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The native Scratch application also doesn't work, due to the Squeak VM not supporting mobile devices. If the tablet supports either the Flash Player or Java Player , the project could be played in it.

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Scratch Coding A complete overview for Beginners

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Mitch Resnick leads an early design exploration for a tablet version of Scratch. We're working on a version of Scratch for iPad and other tablets. It will be ready sometime next year. Yes, as we develop Scratch for tablets, we plan to provide access to the special sensors on tablets similar to the way we now provide access to the webcam with the video-sensing blocks.

Introduction to Scratch – Code Club

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April Specifically: Outdated by Scratch 3. Teachers and parents can share resources, ask questions, and get support through the online community, ScratchEd. Although Scratch can also be used to create games and animations, using Scratch to create a digital story provides a way for students to creatively demonstrate learning. Here are two sample projects, both created by eighth-graders studying the periodic table.

Scratch on Tablets

I remixed them to remove any student identification. Use a photo of your own face you can paste it on any sprite body. Begin by outlining your project on a storyboard, with a title, introduction, middle, and end. Include the following:. Scratch an Element Research your assigned element from the periodic table. Create a Scratch project focusing on one or more unique properties of that element or a common compound.

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  • Begin by outlining your project on a storyboard. Google Tag Manager.

    How to Use Scratch How to Use Scratch
    How to Use Scratch How to Use Scratch
    How to Use Scratch How to Use Scratch
    How to Use Scratch How to Use Scratch
    How to Use Scratch How to Use Scratch
    How to Use Scratch How to Use Scratch
    How to Use Scratch How to Use Scratch

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