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The Mill — Thursday, April 25 at 8 p.

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Elly H. I rush in to MELK, where Hofmaier and her boyfriend Patrick sit shoulder-to-shoulder at a booth discussing and demonstrating the importance of eating breakfast cereal before it gets too soggy.

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Between spoonfuls they provide me with defenses for their choices of sugary breakfast fare and non-dairy milk alternatives. They sit surrounded by their peeled-back outer layers like two blooming onions prepared for the indecisive weather between seasons. Once finished with her breakfast-for-lunch, Hofmaier runs me through the agenda for her weekend. On top of that and her coursework, Hofmaier is also an active contributor to the student-run FOOLS Magazine , where she writes about music and culture.

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Powerful and colorful. Loud guitar. Loud singing. Even in the quiet parts, I try to make things powerful. Unlike her peers, she also has to keep up with the increasing momentum of a musical career that kicked off in late summer of Prior to booking gigs as Elly H. It was on her personal social media accounts that she would upload the soulful covers and original songs that eventually caught the attention of her fellow Iowa artist Elizabeth Moen. Soon after that initial encounter, Hofmaier and Moen began to frequently cross paths at shows in and around Iowa City.

Since the school year and her musical career started, Elly H. ISH, and Dana T.

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Hofmaier is also an alum of Circular Sessions, a music series based in Des Moines that focuses on the symbiotic relationship between music and cinematography. The series features many other acts based in the Iowa City scene. Curious what's happening this weekend? Sign up here to stay in the know. I also love the smaller community vibe of it. Sort-of-knowing everyone is nice.

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Like playing. While many prominent acts from Iowa City are led by or consist entirely of non-men, there is definitely a higher percentage of men participating in the music scene here, as is the case across many communities. Firstly that means taking responsibility for your own sexual health by getting tested. If you have private insurance you can get tested by your personal gynecologist. Another, less expensive option, is to use your local free health clinic.

Give them a call to discuss the process.

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  3. Many senior citizens are still “kickin’ it”! Have fun, but be sexually smart..
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  6. So what else can be done to maintain a safe, healthy sex life as we age? Educate yourself about STDs and have a frank discussion with potential partners about it before becoming intimate.

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    Yes, it may seem embarrassing the first time you broach the subject, but here are the hard facts: Seniors have the highest percentage of STDs out of any age group. So make a joke….

    Grown & Sexy Senior (Love Book 4) by J. Nichole

    If a man gets offended, he simply needs to be educated. Explain that many symptoms are invisible and that you are protecting HIM by getting tested and would simply appreciate the same courtesy. Otherwise you cannot be intimate. This conversation happens thousands of times every day around the world….

    Meanwhile, a condom should be used for every sexual encounter when the STD status of the person you are sleeping with is unknown. Practice makes perfect.

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