Les aventures du Trench 2 : Les naufragés de lhistoire (Roman) (French Edition)

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Daniel-Charles Luytens is a lecturer and a true field researcher. In may , Emile Vandievoet is 34 and only has one thing in mind : serve his country. Enlisted in the Belgian army, he escapes a first time from captivity and finds shelter in Paris where he specializes in a smuggling network between Brussels and the French capital. Arrested and evaded several times, Edmond Vandievoet is eventually deported at the camp of Buchenwald of which he will be the only prisoner to succeed in escaping.

After an extraordinary odyssey through Nazi Germany, suffering from hunger and cold, he joins Belgium, then France, where this native Belgian lives a quiet retirement. The author : Edmond Vandievoet was without a doubt a great resistant and man of action. His incredible story is the one of a man who always refused fatality. While the Germans are fleeing from all fronts, the capital city of Silesia, besieged by the 6th Soviet Army, defies the enemy.

Beyond the actions of the heroic German soldiers, who held the city even after Berlin fell, Jacques Bressler emphasizes the bravery of the , remaining civilians. The author : Jacques Bressler is a novelist, historian, and reserve officer with the French military. His German ancestors lived in Breslau in the 16th and 17th Centuries before moving to Alsace. In the early s, the Soviet dictator decided to enforce his agricultural policies, even if this meant the death of anyone who did not agree with him.

The population of the Ukraine was among his numerous victims. This is a rare and unique account, told by the survivor himself and put on paper by his daughter. This dark story is tinged by the optimism that allowed the author to live through his ordeal. The author: Catherine Koleda is a translator and French professor in a German university. Despite the unfailing love he felt for his home country, he never tried to go back for fear of being arrested and executed. Did Adolf Hitler have a sex life? How many men and women did he have an affair with?

Was he straight or gay? Did he have something to hide, something immoral that would have damaged his reputation? Was he a polymorphic pervert, a paedophile, or simply impotent? The author Alain Leclercq is a former History teacher. He has written many books on the unknown, forgotten or incredible History.

Once again, Daniel C. Luytens looks back over the past with a cunning curiosity and a strong sense of questioning. Our world is the product of History. But what really determined the evolution of humanity? How was it made possible that we communicate with cell phones, travel by plane at more than kilometers an hour, have energy to light, heat and cook? Are the big events of the past, those that really changed the world, about the weddings of kings and wars, or the inventions of man of science and technique?

Boeing, Colt, Siemens, Vesale, Mendeleev, Einstein : those are then the names that are the symbols of our time. By exposing the conditions in which those innovations appeared, the author provides a captivating story of the most important events for men since their apparition on Earth.

The author : Jean Baudet, philosopher and writer, is specialized in historic and critic studies of thought systems. He has published more than twenty books and hundreds of articles in various magazines. On which seas did Ulyssus wander? Where was the Golden Fleece? And what about Asia? Land of the marvelous, the Indies -later known as China- long stayed unknown to Europeans… The men themselves, sailors, merchants, conquerors, missionaries, monks defying North Atlantic or the steppes of Asia, Vikings, first discoverers of Vinland or Portuguese in search of Priest Jean, were true adventurers.

Legends were full of unlikely places haunted by giants, monsters and extraordinary people. But often, behind the myth, lies a geographical truth…. Sea may be a faithful, gentle and calming friend, but also an unrelenting and pitiless enemy. These stories relate tragedies and dramas which border sometimes on pure and simple horror. This book takes the readers on a great trip which will lead them all around the world: from the Arctic to New Holland, from the coast of Brittany to Asia, not forgetting a detour to Africa.

It is also a journey through History, filled with anecdotes, from ancient Egypt to the contemporary oil tankers. History, the younger sister of fable, according to Voltaire, is not an exact science. It is often the History of the winners. It has important memory losses. It is written for the edification of the crowds and avoids to be too disturbing. It was proved that the major part of the Genesis was written years ago in Assyria and not at the seventh and sixth century BC in the land of Canaan.

It was not the murder of Cesar that led to the end of the Republic in Rome, but the battle of Pharsale. Almost a century before Christopher Colombus and his three ships, the Chinese launched on the seas their colossal Fleet of the Treasure, containing ships of more than meters long and carrying 27 men. It will not visit Europe, a land that is well-known to the Chinese but does not particularly interest them. And while shadows thickened in Occident, an extraordinary Arabic civilization lightened the world for five centuries. This book is an invitation to reflection on the big themes of History that have long been exploited, but take here their true signification.

A surprising book that will forever change your perception of History! The author : Jacques Braibant is an independent journalist, author, playwright and translator. He was first ignored in the books and his initiatives were wrongly attributed to Peter Stuyvesant who arrived much later across the Atlantic.

Then there were controversies concerning his origins. For some, he was Belgian. And the Swedish saw him as part of Scandinavian History. This book puts the record straight : they all have a part of truth. Hired by the famous Dutch West India Company, he no doubt closed the best real estate deal of all times. He bought, for almost nothing, the whole isle of Manhattan. And he developed there a European-looking city.

This great forgotten of History, privileged spectator of a war-stricken Europe, is also the actor and witness of the first exchanges between Europeans and Amerindians. Destined to a broad audience, this book is a History of Philosophy that centers on the essential and delivers the fascinating story of the progress of the human mind. Through about forty portraits of the greatest philosophers introduced in chronological order, the reader can follow the evolution of thought through its thinkers.

This allows to situate each philosopher in his historical period and demonstrate in a clear way the filiations of ideas, that span from Plato to Aristotle, Kant to Hegel or Jean-Paul Sartre to Gilles Deleuze. Biographies can also be read separately, as in a dictionary. It is a pleasant, almost novelistic way but nothing is fictionalized , to travel in time with the biggest minds of all periods, understand the ideas of the most demanding thought, and discovering that the doctrines of today date back to a very distant past. It is an excellent way to be introduced to philosophy by discovering the systems, writings and search of the thinkers who dominated History.

Intended for a broad audience, the gourmets and gastronomes, cookers and restaurateurs, this book is a fascinating history of cooking : of small dishes, big dishes and cookers who left their trace in History. The man is, after all, the only animal that prepares its food et eats warm! Cooking really is uniquely human. A read that opens the mind with a great deal of anecdotes, a pinch of philosophy, a bouquet-garni of light erudition, and a bit of salt.

Who did number the Kings of France? Despite appearances, the question is completely serious and it is surprising that it was never asked before. Those numbers did not suddenly appear as soon as a king wore the same name as one of his predecessors. In fact, for centuries, kings were named before the number we know today. What happened meanwhile? Who is at the origin of this numbering? And which criteria and knowledge did we use to do it? These questions have no simple answer, and the way this numbering organized itself is still very vague. The numbers that were eventually used by official History not always correspond to the reality of the reigns, and that is why we find in our genealogies kings without any number.

He then started a real investigation to trace back its establishment. He gives out his results in an alert manner and gives us an acute look at the History of France and the way she was written. What seems to be a simple detail of nomenclature hides major historical and political issues. It is a surprisingly enriching food for thought. To be a citizen of the world, you have to know Beethoven and Shakespeare, but also Caterpillar and Toyota. In this book, you will find the biography of the founders of the 50 biggest industrial, multinational, companies, as well as a summary of the story of the developments of their empire.

There are over 6 million unknown species on our planet, and some of these mysterious animals have always eluded mankind. Explorers and adventurers have followed the trail of such beasts as Bigfoot, the Yeti, the Loch Ness monster, giant octopuses, and many other animals that stand on the dividing line between reality and fantasy. This book gathers what we know for certain about these mythical creatures and will take you on a safari across the globe: You will dive into the Loch Ness to find the trace of the monster that is said to inhabit it.

You will then dive back into the ocean to track down formidable octopuses and monstrous squids. You will also meet the animals who frightened our ancestors — dragons, griffons, centaurs, and other beasts now relegated to an impressive mythological bestiary. We all know hundred of famous men and women. But does celebrity equal importance? History, above all, is the history of men whose thought or action really changed the world, those who deeply influenced human condition. Here is the history of men who really had the greatest, most decisive and lasting influence on humanity as a whole.

Here are the exciting and sometimes surprising biographies of men who still have an influence on or everyday life. What are the unknown resources of the brain and what happens in it? The 16th century saw the devil everywhere and lit stakes to burn the witches. In the 18th century, spiritualism and table turning were a trendy pastime.

In the 19th century, augurs and seers multiplied. Will the 21st century eventually give the beginning of an answer to the existential fears which have tormented the humans since the dawn of time? Will it reconcile the mage with the savant, the alchemist with the physicist, the astrologer with the astronomer? This book does not only explore the strange that has always obsessed the humans, but it also attempts to make a distinction between mystification and still unexplained strange phenomena.

This battle begins in the early nineties. Three women from different horizons and walks of life embark on an original adventure that leads them to be interested in the Olympic sphere. Their objective is to build on the terms of the Olympic Charter in order to exclude from the Games the countries that practice discrimination against women, such as it had been the case of South Africa because of apartheid.

Written in a vivacious and humorous style, this book tells a two decade long David against Goliath battle. Furthermore, it deals with various contemporary figures, e. Commander Massoud, Juan Antonio Samaranch and Jacques Rogge, but also with pioneers of the Olympic spirit which have been taken straight from history, e. Sultana Kouhmane is 25 when her ex husband snatches their 4-, 6- and 8 year old children. During thirteen long years, Sultana does all she can to find them again. She moves heaven and earth and harasses the authorities.

But to no avail. Married at 16 to a fundamentalist imam, the young woman is regularly battered and humiliated. She finds the strength to file for divorce and gets primary custody of the children. In the middle of a school holiday, the father kidnaps them and Sultana only finds them again when they are young adults.

How do you survive if someone snatched your children from you? How do you fight to have your parental rights respected? What does happen when you find your three children again whereas they were snatched as children and came back as an adult man and two married women? Sultana tells accurately, uncompromisingly and poignantly what she had to endure. This story is about a mother who fought relentlessly to find her children again.

This is the first time that such a testimony is published. The authors Sultana Kouhmane is now a 40 year old teacher. She has started a new life and has had another child. She has founded the association S. Raps Parentaux SOS parental kidnapping. She fights because she would like all the other parents to see their children again.

Jean Paul Procureur is a former TV journalist. He was one of the first media supports for Sultana. He is now a senator. All try to purify themselves through the holy war or give some meaning to their lives. They are no ideologists but rebels, moved by hate. For the first time, a book tells who they are, unveils their recruitment, their training and explains how they were indoctrinated.

Eventually, as a conclusion, the author proposes simple and efficient measures to face this new threat. The author : Claude Moniquet is a specialist in international security and a former consultant for CNN concerning matters of terrorism and intelligence. Comment les combattre? A book dedicated to History and forgotten stories, unknown or seen from a different point of view. From the immense and unsuspected capacities of our brain to telepathy ,—which could be the phone of the future-, communication with plants and animals, premonitions, hypnosis, numerology, prophecies, poltergeists, life after death and out-of-body experience.

The author, a former scientific journalist, reviews all unexplained phenomenon, by explaining the recent breakthroughs in science and the research that allow to finally understand them. A book that show that what was unexplained is now elucidated or will be soon. Christian Vignol was born in Brussels and is a scientific journalist. He has 40 years of reports and interviews behind him, in the most varied domains of science.

He also collaborated to more than a hundred short films and documentaries. This book is the story of the life of famous abusive mothers throughout History, from Antiquity to our days. For these women, maternity turned into a weapon, a tool of power, a way to achieve their arrogant desire of might. Making use of their sons and daughters like pieces on the chessboard of international politics, disregarding all natural tenderness, these mothers only listened to their own selfish ambitions.

This book brings the stories of several destinies of pushy mothers and tells the fate of broken children, sacrifices to the narcissistic glory of the ones who had given birth to them. The author : Historian, Louise-Marie Libert-Vandenhove is a medievalist, specialized in the history of art and religion. Traveler, tourism journalist, she is the author of numerous articles in the field of cultural tourism. Did you know that the observation of a very serious Jesuit priest is at the source of our belief in extra-terrestrial life? The memory of water, cold fusion, the formula of benzene or lobotomy are so many domains about which scientists have conducted hazardous research that has lead to huge absurdities and outright lies.

The fascinating story of these scientific mistakes tells us that even the greatest minds can be wrong, or lie. Science is born in the tranquillity of laboratories, but it often creates momentous controversies between specialists. In this book, the author tells the story of several great controversies that marked the history of science. Beyond their dramatic aspects some arguments have even led to physical fights , these disputes make us think about the concepts of truth and scientific progress. This book presents, in chronological order, some of the most ferocious scientific quarrels in history, from the fierce opposition to atomism in ancient Greece to the unbelievable affair of the memory of water.

From ancient Egypt to the September 11 attacks in New York, these are the most famous conspiracies that changed the course of history. Why did Tutankhamen die at the young age of eighteen? What secrets lie buried in his tomb? What if Hitler had actually died in operation Valkyrie in July ? What would have happened if Kennedy had listened to his aides and avoided Dallas?

Fifteen amazing conspiracies rooted in the most critical times of our past, the story of unlikely failures and surprising successes, and every time, the unrelenting ambition of those who are hungry for power. The author : Michel Udiany is a history professor. He has recently published The History of Imaginary Worlds. He has also written several plays. This book tells the story of larger-than-life, yet often forgotten historical characters. Through turbulent destinies and incredible achievements, they have defied the passing of time.

Dinner table stories that range from the funny to the tragic and the unusual, but that are always true. In Helsinki, a cleaning lady survived four days and four nights locked in an elevator by eating her sponge little by little and drinking the water out of her bucket. German actor Horst Tappert became on-screen detective Derrick in front of a plate of asparagus.

A boy plants pear seeds in her grandmother garden, he is pleasingly surprised when he buys her house decades later. A study proves that chewing gum can help you lose weight. A fantastic collection where food and drinks represent the starting point of incredible stories. Incredible, tragic, irresistible and sometimes magical, these are the stories of a hundred men and women; stars, historical figures, as well as everymen and women touched by the wonders of love. Among these amazing stories : - On the side of a French motorway, a forty-three year old man finds his first love twenty years after he lost her.

He quits his old life to be with her again. They have plenty of things in common: they both lost their parents when they were babies, they both were adopted and share the same birthday. The day after their marriage, they learn that they are in fact twins… - Amnesiac, he tries to recover his memories with a girl who was a victim of the same car accident.

They stayed together forever after. She waits until he gets out, then marries him. The criminal goes back to prison after committing a bank robbery. She waits for him again. He commits yet another offence, but this time, his wife is wrongly accused. Realizing what he put her through, he started to behave from then on! Years later, while on a business trip in Israel, she finds herself crossing the street during a rocket attack. She is hit, but her implants prevent the shrapnel from reaching her heart! Wearing lipstick may seem to be something trivial millions of women do every day without even questioning themselves.

Yet, according to the political and religious context, this way of enhancing the natural colour of the lips can be seen as an act of seduction, as a political claim It is no coincidence that across history, religions and dictatorships have tried to keep this beauty, often considered as a threat, under control.

The resurgence of the obligation that Eastern women and Western Muslim women wear the veil raises more than ever the question of the supposed danger of female beauty. What are the true origins of Freemasonry? The corner stone of Freemasonry really seems to be a combination of elements the first British Freemasons collected here and there in the Bible. In the old and the new Testaments, following biblical characters from Noah to Jesus, the author analyses the notions of altar, temple, rough stone, sacrifice, and most particularly the notion of secret that might have fuelled the imagination of those who funded the institution.

He has a special interest in the myth of Hiram, a biblical character seen as a civilizing hero around which freemasonry organized itself in a consistent way. Written by a scientist like a police investigation, this book will surprise all the Freemasons, but also anyone who has an interest in history or in the origins and filiation of the major schools of thoughts.

The author goes back to the creation of Freemasonry and explores the main reasons of its success. This book clearly establishes an often sought but also much debated filiation. Discover police records, tailing files, reports, investigations Everywhere in Europe, the police and the secret services were investigating, tailing Badly loved daughter, she is terrorised by a stepmother who makes her believe that the devil and hell are everywhere. She grows in a world full of nightmares and where she has a disastrous image of herself.

In her adolescence, she sinks: prostitution and drug. Addicted to heroin, tragedy strikes: Samanta falls asleep after taking a dose and loses a baby in utero. Disconsolate, consumed by guilt, she falls deeper into drug abuse. Pregnant for the second time and still dependent, Samanta gives birth to a son who is therefore born an addict.

One night, the young woman takes him to a hospital and, broken-hearted, she begs the doctors to take charge of him because she knows she is unable to meet his well being needs. Until the day when…. The author Samanta is today a comedienne and has got his son back after he was long placed in foster family. And her projects multiply. Living normally in appearance and hiding this secret that could have serious consequences was her ultimate escape. Living in the fear of dying for having transgressed a code of honour and saving her child without arousing suspicion were her only horizons.

Her family takes control of her life, she is forced into an arranged marriage and her daughter is taken from her. Despite what happens to her, she decides to fight, to resist and to win her freedom and her independence. This will be achieved after an incredible adventure… apart from the fact that, for 28 years, she has been waiting impatiently to hug her daughter.

(PDF) MARGINALIA 76 | Norbert Spehner - esicywowyq.tk

She has two other children who know there is an older sister they have never met. Just like her husband Christophe Moulaert, she hopes that their family will be complete one day. May this book help them. What more common these days than a divorce? Common, but full of consequences for the couple divorcing, either in good will or in drama. How to face the changes? How to get better with no strength or toolbox? A funny and daring book! The author Chantal Bauwens is the author of many novels. Sharp observer of the human kind, she has the talent to bring her readers to grounds they thought they knew.

French rock fans know the music but rarely the lyrics. That One by U2, one of the most played songs in weddings all over the world, is, according to Bono himself, a break-up song. That Lola by Kinks should have been called Lolo. Or that Turn! The author Axel Du Bus lives in Brussels. As a teenager, he was saved by rock music. For the rest, he writes, draws, makes scenarios and even succeeded once in repairing a copier.

1945 : End of War - Film entier en français (action, guerre) 1080p HD

Eric is in his thirties, he has two little girls and a new girlfriend. Willing to secure them a bright future, he decides to earn money in a not very conventional way : dark pants, dark t-shirt, working by night with a crowbar… Statues, gates, fountains, paintings : nothing resists this professional burglar and his acolytes. The author Born in , Eric, son of Italian immigrants, quickly left school out of laziness and began little jobs such as fruit merchant, taxi driver and owner of a nightclub. He later specialized in antiques and was part of an European network of artworks concealment.

He is now a cooker and has ended all illicit activities. Micheline, 30 years old, lives a happy life beside Julien, her husband, and her son. Until she meets Jean, the priest of her parish, and instantly falls in love. It is not until 10 years of silence, and during her break-up, that she dares to confess her feelings to him. Their story and struggle begins in absolute secret : it will eventually lead to their wedding and the incardination of Jean to another church.

Their love story and the relationships between Micheline and her family will face all tests to live their impossible dream : being married and becoming both priests of the Old Catholic Church of the Union of Utrecht. The author Micheline Maca was born in Descended from an artistic lineage, she undertakes studies in speech and French literature. Open to the world, Micheline took part several times to charity missions.

From the dirty evidence left by our Cro-Magnon ancestors to the curious conceptions of men and women of Antiquity about sexuality and homosexuality, until sex 2. You will discover… - The love customs of here and abroad - The trends of eroticism over time - Sexual urban legend - Sex during wars, in planes or among gurus - All kinds of love statistics - The operation of our intimate mechanism - What is up in the laboratories You will know everything about it!

Also, you will find a little dictionary to deepen your knowledge in erotic vocabulary as well as the etymological origin of some of the dirtiest words of the French language! Sex rules the world since its creation and it is not going to stop any time soon…. Anorexia, sadly, is one of the twenty-first century plagues. It was to me a true dictator, reigning on my stomach, brain and social life. This cursed disease completely controlled my life for long and intense years. A real fight on the ring, with the mirror as my opponent. Luckily, I won the second round of this taboo disease that has to be treated case by case — and what a case I was… During my hospitalizations, I enjoyed testimonies, looking for support and hope.

I found nothing but pages darkened by despair, grim readings. Here is the story of my experience, hoping that my unusual testimony brings freshness, humor and hope to those who greatly need it. Anorexia ruled her choices for more than two years. Original title : On mange quoi ce soir? Having a baby when it does not come naturally is not easy, it is not new… So when it happens to you, you have two possibilities : either see things negatively, or, like the author, decide that with a bit of humor and derision, everything will be fine.

Here is the true and funny story of a non-conventional couple, engaged in an IVF. But it all reads as a formidable adventure, made of tenacity, humor and love. A lovely baby came at the end of this book, like a babbling light at the end of the tunnel. The author Karine Degunst was born in in France. Teacher at an infant school, runner, black humor and zombie movies enthusiast , she decided to share her experience of IVF.

What do you do when you are in love with someone else than your husband? Well, you leave him and start your life again with this person… Even if it is a woman. Zelie, young bourgeois Parisian woman, married and mother of two children, meets Alice, lesbian and drummer in a rock band.

Zelie falls madly in love, leaves her husband, settles down with Alice and decides to have a child via an IVF in Barcelona. This books is the story of this heterosexual who, by chance, falls in love with a woman and decides to assume. Zelie discovers the world of the lesbian Paris and will face the heterosexual sphere…. She lives in Paris and works in the audiovisual sector. She is the mother of two children. This is an autobiographic fiction.

This book tells with humour and funny anecdotes the journey of a young thirty-years-old who, after her maternity leave, decides to come back into the world of Work. All these situations are true and many of us can recognize themselves in this crazy race to the job. Beyond the humor is unveiled a real description of the unemployment. The author : Alexandra is in her thirties, has two kids and thousands of CV sent. TV spots, oversized posters on every street, plenty of coupons… We are bombarded of advertisement. This little survival guide in advertisement territory will arm you, with humor and derision, against the cruel manipulations of our dear economic system.

Mrs Housewife-underyears-old, you will not be taken for a fool anymore! Original title : Sois belle et nettoie! Viens le dire ici! Ladies, you are saved! The most secret thought of the opposite sex are delivered to you ; a man gives you the manual of men, a legendary lost manuscript… Until now. Are you sick of getting dumped every two months when you had already brought your toothbrush to his place? Of emptying boxes of tissues in front of Bridget Jones while eating ice cream? Enough with the tests of the magazines and other nonsense.

Gastronomes, philosophers, academicians,… Many Great Men, food enthusiasts, have, on day, spoken about cooking. Many famous maxims were formed out of their words. This small book gathers the best of them and will satisfy your passion by associating Gastronomy, History and Literature. Original title : Aphorisme culinaire. Gastronomie : art de savoir bien parler. Did you know that… - Sandra Bullock used to put on cream on her face… for hemorrhoids?

Our world is full of contradictions and absurd ; this book is light but instructive : everything that lies in it is strictly authentic. Original title : Le cadavre qui portait son cercueil There is currently a new interest in the Devil, that spans from fascination to worry, from curiosity to terror. To understand and apprehend this phenomenon, to really know what or who we are talking about, a serious book was cruelly missing.

A book perfectly documented, complete, able to decipher and clarify the demonological speech, was needed. Besides a thorough analysis based on the existence of demons, their story and the danger to summon them, the signification of the pacts, bewitchment and black mass, this book leads us in the universe of demoniac entities. An exhaustive dictionary lists them all, describing their appearance, functions, magical prescriptions and inherent dangers to their possible activation. Essential tool to some, exciting read to others, this book, written by two great scholars who long taught magic or witchcraft, is dedicated to all those who take interest in the occult.

Jimmy Jamar fell in love with Greece at sixteen years old. This European senior official who always worked for the reconciliation of the citizens with Europe never ceased to take interest in this country. Under his loving pen, sometimes austere, sometimes tender, Jimmy Jamar decrypts with delicacy and realism the condition of Greece and its people. The financial might of some few has reached frightening levels. Citizens do not have any hold on the State. Our democracies are dying. Then Stephane Hessel invites us to revolt! But they do not have the power to change anything.

The targets are too high, too blurred. And what about us, the citizens? What are we doing about it? But that is logical : to act, you have to understand first. The quality of these watercolors is close to the work of the portraitists of ships like "Roux" of Marseille. The variety of ships of all origins on which Jaubert resides constitutes a remarkable source of information on maritime traffic of the time in the Mediterranean, and actors: French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Arab Jaubert also relates his enlistment on several ships of the "Royal", including the ship Scipio which participates in the Battle of Aboukir in figure the list of French squadron ships.

After various embarkations to trade, our sailor will join the French Navy in Jaubert is named gabier of hune on the ship The Formidable, armed with 80 guns, which leaves for Gibraltar to the Antilles, in the squadron of Admiral Villeneuve. His account relates various adventures of sea and gives the detail of the victorious military operations of the Admiral against the English in Martinique, then in Guadeloupe, as well as made catches. On the return from Guadeloupe, off the Azores, the ship "takes an English marching ship, a a corsair ditto with a catch of a Spanish merchant ship coming from India loaded with dry goods of the 'Indies and of eight million silver coins we took in tow and the same evening we burn the merchant ship taken English and the privateer who had made the Spanish catch End of June After taking part in the Cape Finisterre naval battle of July 22, , the Formidable October 20 leaves Cadiz and participates in the battle of Trafalgar October 21, which he manages to escape, despite many damage.

The story of the Battle of Trafalgar is extremely rich and provides details of both the course of action and the reasons for the success of the English fleet. It ends with the following remark: "I will not forget to tell you that before starting the last fight, General Dumanoir told us:" let's go and fight my children I will take you to a place where you will be well rested. He was very right because I am in prison in my 9th year without knowing when I will come out. Thus, on the 3rd of November, Jaubert and all the crew of the Formidable were taken prisoner by the English, and conducted on the pontoon "The Generous" at Plymouth.

Following are the detailed tables of the French, Spanish and English fleets with their armament. In addition, an ink wash titled "The Formidable taken by the ship Namur November 4, " illustrates the story of the battle. This first part is of a playful style, popular, and without orthographic concern. It is obviously from Jaubert's hand. Part 2: Captivity on the pontoons and Dartmoor The stories that follow relate to the conditions of J.

Jaubert and his comrades on the Plymouth Pontoons and in the terrible Dartmoor Prison. They are illustrated with 3 gouaches representing, first, the three pontoons where Jean Jaubert was a prisoner "The pontoon the generous Captain Lanyon Remained 9 months The pontoon the hector captain The thorn remained 65 months The pontoon the ganges captain the red remained for 27 months " , the second" the Neptune pontoon [The Neptune], Captain Lorence, ", and the last the" Dartmoor prison of war the 25 of May "or, at the foot of the page" the prison of French dartimor guarded by the commander Kotgrave ".

The style and the spelling being more chastised, it is probable that a companion assisted Jaubert in his writing. November 16, " , sometimes is the spokesperson of all the prisoners of the pontoons, in a classic style, and even literary, with an excellent spelling 2, 4, 5. He goes so far as to compose a poem on the extreme harshness of the conditions of detention 3 , and write a play rather a skit narrating the arrival of the English Roger perhaps the commander of the pontoon " The Cato " in Hell.

This second part constitutes a precious sum of information on the conditions of detention and the life of the French sailors on the pontoons. There are a number of stories about pontoons, sometimes written in a novelistic way, and for the most part published after , the oldest probably being "Sergeant Flavigny's story, or ten years of my captivity on the English pontoons" by L. Chomel , with notes by Louis Garneray, Paris, Nepveu, However, this journal is to our knowledge the only example of manuscript redirected by a prisoner on the spot: As on every ship, the sailors help each other and participate together in the meager distractions of the edge.

Jaubert knows how to tell, Degun draws for him; and a more educated fellow-prisoner writes for him when it is necessary to testify, from his own experience, of the general condition of the prisoners of the English pontoons. Third part: refound freedom. New embarkments. May - November These watercolors are distinguished by the absolute accuracy of the design of the rigging. None of them are signed. The document ends with the story of a quarantine due to the plague, it is likely that the sailor is succumbing to this epidemic Plague epidemic of , , which extended from the Middle East to the Maghreb.

The author, who rightly criticizes the surgeons who contested the epidemic, while the deaths of porter-faix dockers added to those of the sailors, suggests his role during this period: "On the 2nd, eve of St. Black card stock, photographs in transparent individual pockets. A collection of 33 original silver prints of the planet Mars taken by American spacecrafts Mariner 6, 7 and 9 between and Mars has attracted the attention of humanity. In Mesopotamia, in China, they go back more than years. With the appearance of the first astronomical glasses, it is the details that we began to distinguish on the surface of the fourth planet of our solar system.

Astronomers believe they see a world similar to the earth: Ice caps, continents, oceans, changing vegetation with the seasons At the end of the 19th century, the Italian Giovanni Virginio Shiaparelli distinguishes straight lines resembling canals and he mapped them in Continuing his work, the American Percival Lowel , defends the theory of artificial Martian channels. Lowell was convinced of the existence of Martians fighting the drought and desertification of their planet. In the early s, these beliefs are outdated, however the scientific world still considers the possibility of a plant life on the red planet.

The exploration missions of the American Mariner missions will revolutionize our knowledge of Mars. The Mariner program is a series of NASA missions that aim to send spacecrafts to study the three inner planets of the solar system, the closest from the Earth. Ten spacecrafts, from Mariner 1 to Mariner 10, are launched between and as appropriate to Mars, Venus and Mercury. The present collection includes 5 photographs taken by Mariner 6, 7 by Mariner 7 and 21 by Mariner 9.

On July 14 and 15, , Mariner 4 flew over Mars and made the first 22 images of the planet. These images put an end to many theories of the time by revealing a more lunar than terrestrial surface, no expanse of water and a weak atmosphere. Launched on February 24, , Mariner 6 is the second mission to reach Mars. She managed to take 75 pictures of Mars during her flyover. Mariner 7, launched March 27, , closely followed Mariner 6, by fulfilling the same objectives. Despite technical problems during her trip, the spacecraft even provides more scientific data than her partner. Mariner 9 is launched on May 30, Its mission is to complete the studies and measurements made by the previous couple, while being the first spacecraft to orbit a planet other than Earth, allowing a long study mission.

Mariner takes photos of the surface with surprising clarity, resolution reaching 1 kilometer. Using her instruments UV, IR, IR radiometer and two cameras , she discovers striking elements of Martian geography such as Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the solar system, and the huge canyon that will be named Valles Marineris, in honor of the success of the mission.

She allowed to build the vertical profile of its atmosphere. Mariner 9 also analyzed the two natural satellites of Mars, Phobos and Deimos. Our shots of Mariner 6 and 7 include views of the entire planet as well as images of the surface and its many impact craters.

The Fate of Antiquities in Asia Minor

The ones of Mariner 9 reveals all of its geography: its mountain ranges, valleys, volcanoes, plains, poles On the back of each shot are printed: the date of the shooting, the name of the spaceship, the distance, the scale and a detailed description of the geographical area. Despite its aridity unveiled by these images, interest in the red planet has only grown for 50 years. To the spaceships in orbit have succeeded the rovers exploring its surface, and now comes the concrete realization the project of a human exploration of Mars. Paris, Guillyn, New expanded edition of this reference gastronomic book by Menon.

Little is known about the author except that he was a gastronomist scholar and published many highly sought-after works. The author specifies that this guide is for the use of all those involved in house expenses. He lists the recipes according to the seasons and the products meat, fish, vegetables etc , the utensils necessary for their preparation as well as all the specific terms in the kitchen. The explanations are detailed and precise, so that any type of reader can follow without difficulty. Among other things, you can learn the recipe for beef tongue, turbot with capers or caramel cream ink.

Quelques uns portent la signature "Nox", sans doute le pseudonime de l'artiste. Important set of original models of postcards made with watercolor on strong paper. Some bear the signature "Nox", probably the pseudonym of the artist. They mostly represent country landscapes, villages, churches, houses under the snow, lakes, rivers, bridges and sometimes some villagers.

Menu principal

The collection also includes flowers, cats, and a series on Venice. Rare testimony of this art today disappeared. SL, L. De format divers la plupart par mm. Mostly by mm. He then produced an extremely important iconography for the history of Egypt and the whole Middle East. His works became famous because of the tourists who brought home his photos as souvenirs. Gherardi dated , and 26 are unsigned. All these prints on albumen paper are laminated on sheets of strong cardboard. With captions in the photo or handwritten.

Also include: 1 large panorama. The album features views of Jerusalem, collective prayer scenes, animated street scenes, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jaffa, Syria, portraits of locals in costumes, crafts, Bedouins, some snapshots of Malta in including a spectacular panoramic photo of the harbor of one meter wide.

Scarce iconography of the Middle East at the end of the 19th century. Provenance: Library of the Captain Louis Lacroix , naval historian and author of many books devoted mainly to the era of tall ships. Full list of photos on request. Nova typis transacta navigatio Novi orbis Indiae Occidentalis La planche de Kilian montre un portrait complet de Colomb sous un globe ou une carte circulaire, avec l'inscription "Almirante de nauios par las Indias".

Engraved emblematic title, 19 folding, woodcut diagrams in text. Plate of Columbus with a map of the world, signed by Wolfgang Kilian. First Edition, second issue of this famous relation of the Benedictine missionaries who accompanied Columbus on his second voyage to the Americas. Although laced with miraculous accounts, beginning with the mass celebrated by St.

Brendan on the back of a whale pl. A specimen of music is given on pp. The author accuses the Protestant de Brys' accounts of being filled with lies, and dwells on the barbaric cruelties of the natives in support of the notion that Satan ruled the native American religions. Only the first engraving is signed, by Wolfgang Kilian , Augsburg master-engraver, but the others are comparable in style and were probably also executed by him. Kilian's plate shows a full length portrait of Columbus under a globe or circular map, with the inscription Almirante de nauios par las Indias.

Original edition. He was corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Paris. Venice, Gioliti, Re-used vellum. First edition of a letter written by Gasparo Coelho, dated 13 February, Coelho was Vice-provincial of the Jesuit mission in Japan, based in Nagasaki. Streit describes another edition printed by the same publisher in the same year, but with the following title: Lettera annale scritta di novo dal Giapone, delle cose iui successe lanno MDLXXXII.

The present edition is not recorded in Streit. A French edition, translated by Michel Coyssard, was published in Paris in , and a German translation was published in Dilingen in Sans lieu, Contemporary half vellum. Remarkable set of original drawings by the naval painter Antoine Roux , the most famous of the dynasty. He was famous for its ships portraits: 11 of them in the present set, most of them belonged to the French Navy. Those pencil drawings are followed by some wash drawings depicting Mediterranean landscapes and harbors Toulons Baye. Exceptional work. Et de Tulard et Garnier. Engraved frontispieces, engraved plates and tables.

Original pink boards, spines gold-stamped. By a Field Officer on the Staff. Illustrated with a Plan of the Operations. London, Printed for John Joseph Stockdale, Sabin, ; Alberich, Contemp cardboard binding. Auchmuty was born in New York, from a family of loyalists, was the son of the Rector of Trinity Church. This attack is part of a series of British incursions in South America in early Nineteenth century. Auchmuty's initial mission was to retake Buenos Aires, which had been briefly under British control.

Held in check in his mission, he decides to attack near Montevideo, a city much less fortified than Buenos Aires. The book contains the narrative of the operations and the text of Auchmuty general order of declaring the victory. An appendix gives Auchmutys version of the events, with the names of the British employed in the attack and those who were killed, the catches made at Montevideo and the related proceedings in Parliament. The engraved plan placed as a frontispiece shows the geographical area, with the delimitation of the movements of British troops.

Par ceux de la Co[m]pagnie du nom de Iesus, depuis lan Lyons, Benoist Rigaud, Cordier Japonica, DAcosta's work is divided in four parts containing about forty letters of Eastern missionaries written between and , mostly concerning Japan. Other letters discuss in detail the religion and government of Japan, as well as the missionaries' way of instructing and converting the Japanese. Historia naturale, e morale delle Indie; scritta dal R. Novamente tradotta della lingua Spagnola nella Italiana da Gio.

Paolo Galucci Salodiano Academico Veneto. Petite mouillure d'angle interne sur les tous premiers ff. Il sagit du premier travail important sur les Indes occidentales : le Nouveau Monde. JCB I, p. Antique full vellum, ink title. Acosta was one of the first Europeans to provide a detailed image of the physical and human geography of Latin America; his studies of the Indian civilizations of the New World were a major source of information for several centuries. He may, indeed, be called the first of the true Americanists.

Relation dun voyage dexploration au nord-est de la colonie du Cap de Bonne Esperance, entrepris dans les mois de mars, avril et mai Paris, Arthus Bertrand, First edition of this account of a journey undertaken north-east of the colony of the Cape. The work is illustrated with a fold. Thomas Arbousset converted into contact with a blind neighbor to whom he read the Bible, missionary accounts and stories of persecution suffered by their Huguenot ancestors. It was during these readings that he decided to become a missionary.

The Society of Evangelical Missions sent him to Lesotho where he stayed for twenty-seven years. Following his journey in , he published, in Paris in , this poignant account of what he discovered in these "wild and unknown lands", as he defines them himself. Paris, Les Belles Lettres, Exemplaire de l'imprimeur cachet imprimeur rouge sur la page de garde. Beatrice Banning Ayers - married General Patton in She was bilingual French and translated many manuals of the French army into English.

She traveled in the United States during the Second World War by collecting money during mandatory collections. After the death of her husband in , Mrs. Patton became an energetic and very persuasive speaker. She also had a good pen, and published 3 books including this book on the legends of Hawaii based on a rich bibliography. Amsterdam: Jodocus Hondius, Contempoary vellum.

First edition due to Hondius. Copy from the collection of three generations of French cartographers. The book contains 4 maps of the world and 15 relating to the Americas. Histoire de la Premiere Descouverte et Conqueste des Canaries. Faite des l'an per Messire Jean de Bethencourt. Paris, Michel Soly, Le tout receuilly de divers. Borba de Moraes I, p. Jean de Bethencourt's portrait by Balthasar Moncornet. Original velum. Fine copy of this scarce Americana, complete with the 2 parts and portrait, only edition of the very first French publication dealing with the history of maritime explorations.

The texts of the first part were compiled by Pierre Bergeron: it's a very complete history of world exploration at the age of discovery, concentrated on French' voyages, including Jacques Cartier du Mont, Lescarbot, Poutrincourt, Champlain With an amazing portrait. A Paris, Chez H. Delatour, Title in red and black. Contemporary full calf. First edition of this important treatise with a detailled list of the all day and night signals used in Navy. Fresh copy in a fine contemporary binding. Polak - Scott - Brunet VI, First edition of this important work which lists in detail all the night and day signals used in the navy.

Before publishing it, Bigot de Morogues used his manuscript for a few years to instruct the naval guards of Brest. He then went to the navy in , served on the "Bourbon", and became captain in In , he commands the "Magnifique", forming the rear guard of the squadron of the marshal of Confians destined for a landing in Scotland, and supports alone, November 20, day of the battle of Quiberon, the shock of three English ships.

His solid knowledge of both the artillery and the navy has made him think several times about the ministry of the navy; but this nomination never succeeds. Appointed Inspector of Marine Artillery in , he ended his life on his land. His abilities enabled him to compose practical works of clear design and exposition, which for a long time were authoritative; he is also at the origin of the Academy of Marine formed definitively in , and of which he was the first director. The work is divided in two parts: the first deals with naval evolutions and the second general signals and orders by day, by night, by fog that a naval army must know and execute.

Impressed by the formalism of European naval tactics, the work is characteristic of the technical fights of the time. As a result of a desire for prudence, we wanted to avoid random overflow maneuvers. Attempts to concentrate on the opposing fleet are becoming increasingly rare, and rigidity of the line and discipline of fire is imposed.

The battles can be summed up in endless evolutions to take advantage of the wind, followed by a barren cannonade between two parallel lines. This formalism reigns especially in France since the treaty of of Father Hoste, but also in Spain and, to a lesser extent, in England.

It leads to a strategic deviation, the "non-battle" which contributes to developing the passivity of the officers. One of the rare copies printed on large paper, very fresh. Ecrit en Anglais par M. Faux-titre, Titre , xvi pp. Salissures marginales aux premiers et derniers feuillets. EO anglaise, , Londres. Ils rejoignent Tahiti le 26 octobre Ils rejoignent Tofoe, puis, durant quarante-huit jours, ils font route vers Timor.

Contemp sheep. First French edition of Bligh's own account of the mutiny on the Bounty, the most notorious incident in maritime history. This publication predates Bligh's full account of the voyage by two years. Bligh was anxious to have an account of the mutiny itself available to safeguard his own reputation and in order to present copies to the Lords of the Admiralty before the court-martial of the mutineers, to absolve him from blame. Le bateau prit des passagers jusquau Portugal, fit escale en Afrique pour atteindre Valparaiso le 19 octobre Contemporary cloth binding.

Spirited narrative by Gaston Boite, French emigrant to Chile in the beginning of the 20th century. The journey from France to South America still was an adventure, for the crossing and the installation and this log gives a vivid picture of it. A fascinating story by Gaston Boite, a French emigrant who left La Rochelle for Chile at the beginning of the 20th century.

At the beginning of the century, traveling to Chile was still truly adventurous both in crossing and settling in the country, and this newspaper gives a vision that is both lively, colorful and detailed. The first part is devoted to the journey: Gaston Boite retraces the stops by focusing on different atmospheres, depicts the landscapes and living conditions on board, reports the flow of passengers and goods, in a painting where the scenes are mixed more or less incredible on board and in the ports, including scenes of sale on the sly, and more precise elements on the prices of the various goods and the nationalities and social backgrounds of the passengers, all forming a precious testimony on these crossings at the beginning of the century.

La table en annonce 35 cartes et plans. Charming little maritime atlas fully engraved, giving the coast of France and many fortified ports. Allegorical title designed by Monnet engraved by Legrand. The table announces 35 cards and plans. Beautiful copy bound in red morocco. Par M. Bossu, Capitaine dans les troupes de la Marine. Half marbled sheep. Second edition of primary interest for Louisiana, Alabama, and Illinois. Bossu, a captain in the French Navy, was the first to write about Louisiana in detail and based on personal experience.

The work is actually a collection of 21 letters he wrote during his first two voyages to the country, in and Sabin I find no record of the first edition. Bossu arrived in New Orleans a few years after its founding, and only eighty years after La Salle came down the Mississippi. This collection of letters, revealing many vivid personal and secondhand recollections, gives a fascinating portrait of life and travels in that vast area. Paris, Presentation copy. First edition of this founding text of the prehistoric science, due to Jacques Boucher de Perthes , pronounced during the session of June 7th, of the Imperial Society of emulation.

The work is illustrated with two plates representing tools: "Probably out of axes and other tools of antediluvian flints" and a geological section: "reduced cut of the Menchecourt ground near Abbeville" lithographed in the text. With his theory of the existence of an antediluvian man, the author attracts the wrath of the scientific community. It was not until and the discoveries of Henry Testot Ferry that scientists began to realize the importance of Boucher de Pertheswork, unfortunately very shortly before his death.

Nice copy in its publisher cover. Provenance: Mr Cornuau, prefect of the Somme handwriting of the author. Published at a few copies. Rare on the market. Elle est due au navigateur Edmond Bigot de la Touanne, au naturaliste Lesson. Ferguson II, Paquet, fat spines gilt-lettered, blind-stamped anchor tools. Provenance: Lieutenant Commander H. Paquet binding. First edition of this nicely illustrated work on the French circumnavigation under command of Baron De Bougainville, son of the greatexplorer Louis de Bougainville.

The lithographed views were made by Bichebois,Sabatier, and Bayot after designs by E. The fine colour-printed engraved plates by H. Bessa, show plants and animals, including a curious case of Siamese twins, theAustralian kangaroo, two beautiful plates of the Australian parrot, and a finecolour-plate with butterflies. The double-page maps and plates were all engravedby Amboise Tardieu, mostly after designs by E.

Berlin, Paris, Ch. Jombert, Bel exemplaire, frais. Rare treaty on the construction of dikes by Mr. Bourdet - , French engineer and hydraulician of the Royal Academy of Architecture of Paris, who practiced especially in Germany. The book is dedicated to Count Othon of Podexils - , Prussian ambassador. From time immemorial, man has sought to retain water, divert it, or protect itself from it, whether it is to sail, to increase agricultural surfaces or to build, to use the driving force of water.

This work deals with the issues of interest of dykes, reasons of their construction, repairs in case of breakage, disadvantages and benefits for humans other than saving lives, all these topics are detailed in 19 chapters with the support of 9 plates of diagrams of a great precision. Provenance: Bramshill ex-libris emblazoned on the back of the 1st dish. Nice copy, fresh. Avec introduction et notes. Cependant, peu de journaux de corsaires sont connus. Il dresse des cartes des rades quil visite.

Their "catches" bring considerable sums of money to the treasure of the crown, and the names of several French corsairs remain famous. However, few privateers' journals are known.

Les Nuits de Fourviere

Lawrence in Canada on behalf of of the Company of New France. Thus begins his long career at sea of forty-eight years. Recognized as an excellent pilot, he is the privileged witness of the whole maritime history of the time of Louis XIV. He remains, with Duguay Trouin, the most prolific corsaire, having left memories written with care and meticulousness.

Here is an overview of his feats of arms as captain corsair: In , Jean Doublet takes command of a frigate corsair from Granville, the "Jeune Homme" barrels, 16 guns and 25 men , then the ton corsair frigate of Saint-Malo, the "Comte de Revel", with which he captured an English coastguard of barrels and 40 guns. In he was captured by the British in the Channel and remained a prisoner for three and a half months in Plymouth.

In , he commanded the St.

Introduction: “The Ruins of Departed Greatness”

He draws maps of the places he visits. On April 22, , he returned to Port-Louis with a booty of , piastres of gold and silver! Jean Doublet then retired in Honfleur, occupying his last years in the drafting of his journal. Like Duguay Trouin, he writes his memoirs for his family and his friends who want to know his sea adventures. The corsair's diary is accompanied by an introduction, a family tree, a series of pieces and documents and a table of names and vessels cited.

L'Egypte et la Syrie ou moeurs, usages, costumes et monumens des Egyptiens, des Arabes et des Syriens. Paris, Nepveu, Breton a produit des travaux similaires sur la Chine et la Russie. Superbe exemplaire. Blackmer ; Brunet I; Atabey First edition, beautifully bound and in period colors with heightened gold, of this book dedicated to Egypt and the Middle East. A major actor in court reporting in France, co-founder and manager of the Gazette des Tribunaux, he knows almost all the languages of Europe English, German, Spanish, Flemish, Dutch, Italian.

He was thus the ideal man to carry out the work entrusted to him by the publisher Nepveu, a bookseller passionate about travel. Breton has produced similar works on China and Russia. He yielded to Breton not only information, but also unpublished drawings he had himself made during his journey and that Breton adds those of Luigi Mayer published in England. In his preface, Breton praises the success of the French in Egypt "where the French name has left such beautiful memories. The iconography consists of 84 plates with an important ethnographic part: inhabitants of all social categories, scenes of life, crafts, objects, furniture, weapons, musical instruments and views of monuments, cities and landscapes of the Holy Land and from Egypt.

The double page plates are mostly reduced versions of Mayer's Egypt. The set is in period colors with especially fresh. Superb copy. Paris, Durand, First Edition of this important work by Charles de Brosses , considered as one of the major works dealing with the first voyages in the Pacific, intended to stimulate French exploration and colonization of the South Seas.

This publication is the major work of Brosses, French magistrate, historian, linguist and writer. In the eighteenth century, "Terres Australes" does not refer only to the glacial continents of the Arctic and Antarctic, but refers to a larger and more indefinite region of the southern hemisphere from the Cape of Good- Hope to the Strait of Magellan via the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific, three distinct regions that the author names respectively: Australasia, Polynesia and Magellania this last name based on the belief in existence from a continent beyond the tip of South America.

The book contains the story of all journeys to the south, starting with the second Vespucci expedition from to , including trips to Magellan, Drake, Schouten, Tasman The text was later used as base for Callander's highly influential "Terra Australis Cognita" of in this form it had much to do with British plans for colonial expansion through transportation. Brosses suggests that France should colonize Australia thus virtually predicting its ultimate destiny! The text is illustrated with 7 maps by Robert de Vaugondy, which gives the geographical representation of the mid-eighteenth century world.

The first represent the whole of the southern hemisphere with Australia in center. Broughton arriva en Inde en , comme Cadet de lEtablissement du Bengale. Bel exemplaire, coloris frais. Original card-board bindings. First French edition. Broughton first arrived in India in as a cadet on the Bengal establishment. Following the siege of Seringapatam in , in which he was actively engaged, he was appointed commandant of the cadet corps. At the time he wrote the present work he was military resident with the Mahrattas. His book is dedicated to the Marquis of Wellesley, "the acute detector of Mahratta wiles, the firm repeller of their insolent pretensions, and the formidable barrier to their ambitious projects; their vigorous opponent in time of war, and their generous pacificator in the hour of victory.

Abbey, Travel, ; Tooley, ; Colas, Paris, Imprimerie Royale, Faux-titre, Titre , pp. Dans cet ouvrage technique, il aborde les questions du lestage et donne la comparaison du poids de la charge et du poids de la coque. L'illustration se compose de 6 planches : 1. Plan du lest de fer d'un vaisseau de 74 canons. Premier plan de futailles d'un vaisseau de 74 canons.

Second plan de futailles d'un vaisseau de 74 canons. Plan de la Coupe Verticale-longitudunale d'un Vaisseau de 74 Canons. Full calf binding with the guilted arms of France. First and only edition of this scarce treatise by Burgues de Missiessy At the beginning of his brilliant carrier as a sea officer he was Vice Amiral in the French Navy in , he served under Admiral d'Estaing during his campaigns in the American Revolutionary War.

He also was Directeur of the French shipbuilding school. The present book was printed by order of the Governement. Superb copy of this rare work, printed on a special heavy velum paper with the binging of the king Louis the XVIth. Jomard, membre de linstitut.

T, T et 1 portrait frontispice de l'auteur , XII, pp. Catalogue ; [4], , [2] pp. Gay, Publisher covers. Original edition of this scarce account. Rene Caillie was presented with the Legion of Honor as the first European to return alive from Timbuktu. Then he went to the mysterious city, saw something of its real character, and crossed the Sahara to Morocco, reaching the west coast of Fez.

For this journey he was rewarded by the Geographical Society of Paris" Baker. Fx-titre, frontispice, titre , pp. Provenance : Alexandre Emmanuel Louis de Bauffremont-Courtenay , prince de Bauffremont et du Saint-Empire, marquis de Bauffremont et de Listenois, comte de l'Empire , pair de France , premier duc de Bauffremont , chevalier de lordre royal et militaire de Saint-Louis. Contemporary half-sheep. Armorial ex-libris.

First edition of this beautiful work richly illustrated with detailed hand-colored full-page engravings depicting scenes, Ottomans costumes, portraits, weapons, tools, musical instruments etc. Castellan gives an elaborate account of the history, emperors, people, religion, arts and professions, richly illustrated. The French publisher Nepveu published a series of books with similar descriptions of different countries and regions of the world.

Fine copy of a prestigious provenance. Paris, Le Rouge, Millard, Second edition in French. In this set of drawings made on site, Chambers aims to stop the "extravagant productions A Chapter is devoted to the distribution of Chinese gardens. A first edition containing only 19 p. Vial du Clairbois. A Brest, Chez R. Il en prend la direction sur ordre du roi Gustave III qui l'anoblit en Il construira au total 24 vaisseaux de ligne. French edition translated from the Swedish, of one of the most famous naval architecture treatises produced in the 18th century.

Copy with 80 pages of notes and handwritten addendum diagrams in English. In the 18th century, naval architecture is the equivalent of what will be the 20th aerospace industry. However, in it remains an empirical art based on the knowledge and the eye of some exceptional master carpenters: most military and merchant ships are built without a specific plan, based on simple sketches and arsenal models.

Duhamel Du Monceau's work "Elements darchitecture navale" published in , is a revolution. It addresses shipbuilding for the first time in a scientific way and accessible to all. From then, the civil and military shipyards adopt a rational work based on the physical and mathematical sciences and perfectly established plans.

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This work by Sweden Frederick Henry of Chapman, appeared for the first time in Translated into several languages, he will not know an edition in English until Smith, Cambridge. This treatise is the work of a sailor who knew perfectly the construction of the vessels. At the age of 15, he left for Stockholm to learn the art of shipbuilding. With a partner he opened a shipyard in Gothenburg from This did not prevent him from traveling a lot and even being briefly arrested in , when he visited an English shipyard without authorization.

In he took the mathematics classes of English Thomas Simpson He will thus use Simpson's method numerical calculation of an integral to determine mathematically the different characteristics of a ship volumes, surfaces, center of gravity He was then relieving the Swedish fleet, which had fallen somewhat into decay. He built a total of 24 ships. Appointed Vice Admiral in , he ceased his activity in , when he was 72 years old. The work is divided into IX chapters dealing with every aspect of the construction: displacement, stability, center of gravity, resistance, sails, proportions of buildings and rigging, and construction practice.

It is illustrated with 8 out-of-text tables and 11 out-of-text plates, including 3 folding cutaway schematics. Copy used by a British construction site: it is riddled with forty sheets of manuscripts in ink of additions and notes, diagrams, tables of calculation as well as annotations in the margins, all written in English. Thus, while an English edition was available from , some British architects continued to use the present copy and supplemented it with large manuscript additions. Il sinstalle en Angleterre et se marie.

Dirk Van der Cruysse: "Chardin le Persan". First edition of of the first volume of Chardin's manuscript. Born in Paris in a Huguenot Protestant family, Jean Chardin undertook his travels to Persia because of his father's position as a jeweller and shareholder in the French East India Company.

Soon after his arrival in Persia, he received a commission to create jewellery for Shah Abbas II, who died in and was succeeded by Shah Safi. After witnessing the latter's coronation, Chardin went on India and finally returned to Paris in In , he published an account of the coronation and in the same year set off for Persia again, arriving in Isfahan in and remaining there for several years, before once more visiting India and returning home in With the persecution of the Huguenots in France, he moved to England in This first edition deals with the period , which appeared in and was followed by several counterfeit editions.

The complete set of his works was published only in in Paris, but was incomplete of several passages cut by the editor who found them anti-papists! Chardin enjoys the reputation of being one of the best-informed European observers of Safavid Persia. The plates in Chardin's work are said to be after the artist Guillaume Grelot; they include illustrations of Tiflis, Erivan, Kashan, Kom and a large folding map of the Black Sea. A valuable work, highly praised by Montesquieu, Rousseau etc. Scarce original edition of this treaty by naval Lieutenant Chopart, which was animated by the desire to disseminate to all officers of the Navy knowledge inherent in the maneuvers of the Fleet, deficiencies considered disastrous by Chopart since it existed at the time only a manual on board the ships, the "Tactic", intended for the captain alone.

Provenance: Jacques Lapierre, navy officer handwritten dedication by the author. A Dunkerque, le 22 septembre These plan was made by this officer when English and Dutch fleets attacked the city in They were repelled by Jean Bart in a battle which is considered as the last victory of the famous sailor.

Some marks of folding, and the title on the verso of the document show it was either classify with military papers, or send to the authorities. Drawn by a professionnel on the first day of the attack, it shows many accurate details, offers the position of both fleets, with the name and place of both ships and batteries. Up on the right, a table gives the explanation for the depicted elements: kind of ships, batteries, fortifications. The attack was repelled.

Rare and precious historical document, depicting the last victory of the famous French corsair. Frankfurt, Johann Peter Zubrodt, Choulant-Frank, pp. Ancient vellum. First edition of the first illustrated work on Chinese medicine published in Europe. These Latin translations of a late medieval version of the Mo cheh Instructions relating to the pulse and other short texts were the work of the Polish Jesuit Michael Boym They were published, with no mention of Boym, by Andreas Cleyer , a physician with the Dutch East India Company who served in Java in the s and later in Japan.

The only earlier printed Western work on Chinese medicine was a short unillustrated collection of Jesuit translations of similar Chinese works entitled Secrets de la medicine chinoise Grenoble The texts translated here, of which several are by Vam Xo Ho or Wang Shu-ho , deal primarily with theories relating to the pulse, and the closely related subject of acupuncture is discussed extensively. One chapter gives remedies for various types of disorders of the pulse, while the chapter on materia medica lists and describes plants, with phonetic transcriptions of their Chinese names, and their Latin names where the plants have been identified.

The final section contains 36 descriptions of various pathological symptoms as manifested in the appearance of the tongue, illustrated by woodcuts of the tongue with captions describing localized discoloration, etc. The curious engravings, copied from a Chinese source, probably Chang Chieh-Pin's Lei ching include several anatomical engravings of organs as well as the first acupuncture charts published in the West; unfortunately, these were dubbed 'anatomical' by Western writers, causing much confusion and misguided criticism.

A portion of Boym's translation of the section on the pulse was abridged and paraphrased in English in the second volume of John Floyer's Physician's pulse-watch Floyer, presumably influenced by Chinese theory, was the first European physician to advocate regular observations of the pulse. Paris: Claude Barbin et Christophe Ballard, Sabin Streit II, Palau Artents Add.

JCB II, See also Church re. First French edition, translated from the original Italian , Venise , of the first biography of Christopher Columbus, by one of his contemporaries who knew him best, his portside son, Ferdinand. Henry Vignaud, severe critic of the origins of the so-called Columbus Legend, judged it to be "the most important of our sources of information on the life of the discoverer of America," and Washington Irving honored it as "the corner-stone of the history of the American continent.

Rutgers University Press , - calls it "a work of great authority," and continues: "Ferdinand's Historie is more than a rich and faithful source of information about Columbus. It is also a moving personal document that vividly re-creates the moral and intellectual atmosphere of Columbus's world and the swirling passions of which he was the center.

It is in large part a straightforward narrative of action. He wrote, therefore, from participation, from verbal narrative from his father's lips concerning the other voyages, and from unique access to his father's papers. That the first edition of the Historie was not published till more than thirty years after its author's death, and in Italian rather than the Spanish in which it was written, is accounted for in this passage from Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison's life of Columbus The manuscript, which has since disappeared, was taken by D. Luis Colon, the Admiral's grandson, to Italy in , before any Spanish edition had been printed; and the sole surviving text is an Italian translation by Alfonso Ulloa printed at Venice in He sold the manuscript of Ferdinand's Historie to a wealthy Genoese physician, Baliano de Formari, who underwrote the translation and publication, and to whom the work is dedicated.

Parenthetically, in the past century doubt of Ferdinand's authorship was cast by the able Americanist, Henry Harrisse, on the basis of evidence which seemed impressive at the time. Discovery of subsequent evidence strongly tends to refute Harrisse's conclusion and demonstrates the pitfalls of bibliographical conjecture, even when made by experts. When Ferdinand Columbus born in was a young boy he became a page to the Spanish heir apparent, Prince Juan, and later to the Prince's mother, Queen Isabella.

At thirteen, in , he went to America with his father, and again, in , with his elder brother, Diego, who was Governor of Hispaniola Espafiola. Thereafter, he traveled widely in Europe, served the Spanish government with his knowledge of the colonies and of geography, and acted as Diego's legal adviser in the latter's disputes with the Crown over the rights of the heirs of the Discoverer. It is likely that his Historic based in part upon documents gathered to present his case, grew naturally out of this litigation. Ferdinand's share of his father's estate included the income from the labor of slaves in Hispaniola, which, along with several royal sinecures, made him a wealthy man.

Much of his money he spent for books and manuscripts and collecting became his most important pursuit. His library of more than 15, volumes was bequeathed to the cathedral chapter of Seville. Because of centuries of neglect the collection has shrunk to about 2, volumes, but the Bibliotheca Colombina, as it is known, nevertheless remains one of the great treasure-houses of books. L'ecole du jardin potager. Contenant la description exacte de toutes les plantes potageres [ Paris, Didot le jeune, Delalain, Il meurt sans doute vers New expanded edition of this reference book on gardening by the French agronomist and writer Charles-Jean de Combles Born in Lyon he published several treatises on his favorite pastime he developed in Naples: gardening.

Later, he starts publishing historical and erotic books. This work gives explanations of all that is good to know to practice gardening: "the vegetable plants, their culture, the lands, their situation, the climates, the different ways of multiplying them, the time to collect their seeds, their duration, and so on The school of the vegetable garden is considered as his most successful work. Contemporary half sheep.

Second edition of this account of the Meduses shipwreck. Half morroco. Paris, Crapelet, Publisher rappers. Interesting description of London and and its inhabitants, inspired by English authors such as: Fitzstephen, Maitland or Clarendon ink. This book is a picturesque account of the English capital, its monuments and its economy, its quality of life, the mentality of the English at that time and especially the atmosphere that reigned there at two different periods.

The work includes 12 plates illustrating the capital and a folding map in-fine. Paris, Etienne Michallet, First edition of this important history of the Jesuit mission in Japan from the arrival of St. Francis Xavier in to the 's. The author, the Jesuit Jean Crasset , also includes information on Japanese politics and events of the Sengoku and early Tokugawa eras. Jersey, Ile Agricole Anglo-normande.

Etude de sociographie. Examen de la Posibilidad de fixar la significacion de los Sinonimos de la Lengua Castellana. Valencia, Jose Estevan, Fourth edition, first published in , providing synonyms and antonyms in Catalan, arranged by word pairs. Contemporary marbled sheep, spine gilt. Provenance: J. Guardia signature. Manuscrites et 15 ff. Brown ink on blue paper: 1 vo. Evoking testimony of the life of a young Frenchwoman under the first empire, consisting of an essay on universal history and notes of her current expenses for her "toilette" for twelve years, all written in brown ink on a beautiful blue paper and kept in the original cardboard made by the young lady.

The first notebook begins with a letter of good year that Caroline addresses to the person in charge of her education, her emotion and enthusiasm about her studies is striking: "Madam, the recognition will never be erased from my heart. In vain will years accumulate, I will not forget this happy time you took so much care of my education, Ha! Madam, this day that begins my life is for me the happiest of my life The student gathered in this notebook, intended for her teacher, her knowledge of universal history before and after the Flood to Alexander : "I will not be able to start this work of history more happily than by dedicating it to you: The interest you have always taken in my advancement in this science is a guarantee to me that you will accept this feeble attempt of one of your pupils.

Then start her essay on history: Adam, Moses, Solomon, the Persians, Assyrians, Nebuchadnezzar, Babylon, Balthazar, Cyrius, the Greeks and finally a chapter on the "Kingdom of the Egyptians", whose "foundation dates back to the 1 year since the creation world The second notebook consists of a memoir of accounts held by Caroline Deroche August 8, to March , very informative document on the "toilette" of a young French years ago.

January 1 handkerchief from Madras, 1 Nanjing robe, 1 pair of skin gloves, whitewashed lace and stockings, bought paper from feathers and wax From January , caroline indicates sums received and their provenance: "" received in money from the sale of sheep. Total of what I received this year: 95 f. And in received 20 f from the farm of the small meadow, received the price of the sheet of murres These receipts indicate that the young woman has her own income from the sale of farm production that she owns.

Documents of historical interest on the education and life of a young woman of the time. Amiens et Paris, Godart, Ganeau, In this book, Nicolas Desmarest , a French geographer, goes on about the junction between England and France. To allow the reader to follow his reasoning, he joins a chart of the coast and a remarkably accurate topographic map of the bottom of the Channel Sea and the German Sea, itself drawn by Philippe Buache.

Paris, Desnos, Ex-libris sur cuir "Jacques Lacour Gayet". Il tenait une boutique rue Saint-Jacques, au Globe. Il travailla avec les plus importants cartographes de son temps et collabora souvent avec Brion de la Tour. Full red morocco period, back with ornate nerves, gilded arms. First edition of this chorographic atlas by Louis Charles Desnos This Parisian engineer, geographer and bookseller was named "geographer for the globes and spheres of His Danish Majesty" for the King of Denmark.

He ran a shop on Rue Saint-Jacques. However, he spent most of his life as a globe maker and map publisher in Paris. He worked with the most important cartographers of his time and often collaborated with Brion de la Tour. In this work, Desnos describes the "Parishes and fires, the position of towns, villages, hamlets and abbeys, woods, meadows, mountains, ponds Great copy, well preserved red morocco period.

Tableau analytique de la France []. Le travail de gravure encadrements des cartes Phillips , Tooley's dictionary of mapmakers. Fine set bound together of these 3 cartographic publications.

Les aventures du Trench 2 : Les naufragés de lhistoire (Roman) (French Edition) Les aventures du Trench 2 : Les naufragés de lhistoire (Roman) (French Edition)
Les aventures du Trench 2 : Les naufragés de lhistoire (Roman) (French Edition) Les aventures du Trench 2 : Les naufragés de lhistoire (Roman) (French Edition)
Les aventures du Trench 2 : Les naufragés de lhistoire (Roman) (French Edition) Les aventures du Trench 2 : Les naufragés de lhistoire (Roman) (French Edition)
Les aventures du Trench 2 : Les naufragés de lhistoire (Roman) (French Edition) Les aventures du Trench 2 : Les naufragés de lhistoire (Roman) (French Edition)
Les aventures du Trench 2 : Les naufragés de lhistoire (Roman) (French Edition) Les aventures du Trench 2 : Les naufragés de lhistoire (Roman) (French Edition)
Les aventures du Trench 2 : Les naufragés de lhistoire (Roman) (French Edition) Les aventures du Trench 2 : Les naufragés de lhistoire (Roman) (French Edition)

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