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Methodology The different tasks and activities programmed during the semester have been developed with the goal of adapting the learning process to the different capabilities, necessities and interests of the students. The activities included in the subject are: Assignments. In your weekly program you will see the different kind of tasks designed for the course such as practice cases, research, critical thinking and, also, you will find information about how to complete them and when to send them to your teacher.

Participation in events. During the course you will be participating in different events. Some of those events are attendance to online classes, forums, self-evaluation tests. These activities are combined with the following aspects: Personal Study Tutoring.

The tutoring class can be implemented through different tools and means. Due to the very nature of the media used, there are no fixed schedules for the students. Mandatory on-site final exam The hours dedicated to each activity are detailed as follows: Assignments. You can personalize your study plan choosing the type of activity that best matches your profile.

The tutor will advise you and help you elaborate your study plan. Bibliography Basic bibliography The section Basic Bibliography is essential for the course. If any document reading, article,… is not available in the virtual classroom, you will have to find it by other means: UNIR bookshop, virtual library…. The completion of the different activities the students need to send through our virtual classroom such as research, critical thinking, practice cases.

Self-evaluation tests. At the end of each unit, students will find a short quiz which will help the students to check the knowledge acquired during the course. Remember that you can check the points value of each assignment in the weekly program. Assessment method. Bear in mind… That if you decide to only take the final exam, you will need to have 5 points out of 6 to pass the subject.

Tips Studying online means you can organize your study as you wish , as long as you meet the due dates of the different assignments activities, tasks and tests. In order to help you, we propose the following steps : From our online platform you will have access to each of the subjects you are enrolled. Apart from this, the virtual classroom of Lo que necesitas saber antes de empezar All you need to know before starting.

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In this section, you have available all the documents on how to use the different tools included in the virtual classroom, how a subject is organized and you will also have the possibility to organize your study plan with the tutor. Do not forget to check the weekly program. You will see which part of the content of the course you have to work on every week. After knowing your work for the week, go to Temas in your virtual classroom. There, you will have access to the study material theory and practice from the unit you need to study throughout the week.

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Therefore, the client will have to resubscribe to said plan, through the subscription process established, once it has expired. Payment by Transfer : This payment method is only available to School Plan subscribers.

Introducción bilingüe al derecho español para estudiantes erasmus. Capítulo 1 “DERECHO ROMANO”

You will be redirected to the secure PayPal website, where you can enter your PayPal account details. After accepting the payment, you will be taken back to www. Subscribing to the Free Subscription Plan entails the express acknowledgement and acceptance of the content access conditions of said plan by the user. Buscar el conjunto de materiales digitales que mejor se ajusten a sus necesidades y faciliten el trabajo. Intentar utilizar videos cortos e interactivos, y otros recursos como juegos, lecturas o tests online.

Septiembre 16, Antonio Vega 1. Las competencias digitales: el nuevo reto docente Enero 25, Elesapiens Admin 0. Privacy Policy. Terms of Service. Rights and obligations of the users Users are entitled to: Access the contents and services of the site available as such free of charge and without prior authorization notwithstanding the technical and specific terms or the need for prior signing-up for specific services and contents as required by these general terms or the specific terms of said services.

Use the services and contents available solely for personal purposes. Make correct and lawful use of the site in accordance with the laws currently in force, moral, good practices and public order. This time has been his longest period in CES house. Edgar is still in love with our school. He considers our school as his family; he loves looking how the students who come back to the school are now professionals.

There, he rests for a while after a tough day.

He takes his dog out for a walk. Sometimes he goes jogging or to the gym. Very in the night, he seats and enjoys his few hours by reading one or two books. When he was 16, he used to help people by offering bread and chocolate to the homeless populations in Manizales. He has two pets a cat and a dog. He lives in cohabitating relationship with his wife and he enjoys it. He prefers a good coffee chatting to than going out to parties. He loves salsa music and he really likes burgers. Deanship is a new inner model based on International Schools.

Its purpose is to be focus on specific processes of every subject and put them into groups. This new order was created to reorganize, recreate our academic structure. For doing so, it was necessary to delegate this responsibility to some people. These are the different deans in charge of every faculty. They must supervise the different subjects of their faculty and make a role of mediator between all the teachers staff and the school academic goals taking in account the standards. She works with the Elementary group of 3rd A. Garcia is a nice and kind teacher that loves her kids, but do you know what this nice lady do after leaving school?

Elena is a person that really cares about people, she is really into the religious topic, and to give the people in need a bit of her by helping them with clothes, food, hygiene and lot of stuffs like that. She also helps people to give the step into the religious way, to find God to solve their problems. Once a week, she gathers some food to cross by all the city to give the homeless people something to eat while they are fighting in the streets in order to find food and a good place to spend the night.

She even, gives them a shower so they at least can be clean to reduce the diseases in their body. It means, she is a person who lives for others, but Mrs. Elena is also a great mother. When she returns from her shift in the school, she has her moment with her kids. She has three wonderful children, a little boy called Daniel who is 5 years old, a young lady who is 11 years old, and the oldest girl who is 18 years old.

Elena has to assist and take care of her kids, she must check if they have to do homework, or if they have any project. She also has to cook dinner for them. She is her right hand. Elena says that her older daughter is a blessing because without her she will have to do the double of the stuff while she is at home.

Elena is a good example. My name is Rocio Pineda Apolinar. I was born in Villavicencio. I started my work at Espiritu Santo School on February 19th My main tasks are to be in charge of all the personal, financial calculations through the elaboration of financial statements, pay sheet, portfolio and ensure that every process is made according to the accounting general policies. The portfolio department has the purpose to guarantee each payment is made at the required moment to maintain an appropriate cash flow for the school and its operation. Besides, a big task is try to accomplish and to assure that every buyout is acceptable in quality, punctuality and with the best prices.

As a new year begins lots of changes occur, but changes in a school as lovely and amazing as ours are just one of the best things we can come to. This year is about to be incredible, because our teachers and administrative staff planned everything for us to accomplish our goals and grow not just physically but also as a person. Therefore, a new system was introduced to the school along with some new teachers who will help make the best of it. The new system is based in faculties, and what are those?

To understand what our school brought us this year we asked Daniel Ramirez, the STEM faculty dean, some questions, and here are his answers. It is divided in two groups, one for Science and one for Math, so the meetings schedule are different here. Science works on national standards for science and math. Every teacher talks about what is the perfect class or activity for each grade, discuss about their progress and what are the problems in High School and how can they be solved.

We are a bridge between the teachers and the principals to connect and tell all the proposals, problems, and solutions for every grade, cycle and area. I worked in the past with this method, especially in college, it has its pros and cons; the good thing is that is a better organization for teachers to do their job, and the bad thing is the division, making a teacher working alone, or that sometime it may look as some areas are more important than others, remarking that some subjects are more essential for students.

Introducción bilingüe al derecho español para estudiantes erasmus. Capítulo 1 “DERECHO ROMANO”

The aim of this text is to show the different side of the teachers. In this case only, Mrs Hellen. In order to obtain this information from the teacher I did a brief survey. When Mrs Hellen leaves work, or school, she goes home to help her children with their homework.


She has two beautiful daughters and one boy. She loves her work, her classmates, even her students. She told us about her five tattoos, and the meaning each one of them has. Talking about her hidden info, she confessed she used to smoke, now that habit is just past. A: My father had a motorcycle, and since I was little I wanted to ride it, but my father would not let me. My dream was to have a bike, to ride it and handle it.

Gustavo is 30 years old. He likes playing Ultimate, as we know he did a presentation at school with other people who also practice this sport. When leaving school he likes watching Netflix series and resting. He always wanted to be a social studies teacher since he liked geography and did not like mathematics. During his time at university, he played ultimate frequently but currently he does not do it as often as he wants, because he is busy at his work.

Nowadays, He enjoy being a teacher from CES school, but he also misses practicing his favorite sport, competing with his friends and showing them how well he could play. He was born in Bucaramanga. Everyday we see him as "Lufu, his nickname, our of social studies teacher" but what we do not know is behind this teacher, there is a great person, with many qualities, culture, knowledge and virtues.

Luis Alfredo is a historian, a passionate reader, he loves literature, writing poetry and nature. He also owns a hostel where he lodges travelers from all over the world. Luis Alfredo likes travelling but because of his profession, he has not been able to travel as much as he has wanted. However, having his hostel, has given him a chance to learn from other countries due to his guests. His favorite music is rock, reggae and ska. Innovation for him is something very attractive and every project that comes out of the ordinary.

Thanks to his a experience in languages, geography, and trips, he decided to organize touristic plans and events of cultural exchange in his hostel. By other hand, he also has a corporation with his father. Luis Alfredo also enjoys theatrical arts and acting, being a theater actor and making experimental film shorts in Bucaramanga. We can also say that "Lufu" knows more than 25 countries traveling as a backpacker! If you want to know more about this amazing teacher you can visit his web pages, www. Our school has a new Academic director, her name is Patricia Acevedo. Our task was to ask Mrs Acevedo what her planes are for the school this year.

She has many ideas and hopes to achieve them all. We are going to give you a brief summary of her ideas and what some parents think about them. For elementary, she is also going to implement the ABC platform. This platform is great because the kids will learn while they are playing and competing with their classmates. She is also going to open the doors for students who want to do all kind of sports, not only soccer and basketball but also, baseball, tennis, music, swimming etc. She really wants to make the school more bilingual.

She will do this by putting more English classes. It already started to make a difference because the grades 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th went from having 4 hours of English a week to 7 hours. Finally, she wants to do a Cambridge test for almost all the grades from 5th to 11th to assess the English process and how to improve it.

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They think she is going to do a great job and make a difference to the school because she is implementing all kind of great things and has an idea of what she is doing. We all need the school library for several reasons, either you need to go to the nursery or you need a calm and quiet place to study and do your home works. But do you really know how the library works? The library is a open place 5 days a week Monday to Friday from 7 am to 5 pm.

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The person who manages the library is Yulieth, our nurse. Besides having the library service, there is a nursery place as well. Miss Ayda teaches Spanish to foreign people. I mean, it is a great opportunity for the foreigners to come to Colombia. But , seriously, how does she have time for everything? If you think being a teacher of our School is tough, you should think about her, she seems to have time for all these activities. Oh, there is another thing.

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  4. This is such an amazing work. As you can read, Our teachers go beyond our classroom and they have an active life out the school, Miss Ayda is the best example. I also like singing, and we have a friends group of musician; we gather sometimes to talk but, most of the times we play in parties, reunions, celebrations.

    Manual para el docente bilingüe (Spanish Edition) Manual para el docente bilingüe (Spanish Edition)
    Manual para el docente bilingüe (Spanish Edition) Manual para el docente bilingüe (Spanish Edition)
    Manual para el docente bilingüe (Spanish Edition) Manual para el docente bilingüe (Spanish Edition)
    Manual para el docente bilingüe (Spanish Edition) Manual para el docente bilingüe (Spanish Edition)
    Manual para el docente bilingüe (Spanish Edition) Manual para el docente bilingüe (Spanish Edition)

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