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It is March of , and change is on the horizon. President Carl Pauling nears retirement. Nightman control of Novosibirsk is reaching new heights. Scattered and hunted, the Fourteenth of Novosibirsk finds itself in the perilous position of being the world's most wanted—and Scott Remington is at the top of the list.

Gone are the days of quelling the Hungarian Revolution. The biggest challenge he faces now is teaching his little girl arithmetic. But things are about to change. Born and raised in Cajun country, Lee Stephen spent his childhood paddling pirogues through the marshes of South Louisiana. Now a resident of Luling, Louisiana, Lee spends time every day delving into the world of Epic, the science-fiction series that has come to define him as a writer and producer. Alongside his wife and three sons, Lee has made it a mission to create a series that is unique in its genre—one unafraid to address the human condition while staying grounded in elements of faith.

He is a graduate of Louisiana College in Pineville. But on that volcano - the future site of the Windfarm - they had an astounding stroke of luck. They found speckles , an indigenous plant that had adapted to concentrate potassium as a defence against predation, making complex extraction of the element unnecessary. Even so, upon the ship's return to Spiral Town, they found they were too late. Everyone had succumbed to devastating cases of potassium deficiency; all had suffered severe mental retardation , and a great many were dead.

The human gene pool on Destiny had been dangerously small from the beginning - more than half of the colonists had died from hibernation-related complications during the trip to the planet, and now more had died of potassium deficiency. The colony would now inbreed itself to extinction unless drastic measures were taken. The crew decided to use their new-found monopoly on potassium which the novel discusses as an example of a hydraulic empire to coerce the colonists into a new social order: they began traveling from town to town as mysterious and well-armed merchants, trading speckles for various goods and services - including sexual favors.

Colonial women were impregnated by male merchants, and colonial men impregnated female merchants. By subjecting themselves to constant genetic scrutiny to the point of charting their genealogies like horses , the merchants were thus able to eventually return the colony's gene pool to relative stability. By then, the merchants had become accustomed to the new social order, or to be more precise, their position at the top of it.

What had been visualized as a temporary measure then became permanent. At the start of the novel, the main character, Jemmy he changes his name several times over the course of the novel is around age The novel then proceeds to skip through time in the various sections of the book including his teenage and young adult years, ending when he is in his forties. At first, he lives in his birthplace, Spiral Town, at one end of the Road — no one there knows what lies beyond a short distance down the Road.

Jemmy's adventures begin as a late adolescent when he kills someone working for the merchants in self-defense and is forced to flee Spiral Town. He winds up a distance down the road in a fishing community where he changes his name and appearance, and becomes a cook. He marries into the population. When a different caravan comes through town from Spiral Town, they arrange with the village elders to hire Jemmy as a chef. He proceeds on the caravan to the Neck, the isthmus which joins the peninsula to the mainland from which the caravans come. No locals, like Jemmy, are permitted on the mainland.

At the Neck, Jemmy is told he must return to his town on the next caravan — the same one he fled Spiral Town from.

Consumed by Sara Fields

He instead flees by sea. Taking refuge on a boat left over from the time of Landing, he floats around the peninsula to a point beyond the Neck. There, in a storm, he goes ashore and is found by prisoners at the Windfarm — sentenced prisoners who farm speckles. All speckles come from the area and are rendered infertile by irradiation; the monopoly is rigorously maintained. Lucas was hot and swoony and Sienna was sweet and fun. And that last paragraph? Absolute perfection!

Scratch that Are you kidding me???? View all 16 comments. Hey everyone! And I appreciate that patience. Once again, thanks guys. You all rock my world! Nov 01, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: groan-worthy-ness , rockstars-musicians , male-deliciousness , emily-snow. Wth is wrong with me? I come across my mistakes more often than not thanks to friends writing reviews, I discover it!

View 1 comment. Jan 02, Polly rated it liked it. If I had to describe this book in a word it would be "underwhelming". Really it just didn't do it for me. Si had no backbone. Lucas kept the secret from her, yet again. Why stay with a man that is keeping a huge secret that involves another woman so long?

I just didn't buy the story. I know some people have been waiting on this book a long time and have been frustrated with the wait, but really y'all are not missing much. Oct 10, Sofia Lazaridou rated it it was amazing Shelves: september Another delay! September 17???!!!

One day after my birthday and 3 months and 1 day away from today. Am I the only one who is displeased? I hope that my grand-grand childern will read this book. I have never seen a book been delayed for so long. Oct 13, Sheryl C. Feb 13, Lala marked it as to-read. I deleted my Facebook page the weekend before and missed the memo. I still haven't read it. Not in the mood to pay for it just yet. I'm still pissed about the run around. I've also heard its half the length it was supposed to be.

I'll read it eventually and posh my thoughts but not any time soon. Snow posted on her website blog on the 9th that she's still working on getting it out this year but made sure to note that wasn't a promise, just hopeful thinking. She still has not updated her FB fan page since November 20th. She's posting a bunch of nothingness on her personal FB. And apparently, she's addicted to Pinterest which is taking up a lot of her time. My updates are getting pointless as of this point.

Check in with y'all later this month. Maybe we can get a Christmas miracle We've made it to December and there still is no book. She hasn't posted on her blog since November Her website still lists October 13 as the release date with bad links to preorder the books. Her fan page on Facebook has not been updated since November 20 either. She posts several times a day on her personal Facebook page though.

Claims to still be waiting on everything to be resolved and is working on a new book in the meantime. But no worries, we won't get that until Consumed is actually available. A comment on that same post in response to a fan says that it will be "this year". I don't know about anyone else, but my calendar is running out of days for If it comes out before January then she'll only be a year late from the original publish date she set many, many moons ago.

Stay tuned for another update from Consumed Watch See what I did there??? My post today is in reference to the craziness that is overtaking Snow's Facebook page at the moment. These chicks are attacking each other. Here's the thing, I don't care whether you like her or hate her. The point is there is no book and we've been continuously promised a book. She's not doing this for free out of the goodness of her heart. She's making money off of us. We have a right to be angry over it. This is a supply and demand world we live in.

There is an extremely high demand and absolutely no supply. I want to read the book and once it comes out, I will. But I'm going to have to pay for it so I'm going to go ahead and be pissed that we're still waiting and getting lied to. It's never going to be released. We're all left wondering what happened when Lucas-Fucking-Wolfe goes on tour. Does Sienna go with him?

Does Sam finally get her comeuppance? How are things between Kylie and Wyatt now that they are married? Just what is the secret from Lucas' past that Sam knows and he's scared the world will find out? Will Sinjin stay clean? And what is up with his therapist's daughter? Create your own ending folks because the one she wrote may never be read! It's 9am Friday and still no book. I had actually forgotten about it. Nothing new it seems.

At least she's consistent. Only that it won't be June What the hell ever! Pushed back again. I'm over this. Can not wait for this one! Love love this couple! What a great read! A must read series for sure! You will be glad u took the thine! All smiles here!

Thanos: Titan Consumed

Jan 09, Emely Valdes-saldana rated it liked it. Like her on her facebook page and once she reaches likes she will post the first chapter!!!

Sword of Destiny (Witcher) Andrzej Sapkowski Audiobook

I honestly don't know. I guess the best thing I can say about this is, it gave me closure on Lucas and Sienna's story. But it left me wondering plenty - and about the story or it's character. No about the author, the publishing world and mostly why? Then it also made me question about my rather awkward relation ship I have with the romance genre.

It rather a love-hate thing me and romance novels have going on reading consumed gave me closure on that as well. Definitely an achievement- something all those romance novels I read before hadn't managed to do. I realised while I was reading this, that I am just particular, not just when it comes to romance novel, I am the same with other novels. But when it comes to romance novels I judge the book mostly by character building.

So if I love the character building- I most likely will like the book. The fact that I like the writing style is a given, since that's the most important part of a book for me. When it comes to plot, i loath insta-love, don't like the one and only theme and am allergic to the tedious love triangle Now you must wonder why I blabber on about this?

Well because those are the reasons why I liked Devoured Let's face it; Snow knows how to write. I love the way she writes. And while some of the smut scene, were uhm not my scenes, they are undeniable hot! I wasn't in awe either. It just was.

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I don't know! And thats the crux. The character building is not shabby- but there was no growth for either Lucas or Sienna. And their voices are extremely distinctive. As I said, there is no doubt that Snow is a good writer. I love Lucas's POV! Seriously love them! The plot was ok- well to be honest I kinda was bored in the middle and needed a break. And then, it was all solved and over Basically not much happened I am one of these people who waited for the release of this book.

Checked every week if it actually is finally out. Bought it on release day. And well, I feel a bit let down.

Book 3: The Song of the Tears

I don't feel that there was much gained by the sequel. I don't know why there was a sequel. I mean its not even pages. So like a few times in the last few months I am wondering why Devoured wasn't a stand-alone?! Why write a sequel at all? Why not finish Devoured, with a bit more closure than it was done?

I am not even going to mention the continuous postponement of release date. But honestly this could have been avoided by not doing a sequel that doesn't do much for me Saying this- I think loads of people will love it.

It does have some mooshy lovey bits, good smut and an ending that most adore. I personally feel Snow could have done better. And I expected way more. Which left me wafering between ok and good - literally. So I guess this should be 2,5Stars. But you see I just don't know! It is well written after all. BUT 3Stars Will I read more of Snow? You bet! View all 11 comments. Oct 26, Jennifer Wolfel rated it it was amazing. We have all been waiting a long time for Lucas and Si's conclusion.

From the moment I picked up Devoured I was hooked on Lucas's dominating bad boy persona. After reading the serial Absorbed I couldn't wait to get my hands on Consumed. As you know there is a lingering secret that Lucas's ex-wife Sam holds over his head. And boy did I want to know what it could be that would make him push away true love like he did.

This book starts out literally where Absorbed ended. Lucas has made a video for Si We have all been waiting a long time for Lucas and Si's conclusion. Lucas has made a video for Sienna call "Ten Days" to apologize and he's gone to win back his girl. But he's worried and tormented. As much as he wants to believe that he has "handled" the situation with Sam for the final time he wonders if she will truly be done or if she will keep up her games, and hurt the one woman that he loves.

As you move through the book you get that perfect mix of love, anger, lust, mistrust and angst! The heat in the bedroom is undeniable but Sienna's thoughts are still consumed and concerned that Lucas's secret is far from buried and that the power that Sam holds over him with undo them again.

  • Destiny fans reckon they've uncovered a description of what the Darkness actually is.
  • Twin Souls - Die Verbotene: Band 1 (Zhang, Kat: Twin Souls) (German Edition).

But Sam isn't the only one that Si has to worry about. Cilla is on tour with YTS and things are bound to get ugly! The push and pull between these two is just as powerful as it was in Devoured. I don't think I could have seen this story going any other direction then what it did.

Often sequels don't live up to the hype and expectations. Well that is NOT the case with Consumed. We get a lot of dialog from Sinjin, in this book. I'm pumped to read his story. Of course don't forget Kylie and Wyatt If you read Absorbed you know what those two have been up to and I was so glad to see a little more of them in this story.

Emily does such a great job writing in the secondary characters and making you feel like they are just as important as the main characters, but not too much that they take over the book. It's a perfect balance. The ending was If not even a little jaw dropping shocking! I must say I never in a million years saw that coming! I think I re-read the last chapter twice to make sure that I read it right and then the Epilogue was simply perfect! It left me in a good place and of course as always wanting even more I love these two and truly don't want to see them go When an author can make you hang on and always want more you know you have a well written book and series.

Can't wait for more from Emily Snow! Oct 09, Sara rated it liked it. What's the whole point of this? He's still keeping secrets about Sam and now Sienna is keeping her own secrets Sienna was freaking weak! She asked repeatedly for Lucas to tell her the story about Sam. And she let him slide every time So she's on tour with You Toxic Sequel, they are having amazing sex, keeping secrets. Cilla keeps trying to boink Lucas. Luckily everyone is faithful.

The main focus was on the "thing" Sam was holding over Lucas. The big Sam reveal fell flat on its ass. All that build up to the end of the book and the story ends. View all 6 comments. Oct 11, Ellelou marked it as to-read. I WANT!

Consumed (Destiny Book 2) Consumed (Destiny Book 2)
Consumed (Destiny Book 2) Consumed (Destiny Book 2)
Consumed (Destiny Book 2) Consumed (Destiny Book 2)
Consumed (Destiny Book 2) Consumed (Destiny Book 2)
Consumed (Destiny Book 2) Consumed (Destiny Book 2)
Consumed (Destiny Book 2) Consumed (Destiny Book 2)
Consumed (Destiny Book 2) Consumed (Destiny Book 2)
Consumed (Destiny Book 2) Consumed (Destiny Book 2)
Consumed (Destiny Book 2) Consumed (Destiny Book 2)

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