Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability

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The Gospel

In other words, one must understand that it is what God thinks and says and NOT what you or I thinkthat it should be. Numbers ,12 says,. So likewise, we can conclude that all children under the age of twenty years are considered children in God's eyes.

Teachings of Wilford Woodruff

Now here is where we sometimes get a little heated, because of what we have been taught previously. No, I am not. But this is what the word of God says. Yes, I agree, that IF the parents are a Christians and those Christian parents teach their children all along the way of their children's development of growing up then these particular children who have been TAUGHT right from wrong and what the will of God is for their lives will indeed know right from wrong. And depending upon what they have been TAUGHT it may be that even SOME of these children may even also fully grasp the true eternal consequences if they choose the wrong instead of choosing the good.

So for me, personally, I am not going to dogmatically tell any parent whose teenage child died that they did not go to heaven just because the parents are not absolutely sure that he or she truly was born-again. I would rather give the parents HOPE.

After all, ONLY God knows the heart of each individual person because he searches the heart of every person. Now again, it may be that if some accept Jesus at a young age and have been TAUGHT sound Biblical knowledge on how to refuse evil and to choose good, because they have good Christian parents who have taught them the word of God from when they became old enough to learn. Then perhaps these particular children MAY be held accountable for the knowledge that they possess. Clearly, the Bible teaches us that we are to walk in the light that we have.

Therefore I myself lean to believe that God does not honor this verse IF a person were to intentionally use this verse out of context as a license to sin. The word of God says in James Only God truly knows the heart. But it seems for certain in the case of those who do NOT have Christian parents and have no knowledge of God that they will only be held accountable for what they know. Please read 1 John which says. Revellation In other words, I will not hold you responsible for you have not known the depths of Satan. Now obviously, these were true born-again Christians that Jesus is speaking to but yet they were being deceived by doctrines of devils or the depths of Satan which they were not aware of their being deceived.

Also, I might add that if someone is exposed to the gospel of Jesus and hears the word of God concerning salvation then they are held responsible for this knowledge that the HEARD and then they rejected. Look at John and 18 which says. Now, before the cross there was no so great a salvation in which to believe. So then, after the cross one must hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ before one can believe in the only begotten Son of God. Look at Romans , How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they hear without a preacher?

So what about all the people that do not have a chance to hear the Gospel of Jesus concerning salvation? Well, this is a rather lengthy answer in and of itself which I will deal with in another study. For now, let us return to the controversy between those that believe in the age of accountability and and those that believe that all men are born in sin and therefore are held accountable at birth for the so-called INHERITED sin of Adam.

Those that believe in original sin also use Psalms to support their point of view. It should be obvious to everyone that a newborn baby cannot speak either the truth or lies when they are first born. They simply cannot speak coherently anything at birth. Also, please notice this verse says that we go astray. And this is exactly what the Bible teaches. But this does NOT mean that God ordained and predestined them to go astray. One cannot GO astray from God if they were never in an upright and innocent state before God from the very start of their life.

The Bible teaches us that we must first LEARN to refuse the evil and to choose the good before we are held accountable for our actions. Now I agree that this is a good question. But as you got older you grew wiser. Well, supposedly you grew wiser.

The Age of Accountability—Romans 7:9

And if you did grow wiser you do not keep making the same mistakes over and over. Anyway, most of us have LEARNED not to listen to this voice because we found that this voice in our heard or thoughts is the voice of the enemy that always lies to us. Well, this is the way that the Bible teaches us that the enemy Satan the devil works. I remember going to the store one day and my little two year old daughter saw a tantrum being displayed by a much older child around the age of 7 or 8 throwing herself in the floor and kicking and screaming until her mom gave into her fit and gave her what she wanted.

Soon after this incident my little two year old threw herself on the floor kicking and screaming and I promptly snatched her up into my arm and said I know were you LEARNED to do that and this kind of behavior is NOT acceptable. Do this again and you will never get want you want from be by acting this way. She never again threw another tantrum because she was properly TAUGHT that this kind of behavior would not be tolerated. Now, I myself am persuaded that the enemy brought to her remembrance of what she saw this other girl doing and that voice of the enemy that we all hear in our minds told her that if she did this then she would get what she wanted as well.

So I ask you, what two year old would question a voice or idea coming to his of her head that he or she could have anything they want if they just scream loud and long enough in front of their parents and even more so when other people are around? So again, I say a thousand times NO! So then, temptation comes or this voice comes from the enemy Satan and places these thoughts in our mind.

Then we either make our own choice go astray and choose the evil, or we choose to resist the temptation to obey God's commands and remain faithful to God by our obedience to his word. It is a learning process , so hang in there. Isaiah says,. We know from God's word that Jesus read the scriptures to learn the ways of God.

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Little by little Jesus grew stronger and stronger in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Please look at these following Scriptures. John says it like this. And that teaching is through the Holy Spirit and the word of God. And this empowerment comes through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Luke Isaiah tells us that God opened the ear of Jesus to hear.

That is to say, God opened his spiritual ear to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. And Jesus was not rebellious to the voice of the Holy Spirit but learned obedience, even obedience unto death on the cross. Isaiah And after Jesu was anointed with the Holy Spirit at his baptism Jesus was led by the Spirit to speak forth his word in due season to the weary, the broken hearted, the sick and the lame. Sometimes Jesus perceived things and sometimes he did not.

Hebrews says it like this. At age twelve Jesus did not keep up with his parents and they had to turn around and come back to look for him. He explained to his parent that he must be about his Father buisness. But it was three years later that my dad actually died. We know that Jesus was tempted in all points just as we are tempted. Hebrews says. So do NOT be deceived by those who say that you are only human.

Hey, I was human too. I went through the same type of things you are facing and the Holy Spirit strengthened me to overcome these things.

Romans —The Age of Accountability

So resist the enemy as I did using God's written word and the enemy will flee from you. Look again at Isaiah ,. Therefore, during this time or period in the lives of those under the age of accountabity, God does not hold them accountable in the same way that he holds us accountable when we become mature adults and have learned the true consequences of choosing evil. Let us continue to defuse the controversy between those that believe in original sin that states that all men are born sinners and therefore we are sinners from birth, and those that believe that God does not hold babies and children accountable in the same way that he holds us as adults accountable.

Those that teach the total depravity of mankind that we are born as sinners also use the following two scriptures in combination to try and add more support to their point of view. Proverbs Such as, whether a child's works are good OR whether the child's works are evil, where good and evil are opposites. However, if you look closely at this verse in Proverbs chapter you will find that the doings or works are NOT opposites.

But rather they are BOTH the same in nature. So this verse may also read as follows. Proverbs the way it should have been translated. Now, as for Genesis , this verse does not mean that man is born as a sinner but simply means that from the time a man is young and NOT speaking of being an infant then he or she is exposed to the temptations of the enemy. And thus by being temtpted constantly they are continually vexed with evil thoughts or imaginations, particularly when there is no instruction to do right.

Evil grew worse and worse and man was sorely vexed , as in, the day of Sodom and Gomorrah. God looked and saw that man's heart had become evil and had now become evil EVEN from his youth. In other words, it was back then in the days of Noah like it is becoming more and more today where evil and crime that were once only committed by ADULTS are now being committed by younger and younger children each passing day. Jesus said that the end of days woul be like the days of Noah.

You see, the word of God does not teach that man is born evil or totally depraved. Then as the child grows his or her thoughts BECOME evil because they are deceived and led astray by the enemy speaking to them by that little voice that comes along side and whispers in their ear to do evil. The Bible also says that a little leaven or false teaching will leaven or spread to the whole lump.

In other words, if we entertain or we are exposed to sin long enough then we will become more complacent and acceptable to sin. And if we continue in this complacency to sin then we are more likely to be draw into the sin that surrounds us. Look at Genesis right before the great flood. In other words, man is infected with sinful imaginations by the whispering voice of the enemy, Satan.

We are in the world surrounded by sin. And thus all flesh corrupted themselves by obeying the voice of the enemy. Now a child's doings may seem or appear wrong or sinful in our eyes. But in God's eyes their work is both pure and right because they have not yet learned to refuse evil and choose the good. Another scripture used by those that teach that all men are born in sin is Ephesians The Christians who believe Calvinism claim this verse means that all men by their very nature that they are BORN with are the children of wrath.

In other words, some falsely teach that all men have a sinful nature and they go on to say that we all are born with this so-called sinful nature because of the sin of Adam.. Well, let us examine this verse more closely and see its' true meaning. Again by keeping this verse in its' context, we will start with Ephesians ,3 which says. Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lust of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath even as others.

Or our nature can grow to be that of a disobedient nature. Then in 1 John we read. This short passage is saying that those that do righteousness are righteous. That is to say, that they bare the fruit, the characteristics or the nature of God. So when Ephesians says,. It does NOT mean that when we were children, as in our youth, that we were born with the nature of sin and therefore were children of wrath. But rather, the true meaning of this verse says, that WHEN we allowed the spirit that works against all of mankind to get men to corrupt themselves is WHEN we become by nature the children of wrath.

And when we GIVE INTO these temptations we are found to be living in sin and following the course of this world who's god is Satan then we become the disobediet children of wrath even as others. Those that teach that all men are born with a sinful nature and are sinners from birth also use the following two scriptures to support their view of Calvinism. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. Romans AP on Facebook. AP Summer Camp. Speaking Schedules. Alleged Discrepancies.

The Dark esicywowyq.tk Dark Were They, Really?: Crash Course World History #14

America's Culture War. Creation Vs. Deity of Christ. Doctrinal Matters. Existence of God. Inspiration of the Bible. Islam and Other World Religions. Bible Interpretation. Bulletin Articles. Capital Punishment. Church Organization. Difficult Passages. End Times. Eternal Punishment. Faith and Reason. A few years ago, our stake president and his wife had a wonderful son taken in his youthful prime because of an automobile accident.

The Lord who created us in the first place surely has power to do it again. The same unique genetic code now embedded in each of our living cells will still be available to format new ones then. The miracle of the resurrection, wondrous as it will be, is marvelously matched by the miracle of our creation in the first place. Our resurrection will not be an end but a new beginning. Loving relationships continue beyond the doors of death and judgment.

Family ties endure because of sealings in the temple. Their importance cannot be overstated. I remember vividly an experience I had as a passenger in a small two-propeller airplane. One of its engines suddenly burst open and caught on fire. The propeller of the flaming engine was starkly stilled. As we plummeted in a steep spiral dive toward the earth, I expected to die. Some of the passengers screamed in hysterical panic. Miraculously, the precipitous dive extinguished the flames. Then, by starting up the other engine, the pilot was able to stabilize the plane and bring us down safely.

I remember a sense of returning home to meet ancestors for whom I had done temple work.

Doors of Death

I remember my deep sense of gratitude that my sweetheart and I had been sealed eternally to each other and to our children, born and reared in the covenant. I realized that our marriage in the temple was my most important accomplishment. Honors bestowed upon me by men could not approach the inner peace provided by sealings performed in the house of the Lord. That harrowing experience consumed but a few minutes, yet my entire life flashed before my mind.

Alma ; see also Alma His celestial realm has been compared with the glory of the sun. See 1 Cor. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life. Unfinished business is our worst business. Perpetual procrastination must yield to perceptive preparation. I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. We need not look upon death as an enemy. With full understanding and preparation, faith supplants fear. Hope displaces despair.

Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. As a special witness of Jesus Christ, I testify that He lives!

Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability
Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability
Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability
Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability
Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability
Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability
Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability
Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability
Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability Time to Be Born, a Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability

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