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He explains to Sisko that his ship has intercepted an encrypted message from the Maquis. This is a surprise to both men, who believed they were completely wiped out by the Dominion.

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The message states that missiles have been launched heading for Cardassia. Although Martok couldn't find any missiles, he explains that the Klingon Empire had provided the Maquis with class 4 cloaking devices to aid them against Cardassia.

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Sisko knows that if Cardassian citizens are killed by Human terrorists, the Dominion will launch a counter strike that will surely start a war. Commanders Worf and Jadzia Dax report back from a mission searching for signs of the missiles in the Badlands. They had problems hiding there, and Miles O'Brien explains that the warp drive of the USS Defiant is too powerful and that it ionizes the gases in the Badlands nebula. Worf states they need more information to narrow the search, and Sisko says he has an idea.

Captain Sisko visits ex-commander Michael Eddington in a Federation prison. Eddington denies that the message about the missiles involves him. He says he has nothing to do with the Maquis anymore, as they are all dead, and they cannot be reborn. Eddington insists that the missiles are completely undetectable, and that nothing can be done to stop them. Sisko offers Eddington a path to eventual freedom if he will help find and destroy the missiles, but Eddington insists that he will be perfectly happy to wait in his cell until the missiles hit their target and the Dominion destroys his prison in their inevitable counter-strike.

Back on the station, Quark is in the infirmary treated by Dr. Julian Bashir and questioned by Kira Nerys and Odo. It appears that Morn attacked Quark with a barstool. Quark claims it was unprovoked, but Kira and Odo reveal that Quark told Morn that Deep Space 9 is the first target if the Dominion attacks — and if that happens, there is no chance of survival. Thus, Morn responded with panic by running down the Promenade screaming " We're all doomed!

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Kira wants to send the Defiant , but Sisko tells her he is not alone, and he reveals Eddington on board the runabout. On the way to the Badlands, Eddington philosophizes about food and Maquis morals. He suggests that Sisko's fight against the Maquis is personally driven. Eddington says that Sisko's former old friend Cal Hudson was killed in a skirmish with the Cardassians.

Sisko feels regret, and Eddington presses the point by saying that Cal thought Sisko was wrong about the Maquis, but he didn't hold that against Sisko. Eddington taunts Sisko by saying Sisko doesn't blame the Maquis for their philosophy but he blames the Starfleet officers who betrayed their oaths by joining the Maquis in the first place, telling Sisko that the Maquis were no threat to Starfleet — only a threat to Sisko's record.

Sisko is quickly able to counter by saying that Eddington's leadership of the Maquis was so effective against the Cardassians that it forced them to ally with the Dominion, setting the stage for a war between the Federation and the Dominion that could lead to the deaths of millions. Eddington is clearly affected by this, and sits down with his back to Sisko in a contemplative mood.

Two Klingons are trading head blows for fun, with Martok watching and calling for more wine.

Nog waits for the Klingons to get louder so he can send them to the brig for disturbance. When they exceed seventy decibels , Nog laughs and prepares to arrest them, but he falls from his chair and the Klingons laugh at him. Sisko tests Eddington's death wish, calling his bluff. He takes off his handcuffs and leaves piloting the ship while he gets a raktajino. Surprised, Eddington objects but then takes the helm and is able to shake the Jem'Hadar off. Eddington doesn't appreciate the trick and finally promises to take Sisko to the launch site and deactivate the missiles if he and Sisko can fight for real, stating he intends to kill him.

Blaze of Glory (Jon Bon Jovi song)

Eddington continues his jovial conversation to pass the time, asking about his lucky looney he left behind when he joined the Maquis. Soon, the Jem'Hadar return. TEEN Lyrics. This content requires a game sold separately.

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Published by Harmonix. Developed by Harmonix. Blaze of Glory is always in the process of keeping their playlist fresh and up to date. Bon Jovi's 25 years worth of hit records provide no shortage of material to perform. Blaze of Glory delivers all of the standard megahits that made Bon Jovi famous, and they also incorporate the steady stream of current hits that keep Bon Jovi relevant to this day. Blaze of Glory's current playlist includes:.

Blaze Of Glory Blaze Of Glory
Blaze Of Glory Blaze Of Glory
Blaze Of Glory Blaze Of Glory
Blaze Of Glory Blaze Of Glory
Blaze Of Glory Blaze Of Glory
Blaze Of Glory Blaze Of Glory

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