Les Femmes savantes (Théâtre de Molière) (French Edition)

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How is it all these friends and relations happen to be on board the same ship?

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Where are they coming from or going to? How can characters receive letters on board instead of telegrams? He probably means the "France" built in While the first two acts play very well in an outdoor setting like a ship's deck, but the last three must be indoors.

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Although we are probably meant to see that last three acts as taking place in Philaminte's cabin or the ship's library, in this production it looks rather as if Philaminte has asked for her indoor furniture to be placed outdoors since the life preserver hasn't been removed. Sarah Balleux has designed colourfully whimsical versions of ladies fashions of the Teens. Most of the cast give fine performances.

Gauthier knows that the best way to make such a character work is to play her as completely serious the better to bring out her quiet lunacy. Among the men TfT Artistic Director Guy Mignault with his perfect comic timing creates a hilarious portrait of Chrysale, the easily cowed milquetoast. Jessica Heafey shows that Armande's pain at Clitandre's rejection is never far from the surface and is clearly the reason she has joined the "learned ladies".

Heafey's fine performance wins Armande our sympathy and gives the comedy its depth.

Les Femmes Savantes

Martin Randez provides quite a different take on Trissotin. Rather than the usual effete pseudo-intellectual, this Trissotin is a buffed hunk who delivers his verses as action poetry. Randez fills the bill although he looks rather more as if he dropped in from the s. Henriette tells her sister Armande, a learned lady, that if their mother had always rejected men, Armande would not be alive.

Procreation ensures the perpetuation of human life and nature has made lovemaking pleasurable. Pray, leave me to those littlenesses to which you owe life, and do not, by wishing me to imitate you, deny some little savant entrance into the world. On the contrary. I have said it, and I will have it so. Make no reply; and if you have given your word to Clitandre, offer him her elder sister.

Trissotin no longer wishes to marry Henriette who may therefore marry Clitandre, to whom she is attracted. Ironically, Clitandre, who will marry Henriette, first courted Armande, who claims him for herself on the grounds of immorality on his part, an absurd claim. Est-ce moi qui vous quitte, ou vous qui me chassez?

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She has harmed herself. But we are establishing a kind of love which must be as pure as the morning-star; the thinking substance is admitted, but not the material substance. In the meantime, Trissotin and Vadius, have quarelled bitterly. Both gentlemen dishonour themselves by quarrelling, which is not insignificant. They are not to be admitted to Salons , where there is no room for anger. Nor is Philaminte a candidate for a Salon.

Women are just as capable of opposing a marriage as men are. In this play, the blocking character is used at its most basic level, that of function. Chrysale to Ariste II. Are you not ashamed of your weakness?

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How can a man be so poor-spirited as to let his wife have absolute power over him, and never dare to oppose anything she has resolved upon? Chrysale is not so docile.

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My wife has a terrible disposition. She makes a great show of the name of philosopher, but she is not the less passionate on that account; and her philosophy, which makes her despise all riches, has no power over the bitterness of her anger. However little I oppose what she has taken into her head, I raise a terrible storm which lasts at least a week.

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She is a perfect virago; and yet, in spite of her diabolical temper, I must call her my darling and my love. Philaminte has un pouvoir absolu absolute power.

MOLIÈRE – Les femmes savantes (Pièce filmée, 1964)

So, a form of doubling, or a comedy is required. In other words, salvation comes through a ploy. Given that she would force sexual intercourse on her daughter.

Les Femmes savantes (Théâtre de Molière) (French Edition) Les Femmes savantes (Théâtre de Molière) (French Edition)
Les Femmes savantes (Théâtre de Molière) (French Edition) Les Femmes savantes (Théâtre de Molière) (French Edition)
Les Femmes savantes (Théâtre de Molière) (French Edition) Les Femmes savantes (Théâtre de Molière) (French Edition)
Les Femmes savantes (Théâtre de Molière) (French Edition) Les Femmes savantes (Théâtre de Molière) (French Edition)
Les Femmes savantes (Théâtre de Molière) (French Edition) Les Femmes savantes (Théâtre de Molière) (French Edition)
Les Femmes savantes (Théâtre de Molière) (French Edition) Les Femmes savantes (Théâtre de Molière) (French Edition)

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