that has happened to you? Fold a piece of paper in half. On one side, draw the scripture story. On the other half, draw the incident from your own life. Talk about each picture. How did the person in the scriptures behave? How did you follow his or her example or how could you in the future? Listening to Good Music Start by naming some of your favorite songs and types of music. What do you like about music?

If family members play musical instruments, they may wish to prepare a musical number in advance. Notice the spirit that good music brings! Listening to the Holy Ghost Sing a loud song, clapping your hands and stomping your feet. Then sing a quiet Primary song and discuss how you feel afterward. Listening to the Holy Ghost Before the lesson, allow a small amount of clay or play dough to harden.

Give a family member some fresh clay.

Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story Summary & Study Guide

Pick a shape or object for him or her to mold the clay into. Next, give someone the hardened clay and ask him or her to mold it into the same shape. Pray to strengthen your own testimonies of the prophet, and plan to listen to general conference or read the talks as a family. How do you treat people who might seem different?

Talk about how just as we prepare ourselves for physical dangers, we prepare ourselves spiritually by living the commandments and following the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Miracles What is a miracle? Discuss examples from the scriptures, your family history, or your life. What dangers and challenges exist in the world you face? Think of this story the next time you are confronted with a bad situation. Remember that the Lord hears prayers and can help you anytime, anywhere. Find out how he has saved. Talk with your family about other ways members of your family can prepare to serve full-time missions.

Stop and ask your family members how they think the story will end. Then read the end. Discuss how choosing the right can be difficult, and testify that the Lord blesses those who make righteous decisions. Make sure your clothes remain modest as you move around. Make a list of other names in the scriptures that refer to Jesus Christ.

Choose a few from your list and talk about their special meaning. Why do we need physical bodies? What will happen to them in the Resurrection? Then invite each person in your family to take a turn calling out a different body part. Following the pattern in the poem, let everyone else name something you can do with that body part. What kinds of fears do you have? No matter what they are, you can find comfort in the Savior.

Family Home Evening Ideas

Read Elder Joseph B. As a family, memorize the last three sentences by chanting them together. Repeat these words to yourself whenever you feel afraid. Think of a time someone was patient with you and share it. Then think of ways you can make someone else happy by being patient. Draw a picture of a butterfly and display it where you will see it throughout the week, reminding you to be kind.

Talk about what you can do when your friends make bad choices. We may not face the trials that Peter overcame, but we can follow his example of faith. Use a box to represent a handcart and have family members fill it with objects symbolizing things of spiritual value—scriptures, a journal, a compass.

Describe what each of these things means to you and how it will help you through trials during your mortal journey. We can be happy as we sing, dance, and pray too. Take turns making your own words and actions. Talk about how good music and praying to Heavenly Father show Him we are thankful and help us to be happy. Tell the story in your own words, turning on a flashlight at the appropriate time.

Discuss how prayer can bring more light into our lives. Prayer Before family home evening, bake a cake, a pan of brownies, or another treat that must be divided to be eaten. Invite a family member to eat the treat, but explain that it must be eaten in one bite. Why does the Lord sometimes answer our prayers piece by piece? Why is it sometimes better to receive things in portions? Encourage family members to devote a day to prayer by always having a prayer in their hearts see Alma , or perhaps visit somewhere special—like the mountains, the forest, or the beach—to give each person time for personal prayer.

What would you take if you were in a similar situation?

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Make sure that your family has prepared supplies in case of an emergency. If not, make goals on how to acquire vital items. Show everyone where these items can be found. Make a list of what you would not want to leave without, and make sure you can find those things quickly. Draw a circle around the pictures of activities that you are already doing to prepare for a mission.

Then choose one activity you would like to start doing. For your next family home evening lesson, plan to do this activity. You might decorate a box to use as a savings bank for your mission, invite someone from your family or ward to teach you a few phrases in another language, or have a parent show you how to iron. Can you think of other skills that would be useful? Make a list of things you can do to prepare for a mission. Role-play a few missionary situations. Prophet Name some signs you see frequently.

What do they instruct you to do?

This Is America

How do they keep you safe? What instructions does he give to help us be safe spiritually? Draw six signs to remind you of his counsel and place them around the house. Have each family member give a short book report on his or her favorite book. Discuss what it means to be a real hero. Go through the standards. Would a person with the strength and courage to live those standards be a hero? Resolve to be such a person. Look at old pictures of your family members and tell your favorite stories about them.

Who do you look like? Have they passed along any other traits to you, such as being a good friend or playing a musical instrument? How have their lives blessed yours? Respect and Reverence Role-play activities that are appropriate in different settings school, the park, the store. Make a list of how you can be more respectful at church. Talk about why the sacrament is important.

Make lists of things to think about during the sacrament that can remind you of what Jesus did for us and that will help you stay reverent. Sit in a circle with your family. Have someone read a question, and have the person to the right answer it. Continue around the circle. On small pieces of paper or sticky notes, have everyone write down 2 Timothy Then write down a few more favorite scriptures. Have family members put these reminders where they will see them each day—by their bed, on the bathroom mirror, on the fridge, etc.

At your next family home evening, discuss how these daily reminders helped each person follow Christ. Then divide into teams and use the Topical Guide, Bible Dictionary, and Index to find out one more fact about each woman listed. How is your own mother, grandmother, aunt, or teacher also an example of righteous traits? Remember to honor these women with gratitude and love. Sharing the Book of Mormon President Monson has counseled youth to prepare for missionary service. Discuss the importance of being a missionary now. As a family, decide whom you would like to share a copy of the Book of Mormon with.

Highlight your favorite scriptures and write your testimony on the inside cover.

Lesson Plans Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story Lesson Plans Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story
Lesson Plans Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story Lesson Plans Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story
Lesson Plans Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story Lesson Plans Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story
Lesson Plans Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story Lesson Plans Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story
Lesson Plans Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story Lesson Plans Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story

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