Economists are Sadistic

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There are many climate change issues of relevance here, not mostly economics, but it seems remiss not to mention them. I'm all for Health Savings Accounts, but unless done on a Singaporean scale, and with lots of forced savings, they're not a health care plan to significantly benefit most Americans. There is less of a coherent health care plan, coming from this side, than one might like to think. The story of steady and significant economic progress for most Americans is accepted too readily. The role of market failure in the recent financial crisis is underestimated.

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Open Door Invitation. Dee Carney. Confessions of an Adulterer. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Susan is a senior in economics at Stanford, she's gained the nickname "wonder child" because all of her professors recognize her intellect. She's a straight A student, until a new playboy professor hands her back a midterm with a D! She's entered into a contract with her professor to learn more than just economics, and as he teachers her how to be a submissive, she gets into a relationship that is much more than she bargained for.

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Economists are Sadistic Economists are Sadistic
Economists are Sadistic Economists are Sadistic
Economists are Sadistic Economists are Sadistic
Economists are Sadistic Economists are Sadistic
Economists are Sadistic Economists are Sadistic
Economists are Sadistic Economists are Sadistic

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