THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller)

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Their fragile relationship under mounting pressure, Susan begins to have dreams about her daughter. She is convinced these are not ordinary dreams; Becky is calling out to her for help. But this revelation only serves to drive a further wedge between the grieving couple. In desperation, Susan trawls a number of so-called psychics, but is bitterly disappointed by charlatans and fraudsters. When she finally starts to accept that the dreams are a natural part of the grieving process, she is meets the mysterious Silas Blake.

He tells her things no one else knows about Becky. Paul is naturally sceptical, but agrees to go to the island for the sake of their marriage. They discover Connalough Point is a very secretive place, and every precaution is taken to ensure no one outside learns about its existence. They also meet the soul fixer… But slowly they discover the shocking secrets of Connalough Point, the real reasons they are there. With events spiralling down into deceit, terror and murder, it quickly becomes not only a battle for survival, but the steep path to a devastating truth Get A Copy.

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Sort order. Nov 01, Liam rated it did not like it. Very poor plotting overall. It started well but dropped considerably in quality after the opening. Ending was flagged from well out and the extraneous supernatural aspects of the plot were, at times, a way for the author to get out of a bind! I would be very reluctant to read another book by the same author. It is going into the 'Ignore' collection on my Kindle. Apr 24, Kath rated it it was amazing. I am becoming a bit of a fan of this author.

I have read and thoroughly enjoyed a fair few of his books. They have all been psychological thrillers but each has been very different in its own way. What is consistent throughout all the books has been the quality of the writing. This book, like the others I have read, contains characters that are real, ones that you care about - like, hate, feel sorry for and the ones that you aren't too sure of The descriptive passages compliment the story perfe I am becoming a bit of a fan of this author.

The descriptive passages compliment the story perfectly and do not distract the reader away from the story which moves along at a cracking pace, little hints here and there as to where it is going leading nicely on to the fantastic ending. I read the book all in one go in an evening - quite literally couldn't put it down.

Looking forward to reading the rest of the author's books now. Aug 13, Jody rated it really liked it Shelves: action-adventure , mystery , sci-fi , thriller , kindle-fire , horror. This is the first book I've read by this author and it was great. I was surprised. The last few chapters are explosive. Things keep changing up at a quick pace, not so quick that you cannot keep up but so quick that you breath starts catching in your throat.

If you liked the movies Shutter Island and 6th Sense then you will like this book. It was an easy read in that This is the first book I've read by this author and it was great. It was an easy read in that I didn't have to keep a dictionary handy while reading it and it was very enjoyable.

There are some characters in this book that are stuck in my head and I don't think they are going anywhere for awhile. I think that is what a good book is supposed to do. Good job Mr. View 1 comment.

Aug 05, J. Plenty going for it: Good start, interesting end, a generous littering of unexpected twists throughout to keep me on my toes. Well written, with well drawn characters, too. Occasionally, though, things did venture a little too far into the absurd and I just couldn't immerse myself in it fully. Sep 21, Merle Louzensky rated it really liked it. The description and creepy cover attracted me to this book.

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The "psychological thriller" label is very apt, as Susan's journey starts from a place of grief over her murdered daughter. At the ominous mention of Conolaugh Point, the reader knows that Susan's journey will turn into something unexpected, which it did. What she experiences at the island is indeed a horror thriller full of unpredictable twists and turns.

Jan 31, Kathy Floyd rated it it was amazing. Great story with surprising ending. This book has a lot of twists and turns, but totally engrossing. It needs to be made into a movie. Nov 06, Eileen Williams rated it it was amazing. Now in my top ten of authors I would recommend and endorse to all my reader friends. A spine chilled take of greed, sociopaths and pure evil in the forms of human beings. I could not stop reading and was second guessing what was coming next only to be blown away by the twist in the tale.

A must for all thriller and crime readers but also a good choice for a book club. Gripping and addictive. Jul 21, Barbara J Maich rated it it was amazing. A great read This psychology thriller captivated me from the first page. Well written and no clues until the last part of the novel. Terrific read and page turner. I complement the author for a great read. De Palma may have tried to dissuade his film from controversy by including a levelheaded interview with a trans war reporter on TV, watched by two characters during a split-screen sequence, but that hardly matters when De Palma has admitted to creating his own version of Jekyll and Hyde, essentially turning a trans person into a monster.

Problematic but emblematic of a great director, this sleazy flick is still worth checking out. A nocturnal rambler who scrounges for anything he can steal and sell, Lou is a motivated self-starter. When he comes across the lucrative world of nightcrawlers, freelance stringers who race after breaking news stories—the bloodier, the better is the prevailing wisdom—he has the ambition, opportunity and, most importantly, the moral flexibility to excel.

Gyllenhaal, who shed in excess of 30 pounds for the role, has rarely—if ever—been better. Lou is calm, frank, goal-oriented and even borders on charming at times, but this measured exterior belies the inherent violence you spend the entire movie waiting to see erupt. Nightcrawler is tense and intense, ferocious and obsessed, and crackles with energy and a dark sense of humor.

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That the film ends with a warning to audiences to not give away the ending for others—perhaps Clouzot also helped invent the spoiler alert? Instead they offer a moving, odd bit of comfort: At least some of us are still trying. For his sophomore film, adorned with a much larger budget than Krisha and cast with some real indie star power compared to his previous cast of family members doing him a solid , Shults imagines a near future as could be expected from a somber flick like this.

Oddly acting extras populate the backgrounds of tracking shots and garbage trucks filled with weird dust fluff which we eventually learn spreads the spores exist at the fringes of the screen. Kaufman piles on more and more revolting, unnerving imagery until he offers up a final shot so bleak that he might as well be punctuating his film, and his vision of modern life, with a final, inevitable plunge into the mouth of Hell.

The apocalypse has never felt so immersive. In his rape and revenge exploitation film Ms. While such a film has a tendency to be thought of as a genre of ill repute rightfully or wrongfully , Ms. Connie is played by Robert Pattinson in a performance so locked-in from the first second that it shoots off an electric spark from the actor to the audience: Just sit back , he seems to be telling us.

Impulsively, Connie strong-arms Nick into helping him rob a bank. Shaken and trying not to panic, Connie and Nick abandon their getaway car, quickly raising the suspicion of some nearby cops, who chase down Nick. Connie escapes, determined to get his brother out of jail—either through bail money or other means. As Connie, Pattinson is shockingly vital and present, unabashedly throwing himself into any situation. Like Connie, they thrive on their wits and endless inventiveness—the thrill comes in marveling at how far it can take them.

Rich with strong political commentary, and bolstered by powerful performances Sinatra giving, perhaps, the greatest performance of his career, supported by an especially frightening Angela Lansbury , the film is still thrilling as it shoulders such heavy themes as individual liberty versus the nature of freedom. His unaffected touch is there in its first frame: a pitch-black raven cawing against a bleached-white background.

In that sense, A Simple Plan is as traditional a morality play as a thriller can get, but Raimi has never been a director unwilling to splash about in the shallows; instead, the inevitability of the plot is his point—even the simplest of decisions carry whole worlds of consequence—and Raimi injects each emotional beat with unspeakable tragedy. It treats its wintry landscape similarly: not as a metaphorical whiting out of sins, but as a tabula rasa upon which human nature—in big bright colors—will eventually paint its own selfish doom.

There are few scenes in modern cinema more taut than when investigators first question unheralded character actor John Carroll Lynch, portraying prime suspect Arthur Leigh Allen, as his facade slowly begins to erode—or so we think. The film is a testament to the sorrow and frustration of trying to solve an ephemeral mystery that often seems to be just out of your grasp. The Conversation Year: Director: Francis Ford Coppola The really incredible fact about this film is that Coppola made it as a side project between Godfather movies.

Starring Gene Hackman, The Conversation is the story of a surveillance technician coming face to face with the implications of his job, and the paranoia of being watched at every moment. Although he writhes within a Christopher Nolan-esque what-is-a-dream conundrum, Bateman is all-around evil, blatantly expressing just how evil he is, unfortunately to uncaring or uncomprehending ears, because the world he lives in is as wrong, if not moreso.

Plus the drug-addled banker has a tendency to get creative with his kill weapons. Nail gun, anyone? Trouble Every Day Year: Director: Claire Denis Messing with genre is more a means to an end for Claire Denis than it is a celebration of the Fulci phantasmagoria and giallo sensibility and Eureopean art house erotic thrillers she so clearly loves, and Trouble Every Day is her ultimately harvesting the misasma emanating from the ways in which she bends these kinds of movies to her will.

Casting our villain was a bit of a challenge, though. No one I saw felt like the perfect Nate the handyman to me. Nate had to be charming, disturbed, cunning, and easy on the eyes. But above all else I needed someone with the acting chops to pull off a psycho in a believable way. Ellen and I wrote the first draft of the script in one month.

We then were given notes from the production company and did our rewrite in two weeks. We worked on little tweaks here and there leading up to the shoot. Then while in production on set I rewrote and added scenes during the 14 days of principal photography. It most certainly is my first feature film, but I have been in Los Angeles working as a director for the past seven years. I wrote and directed a short film series of 10 for the nationwide bakery Sprinkles Cupcakes, and I am also their in-house digital and social media content producer.

I have been actively working on my craft by writing and directing in some capacity for what feels like forever, so I know this is what I am supposed to be doing with my life. I am so grateful I was finally given an opportunity to work in features. The greatest moments of frustration all centered on time. We shot the film in 14 days, which is a huge accomplishment looking back, but while shooting we were always chasing the clock and hoping we got all we needed.

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The greatest memory I have was the incredible crew. We shot on location in Auburn and Worcester, Mass. They were dedicated and worked hard hours to help me realize my vision.

I was incredibly lucky that I was able bring my good friend and amazing editor Sarah C. Reeves in on the project. The movie is truly great because her hands touched it. Since we shot so fast and I knew what I wanted, it was easier for me to sit with Sarah the whole time and tell her which shots and takes I preferred. In all, we had picture lock in what was essentially four weeks. But here is a short list of film artists that I admire and inspire my work:.

THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller) THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller)
THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller) THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller)
THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller) THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller)
THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller) THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller)
THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller) THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller)
THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller) THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller)
THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller) THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller)
THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller) THE SOUL FIXER (A psychological thriller)

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