The Curse of the Harcourts

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Good on ya for buying when you did in Hamilton it took guts and confidence that you wouldn't lose money and value. RHF was pushing central Auckland as the only place to invest and in a way he was right because he prioritised capital gain.

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I talked to him several times from onwards and he would always question the logic of Hamilton and then I recall him giving a talk at APIA probably in late ridiculing investors for buying in Hamilton and saying that the bottom would fall out and the values would dial back. He was also protecting his own patch to keep his student numbers up, I realise that now. In a way it's not too different to interest. Houseworks, it'll pay to have insurance in case of unseen events.

It seems where you two are concerned, there'll be lots of suprises. Retired poppy have you ever been described as being a wet blanket? It's not what you say but how you put it, I pity your kids and grandies. Houseworks, sorry if what I say makes you sad. Oh ok, it's how I'm wording it now - lol! That's a new angle! All parties finish eventually. Only the junkies can't tell till its too late. Let's be honest, capital gains are of little use when everyone gets a cut today, unseen events can rob it from you tomorrow.

Capital gains aren't banked so stop kidding yourself. What's so depressing about reality? It is what it is ;-. Here is the ultimate fact As there are no longer the foreign investors, the NZ market is absolutely buggered. BacktoPerth you got that back to front AND arseaboutface.

Don't they teach maths in perth and what about geography? But you have to agree with the facts, Houseworks- there is no way a family can afford the average price of a house in Auckland. I know my family couldnt. Do you agree? Jimbo, that is an absolutely silly thing to be saying that a property investor is lowlife because he outbids a first homebuyer.

Harcourts International School Annual Awards Ceremony

Personally have helped out a large number of vendors by purchasing their houses for obviously the highest price on the day at auction. Without me they would not have been able to get on with their lives and I am then able to provide an excellent standard of accommodation for people who want or need to rent.

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So what do you call a first home buyer who outbids the other first home buyers? Are they total lowlife as well? I've started getting flyers in the post from RE agents congratulating themselves for making a sale, oh the desperation Thanks for the info Greg. It would be good to be clear that these sales are mostly already incorporated in the REINZ numbers for the same month June in this case , which come out earlier.

Commenters appear to treat it as 'new' information and often proceed to add to the noise. Really this is looking at a subsample when we've already got the results for the whole sample. If this same article had been the other way around, the specuvultures would have been having a hog day. The regions appear to be holding up reasonably well. I've noted the silliness of looking at median house price changes, particularly in the short term or for small sample sizes. The data for Hastings in Hawkes Bay is indicative of this silliness. This is true regardless of whether the change is up or down You're right on the problems with looking at the median Yankiwi.

QV is fine too, but is not very timely. To me the median is just something that is convenient for commentators. Its so volatile that commentators can point to sensationally large increases or decreases in prices to support their preferred story. I guess a positive is that it is more tangible and easier to understand than the indices.


Harcourts' sales were down in Auckland and Wellington in June but held up around the rest of the country. Harcourts Housing market Real Estate House prices. Really weak in Auckland. Going to be limited if any capital gains for years. From serving the country to Over owning a rotten egg with loads of debt, yeah.

Gee you assume a lot.

Harcourt Grimesby

YUP, no reason at all. Kiwibuild will have a significant effect on the Auckland market.

133a Rose St - Aaron Pero - Harcourts Christchurch Real Estate

Yeap, along with the s of apartments, sure will! You're back from catching worms.. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.. The specuvultures have gone into hiding. Lol you're usually the first to comment. Especially posting some unrelated crap :. I'm just answering the "spe cuvulture " bit of your post. Don't startle the vultures! Don't be mean, eco bird will be shitting his pants. Here you dropped this - "h".

Hahaha Domino mate domino Arguing with fools make us look like them. Get back to catching your worms, don't think you can afford the single malts anymore. Yeah , whatever Jimbo , hope you feel better now that you got it out of your system!! Where is that Single Malt?? Ah there it is , it's Saturday night!! Good luck with yours - I am looking for another opportunity there. We all need insurance don't we, when are you leaving for the "motherland" rp? Better phrase is Scum. The Auckland market is on a knife edge right now.

One feels that once the prices start sliding it could be a long slippery slope! Nevertheless, grateful for the commentary. I will presume that they were part of reinz June stats. But instead you are having a hog day oink, oink. Bubble has met pin. Greg Ninness "Renting households increasing at almost twice the rate of owner-occupied households ".

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The Curse of the Harcourts - Limited Edition Hardcover

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Matthew rated it it was amazing Nov 30, David rated it it was amazing Sep 30, Gonzalez rated it liked it Jul 18, Knucklelullaby added it Sep 28, Matthew added it Feb 05, Dale marked it as to-read Feb 14, Justmoca marked it as to-read Jul 02, Chris marked it as to-read Jul 13, I thought a Vaddha was a native and a native means a Vaddha.

You need some enlightenment. So why not join the madness?

The Curse of the Harcourts – Adventure House

Actually, this is Para-Sinhala Buddhists. They should be sent to where they came from, South India. We tried our best but they were not with us when we needed them. Reason we had to kick them out of North was because they had too many traitors. You reap what you sow. May I suggest arming yourself and protect your family? LOL good riddance. Half of the problems in the world would never have arisen if there is no religion. This is an orchestrated anti-Muslim pogram. Gnanasara has warned of what awaits any Muslim who dares resist the thugs he calls the Sinhalayas. He has also proclaimed the tpolice and the armed forces belong to the type of Sinhalayos he belongs to- the thugs, rowdies and other leaches in Sinhala society.

The gauntlet has been thrown at the real Sinhalayos to prove that they are not what this thug thinks the Sinhaloyis are. The Sinnhalese have to come forward to stand for what is right, Please do what ever you can to stop this fast spreading menace and protect the Muslins and their property. The real Sinhala voice must be heard now! The Sinhalese must prove to themselves that they are ready to challenge this cancer in their midst and cleanse their community from within.. Only the overwhelming numbers of decent, human and humane Sinhalayas can save this country now,.

What was inevitable because of mis-governance of this government is happening sooner than I feared. Let the voice of those Sinhalese who know how to vocalise it ring loud and clear above that of Gnanasara the scumbag and the scum who do his bidding,. Deep down the Sinhalese know the island is going to exclusively theirs shortly. Why would anyone want to stop what BBS or the state doing to subjugate hapless minorities? As patriotic duty they should and would strengthen the rulers hands.

You are right NV. I think Majority silently condone these. How else one after thirty years of mayhem will allow such nonsense to take place? Agree with you. I am beginning to think that there is no purpose served in commenting on CT or other sites. It is now time to focus all energies to replace the current government. I am also wondering whether all these riots and violence is created to postpone future elections, and ultimately, do away with elections all together. The way this government is creating non existent issues cannot be explained in any other rational way.

Replace the current government with another despotic regime? How long you are going to fool yourself with cosmetic changes to polity. Is it because they are afraid of the saffron clad thugs and the state machination or simply because they are satisfied with what is happening to Muslims. The colonial powers that changed the demography of Sinhala population and grabbed their land has long gone. It is not the regime that matters. It is about closet racist.

The Curse of the Harcourts The Curse of the Harcourts
The Curse of the Harcourts The Curse of the Harcourts
The Curse of the Harcourts The Curse of the Harcourts
The Curse of the Harcourts The Curse of the Harcourts
The Curse of the Harcourts The Curse of the Harcourts
The Curse of the Harcourts The Curse of the Harcourts

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