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If you want to watch a film that explores basic human instincts, why not try Magnolia Pictures', The Signal. You will find that film a lot more entertaining and a lot less confusing than this shambolic piece of film-making. First, what's wrong with it. Aside from Cohen's wonderful song, the sound and music were poor and didn't add anything.

The cinematography was not particularly inventive or inspiring. But still a Okay you have to catch what this excellent writing is up to. The twist at the end is pure and righteous symmetry. It's about justice and revenge, an atypical and furious interpretation of right and wrong. It's got a piece of The Unforgiven about it.

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It posits that some things just can't be fixed, and that the penalty does often indeed involve even more suffering of the innocent. All the acting is excellent. The direction is excellent. The writing is difficult, twisted, demanding, and wonderful, hard to grasp at first, hard to at first grasp, even at the end.

But within it's own pained logic of warfare, just. The heroic transformation is really spectacularly fierce in that the delivery of justice and punishment requires such a high price to be paid by the destroyed innocent, and the hero, that it at first doesn't even seem like justice Sure, it has deliberate echos of Deliverance, but it's actually much more sinister and indirectly more disturbing, not just to personal safety, but to our perception of right and wrong, and justice, punishment, and revenge.

The Backwoods

It reminds me in some ways of Death and the Maiden. It could have almost been a stage piece. If it wasn't low budget and foreign, with non-U. Or maybe not. Us Americans are often so dull about clear winning and losing, that they get lost in movies like this. Our loss. Oh, and I want to thank Gary Oldman for taking a shot at this. I wouldn't have known about it or seen it with him, and I thank him for roping me in! God only knows what great stuff I miss from not having the time to watch everything!

I wish I could clone myself and have them watch it so, I would have reviews I could trust! This was one of the movies I saw in Cannes last month during the film market it was not part of the festival, which is different and possibly the worst movie I've seen in a while.

The trailer showed promise. The only reason I went to the screening was because of star Gary Oldman. A chance to play in Spanish maybe? That is the only mystery we have in this movie : why did Gary Oldman do it? The performances of most of the actors were good except for Virginie Ledoyen who still has not showed that she can play more than one style. I wished the producers had chosen a better actress who has depth and more chemistry with her co-stars. She was by far the weakest actor of the 5 main actors in this movie. Paddy Considine was good as her husband.

I'm always impressed by Considine's performances and here he was the actor that gave the most impressive performance out of them all. Gary Oldman and Aitana Sanchez-Gijon were effective as the other married couple. Except for Homar, the rest of the supporting Spanish cast seemed like amateurs doing their first movie. This is a movie about incommunication and the effects, but unfortunately that theme never gets fully developed. Besides the performance of Considine, the only other good point of this movie is the cinematography.

Everything else about this movie makes it more suitable for viewing as a direct-to-DVD instead of in the theatres.

The people I work with did not buy the movie and no one in our company recommended it or felt it was worth it. I don't think Filmax sold it to anyone at the market. Oldman and Considine are good, but 2 good actors are not enough to save a bad film. I miss seeing Gary Oldman in good films and hope he makes smarter choices in the future. Now I will have to wait for the next Batman to see Oldman in a good film. I really don't see how people can have a problem with this film. It contains one of the best Oldman performances ever.

Contrary to what the negative critics say, this film is frightening. You never know what's going to happen and the discovery of a locked up girl is horrible. There are also some creepy bits like when one of the girls notices that her underpants are missing after the swim. But the viewer at no point sees if anyone took them. What's also interesting is the relationship between the couples and the two men. Considine and Oldman have a cold friendship with Oldman being almost like a bully. Considine's bad marriage adds to the uneasy feeling throughout.

Finally a movie with all that 70's taste. Reminds me a mixture between Peckinpah, Friedkin and Yates. The fear sensation it's really well done, and Gary Oldman drives clean into Spanish, and into Spain I've never listen anything before about Koldo Serra and for sure I'll keep contact with his cinema. Serra controls time like he's been always shooting with a camera since he was young. Tension is always looking for you in the middle of the deep forest were the characters are Deep characters in weird land, real introvert feelings and nothing easy for people who likes to see typical Hollywood films.

And with all this you have to think that is Koldo's first movie! Hard, strong, bright, scary work for your first time master! Maybe, people needed a commentary to explain to them what was going on and even though the ending was a little ambiguous, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Gary Oldman continues to surprise and amaze me, this was actually the first time I had heard him in his native tongue since "nil by mouth" as he is always doing a range of accents but then he broke out in perfect Spanish, another string to his bow.

As many have already said, this is a cross between deliverance and the hills have eyes in the basque country. Its a story about backward locals, years of possible inbreeding and ancient cultural traditions that foreigners from more civilized parts don't comprehend and regrettably decide to take the matter into their own hands. My one gripe is the fate of gary oldman, he was the dominant character in the movie, so its crucial to know if he did die or not, while its assumed he did, if so, the way he surrendered was completely out of character to what we had seen in the previous hour.

This aside, All the native actors were superb and the taut direction kept the suspense going, there was no need for any Hollywood effects or an OTT music score, the backdrop and the incessant rainfall did the job, sometimes the best way of doing things are the simplest. Gary Oldman is great in this. BuffaloVic 26 March Saw this at a film festival in Dublin recently and really enjoyed it. The film is an obvious homage to Peckinpah, right from the opening credits. I thought it was very well shot, the film looks great in widescreen photography.

There is a nice ominous atmosphere captured by the director and a real 70's feel to the film.

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There is also a very good cast, it got me thinking, how did a small Spainsh film attract such good actors? The one complaint I would have is that the script was lacking a bit. The dialogue felt a bit forced, almost as it if was translated from Spanish and then when spoken in English it seemed to be missing something in the translation. It just did not come across as believable at times. On the whole though there were far more positives than negatives and I would recommend this film to fans of genre cinema. This movie just meanders around in the woods for awhile, much like the cast, and then ends.

I like Gary Oldman and I have to admit the other actors did a good job. The movie was very well done, cinematically and directorialy, however, it just didn't go anywhere. And, at least for me, there were a few important points that needed a bit more explanation. Like why was the little girl locked up?

It had something to do with her mother and someone having offended God, I think, but otherwise you just have to guess. And, what happened to Gary Oldman's dog? I found the characters hard to warm up to. I just didn't care what happened to any of them. I can't really recommend this as some sort of underrated masterpiece.

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It isn't. Backwoods is one of those movies capable of attracting the viewer without needing extraordinary special effects, on the contrary, simply creating a truly suspenseful sequence of events, set in a frightening atmosphere. The choice of an abandoned rural home in the Basque forest, where the slow movements of the characters are followed by a distanced camera, giving the idea there's someone watching them from a distance, proves really effective.

The plot in itself is rather simple, and with no plot twists, except in the finale, open to different interpretations. On the whole, everything sounds very minimal, however what keeps the viewer attached to the screen is the solid build-up of an authentic thrilling feeling, where setting and shooting are wisely employed. Solmaz Azizi, head of the growing Berlinale Series event that takes place during the Berlin Film Festival, is stepping down. Berlinale Series coordinator Judith Klein is also exiting. The organizers of the film festival confirmed the departures and said that the Series event will continue in the same format.

Azizi and Klein sent a joint [ He was released shortly [ Occupying a space somewhere between fiction and documentary, the film tells the [ The pic is unaccountably watchable if wearing irony lenses.

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Xbox Description Summer an English couple are going through a difficult patch in their relationship, and so decide to spend the summer with their friends in the north of Spain. Cast and crew. Kolda Serra Director. Gary Oldman Paul.

The Backwoods The Backwoods
The Backwoods The Backwoods
The Backwoods The Backwoods
The Backwoods The Backwoods
The Backwoods The Backwoods

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