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Each week hundreds of families get fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and prepared foods near the best before date to supplement their meals. Bjelac came to Canada for a better life for his daughter and to be in a country that values peace over war. He also appreciates the Canadian education system that he says builds self-confidence and self-respect instead of making children master concept by rote memorization. So as Canadians from coast-to-coast don red and white for the national holiday, these three immigrants to Canada, two citizens and one applying for his citizenship, will also be celebrating and hoping for an enjoyable day for all.

Vote now for your favourite Tri-City business. Voting closes August 11th and results will be published in October. Anti-food waste and non-profit founder Igor Bjelac, Coquitlam councillor and entrepreneur Trish Mandewo, and restaurateur and community activist Fred Soofi gathered in Coquitlam this week to talk about their plans for Canada Day and what Canada means to them.

TransLink wants your thoughts Coquitlam park road closed because of bear activity Port Moody police board appointee steps down Port Coquitlam man given 14 years, no parole for shotgun murder. Trish Mandewo - File. Fred Soofi - File. Read Related Topics. Email this article to a Friend. They bravely risk their lives and safety, are often exploited, tolerate extreme weather conditions, face strange cultures, discrimination and local hostilities.

They cope with loneliness and alienation. They go through all kinds of difficulties, sustained only by the hope that somehow they might find a better life. Nowhere in the world is there a nation like the United States whose population consists mostly of immigrants or children of immigrants.

The Nordic Theory of Everything: In Search of a Better Life

It can even be argued that the entire population of the United States is totally composed of immigrants or children of immigrants that came here since the forebears of American Indians migrated from Asia. Immigrants and their children from the four corners of the globe created this country.

Ideas from their native lands, technical knowledge, trade secrets, new arts and philosophies, varieties of cultural ingenuity, music, and all kinds of food are now integrated into American society and culture. All these together with their skills, talents and work ethic resulted in the creation and emergence of a uniquely great and powerful nation of immigrants.

The United States is a great nation not only because of its awesome political and economic power, but also for her continuous aspirations to live up to the highest ideals of the human race: individual freedoms; the right to happiness, free speech, free thought; equal protection for all in the application of the laws; religious freedom; due process; racial equality, etc. Even if these aspirations are not yet complete realities, they are national, global and spiritual goals worth pursuing.

Self-improvement as a glorified hobby

The United States is a country where good and evil are constantly in conflict, but where good often prevails in the long run. There are so many genuinely good human beings here and also horribly evil ones. Even the government policies of this country throughout its history reflect this constant, unending conflict between good and evil. The demonic genocide of American Indians, slavery, the extermination of entire barrios in the Philippines, segregation laws against blacks and Asians, the internment of Japanese Americans in WWII, the dropping of atomic bombs against the Japanese civilian population, racially discriminatory immigration laws, the mass murder and napalm bombing of innocent Vietnamese villagers, the use of torture against military and political prisoners, etc.

But the swings of the pendulum to the good side rectified these moral distortions: Slavery was eliminated; Indians were compensated with billions of dollars for damages and their lands; higher education and national health care were established in the Philippines; segregation laws were abolished; a national apology and monetary compensation were provided to Japanese American internees; U. Fil-Am ex-state lawmaker gets 2. Tito Sotto wins Nobel Fish Prize satire. Immoral state policies which cause so much suffering hurt all of us in one way or another.

Conversely, policies which help human beings find better lives create a better, kinder world. The new government policy includes the hiring of around 10, new personnel who will hunt down out of status individuals and families and seek their speedy removal. Immigration and human rights lawyers will continue to contest the constitutionality and propriety of new policies and procedures which cause so much human suffering. Generally, there are three groups of immigrants who come here. Group one is composed of those who are more fortunate than the others and have an easier time migrating here.

These are those who have US citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident relatives who can easily file immigrant visa petitions for them; those with enough money who come as investors; those with good educations in professions which are much needed. Highly qualified professionals can do self-petitions for immigrant visas or employers can file petitions for them. The second group is composed of refugees — men, women and children who were displaced and became homeless because of war, natural calamities and other disastrous situations. They undergo about two years of careful screening and vetting before being able to enter the U.

The third group is composed of out of status immigrants — also referred to as undocumented immigrants — and all just hoping for a better life. I try to replace those thoughts with good things that a person has done instead. But still the resentments assert themselves in my brain. How can we truly let go?

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With resentments, and I have trouble letting them go too, I pray that good things will happen in their life, and for God to help and guide them. I remind myself what I have to be grateful for.

I remember that a "should" has warped my thinking, as in "they shouldn't have done that. People will behave as they choose. Things like that happen to everyone. And, with whatever their transgression, I say, "just like me, I've done that, too. And I pray for acceptance of what has happened, for forgiveness, and for help with my resentments.

I hope this has helped. Hi there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading through your blog posts.

On the Road to Happiness | In Search Of A Better Life: Does Moving Abroad Make You Happier?

Many thanks! That is a good quote I just wish I didnt have them they just come and then I get depressed when it doesn't go my way.

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Well, I guess that just told me! I've been stuck in a rut for awhile and pretty ticked off about a lot of things. I've tried writing letters and not sending them , didn't help btw. After praying on this I asked to be shown an answer to making my life better. This was kind of a kick in the pants maybe needed Cut the crap, put on your big girl panties and figure it out.

C-Span 2015 "In Search of A Better Life"

Well said! This last week has been really crappy for me and i havent had the best week and i wanted to know what would make me a better person because i felt like hey maybe i am the worst person on the planet and i know im not but i feel really down about my life. Im a good person and im honest but it dosent help when the world is yelling at you and mad. What should i do? Do i have the right to be mad at those who are hurtting me? Today and now we do need to know things better than we used to do because if we dont we can be easily confused with so many options available to us and information of which require us to discern and not make a fool of ourselves.

Today the world is open to only a few of us because we do need to be able to know what is what and who is who. A lot today needs to be dependent upon our abilities to pick and choose and not what we might be thinking or imagining. Today and now we can easily and with some certainty gain what we do think and not what our erronoues zone might be. Everything sounded great, except that faking it can be good sometimes. I'm not sure what that means. It has no basis in the reality of emotional health.

Never fake it, not for even the tiniest moment.

In Search of a Better Life In Search of a Better Life
In Search of a Better Life In Search of a Better Life
In Search of a Better Life In Search of a Better Life
In Search of a Better Life In Search of a Better Life
In Search of a Better Life In Search of a Better Life

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