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The only one Mac can depend on is the powerful, dangerous immortal Jericho Barrons, but even their fiery bond is tested by betrayal. It's a world where staying alive is a constant struggle, the line between good and evil is blurred, and every alliance comes at a price.

In an epic battle against dark forces, Mac must decide who she can trust, and what her survival is ultimately worth. Magic and madness, intrigue and illusion, passion and power, sexual tension and more sexual tension. Burned is a book that shouldn't be missed. Thrilling, suspenseful, sexy--it has all the right stuff to delight the most ardent of Fever fans. Karen Marie Moning is my author of choice and Fever is my series of choice for action-packed suspense with a spine-tingling paranormal twist. Burned is brilliant, sexy, and dangerous. I adore Moning!

No one does it better. I wanted to run through town shouting 'Mac is back! Mac is back! Who the hell is Dancer? Is he a piece of the Unseelie King? Where have the Unseelie princesses been? Are there more? Why doesn't anyone know about them? I'm over Mac being invisible. I hope that resolves in the first chapter of the next book.

Not Unseelie, not Seelie Okay I wasn't Ryo's fan, but I like him now. Though I still do not like the way he talk to people some times. What's going on with Cat? I really like her. I have so many other questions but those are all I can think of! Burned has been delayed until January April Update: Freaking January??!!! But there is no official release date yet. View all 45 comments. Aug 20, June rated it it was ok.

This was a book that inflamed fans from across the globe. No matter what you think of the material on display you need to give Moning kudos for inspiring a passionate response from everyone involved. I am trying to base my review on the material provided, not which character became the lead.

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This is how I feel. Logical plotting This was a book that inflamed fans from across the globe. Logical plotting seems completely amiss. Moning asks you to not question rational choices and 'just go with it' at times. My biggest complaint is the overall series arc is moved about an inch forward. Essentially nothing happens. The book feels designed to make fans fall in love with Ryodan rather than making a good quality product. Mac's character development felt pretty much nonexistent.

And really it's not that surprising since she starts the book but a few months after the conclusion of the original fever series. I think the book would have read better 5 years into the future, I would have loved to glimpse how Barrons and her are interacting with Dublin post 5 years apocalypse. And the storyline centering around Dani, it felt stale and boring, it feels like Pri-ya all over again.

Pri-ya was probably one of the better literary devices to push Mac's character along and I do not want a water downed version of it in Dani's development. Its not fresh for Dani's character and it belittles the original concept. I thought Iced pushed Moning into the category of a good fiction writer not a writer whom is cemented into a preconceived gendre. I think there were many factors that shaped the outcome of Burned- from marketing, sales, fans, and even Moning maybe felt Mac was easier for her to write.

I don't know, but I think people should have applauded her efforts in Iced. Pushed her more to expand her potential rather than limiting her and pushing her backwards. Iced was a book that read well and the plot was pushed forward with character development and good storytelling.

It felt fun and fresh. Burned feels stagnant and redundant. View all 61 comments. My feelings are spewed all over the place in the comment thread, and don't open spoilers if you don't want to be spoiled, but I have to add this: Michelle made a comment on Erica's review that was a total epiphany for me. She said: "for Moning who has always had so much secrecy behind the motive of her characters having everything Ryo and the other characters did spelled out felt like a slap in the face. I was livid over the plot device she used, but livid was a little extr My feelings are spewed all over the place in the comment thread, and don't open spoilers if you don't want to be spoiled, but I have to add this: Michelle made a comment on Erica's review that was a total epiphany for me.

I was livid over the plot device she used, but livid was a little extreme and I couldn't figure out what was really pissing me off so bad about that specific element. I'm still pissed. Actually, you know what, my love of the past books is coloring my rating here. I'm so emotionally involved in this series that I don't even like to separate them like this, but my original 3. I'm livid and hurt over this goddamn book. So let down. I really hope that the people who screamed for Dani to be aged really fucking love this book because otherwise all that was accomplished was the ruination of a spectacular series.

View all 59 comments. After Iced I wondered where the author would go with the cliffhanger we were left with. The fight between good and evil continues. I missed them in Ice…. Just blown away what happens to Mac half way thru…. And Dani…….. And what do you know…. Dani now has multiple personalities.. And I loved seeing the MacKeltar highlanders again. The ending was totally and stunningly jaw-dropping…… what a hell of a cliffhanger!!!!

How long do I have to wait for the next Fever installment? View all 7 comments. Sep 21, Sh3lly GrumpyBookGrrrl. A steal. I love this series. Even the not-so-good ones. Totally worth it for you audible peeps. I am buying it too. First Read: January Second Read: January Keeping my same rating, although this is definitely not my favorite and seems like a "transition" book in many ways.

There were some really good parts view spoiler [Lor and defeating the Crimson Hag are standouts for me in both reads hide spoiler ] , but Mac annoyed me in this more than she did in the other books. I understand why, but it doesn't make for exciting reading. However, I still enjoyed it. Buddy Re-read with my MacHalo girls. The Fever series continues Possible spoilers, but I tried to mark everything I'm not even really sure I'm ready to write a review for this yet, but here goes Expectations were really high.

Burned has several POVs, but mainly Mac's. Mac is weird in this. She's in a state of limbo. She's got a copy of the Sinsar Dubh in her which you should know from reading Shadowfever. She finds out that view spoiler [ if she uses her spear, the book takes her over, and she doesn't just kill Unseelie, innocents get tossed in the mix.

So she stops using her spear. Which renders her mainly impotent throughout the book. So she's not kick-ass Mac. She's doubting, introspective, lonely. The beginning of this book is slow, the pacing is weird, it feels somewhat disjointed. I'm tired of Mac's inner ramblings and flashbacks to her childhood. I want more of the present day Lanes. I want to see Mac's mom and dad in Dublin, not in her memories. I think a hundred pages could have been edited from this if we just got rid of all Mac's inner dialogue that seemed irrelevant to the plot.

It worked in books , but this is a different story now, and personally, I don't think we need all that anymore. I think that was my biggest complaint. But I can forgive that because I thought the rest of the book was fantastic! Things I really liked: - Ryodan view spoiler [I totally love the new Ryodan, the one who is less of an asshole. I hated him in Iced. I have no issues with that. Having her come back as Jada was great, in my view, and opens up potential for so many cool opportunities in the next books.

I knew she would have to age off-page, so that didn't bother me. I know it was a heavy-handed plot device, but it totally worked for me and I loved her eavesdropping and finding out all the new information. I am glad the Hag is dead and Christian was saved. I think it's really cool about Dageus being one of "them" now. How did that happen? I can't wait to find out. I didn't see why all that was necessary. She kept saying it over and over.

I know it's only been 11 months since everything started, but after everything they've been through together She has never been dumb. Naive, shallow, yes in her Barbie days , but never dumb. That annoyed me. He doesn't include her in plans. It's obvious he's protective and there when she's in a pinch, but there is still no substance to their relationship. It's annoying. So, all that aside, in the end, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this aside from the slow start. That scene on the cliff at the end was a-w-e-s-o-m-e. I can't wait for the next one! View all 28 comments. Mar 27, If it ain't good I don't read it!

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. You know how the old saying goes. Be carefully what you wish for. And hey we wished for it. Dani all grown up. Ryodan and Jo splitting up. We all know Karen Marie Moning never disappoints, she followed our demands to the T. Well look at what a big cluster fuck everything turned out to be. Just to be clear I loved this book. It blew me the fuck away. Far suppressed all of my expectation. The problem being it blew me just a little to far away. Here's the thing. A girl can do a lot of fantasizing in t You know how the old saying goes.

A girl can do a lot of fantasizing in two years. She can make scenario's up in her head about how shit could go. Enough to fill a book. I had plans for Dani and Ryodan. It was a done deal for me. And as far as Mac went, I had her and Dani back on the sister sister train. The point is, I went into this book with the delusion that shit would go my way. Need I say more people. The events that took place in this book still have me reeling even as I write this review.

The only accurate description on the current state of emotions is blown the fuck away. And the only thing being able to catch me being a big ass net that has the name Feverborn written all over it. People I literally don't know how I can go on. I want names. Other people abused Dani? I want to kill them, too. I realize I might not know him at all. Perhaps no one does. The kid fucking laughed, eyes shining. Like there was no greater adventure she could possibly be on. Like life was turning out to be the most exhilarating, fantastic roller-coaster ride she could ever have imagined.

Fuck the pain. Fuck the misery. That was Dani. Nothing broke her. Not even if it meant splitting herself into pieces to deal with things, so she could laugh and want to go on living. You take measures to protect it, even from itself when necessary, and keep it alive. What the fuck do I do with it? And don't even get me started on this.

Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning Audiobook

Karen Marie Moning basically just wrote a page book fucking with everybody's head to the point where i just stopped for a moment while reading this and just contemplated my very existence. Heavy stuff, I know. Here's hoping Karen Marie Moning knows what the fuck shes doing because i sure as hell don't. View all 26 comments. Jun 22, Mahlet marked it as to-read Shelves: series , i-will-drop-every-book-for-you , romance , pnr , uf , favorite-author , trilogy.

Moning told the crowd that Dani won't be 14 for much longer - she will be 17 in Burned! She's trying to decide how she wants it to go. The last 2 Dani books and 2 Mac books may get combined into 2 books Then she may write 3 more Fever books I'm so bloody confused, lol - We're getting more Mac books? That's awesome!! But still, this "combo" book talk raises questions for me: Will the next two Mac books take place during the last two Dani books, but from Mac's POV?

KMM responded, "When would you like me to? One person answered, "We're jealous! I was hoping on that one. She's asking for a year off. Update June 24, My girlfriend remembered a few additional tidbits from Saturday's event -Movie option for the Fever series has expired, but KMM is happy about that. She would rather have a Fever television series and have more control. She cited Game of Thrones as a good example of book-to-television. She hates being under deadline. She wants to put out a great story. In contrast, GRRM is a Game of Thrones producer and writer…which explains why the adaption is unparalleled and, in my opinion, television at its absolute finest.

Author control of a film adaption a la E. James can happen, but I think E. And P. View all 37 comments. If we have any boys sorry, haven't noticed you. So my mom would ground me and yell and generally force the words "I'm sorry" out of my mouth because she thought that being unable to say sorry at such a young age was unhealthy but the words would come out fake and lose some of their value. Now you're probably all wondering what the hell this has to do with Burned.

Well, this book felt like a big-ass forced apology from Ms. Moning for Iced. The sad thing is she shouldn't have to apologise to anyone about what she chooses to write and by not writing what she wanted she made the story seem a bit "plastic". BUT despite that she did manage to lure me in at many points and make this book a little bit unique so for that I have to say congratulations to her. Now I'm gonna take a page from Mac's book and tell you all my observations in a few words because you know Positive Facts Fact , Burned was much more interesting than Iced.

Fact , there were plenty of twists in the story and if I'm being honest I was surprised by some of them. I want more, more, more. Fact , we have more Barrons. I love me some Neaderthal. Fact , for me Ryodan was pretty much redeemed for what he did to Dani and Jo in Iced. Fact , the second half of the book was close to great. Fact , Jada, I like her.

I hope she stays or at least part of her. Fact , view spoiler [The Unseelie Princess thing was a great twist. I want more details about her, about the sweeper, about everything. More of them please Ms. Without the song, it is not possible. You will find a way. Will you fail? Inspire this wild god as once you did. Merely stands after the agony of half a million years of grieving this woman, basking in his first moment free of pain.

Breathes it, inhales it, allows the particles of his being the chance to become for a single glorious moment something other than drawn in tightly upon himself in a frozen, eternal shudder of denial and crushing loss. Regret is poison that kills the soul. She cries out against his lips, draws back and looks up at him. It is too much. I cannot endure it! Consider the cause. I hope KMM uses it well. I hated it when we weren't sure if it was fact or lie and view spoiler [confirming it happened hide spoiler ] didn't make me like it more. Fact , Mac in this book was a puny, silly, doormat version of herself.

What happened to Mac 2. Where is the badass she was in book 4,5? This pushover isn't the Mac I know and love. Hope this changes. Fact , what happened in the relationship between Mac and Barrons? All the intimacy that there was between them in the end of Shadowfever is gone in this one. We are back to "Ms. Lanes" and secrets and distance and loneliness. I actually teared up in this scene He watches me in silence when I do, eyes dark, unfathomable.

Lane and Barrons. You can't just take a main character, throw him in the Silvers and poof, the old girl is gone and now we have a woman in our hands. Convenient but I wanted to watch Dani mature and grow old. Not suddenly get her all grown up. If I wanted to get all the facts and details of the previous books in the series, I'd go ahead and re-read them. I don't want to have so many info about what has happened again and again. It becomes tiresome.

Fact , Mac's inner ramblings were too much sometimes. I want less talk and more action. Writing shorter books isn't bad. For more details about the negatives of this book you can go ahead and read Sarah's review. I think she analysed it perfectly. I expect better of her. I don't want uncohesive characters and plotlines. I want solid stories that leave me craving more. I was very surprised that I liked this book even as much as I did but I still need more. View all 29 comments.

Mac is fighting inner 'demons'. Dani undergoes a change. Christian is still suffering attacks from the Crimson Hag. Mac makes a few discoveries about Barrons and the Nines. Alliances are m "Welcome to war games, Mac, where the terrain never stops changing and he who adapts fastest wins. Alliances are made and broken, while some characters finally meet their maker.

I enjoyed catching up with the gang. Overall, Burned was an entertaining read. All the multiple POVs did get a little overwhelming at times, and I may be in the minority, but I really missed a certain character, view spoiler [ Dani.

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I missed her personality, her spunk and energy. By any means necessary. The only way Death will ever get his slimy bastard hands on me is over my dead body. Of course. Destroy the world. Follow him to Hell. View all 47 comments. Oct 11, Annie Under the Covers Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-go-rabid-over , favorites , genre-urban-fantasy , king-of-the-harem , my-hottie-harem , genre-fantasy , fasion , favorites , read-in , keep-a-spare-pair-of-knickers.

After the countless delays and near-tear devastation readers experienced since the last release, the Moning Maniacs are in a frenzy waiting for this bomb to drop. Weeks after reading it, I come up with my own theories about who this person really is and what KMM plans to do next. I should know better because every time, I am still blown away by her choices. To those of you who had a problem with Dani being too young, you have no reason to worry. The question now is, does Ryodan prefer the sleek, calculated new Dani or prefer the old, fiery one?

Fever Series Book 7

It completely blindsided me and yet…. Well, she fixed that. You have to be careful what you wish for because KMM delivers. But with a twist! Mac is back and better than ever! God, I missed this chick. But whereas the previous Mac was parading around the city, killing things and creating havoc, this Mac is different. Within her, she carries the Book and it speaks to her constantly, tempting her to give in and unleash it. Surprisingly Barrons and Mac are going steady. Or as steady as a man like Barrons can be.

Mac has discovered something that he did to her. It kills me, but no doubt makes for an amazing story. The rest of the gang are all present as well. Christian, Dancer, Kat, Jo and even the MacKelter twins all play key parts to make this story run smoothly. Most interesting is what transpires with Ryodan, Jo and Lor.

KMM really enjoys toying with her characters and boy, she really messes with them here. You just have to have faith in her. View all 19 comments.

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Jan 23, Angela rated it it was ok Shelves: urban-fantasy , second-copy , paperbook. See here and here for my pre-read thoughts took up a whole damn review section! I ran out of room! January Initial Read: First things first, this cover. I hated it from the moment it was revealed. We'd gone from beauties like this: Beautiful. Each and every one of them. Then we get that monstrosity up there. It telegraphs sex. I guess that's pretty fitting because it's damn near all anyone in this book thinks about. That cover did not fill me with a great deal of hope, thoug See here and here for my pre-read thoughts took up a whole damn review section!

That cover did not fill me with a great deal of hope, though. Not that I had a whole lot of it to begin with. Iced made me rage. I won't get into it here, but you can check out my review. Then there was the whole testing of the bond between Mac and Barrons that's alluded to in the blurb. I went into this book with some serious reservations. On the other hand, this is Karen Marie Moning! The author that blew me away in the original five books of the Fever series! I have faith! I had hope! I couldn't wait to see her make me eat my words of hate and irritation at Iced.

Burned did not do that for me. While I didn't finish it wanting to throw it out the window, stomp on it, burn it, and then scatter the ashes, I also didn't finish with that beautiful feeling of having stepped from a world that amazed, having just listened to the most incredible story, told by a girl with verve, audacity, passion and brains.

I want to end this review on a positive note, I want to think positively about where the series is going in the future - so, I'm starting with the negatives. It took me about 3 days to read this book, only reading a few hours a day, because I spent the entire time taking notes. In the end I have over fifteen pages of notes on this book, and a severe disappointment - but again, I have hope why, yes, I might be a masochistic optimist for the future of the series. Instead of the consuming story I had hoped for, I was treated to pages of the author explaining everything that I, as a reader, was too dense to understand in Iced , sprinkled with a few truly great moments and teasers.

Yes, I complained - a lot - about the adult, immortal men in Iced lusting over Dani, a year-old-girl and abusing her. Yes, I said, on more than one occasion, that if KMM wanted to include sex or innuendo in this series I wanted it to wait until Dani was older. I don't think that's too much to ask. I was told by the author in interviews that I'd read the story wrong. That went over well. Thing I had an issue with in Iced is contemplated, dissected, discussed and thought about.

That's not even counting the moments where previous canon is being re-written. Things that were clearly stated in the previous six books were suddenly not the same. Facts are twisted. All of it telling me how wrong I was in my interpretation of the events that occurred. From multiple character points-of-view.

There were meta-speeches in characters minds repeating the same words I've read KMM say in interviews. I can't even say how much this pisses me off. I want to SEE that I was wrong, not hear it. I've been hearing you, KMM, say how wrong I was for the last couple of years. Luckily, this is the only real rage-inducing thing I experienced while reading, and I'm pretty much over it. I get it. KMM took a lot of flack and answered a lot of questions about the choices she made in Iced. Pedophilia was brought up frequently, frequently enough for her to address it in a FAQ which has since been removed from her blog.

That's bound to put anyone on the defensive. So I'm trying not to be too mad about this. I just wish that she'd not felt the need to cram this stuff down my throat and let the story speak for itself. How do they come up with this stuff--hold parental powwows for brainstorming diametrically opposed ethics? You probably know, if you've read my Iced review, that Ryodan was my biggest problem in its pages. Then there's the abuse: holding her without food or water for three days, because reasons ; slamming her face into a stone pillar, repeatedly ; breaking her finger I hated him.

I hated everything about him. Prior to Iced I had kind of liked Ryodan. I didn't know enough to love or hate, but I was leaning towards like. Then all of that went down - and honestly that felt kind of out of character, too - and I'm not sure I'll ever like the bastard again. I can love an asshole - see Barrons; I can get down with manipulative - see Barrons again; I can handle secretive - hello? Barrons still; but abusive and a pedo vibe? Not so much. We all saw the woman she could become. In these pages we learn that everything we thought we knew Ryodan's not an abusive asshole - he didn't mean to break her finger, he forgot how fragile humans were; he didn't hold her for three days, chained in his basement, because he's a controlling freak - he did it for her own-fucking-good.

There wasn't a pedo-vibe to his interactions with her, he was a guardian angel, protecting her, being her pillar, holding the roof up while she re-laid her foundation. I'm not buying what you're selling, KMM. No matter how many different characters sit and extol Ryodan's virtues, realizing what a nice guy he is.

I find myself questioning everything I thought I knew about Ryodan. Running prior conversations through my mind, realizing the man I believed moderately intelligent and highly manipulative of others--to their own detriment and destruction--is in fact highly intelligent and enormously manipulative of others, but I've begun to suspect it's because he's trying to fix what he perceives as the things they want fixed but don't know how.

He sees the bird's-eye view and takes the hard, catalytic actions. Unsettling, disturbing to those of us that don't, makes it easy to call him bastard, heartless. But why would he bother? There are only two possibilities: either he wants whatever goal he will achieve by altering that person, or, unfathomable as it is, he cares about the world he pretends to scorn, and the people in it. Now, maybe, just maybe, if I'd been shown that I was wrong about Ryodan, instead of having every character possible think about it, talk about it, and reflect on it, then I might have eaten my words.

I still would have hated what he'd done, but I might have grown to like him again. There was one moment in the book where we were shown that Ryodan might be kinder than we've previously seen - his interaction with Jo - however, it's so heavy-handed, especially on top of all the virtue-extolling everyone else is doing, that it just made me roll my eyes. Take away? Ryodan's not a bad guy. In fact, he's a saint.

Book Review – Burned (Fever #7) by Karen Marie Moning

This is already getting long, so I'm just going to skip to what I feel like was the checklist for this book. Ryodan's an abuser and giving off strong pedo-vibes? He's a nice guy! Here, let me tell you! Dani's too young? We can fix that. Into the Silvers, you go, my girl. We miss Mac! Well, she can be the narrator again. Are you fucking kidding me? What's she been up to? Recap some more.

Recap again. Recap stuff you just were there to experience. End scene of Iced , with Mac holding the Spear on Dani and being pissed at her, not make sense? Explain it away. She didn't know. Don't mind the previous stuff you've been told. It'll change as needed. Mac, suddenly, doesn't know how she feels?

Didn't realize that she was still blaming Dani? Regardless of the fact that she'd already worked through this in Shadowfever? Rewrite that history. Christian's too creepy. Can't have that. No way! Meta-speeches by several characters. That'll get the point across. More about the Nine - we must have it! Insert plot-device to allow us to spy on them, getting much more intimate with their thoughts and feelings - which apparently they talk about in private.

Now she can spy on everyone! And can I say how much I hated that she felt the need to spy on Barrons.

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How about you stop being a passive idiot and go talk to the man that's always had your back, always saved you, and always kicked ass for you? Gah, Mac, you're pissing me off. One: Mac's boring internal monologues got on my last nerve. I skimmed a lot of them. There were pages and pages and pages of her telling me stuff I already knew. I know some people complained about these in the first five books, but I swear she wasn't this bad. I guess I'll find out when I re-read. I haven't re-read the books in several years granted I've re-read them several dozen times so I know them well but I don't need to be hand-fed every single bit of information.

And I know what a freaking linchpin is! Two: the focus on sex! If I were around Barrons, or probably any of the Nine, sex would be one of my main goals, too. But there's a freaking catastrophe happening around every corner! How about focusing on some of them? The random inserts of sex, thoughts of sex, and voyeuristic viewing of sex throughout the book was just Okay, I lied.

I'm going to talk about one more thing I didn't like. Going back to the Dani-age thing. Yes, I wanted her older, but I wanted to see her grow up and become the woman she was meant to be. Even if it was in snatches, gradually, whatever. I didn't just want it to happen. And the way it happened?

Not loving it. I think it's a cheap trick. How I can see this being resolved is going to give the best of both worlds - Dani's personality and character, along with Jada's kick-ass, sex-kitten, world-weary mind and body. That'll make it okay for Ryodan to have her. Now it'll just be one more thing that happened off-page. I lied again. Last thing. I promise. I hate, hate, hate, hate that Barrons calls Mac, Ms. Lane still! The intimacy that was gained in Shadowfever is apparently gone.

Now they're "islands. I could not believe how much drama Mac allowed this to cause. Speaking of Mac no this isn't another "thing" , she's no longer the kick-ass, Mac 5. She reverted to Mac 2. She's passive, in the extreme, a mere narrator for events happening around her, and lacking in any initiative. Apparently, she's done what she came to do, and the rest of the time she's going to sit around watching her version of "reality tv" - and don't get me started on that.

She's just lost everything that made me love her. Every once in a while I would catch a thought or action that flitted through her head, but mostly I was amazed that this was the same Mac I'd previously fell in love with. One thing I do know is things can always get worse, most often at the precise moment you've decided they can't. And so I remain, as Barrons would pithily say, idiotically passive. The other effect her passivity has is making her interactions with Barrons seem He's the same asshole that I love, but without Mac strong it makes him seem even more an asshole.

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Actions speak. I've always trusted his. I'm done now with that. I swear. Onto the good - and there are tidbits of good in this novel. They're what is going to make me pick up the next book where I'm hoping and praying that KMM gets back on track. Unfortunately, most of them could be considered spoilerish - and I'd never do that to you guys. So, I'll be as vague as possible and see what I can do. I started with a checklist - how about a much more enjoyable list? WeCare - I'm still super interested in this! I need to know what their deal is, who they are, and what they're up to. I feel like they're going to be a problem for Mac and Co.

I did not see that coming! This storyline is the one I wanted to see the most of in Burned. It wasn't really dealt with a whole lot, so I'm hopeful that the future installments really delve into it. There's some really interesting evolutions and stuff going on here that I need to know more about. Christian - Despite the 'quick fix' I feel that he got for part of his problem, he's not out of the woods yet.

I can't help it. I love this guy. I want to see him conquer his demons. I want to see him thrive. Lor - Who knew he'd end up being one of my favorites. Funny as hell, he was one of the bright spots in this book. New Unseelie - YES! That's all. I love them separately, and even better, together. They have real issues that need solving, and I can't wait to see them do it.

I hope we get to see them conquer their hurdles. Plus I just want more of the UK, and all his incarnations. There's definitely some interesting stuff going on here. Barrons - He's Barrons. One of the few characters that maintained their personality. He is who is he. And I love him. A quote from a friend of mine, Casey strikes me as absolutely perfect in regards to Barrons: I think Barrons is totally off the charts in terms of sex appeal but I hate all of broody silence and secrets.

He's the asshole that I love and always will. You have a problem with Mac, you work it out with me. I am her shield, I am her second fucking skin. That is so damn sexy. There's actually quite a lot in that list of things that I loved, liked, or am interested in. However, they were bright, shiny moments in a otherwise dull book. The plot was nearly non-existent, Burned suffered from 'middle-book-syndrome', and there's virtually no movement on any of the interesting plot-lines.

My big hope is that now that KMM has 'fixed' everything, Feverborn will get everything back on track. Though there was a lot I was disappointed in, I can actually see how it could - mostly - be brought back to the glory that was the first five Fever books. And I'm hopeful. And a masochist, because I'll definitely be reading the next one.

Spoiler thoughts that I couldn't fit in anywhere else: view spoiler [1. DEG: Who the hell is this? I know the Dreamy-Eyed Guy was one of the UK pieces when he wandered the world - but he specifically states: He never attends a world twice in the same human bodies once they've been identified. What is going on?? Dancer: I always thought he was just human, but I'm having doubts. The 'priests' that were following Mac around naturally gave Barrons, Ryodan etc, a wide-berth.

They never got really close to them. They also, surprisingly, never got really close to Dancer.

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I need to know more! Are they the Sweeper that has been getting mentioned?

Burned: Fever Series Book 7 Burned: Fever Series Book 7
Burned: Fever Series Book 7 Burned: Fever Series Book 7
Burned: Fever Series Book 7 Burned: Fever Series Book 7
Burned: Fever Series Book 7 Burned: Fever Series Book 7
Burned: Fever Series Book 7 Burned: Fever Series Book 7
Burned: Fever Series Book 7 Burned: Fever Series Book 7
Burned: Fever Series Book 7 Burned: Fever Series Book 7

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