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The life and times of Harry Potter and his creator
Jaha Tum Rahoge - Maheruh - Amit Dolawat & Drisha More - Altamash Faridi - Kalyan Bhardhan

Which of the following is filmmaker Michael Bay known for? Romantic comedy. Fanciful costume design. Sweeping Western landscapes.

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Which of the following characters would you be most likely to see in a film noir movie? A beach volleyball player. An African tribal leader. A fighter pilot. A cynical private investigator. What term is used to describe the the western films directed by Italian director Sergio Leone? Spaghetti westerns. Neapolitan westerns. Mafia westerns. Tuscan westerns. In the movie "Frozen", who is Olaf? A ghost. A knight. A reindeer. A snowman. We want You killed my father. Prepare to die. It's just a flesh wound. Bring out yer dead!

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The Last King of Scotland. Blood Diamond. The Revenant. In the "Godfather" series, where was Vito Corleone born? Corleone, Sicily. New York City. South America. Might want to be a bit more specific on the percentage of Americans who go to the movies. I don't doubt that for a second.

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In the age of the internet and I mean the price you pay for a ticket Also, the s was during the Great Depression and people were looking for movies as a way to escape the daily drudge. People no longer see movies as their cheap means of escape. I think the issue was whether "go to the movies" means to go to the movies weekly or monthly or annually, etc. It should be "go to the movies weekly".

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Sure, the internet nowadays, but TV didn't really kick in until the 50s. If you wanted to see moving pictures in the s you went to the cinema. Isn't it usually just called a "film noir"? That also surprised me. Even with Endgame dominating the box office I would have thought the first MCU film would be pretty easy to guess. Batman came out in There were superhero movies before Batman. Batman belongs to the comic book publisher DC while the question concerns another publisher, Marvel.

There where other movies adapted from Marvel comic books before However, only with Iron Man did they start to connect their individual movies into one long narrative that culminated in the Avengers movies where many superheroes fight together - and this super-narrative they call Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I am surprised , Spiderman is from , Iron Man from Miranda Harcourt. Anna Paquin. Robyn Malcolm.

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Kerry Fox. This is a still from a film based on which children's story by Joy Cowley? This also has the honour of having been the first NZ feature film directed by a woman. Ticket to the Sky Dance. The Silent One c. Starbright and the Dream Eater. Bow Down, Shadrach. Love, Charlie Mike. The 10pm Question. What year was the first series, Terry and the Gunrunners , made? Which book by Maurice Gee began life as a TV series? The Champion. The Fire-Raiser. The Halfmen of O. Who wrote the screenplay for Margaret Mahy's series Kaitangata Twitch?

Briar Grace-Smith b. Ken Catran c. Paula Boock d. Gaylene Preston. The Silent One. The Fire-raiser. Briar Grace-Smith. Quiz: Children's books from page to screen. The Sapling.

Films of 2008 Quiz Book Films of 2008 Quiz Book
Films of 2008 Quiz Book Films of 2008 Quiz Book
Films of 2008 Quiz Book Films of 2008 Quiz Book
Films of 2008 Quiz Book Films of 2008 Quiz Book
Films of 2008 Quiz Book Films of 2008 Quiz Book
Films of 2008 Quiz Book Films of 2008 Quiz Book
Films of 2008 Quiz Book Films of 2008 Quiz Book

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