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You have a great list of items here! I really like the inclusion of the bear spray and the idea of using the empty beer cans as a way to make other survival supplies.

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I did some backpacking when I was younger and I have to agree: beer saved my life many times. The other items are probably useful, too, but you always want to make sure you have an ample supply of beer. Or hang out with people who do. Just awesome article. Specially i love those picture. Actually i am planning to go for hiking this year. Thus, i was searching survival gear which will be very effective during our trip.

No doubt that i get best gear after reading your article. Really good stuff.

'The Unofficial Guide to Wilderness Survival'

The SAS kit book intrigues me. I met a fascinating character in Chiang Mai who worked with a yoga instructor, said instructor being a former SAS guy. All fab survival tools here. It seriously makes everything in the dark easier. Totally agree with the headlamp.

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Top 10 Outdoor Survival Tips

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John Ivanov says:. April 26, at am. David Hoyt says:. Foreword: You have come this far ped, the chilling wind of crypto winter has almost turned, as the winds change and seasons shift, crypto summer is soon to be upon us again. With the change in weather will come the bull markets, bringing with it fresh pedestrians, and parasitic creatures who want your crypto. I have prepared for you the ultimate crypto-wilderness survival guide, introducing iron-clad rules and logic for identifying and eliminating scams.

Your Ultimate Guide To Wilderness Survival - BONUS Included

Learn it. Live by it. Sharpen your blade with information. Hone your weapon with the blood of your vanquished foes, those that seek to deceive and impoverish you. Grit, a little misanthropy, deliberate research, diligent knowledge gathering, logical processes, critical analysis, a bit of elbow grease, a dash of cunning, and a sprinkling of google savvy.

To easily sort the chaff from the wheat in crypto is to use a guilty till proven innocent strategy. Arm yourself with knowledge, for it is your greatest weapon in your arsenal to protect your crypto from scams. Everything in crypto is both of these states simultaneously, that is until you have conclusive evidence to prove the definitive current state.

See example:. It is only by observation of crypto[] that we can ascertain its state i. You should make it a habit of arming yourself with enough knowledge about everything you can about your investments. Be like bitcoin, be vigilant, trust nobody. Only you will save yourself from scams. If you want to learn how to survive in a hostile and adversarial environment, then you better trust that nobody will have your self interests above their own.

Now I know the following sounds entirely unreasonable of me , an arrogant writer , to ask you to be diligent, but you definitely should spend the time proportionate to your level of investment becoming intimate with the moving pieces. AJ Nelson rated it really liked it Sep 02, Livbtrfly rated it liked it Dec 03, Scott Jones rated it liked it Jan 28, Paul rated it really liked it Jan 08, Lauren rated it really liked it Mar 24, Brian rated it it was ok Jun 22, James Rowell rated it liked it Apr 22, Daniel rated it liked it Mar 19, Judie Abbott rated it really liked it Feb 10, Winchester rated it liked it Jun 28, Balthazar rated it liked it Dec 17, Benjamin Donnachie rated it it was amazing Nov 16, Annette rated it liked it Feb 02, Thomas Laird rated it liked it Mar 27, Middlethought rated it it was amazing Aug 05, Jonathan Fox rated it it was amazing Jan 26, UberzyrhO rated it really liked it Jun 14, Jake Hollingsworth rated it really liked it Jun 04, Robert Ingleston rated it it was amazing Jul 30, Xander Toftness rated it it was amazing Oct 30, Lee Holmes rated it it was amazing Dec 28, Dean Haywood rated it it was amazing Dec 21,

Wilderness Survival Guide Wilderness Survival Guide
Wilderness Survival Guide Wilderness Survival Guide
Wilderness Survival Guide Wilderness Survival Guide
Wilderness Survival Guide Wilderness Survival Guide
Wilderness Survival Guide Wilderness Survival Guide
Wilderness Survival Guide Wilderness Survival Guide
Wilderness Survival Guide Wilderness Survival Guide
Wilderness Survival Guide Wilderness Survival Guide
Wilderness Survival Guide Wilderness Survival Guide

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