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230 AD – Wooden Ox / Gliding Horse – Zhu-ge Liang

House Feng Shui House Building. Basics Feng Shui. Organs on Face Forehead.

Carpenter's wooden ox earns patent(1/3)

Basics Face Shapes. People born in the year of Jan. For those born before Jan. Wood oxen are merciful, upright, easy-going and generous, and they have the courage to face difficulties. Being righteous and courageous, they like to defend against injustice and fight for the weak against the strong, and they can take good care of their friends selflessly. However, wood oxen are often too strong-minded, straightforward and upright, thus usually offend people or being used, which is their disadvantage.

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In addition, wood oxen are impatient; although they learn a lot of knowledge, they only master little, so they need to restrain themselves to get a lot more. Wood oxen are born to be conservative, and they are stable, delicate mind sensitive, making people feel they are elegant.

Years of Chinese Zodiac Ox

But they are not good at expressing themselves, especially in love. During the Earth Pig Year of , the Ox natives have the chance of obtaining recognition in the public life, to delight in the spotlight, to persuasively express their interests and their ideals, provided that they have mastered their emotional sensitivity, which is sometimes really high.

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They also have the opportunity to participate in numerous social events and to establish new friendships. Moreover, it is necessary to be as flexible as possible and to make compromises, truces, instead of launching in unproductive battles.

Characteristics of the Wood Ox - Feng Shui Store

There is no way for the Ox natives to focus on ambitious long-term plans professionally, but they can maintain themselves afloat due to their practical sense, which is characteristic to their personality, due to their perseverance and their willingness to collaborate with the people around them. Thanks to the good understanding between the Pig and the Ox, the latter seems to have the possibility of laying the foundation of a new love relationship, standing under the sign of an intense mutual attraction, a relationship facilitated by a happy interaction in the social circle.

The natives who are already involved in a love relationship will have the chance to consolidate it, to deepen it, which could eventually lead to marriage. The married natives might get blessed with the birth of a long-awaited child. The Ox natives are compatible with the Snake and the Rooster.

They are going to have a great relationship both in love and in business. This works in an especially positive way for a quiet sign like the Ox who in consequence is able to give much freer expression to their feelings.

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  5. The element Wood is particularly helpful in this case since helps the Ox to better display their inner thoughts and concerns. Both the male and female Ox likes to be indulged since their earthy nature is flattered by all the delights of the senses.

    Characteristics of the Wood Ox

    Therefore a perfect evening for this sign would most probably mean a spread of good food and wine, excellent music and the sight of sparkling crystal dinnerware. Under the impact of Wood, this sensual aspect of the Ox is further refined so that this sign has discriminating tastes and an artistic side.

    However this does not mean that the Wood Ox is less industrious or responsible as compared to the rest of its bovine counterparts.

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    The Wooden Ox The Wooden Ox
    The Wooden Ox The Wooden Ox
    The Wooden Ox The Wooden Ox
    The Wooden Ox The Wooden Ox
    The Wooden Ox The Wooden Ox
    The Wooden Ox The Wooden Ox
    The Wooden Ox The Wooden Ox

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