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The S. It employs a new Micro-Flexible Compound that dramatically improves grip in both dry and wet conditions by enlarging contact area with the road. Until now, serious off-road performance was usually gained at the expense of on-road civility. Unique rounded-edge shoulder blocks and patented multi-stepped tread design gives superior on and off-road grip. This innovative design is combined with a new long-lasting tread compound and Yokohama-pioneered interlocking pyramid sipes. Yokohama was the first to use nano-technology in a tire. The original three-ride zone design builds on the innovative asymmetric design of the legendary Yokohama A Revolutionary 3-D Adaptive Sipes give improved edge effect in wet conditions, and help the tread block keep the ideal shape so there is an even amount of contact pressure with the road surface.

This Yokohama 3-D design provides exceptional grip in both winter and summer; and long even treadwear. ADVAN is the fastest tire on the street. It is the result of inspired design and an innovative compound working in concert. The Micro-Silica MS tread compound is patented. Directional tread pattern using massive tread blocks with rounded edges gives enhanced cornering stability and excellent steering response.

The first tire specifically for the tuner segment was the Parada. Engineered and built with proper sidewall loading, the Parada was perfect for the Plus 1 and Plus 2 fitment that the tuner segment wanted. Yokohama added a patented silica compound, which resulted in improved handling and enhanced grip to go with the right looks and fitment.

Yokohama pioneered ultra-high performance and plus-sizing for SUV tires. Available in plus sizing, it was not only the fastest SUV tire in the world, it started a whole new segment for SUVs and light trucks. The result was incredible grip and performance never before seen on a street tire. We made history when the Department of Transportation approved the Yokohama racing-compound tire for general use.

Yokohama created the first DOT-R tire and started a whole new category. Now enthusiasts finally had a street-legal tire that gripped as well as racing tires. AR was the beginning of a long tradition of Yokohama innovations. Search the entire website. Owners Circle.

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A Spirit Never Tires

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A Spirit Never Tires A Spirit Never Tires
A Spirit Never Tires A Spirit Never Tires
A Spirit Never Tires A Spirit Never Tires
A Spirit Never Tires A Spirit Never Tires
A Spirit Never Tires A Spirit Never Tires
A Spirit Never Tires A Spirit Never Tires
A Spirit Never Tires A Spirit Never Tires
A Spirit Never Tires A Spirit Never Tires

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