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It was sought by Thorin Oakenshield , the claimant to the kingdom, in The Hobbit. However the great jewel was lost when the dragon Smaug captured the Lonely Mountain from the Dwarves in T. The Arkenstone shone of its own inner light, but having been cut and fashioned by the Dwarves, it also reflected and multiplied any light glancing upon its surface with marvellous beauty. It was also called the Heart of the Mountain , and as Thorin describes to Bilbo Baggins : " It shone like silver in the firelight, like water in the sun , like snow under the stars, like rain upon the moon When Bilbo found the Arkenstone on Smaug's golden bed deep inside the Lonely Mountain he pocketed it, having learned how much Thorin valued it.

While his Dwarf companions sorted the treasure, Thorin sought only the Arkenstone, unaware that Bilbo was hiding it in his pillow. When the Dwarves refused to share any of the treasure with Bard who had killed Smaug and King Thranduil , Bilbo crept out of the Dwarves' fort inside the Mountain, and gave them the Arkenstone. Bard, Thranduil, and Gandalf then tried to trade it for Bilbo's fourteenth share of Smaug's hoard.

The dispute was interrupted by goblins and wargs from the Misty Mountains , the Battle of Five Armies ensued, and Thorin was killed. The word appears in several Old English poems; for example, " The Ruin " offers a "lament over worldly ambitions and the folly of social aspirations. The Arkenstone is often compared with the Silmarils , the great jewels at the centre of The Silmarillion. Though the Arkenstone is not a Silmaril, it is certainly an import from Tolkien's writings of the "mythology" into his children's story which were, at the time of The Hobbit' s composition, unrelated writings.

In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey , the Arkenstone is portrayed as a round glowing gem, similar to a luminous white opal. He attempted to take it with him when Smaug invaded Erebor, but dropped it into a pile of gold where it was lost. In The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug , it is revealed that the entire purpose of the dwarves' quest was to retrieve the Arkenstone, since possessing it would have given Thorin the authority required to unite all the dwarven clans and launch an assault to liberate Erebor.

The chief token of royalty of Gondor. Tolkien describes the crown in The Lord of the Rings thus:. It was shaped like the helms of the Guards of the Citadel , save that it was loftier, and it was all white, and the wings at either side were wrought of pearl and silver in the likeness of the wings of a sea-bird, for it was the emblem of kings who came over the Sea ; and seven gems of adamant were set in the circlet, and upon its summit was set a single jewel the light of which went up like a flame.

In a letter Tolkien describes the crown as "very tall, like that of Egypt, but with wings attached, not set straight back but at an angle". Tolkien also made a sketch of the crown of Gondor, reproduced in J. Tolkien: Artist and Illustrator. This Crown was worn by all the subsequent Kings of Gondor. Traditionally, a father passed the Crown to his heir before he died. If the heir was not present when the King died, the Crown was set in the King's tomb in the Hallows , where his heir would later go alone to retrieve it.

From that time on, the Stewards ruled Gondor in the absence of a King. The Crown remained in the Hallows, and the Stewards bore a white rod as the token of their office. The Crown was placed in a casket of black lebethron wood bound with silver. On the day of the coronation, 1st 'May' T. Aragorn lifted the Crown and, quoting his ancestor Elendil as he arrived in Middle-earth , said:.

Sinome maruvan ar Hildinyar tenn' Ambar-metta! In this place I will abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world. Then at Aragorn's request, Frodo Baggins brought the Crown forward and gave it to Gandalf , who set it upon Aragorn's head. Shortly before his death in the year of the Fourth Age , Aragorn passed the Crown and Sceptre to his son and heir Eldarion.

The Elfstone was set in an eagle-shaped silver brooch. Aragorn wears the jewel openly and, as was foretold, takes his royal name Elessar from the name of the jewel in Quenya. Bilbo complies but is evidently unaware of the Elfstone's story, referring to an emerald. Unfinished Tales gives several versions of the origin of the Elfstone. It had the power to show things that were withered or burnt as though healed again, and whoever held it brought healing from hurt. It was brought back by Gandalf to Galadriel as a token from Yavanna that the Valar had not forsaken Middle-earth.

In another version, the original stone did not return to Middle-earth, but Celebrimbor recreated a version of it in Eregion as a gift to Galadriel when she lamented the withering of Middle-earth. His jewel shone with a clearer light, but was not as powerful as the original. Yet another version evidently Tolkien's final choice does not mention Enerdhil: instead Celebrimbor himself created the jewel in Gondolin.

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This is not pursued in later manuscripts. Christopher Tolkien speculates that this was his father's first attempt to provide a background for the Elfstone from The Lord of the Rings. All versions end with the jewel in Galadriel's possession. After stealing the Silmarils from Valinor , Morgoth escaped to Middle-earth , where he re-established his stronghold of Angband. There he "forged for himself a great crown of iron , and he called himself King of the World". He set the Silmarils in the crown, and "never took [it] from his head, though its weight became a deadly weariness".

After nearly another century, at the end of the First Age , the Valar launched the War of Wrath against Morgoth and his forces. This culminated in the defeat and capture of Morgoth himself; the two remaining Silmarils were taken from his crown, and it was beaten into a iron collar for his neck. The Valar then bundled Morgoth through the Doors of Night , and he remains in the Void until the End of Days , with his former symbol of power tight against his throat.

A necklace of the First Age. Also called the Necklace of the Dwarves. Together it became jewelry more beautiful than anything ever before seen in Arda. Thingol realized they wished to gain the Silmaril, and after insulting the dwarves as uncouth, stunted people, ordered them to depart from Doriath without any payment. In response the dwarves slew him, which eventually led to the withdrawal of the Girdle of Melian from Doriath and to the sack of Doriath by the Dwarves of Nogrod. Word of the Dwarves' treachery reached Beren, and he, with an army of the Laiquendi , waylaid the dwarves en route to Nogrod as they passed Sarn Athrad.

The Dwarves were slain, and those who attempted to escape were destroyed by the Ents. A necklace of "five hundred emeralds , green as grass". It had been owned by Girion , the Lord of Dale , but in T. The necklace can be seen in Tolkien's watercolour Conversation with Smaug. A valuable pearl which appears in The Silmarillion. It was given by Thingol the Elf-king of Doriath to the Dwarves from Belegost as a reward for building Menegroth , his palace complex. The pearl was said to be as big as a dove's egg. It is thus a reflection of a reflection of the light of the Two Trees of Valinor.

Once they reached Mount Doom , the light from the glass faded because they were in the heart of Sauron 's domain where its power could not reach. Frodo took the Phial with him when he left Middle-earth for the Undying Lands. Its light faded away as the ship approached the shores of Eldamar. It was a sign of eternal friendship between Finrod and the House of Barahir. Beren laid the hand to rest with the rest of his father's body, but kept and wore the ring.

Beren later used it as a token when he sought Finrod's help in the quest for the Silmaril. The ring was passed from Beren to a line of his descendants through many generations, beginning with Beren's son Dior. It was then transferred to Dior's daughter Elwing and her son Elros. Eventually, in T. Nothing is said of the fate of the ring in the Fourth Age , but it was most likely either again passed to the Kings of Gondor and Arnor, descendants of Aragorn and Arwen , or it went with Arwen to her grave in Cerin Amroth.

It was one of the older artefacts to exist in Middle-earth it may have been the oldest , for it had been forged by Finrod in Valinor before the Exile of the Noldor. The ring is described as "Two serpents with emerald eyes. One devouring, the other crowned with golden flowers. The chief emblem of royal authority in the northern kingdom of Arnor. While the Kings of Gondor wore a crown, the Kings of Arnor bore the sceptre. When the North-kingdom was divided in T.

After Arthedain ceased to exist in T. Three brilliant, holy star-like jewels which contained the unmarred light of the Two Trees , which had been created by the Vala Yavanna , the goddess of all trees and herbs. The Silmarils Quenya pl. These three jewels are pivotal in Tolkien's fictional history of the Elves; indeed this history is named Quenta Silmarillion.

Elendil and then his son Isildur wore it as a token of royalty in the North Kingdom, but it was lost in the Anduin when Isildur was slain by orcs at the Gladden Fields. A replacement was fashioned by elves in Rivendell for Isildur's son Valandil , and this second jewel was borne by the subsequent thirty-nine kings and chieftains of Arnor , up to and including Aragorn.

The original was rediscovered by Saruman 's agents searching for the One Ring , and King Elessar later recovered it from Saruman's treasure in Isengard after the War of the Ring. Elessar held both Elendilmirs in reverence; the first because of its ancient origins, the second because of its lineage from thirty-nine forebears. The King wore the replica when he spent time in the restored North Kingdom.

A silver brooch , shaped like a many-rayed star , worn by the Arnor -descended Rangers of the North.

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  • Middle-earth objects.
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  • La chiourme (French Edition).

It appears in The Lord of the Rings. It served as part of their identity, was the only ornamentation the Rangers ever wore in their journeys and was also considered a badge of honour. Tolkien's fantasy writings contain several named weapons like Sting , Glamdring , Narsil , Orcrist, and Gurthang and the spear of Gil-Galad. Besides "mundane" food and drink like mushrooms and beer , Tolkien's writings contain special consumable items like lembas and miruvor. The ruling classes in Middle-earth were highly literate; archives and private libraries existed in Rivendell , Minas Tirith , and in the Shire Bag End , Bucklebury and Tuckborough.

Documents included books, maps and other items. A record of Balin 's failed expedition of Dwarves to re-colonize the mines of Moria , which ended in his party's destruction by Orcs. Mazarbul means "records" in the Dwarf-language Khuzdul , and the chamber where it was kept was similarly named. It appears in The Fellowship of the Ring. The Book of Mazarbul covered the five years that the colony lasted: T. It was written in many different hands the last being Ori 's using the runes of Moria and Dale as well as Elvish letters. The last entry was written shortly before the final Orc attack which finished the Dwarves off: " They are coming.

For the publication of The Fellowship of the Ring , Tolkien created a few pages of the book for real read aloud by Gandalf in the story , but these proved impractical to include. Some later editions do include them. The main intent of the letter was to warn Frodo to leave the Shire as soon as possible by 'July' at the latest.

The letter was entrusted to Barliman Butterbur , who forgot to send it. Nevertheless, Frodo eventually met Barliman on 29th 'September' and obtained the letter, and it served to reassure Frodo that Strider could be trusted to aid him in his quest. The letter, written in Gandalf's "strong but graceful script", included the poem All that is gold does not glitter.

Bilbo Baggins was a cartophile.

Amongst his collection of maps at Bag End was a large map of the Country Round, which was displayed in his front hall and which featured his favourite rambles, marked on the chart in red ink. Maps made in the Shire "showed mostly white spaces beyond its borders". Within Tolkien's fiction, the maps published in his works represent cartography in the Red Book. The scroll of Isildur was a manuscript that contained a unique eyewitness account of Sauron , and more importantly the One Ring. His key observation was the Ring's unique inscription , and that this became invisible without heat.

Also telling was Isildur's remark that the Ring was his "precious" possession: a feeling later echoed by two later Ring-bearers: Gollum and Bilbo Baggins. Isildur deposited the scroll in the archives of Minas Anor later Minas Tirith , and departed north, never to return. The scroll then lay forgotten for nearly three thousand years. In it was rediscovered by Gandalf , who used its information to unequivocally confirm his suspicion that the ring then in the possession of Frodo Baggins was indeed the One Ring.

The date was 26 April T.

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The letter set out the contractual terms of Bilbo's involvement in the quest. Bilbo kept this letter, and later used it and the Arkenstone to force Thorin to share treasure with Bard the Bowman and the Elvenking. In the book, Bilbo receives the letter via Gandalf , who briefly waves it under Bilbo's nose as a fait accompli to urge him to join the quest. In Peter Jackson's film adaption The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey , the document is less impromptu, far more elaborate, and is eventually accepted by Bilbo with rather more enthusiasm.

The scribe of the letter was most probably Ori. Ori was known for his ability to write "well and speedily", [29] traits desirable for the letter. Later that year, Elrond discovered moon-letters on the map.

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These were a form of secret writing which was normally invisible, but could be read in a moon of the same phase and time of year they were written. Application of the Metonic cycle backwards from means that the map or at least its moon-writing was created in either or The flet of Cerin Amroth , visited by Frodo Baggins , was at a great height above the ground, and had commanding views.

The Sindarin word for 'flet' is talan plural telain. A stone throne built on top of Amon Hen to watch the borderlands of Gondor. It stood on four carven pillars in the middle of a flat circle paved with flagstones, reached by a stair. On "February" 25, T. He clambered onto the Seat of Seeing and suddenly was able to see for hundreds of miles in all directions.

When Aragorn occupied the seat an hour or so later, the noise of orcs drew him away before any enhanced vision could take effect. A counterpart, the Seat of Hearing, was built on top of Amon Lhaw, on the opposite bank of the Anduin. A smial, or hobbit-hole , is an underground dwelling built by Hobbits. Smials were tunnelled horizontally into earth as opposed to rock , and had a round door at the entrance.

Some smials were simple, others were luxurious and elaborate complexes, such as Bag End , Brandy Hall of the Brandybuck clan , and the Great Smials of the Took clan. Hobbits are so closely associated with their underground dwellings that this is the origin for the word hobbit : a worn-down version of holbytla 'hole-builder'. Local meeting-groups of The Tolkien Society are called smials. It is described in The Lord of the Rings : "round as a great globe, the height of a man, though its half was buried in the ground. Unearthly it looked, as though it had fallen from the sky".

Upon it the local tribes swore allegiance to Isildur, but proved treacherous and became the Dead Men of Dunharrow. The meeting at the Stone took place on 9th 'March', and the Dead accepted Aragorn's offer to redeem themselves by fighting in the War of the Ring. Illuin 'sky-blue' and Ormal 'high-gold' were great lamps which stood respectively at the northern and southern ends of Arda during the Years of the Lamps. By extension, the names of the Lamps can also mean the vast pillars on which the Lamps were set. After the Valar entered the world, there was a misty light veiling the barren ground.

Illuin was set upon the northern pillar and Ormal upon the southern one.

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In the centre of Middle-earth, where the light of the Lamps mingled, lay the Great Lake with the island Almaren , where the Valar dwelt at that time. The lamps were destroyed in an assault by Melkor , and the Valar fled Middle-earth for Valinor. According to the earlier writings of Tolkien, there was also the Sea of Ringil to the south , associated with the roots of Ormal. Bombur produced a drum Bifur and Bofur Dwalin and Balin The first chapter of The Lord of the Rings describes another party: "Noises of trumpets and horns , pipes and flutes, and other musical instruments. Hundreds of musical crackers had been pulled Jason P.

Crawford was born in Louisiana in He has always been fascinated by the magic in the real world, leading him to focus most of his efforts on urban fantasy and science fiction. In addition to publishing his own work, he has spent time as a freelance writer, preparing articles and ghost-writing for others. His life as a husband, father, and teacher as well as hardcore gamer have opened up and nurtured a wealth of imagination and given Jason a tendency to flights of fancy, and those flights give rise to his work.

See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 2. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Daphne Gianakos begins having strange dreams as she prepares for college life at the University of Florida. A chance encounter with a striking young man triggers conflicting emotions within her, but his identity challenges her entire worldview - he is the last surviving Greek god.

When he goes missing, Daphne must learn who she is, who she was, and the truth about what has happened to the gods Product Details About the Author. About the Author Jason P. Average Review. That's three complete series totaling nine books! Samuel Buckland is a young man who has it all and is planning for the future. Gregory Caitlin is a businessman and politician. He has designs to bring hope back to a world in need When the two cross paths, even the angels tremble.

Chains of Prophecy

An ancient magic has been rediscovered. Sam must overcome his lack of faith and accept his destiny, or the world he knows will suffer the consequences A skeptic who must harness the powers of demons and genies. A zealot who has begun to walk a darker path. Bound together by a stolen secret. Can any of them escape the Chains of Prophecy? If you could sum up Chains of Prophecy in three words, what would they be? What other book might you compare Chains of Prophecy to and why? I could compare it to Lamb by Christopher Moore because it also involves Christian traditions and lore seen in a unique fictional context.


Which character — as performed by Jim Pelletier — was your favorite? Samuel Buckland. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? I laughed several times. Any additional comments? Quick read with robust and assertive diction throughout. Surprising imagery was delightful - brought ethereal subjects to life deftly. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: Jason P. Narrated by: Jim Pelletier. Series: Samuel Buckland , Book 1.

Length: 6 hrs and 36 mins. People who bought this also bought Length: 8 hrs and 42 mins Unabridged Overall. Curtis Length: 9 hrs and 48 mins Unabridged Overall. Brown Length: 11 hrs and 43 mins Unabridged Overall. Publisher's Summary Samuel Buckland is a young man who has it all and is planning for the future.

Chains of Prophecy: A Tale of Mythic Discovery (Samuel Buckland Chronicles Book 1) Chains of Prophecy: A Tale of Mythic Discovery (Samuel Buckland Chronicles Book 1)
Chains of Prophecy: A Tale of Mythic Discovery (Samuel Buckland Chronicles Book 1) Chains of Prophecy: A Tale of Mythic Discovery (Samuel Buckland Chronicles Book 1)
Chains of Prophecy: A Tale of Mythic Discovery (Samuel Buckland Chronicles Book 1) Chains of Prophecy: A Tale of Mythic Discovery (Samuel Buckland Chronicles Book 1)
Chains of Prophecy: A Tale of Mythic Discovery (Samuel Buckland Chronicles Book 1) Chains of Prophecy: A Tale of Mythic Discovery (Samuel Buckland Chronicles Book 1)
Chains of Prophecy: A Tale of Mythic Discovery (Samuel Buckland Chronicles Book 1) Chains of Prophecy: A Tale of Mythic Discovery (Samuel Buckland Chronicles Book 1)
Chains of Prophecy: A Tale of Mythic Discovery (Samuel Buckland Chronicles Book 1) Chains of Prophecy: A Tale of Mythic Discovery (Samuel Buckland Chronicles Book 1)
Chains of Prophecy: A Tale of Mythic Discovery (Samuel Buckland Chronicles Book 1) Chains of Prophecy: A Tale of Mythic Discovery (Samuel Buckland Chronicles Book 1)
Chains of Prophecy: A Tale of Mythic Discovery (Samuel Buckland Chronicles Book 1) Chains of Prophecy: A Tale of Mythic Discovery (Samuel Buckland Chronicles Book 1)

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