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Casting Instructions for 'Object Protection'

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Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Search within store. Later on, through the use of the same herbs, she would awaken him and his mind would be soothed. She performed the same spell on Elijah a years later. The spell allows a witch to alter the memories of another even that of an Original Vampire, allowing the target to forget any unwanted memories. It was powerful enough to last more than years. The spell allows one to regain previously sealed memories in a gradual manner.

When cast upon, the target will bounce between reality and a dream state whilst remembering. A powerful spell that is able to remove and undo every compulsion made on the target by a vampire. The process causes extreme pain onto the target and the more compulsion is needed to be erased, and the longer it takes to run. The spell allows one to remove the memory of the target even that of an Original Vampire, such as one as large as a period of their lives or as specific as a certain location.

The spell allows a witch to share selected memories of herself onto others, experiencing them as though they were there. A powerful ritual that allows a witch drawing on a source of massive, but anchored power to breach someone's conscious mind. Such a spell can lead to the victim's death under the right circumstances, by destroying the soul but leave the body alive, for someone to take possession of. Biological spells allow witches to affect the organic tissue of a living being, changing the state of a body and its processes.

Although, it is most commonly used for healing.

Rituals & Spells

A spell that can be used to reduce the physical pain of another person. While the pain diminishes, the spell however does not have any real healing properties. A spell that is able to instantaneously heal the injuries of a person through the use of magic much like vampire blood.

It is capable of healing someone from a severe car crash. Such spells can be performed at a different levels of speed and effectiveness. A spell used to paralyze a target's body, including even those of vampires, which has the effect of preventing them from moving at all. A powerful spell that allows a witch to preserve their own or the body of another being. Such a spell protects the deceased's body from any form of decay indefinitely. The spell enables a witch to telekinetically gather and collect blood of a specific target to one point. Immortality spells allow witches to alter the age of living being usually to the point of indefinite lifespan.

They are a violation of Nature's rule that all living beings must die and Immortal beings suffer consequences as an act of balance. Witches cannot become immortal without losing their ability to perform magic and may op to use age-halting spells instead. One of the most powerful spells in history as well as one of the greatest achievements in the history of witchcraft. The spell allowed one to transcend death in the form of an elixir. When drunk, the recipient of the spell becomes a true immortal with peak physical conditioning and enhanced psychic abilities. A modified version of Qetsiyah's immortality spell which, unlike it's older counterpart, worked ritualistically.

The spell made its targets completely immortal, save for the object called upon for their immortality, as well as being physically superior to werewolves in every aspect. Consequently, nature provided every weaknesses to their strengths, affecting even more so their vampire descendants to the point of fatality. The spell turned its targets into immortal-opposing supernatural hunters , bestowing them a map to the Cure in the form of a body tattoo, peak physical conditioning, a curse on their murderers and an invulnerable mind to combat Silas.

This status could be passed on to other humans known as potentials who will also inherit the mark. However, age will eventually catch up with them. A powerful ritual that allows witches to reach a form of pseudo-immortality, without being left powerless as a balance. The spell functions by placing the witch into a deep slumber that would last a century, arresting all biological functions besides the growth of the witch's magic. The witch would then awake, but is allotted only but a single year to walk the Earth before the cycle repeats itself. It is worth nothing that during their century slumber, the witch cannot be killed or harmed and during their year of life, the witch would remain immortal in all ways.

A powerful binding spell that can be used to undo a spell which grants witches longevity, invulnerability and heightened magic at the price of being alive for one year per century using their three sources of power, to create a weakness. The spell can be bound to different forms such to a weapon or to a certain location, creating a killing ground where said witch would be rendered mortal. Vampirism spells are specifically made to target the vampire species, allowing witches to directly manipulate their unique physiology. The spell allows the witch who cast the spell which made the first Vampires to reverse their immortality, thereby turning them back into humans again.

A spell that can reverse the magic of vampirism and turn a vampire back into a human again. This spell was later revealed to be a less-powerful adaptation of a spell designed to use to remove all Non-Traditional Magic from the world. A powerful spell that temporarily stops a human heart while an Original Vampire's heart is being stopped so that the Original can be successfully desiccated. A spell that allows a witch to awaken a desiccated vampire to full functionality where it would otherwise require a vast amount of blood. It is powerful enough to awaken an Original Vampire that has be forcefully desiccated by magic.

A spell used by the Travelers which worked by closing off the doors, cancelling the magic of their daylight rings and causing pieces of the house to collapse. The spell is rooted in sacrificial magic and allows a witch to increase a vampire's thirst massively, making it uncontrollable.

Protection Spells | Once Upon a Time Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Lycanthropy spells are specifically made to target the werewolf species, allowing witches to directly manipulate their unique physiology. An extremely powerful spell that could force werewolves to stay in their wolf form except on full moons. A counter-spell to the Werewolf Moon Curse that allows the cursed werewolves to return to their human form.

Possession spells allow witches to manipulate the spirit of living beings, possessing bodies by inserting a spirit or exorcising them by removing said spirit.

Small Pentagram Ritual

It is shown that should the body die, the host will die too while the spirit of the possessor can jump into another body. However, some skilled witches can leave their host's bodies unharmed. A spell that is able to possess a person with the soul of someone else. The body which is to be possessed has to be unconscious and pumped with external blood.

A possession spell that allows the witch to possess another body, either from the living or from the dead. The spell is stronger than most possession spells, seeing as it allows the possessor witch to leave their host and enter another body, without the need to kill their previous host first. A powerful spell that allows the witch to place the spirit of a person into the body of another and vice versa.

The spell will be locked in the moment the hourglass is turned over. When the sand finally falls down, the target's soul will be "ripped" out of their body and placed into the body prepared through a vessel preparing spell. A spell that has to be performed at the exact moment as the possession spell that it's counteracting. The spell works by linking two hourglasses, one of the possession spell and the other of it's counter spell, therefore turned in reverse.

Both the body of the vessel and the possessor will tremble violently, which will repel the spirit of the possessor from the vessel's body, sending it to another prepared vessel. A spell that is able to protect someone from being possessed by another spirit. It is performed by dipping the doll representing the target into an unknown mixture in a cauldron, placed in a circle of salt, with yellow flowers and herbs scattered around, possibly as a power source.

An ancient spell that is used to prepare another body to act as a host for a certain spirit. The byproduct of the spell is a vertical line of large pin-like pricks on the back. A ritual used to reveal if a person is being possessed by said branded spirit. In order to brand a certain person's soul, the spell requires an item blessed by the witch in question, such as a talisman and the sacrifice of a python.

After the spell is completed, a distinct mark will appear on the back of the hand of whoever is inhabited by the marked spirit. The spell is rooted in dark sacrificial magic. The spell allows a witch to return a spirit jumping witch back to her original body, entrapping her within it. It was powerful enough to reconstitute an entire body from just its bones.

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A spell that allows a witch to extract their target's soul and bind it to an object of sorts, usually a talisman of some kind, thus the victim's soul is technically stored in the talisman. A powerful and ancient spell that allows a witch to resurrect someone from the dead by bounding their soul to a talisman.

At the point of death, the soul deviates into the talisman where a witch is able to return it to a body. A spell that allows a witch to enter the minds of others and using them as proxies, seeing through their eyes, talking through their mouths, controlling their actions and, if need be, grant them a f raction of their power. Given the complexity of this spell, a powerful witch is capable of using it on masses.

Common spell used by the Travelers to possess another in order to become a Passenger in someone else's body. A spell that grants a Passenger complete control over their host's body. It is performed by burning the Passenger's original body while chanting. A spell that allows a witch to prevent her from permanently dying.

Casting said spell allows her to resurrect should she meet certain doom. However, it appears to be a one time deal and have to be cast again should she wish to continue avoiding death. The witch can protect anyone from permanent death simply by focusing. It was cast non-verbally by setting beakers of rock salt on fire.

With a possession of the target's, the witch connects to them and allows them to resurrect should they meet certain doom. Resurrection spells allow witches to restore a dead being to life, returning the spirit back to its body. They are a violation of the Natural Order of life and death and may come with consequences.

Even then, they usually require a massive amount of power. A powerful spell that allows a witch to raise a person from the dead. However, the person who is brought back from death will be cursed with the ability to see ghosts on the Other Side as a consequence. An extremely powerful spell that defies the will of nature by combining the powerful magical forces of the Spirits, Darkness, and Expression in order to resurrect a person.

A spell that allows passage from the Other Side via the Anchor to the Other Side to the physical plane. The spell cast allows a Ancestral witch to revive a target that has recently stopped breathing. It is powerful enough to combat a Poppet Death Curse. An extremely powerful spell created by Esther a years ago, used to bring a person back from the dead. The spell gains it's power by a witch channeling the energy of a Nexus Vorti, an event so infrequent that it is almost miraculous. The final part of the Harvest ritual in which the four sacrificed witches are resurrected by the Elders.

A powerful spell that deviates the immense power of the Harvest ritual to the caster to be used however she pleases.

A powerful spell used to resurrect a spirit from the Ancestral Plane using the collective power the Ancestors in addition to reconstituting the body of the target by turning ash and soil to flesh and bone. Subsequently, the target rises from the hardened soil. A powerful spell that allows a witch to either induce death in the target or to resurrect someone who has died a few minutes earlier. These spells are connected to the purgatorial dimension known as The Other Side that traps the souls of all dead supernatural beings. It is inclusive of a Veil that separates the living from the dead and an Anchor that ensures its continual existence.

An ancient spell used to create an entire purgatorial dimension commonly known as the Other Side. However, it needed to be bounded by something eternal in order for its continual existence as such, the Immortal Amara became its Anchor. The ceremony will successfully replace the current anchor of the supernatural purgatory with another person. If the next anchor is a spirit of a deceased, they will be given a foothold in the living plane, though they will remain dead, thus giving the deceased spirit the ability to interact with both planes of existence.

The spell requires a source of massive power. The spell lowers the veil between the living world and the supernatural purgatory, allowing all of the dead to interact with the living. The spell can only be performed by the descendants of the witch Qetsiyah the creator of the Other Side - the Bennett witches. A spell used to send an unwanted spirit back to the Other Side.

Blocking any magic used to allow said spirit to gain a foothold on the mortal plane. A spell that is able to reveal the presence of a ghost to the living also known as veil matter. Transportation and Dimensional spells allow witches to travel between different planes of existence in addition to manipulation of space. Usually, this is inclusive of teleportation, however, only one witch was ever seen non-verbally doing so. A spell that is able to transport the spiritual body of a person to another area within the world.

However, whatever happens to the spiritual body of the witch will be inflicted on their physical form. The spell stops the heart of the witch who is performing the spell to induce death, while tethering them to their body. This allows the witch to successfully enter the Other Side and even bring someone back with them if they are powerful enough.

A powerful spell that calls on the power of a celestial event to be focused into an Ascendant in order to banish a person or more to a prison dimension. A dimension-transcending spell that allows a Bennett witch to open a portal between the different prison worlds and the mortal plane by harnessing the power of it's corresponding celestial event, freeing themselves. Whoever stands in the light will then be transported to the mortal plane.

White Magic and Voodoo

The spell allows a witch to transport a set amount of people to one of the Prison Worlds. According to Kai, there is a limit to the amount of people one witch can transport, implying two at most, while more witches can transport more people. A spell used to send one or more people to the prison world albeit partially where people existing in the prison world are unable to see, hear or touch them. However, with enough power, the witch is able to give the targets a tangible presence, allow them to physically interact with the world. An elaborate spell commonly used as a prison where witches bring their targets for mental practice.

The spell is based on the practice of representational magic, and as such can unravel if the targets are not represented accurately.

How To Magickally Charm✨

A powerful spell that allows a witch to be at two places at once and visit another location. Do you feel overwhelmed by negative forces and negative energy? We can help you get rid of these negative forces and black magic. For the lamp, you need halve a pumpkin and keep the flesh. For the stand you should use three stones. Three crossed bone fragments hold the cotton wick. In the lamp you place some soil from a crossroads, some red paint pigment, dried and ground chili peppers and a small object, representing the enemy or the negative power.

After this, the lamp is filled with lamp oil. The lamp is dedicated to Agwe , and kept burning as long as possible. Users are warned that Agwe is unforgiving if you bother him with — in his opinion - trivial issues, since he is a very proud Loa. In this case, the effect of the lamp quickly turns into the opposite.. If you like Tarot, you can use the card Death as a symbol for your ritual. It will symbolise the end of your suffering.

Haven't you found what you were looking for? We invite you to search also on our other Websites. Find balance, peace and new impulse in our magic office. Find the answers to your questions, our individual counselling will help you to take the right decision. Small Pentagram Ritual Ritual Instructions. The name of the original ritual is the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram.

It has been used and taught by the magical order Golden Dawn. It is still considered as a fundamental ritual of ceremonial magic. We found this ritual extremely useful for all people, who feel under magical attack, feel lots of negativity around or directly feel some kind of possession. This ritual is perfect for banishing negativity and purifying the spiritual space around performer. The original ritual can be found on internet. We write here our ritual in a way, how we use it, and it is different from original form. While saying these words, imagine lines of strong white light in form of the cross it goes from forehead to feet and from right to left shoulder.

When you say Le Olam, Amen, visualise rose in the place where lines cross. STEP 2: Face the east direction see the picture draw to the air the pentagram, follow the arrows.


STEP 3: Face the south direction see the picture draw to the air the pentagram, follow the arrows. STEP 4: Face the west direction see the picture draw to the air the pentagram, follow the arrows. STEP 5: Face the north direction see the picture draw to the air the pentagram, follow the arrows. Do it three times and thank for energy. STEP 7: Repeat the Kabbalistic Cross from the step 1 If you do it properly, you would have afterwards the feeling of cleanness, purity and peace.

More explanations to the Ritual: Archangels are the messengers of God, who execute His will. Don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you. Contact us here! Voodoo: The Black Lamp This ritual serves to ward off enemies or appeasement of strong negative powers. To cut the link with your past, which influences your present life in a negative way. There are some experiences in our life, which are still haunting us and therefore could be for us harmful, could influence our life in a negative way.

It could be for example memory of bad relationship, unhappy childhood, trauma from some life situation or some accident. This spell has two levels: magical we influence energy flow, we cut our links with the past and it cannot reach us anymore and therapeutic we define our problem, accept it and let it go. A charcoal disk and a fireproof dish 2. Incense mix used in a church for purification 3.



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