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These include operations to create and provide trusted users with temporary security credentials that can control access to your AWS resources. To learn about the different methods that you can use to request temporary security credentials by assuming a role, see Using IAM Roles. The SDKs are available for a variety of programming languages and environments, including Java,. The SDKs take care of tasks such as cryptographically signing your requests, retrying requests if necessary, and handling error responses.

The access key consists of an access key ID and a secret key. Users or an application that the user runs can use these credentials to access your resources. The resulting session's permissions are the intersection of the role's identity-based policies and the session policies. For more information about session policies, see Session Policies. We strongly recommend that you make no assumptions about the maximum size.

The typical token size is less than bytes, but that can vary.

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If you choose an endpoint closer to you, you can reduce latency and improve the performance of your API calls. You also can choose to direct your calls to an alternative regional endpoint if you can no longer communicate with the original endpoint. The following are the API operations that you can use to acquire temporary credentials for use in your AWS environment and applications. It is also useful as a means to temporarily gain privileged access—for example, to provide multi-factor authentication MFA.

This call must be made using valid AWS security credentials. When you make this call, you pass the following information:. The duration, which specifies the duration of the temporary security credentials.

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Use the DurationSeconds parameter to specify the duration of the role session from seconds 15 minutes up to the maximum session duration setting for the role. If you do not pass this parameter, the temporary credentials expire in one hour. A role session name, which is a string value that you can use to identify the session. This value can be captured and logged by CloudTrail to help you distinguish between your role users during an audit.

Optional Inline or managed session policies. These policies limit the permissions from the role's identity-based policy that are assigned to the role session. Session policies cannot be used to grant more permissions than those allowed by the identity-based policy of the role that is being assumed. For more information about role session permissions, see Session Policies. If configured to use multi-factor authentication MFA , then you include the identifier for an MFA device and the one-time code provided by that device.

An optional ExternalId value that can be used when delegating access to your account to a third party. This value helps ensure that only the specified third party can access the role. The following example shows a sample request and response using AssumeRole. In this example, the request includes the name for the session named Bob. The policy value shown in the preceding example is the URL-encoded version of the following policy:.

In addition to the temporary security credentials, the response includes the Amazon Resource Name ARN for the federated user and the expiration time of the credentials. AssumeRole stores the policy in a packed format. AssumeRole returns the size as a percentage of the maximum size allowed so you can adjust the calling parameters.

The AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity API operation returns a set of temporary security credentials for federated users who are authenticated through a public identity provider. This operation is useful for creating mobile applications or client-based web applications that require access to AWS. For more information, see About Web Identity Federation. For more information, see the following:. This is an unsigned call, meaning that the app does not need to have access to any AWS security credentials to make the call.

If your app supports multiple ways for users to sign in, you must define multiple roles, one per identity provider. Therefore, you should only include optional session policies if the request is transmitted through a trusted intermediary. In this case, someone could alter the policy to remove the restrictions. For example, depending on the provider, AWS might make a call to the provider and include the token that the app has passed. Assuming that the identity provider validates the token, AWS returns the following information to you:. A set of temporary security credentials.

These consist of an access key ID, a secret access key, and a session token. The difference is that you must include the session token, which lets AWS verify that the temporary security credentials are valid. Your app should cache the credentials. As noted, by default the credentials expire after an hour. Call this operation to get a new set of temporary security credentials before the old ones expire. The users must also use SAML 2.

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Such an integration provides information about user identity and permissions such as Active Directory Federation Services or Shibboleth. This is an unsigned call, which means that the app does not need to have access to any AWS security credentials in order to make the call. The SAML assertion, encoded in base64, that was provided by the SAML identity provider in its authentication response to the sign-in request from your app.

Assuming that the identity provider validates the assertion, AWS returns the following information to you:. When combined with the Subject element, they can uniquely identify the federated user.

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One of our engineers will spend the day with you on-site to maximise the performance and reduce the cost of the system. One of our engineers will spend the day with you every 6 months to maximise the performance and reduce the cost of the system.

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Kwikbolt Hurricane. Hurricane Data. Kwikbolt Lightning. Lightning Data.

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Lightning Short Data.

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