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It is recommended to estimate a daily effort of each team member as six hours when doing the planning. If imagine 5 team members who are working 6 hours every day during 10 days, so the total effort of the sprint is 5x6x It is hours. The estimated effort of all tasks in the task breakdown for the sprint should add up to hours. The ideal effort that assumes all tasks will be completed by the end of the sprint is visualized with the blue dotted line here.

With the start of the sprint, every developer will pick a task and work on it during the first day. Then, at the end of the day, everyone will have to update the task breakdown. As every effective tool, a Burndown chart has the own strength and weaknesses, pros and cons, its advantages and disadvantages. Starting with the positive things:. Teams that have unrealistic or over-inflated timeframes can easily lose their motivation or become disgruntled when the project does not run smoothly.

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Before creating a Burndown Chart, the team should first implement a task breakdown. It usually happens during the sprint planning meeting.


Every task in the breakdown should include a specific amount of time to complete the task. After tasks breakdown, the team can create and use a Burndown Chart.

The team can assume that every task will be completed at the same rate as the rest of the tasks, so their ideas should reflect the steady progress. You may simply create an excel spreadsheet with X and Y axes to visualize a Burndown Chart. However, there are special available Agile tools and services with built-in Burndown Chart abilities. Teams use the Burndown Chart to get the information they need to self-organize, self-manage and self-direct themselves to greater success.

This tool may be helpful on a daily basis. In an ideal world, work would be completed or burned down in a linear way. This is visualised by the ideal line. In complex projects, the ideal line is used as guidline to show a team how much work should be completed each day in order to complete all work by the end of the tracking period. The actual work completed is then entered as the actual line each day as time passes.

Using a Burndown Chart for Effective Project Forecasting

The purpose of a burn down chart is to visualise progress against time. It is used in project management and in agile processes like Scrum. A good metaphor for what a burn down chart measures is spreading a pile of dirt with a shovel.

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When the dirt is shoveled at a constant speed, the actual line will be linear and identical with the ideal line see above. In this case it's easy to make a prediction about when the job will be done: when the actual line hits zero on the vertical axis tracking the amount of work. Burn down charts are commonly used in Scrum teams to track their progress during a sprint. If you are estimating in story points, leave Label y axis at its default, otherwise change as appropriate.

Set the Start date and the End date fields to the start and end dates of your sprint. A burn up chart is a flipped version of a burn down chart. Instead of burning work down , it tracks the work done in an upwards manner. Although being similar ideas, the use cases of burn down versus burn up charts are different: Burn up charts are commonly used to track longer timeframes compared to burn down charts see below.

Burn up charts are often used in project management with the purpose of tracking releases. They are a great tool to track the delivery of all backlog items to be included in a release and the amount of work left for the release to be ready.

Sprint burn-down or burn-up chart

Because burn up charts are open towards the top, the ideal line can easily be adjusted whenever the release scope, the delivery velocity or any estimates of the work change. This usually happens several times throughout the delivery of a release as agile teams find out more about the work left to be done. As a prerequisite, at least a rough estimate of all the work required to deliver the release is required. If the team has already completed a couple of sprints and knows its velocity, then an ideal or projected line can be drawn as a straight line from the zero point of the chart and incrementing it by the average velocity every sprint up to the point of completion of all estimated items.

This will give you an estimate of how many sprints will be needed to deliver the release. Each sprint, the ideal line should be updated in the cases that the delivery velocity of the team changes, the team learns more about the nature of the work or whenever the scope of the release changes.

Understanding Burndown Charts

Enter the sum total of all estimated epics or items of work into the Starting value field. Either leave the Start date field to be the date today or set it to the date when development on the release is due to start.

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  • Apart from delivering projects and sprints in agile teams, both burn down and burn up charts can also be used to track personal goals. For any numeric goal that you have, for example saving an amount of money or talking to x new people at networking events over the next month s , you can create a burn down chart and update it each day with your progress. Let's say you have an investment fund and a goal, e. After following the steps of creating a burn down or burn up chart template see above , click Open Print View.

    Now click the Print chart link and your browser will present you with the default printing options. My name is Peter and I build digital products. One day I wanted to print a burn down chart for one of my teams and I struggled. Okay, I admit But the other one was that the Jira software we were using to manage our Scrum process didn't seem to support printing for burn down charts.

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